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  1. Really don't think its semantics, I would probably recommend something second hand, but if they wanted something new for a young teenager, which people often do, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one of the HBs, having had one. Its not like it will ever be sold anyway, it will be passed on to a mate or swapped for something else, or even just left. None of my instruments when I was young had a resale value!
  2. Interesting replies, although ignoring the plainly obvious that BP who originally closed a few of their garages, even if only 10, where the ones who stated it was because of a shortage of tanker drivers, and who knows, but maybe they actually are more aware of how many tanker drivers they have than other people on the internet? No argument that further problems are caused by panic buying, but there was an issue to start with, however small. And I saw a tweet that covered that too earlier: There is no fuel crisis. We just suspended competition law, drafted in the army and are in emergency talks to prevent the imminent collapse of the Stanwell Oil Refinery for a laugh.
  3. If I only lose £120 selling a bass on I consider it a pretty good day!
  4. I would put my own money on the fact that the HB stingray is far higher quality from the box than anything I had when I was a beginner. I would also say that for most parents, buying a bass at £120 and losing the entire lot when jimmy decides he would rather play paino is nothing compared to what traditionally they had to pay. Also those same most parents don't have the time or expertise to spent a few weeks trawling around ebay trying to get a deal on an MM Ray 5 for less than 3 times the cost of the HB. This is perfect - £120 from the manufacturer, bass done, kid happy for a few years until they decide the like it and learn to hack it around, this would have been perfect for me.
  5. It is a valid point but the idea that it is bad to buy this bass as when you sell it it will depreciate is a bit moot when it is so cheap. You go out and buy a brand new fender or a MM Sub 5 for instance and sell it, it will have depreciated more than this entire basses cost. OK, a MM Sub 5 used won't depreciate much but it is way more than £100 more than this, so it is not really a fair comparison. I some cases I have, but i have also taken a chinese bass straight from the packet, tested it and gone out and gigged it that same night and got comments on it being good. The fact i might change stuff is just for me, but I have done that with all makes.
  6. There is a fuel shortage where it needs to be, yes. But according to the government, this is a problem caused by a europe wide shortage of lorry drivers, and not because we kicked them out this year. However, the answer to solve this european wide shortage of lorry drivers, which isn't anything to do with us kicking them out, is to get some more of them in from europe, where there are apparently loads of lorry drivers ready to come in, even though there is a shortage. So, that makes sense. And the other way to get more lorry drivers, is to write to the million people who hold licenses to drive lorries, in case they have just forgotten that they have licenses to drive lorries, rather than quitting because they found something better to do.
  7. Well, it is a signature, so maybe Hojin Egawa hacked up his bass and then put a big scratchplate on it to cover it up, and this is a copy of that? Although having seen his actual bass, its not even the same colour, although the plate is the same.
  8. I always hated that song. Still, I suppose it is more literal now
  9. He can't stand still and sing any more either. Maybe he should just sit down then?
  10. Did a gig in weymouth last night. It was the same pub we played as the last gig before lockdown. Sound limits implied but not as strictly monitored as last time, I just cut all the bass out and figured that would keep the DBs down, which appeared to work without really affecting the volume too much. So much better than the previous one, presumably last time people were getting wary of being out, and now they are keen to be back in pubs, went very well but my god was it hot - it was like a sauna. presumably their noise issues stops them from having any air in the place, it was a bit mental. As we finished, one of the older guys who had been dancing said he wanted to sing, so got up on the stage and said 'I am going to sing sabotage'. normally we would just say no mate, no singing, but sabotage??- so me and the drummer looked at each other shrugged and went into our best beasty boys intro. We sounded pretty good but were quite surprised when the guy went into 'summertime, and the living is easy..'
  11. As someone else mentioned, I was never sure how some groups got lumped with others, like when everything like Elvis costello etc got lumped in as punk etc. I never viewed Pearl Jam as even slightly grunge, they were just what would have been described as rock if they came out a few years earlier. I suppose things need labels for people.
  12. I think by 'killed hair metal' I think they mean on TV, which was true. Not that I would consider Iron Maident, Metallica, Alice Cooper or Aerosmith as hair metal, I think they are reffering to poison, dokken and maybe even motley crue, although killed is a strange term as most of those bands are still going (in cases as dokken and Motley Crue, unfortunately).
  13. I have some white ones that came from aliexpress, look pretty well like this (but white) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000266060708.html and they work fine, have used them in a lot of practices, but I am probably not the person to ask anyway as under normal circumstances I gig with the smoothhound and never had problems with them
  14. Some are actual tracks and some are from different recordings. I have Spleeter though which can isolate tracks, although obviously not as clean as the original recording, so I think I need to isolate the album track and see how close it is. - edit Ran it through spleeter, it was a different version as the version I was using was a lot longer, but no, if that is a different bassplayer on the isolated recording he is spot on the style of the Mr Illsley
  15. Oh dissapointing, I have played money for nothing for many years, no problem. listened to the isolated bass line, absolutely nothing like I play. Back to the drawing board!
  16. Its something I just noticed, since I was administrator I get the bump option but i am pretty sure you don't see it otherwise (and obviously as admin you get bump on everything so that isn't ideal!), so I assume it is a group feature. I will have a look tonight and see if I can enable it on the wanted forum
  17. I saw a video with Paul Gilbert who said when he was learning and younger he spent a year playing everything to a metronome. My first piano teacher would make me play quite a few things to a metronome. I think that is why I get so disproportionaly angry about how bad peoples timing is!
  18. No, it isn't. I downloaded the font and tried it in textedit on my mac. You type 2x2 and it looks like it does here. In this case the underlying software is making no desisions about that at all and as a result there is nothing the underlying software could do about it if the user didn't want that behaviour and that is plain dumb. It shouldn't be down to the font to make those sort of desicions, whether it is what you want or not, it is still stupid.
  19. Its not the website, it is the font. Which is crazy really - I guess this is because it is a google font, but it shouldn't be the job of a font to decide whether to change the baseline of a character, it should be the job of the software putting that font somewhere. OK, in this case I don't mind what it is doing, but it seems very bad that it does it!
  20. Surely the real question there is where can you get those trousers!
  21. My grandparents had a fiat 800 camper van when I was a kid. We used to have to get out if we were going up hill!
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