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  1. I had one of those (not the natural though), when we went to the setup day down in the southwest I took that as I didn't want to damage any of my ibanezes, so that got set up and fret dressed and everything. It was a fantastic bass, sounded good and due to the fret work, one of the nicest to play, amazing value. Only moved it on because after doing a gig with it I would start walking round in circles it was so heavy!
  2. I don't do tapping at all (on a bass), but the volume of tap at various points in the string would be purely down to the action at that point. If the action is higher in one place than another, it will be louder as it has a bigger runup before hitting the fret (which is why you have a really level action on a chapman stick!). If you are finding it too loud on the talman your action is presumably too high. Failing that, get a compressor!
  3. For someone that buys too much gear, I think it is fairly unimportant. I am sure that most things can be made to sound ok whatever it is.
  4. Depends how much free reign he gets, or whether people just employ him for what he does. I must admit I hated the stuff he did with NiN, but obviously trent reznor didn't.
  5. And lets face it, if you want to get something off a high shelf, he is going to be invaluable.
  6. Was all set up to become a spector owner yesterday, and get one of the dimension 5s, but sadly the only one that is available at a good price was the brown one, and having seen it on the flesh, its not very attractive for the money, compared to the haunted moss one. Which was a bit dissapointing as I played the dimension and really liked it, even if it is a bit expensive for a korean made bass.
  7. Oh yes, they still hum, but in a more manly G than the american B! I gig with single coils, not generally a problem unless I got too close to the valve amp.
  8. Only in the states, you are not going to find any 60Hz even in dorset and they only got electricity a few years ago!
  9. Also on this, remember, you will make mistakes. They will seem a lot worse to you than the seem to everyone else! I haven't played there, but I am the same as you, I never trust anyone elses equipment unless i have been there and used it before. Even when "Oh yes, there is an amp provided", well, my class D amp fits in the door pocket in the car, so it is coming anyway.
  10. So what if you have bought cheap hardware and it isn't taking your time. I never had a harley benton machine head break, but I have had a shaller one break. If only that were a correlated thing.
  11. Well, that is a little dissapointing - after this time they can throw more processing at it, especially at its price point. I understand most people using the device will be using mono, so it makes sense from that point of view, but on the line6s you can choose to use a mono effect and use less processing time if you want, but if you are one of the people who use stereo (and live gigging I am not), you can choose to use more processing to have the stereo effect.
  12. The law of diminishing returns starts at 0 and starts goes down immediately, that is obvious. All that is being argued about here is what is the bit you are comfortable with. For all the people saying 'oh my £300 squier is good enough for anyone', there will be a load of people who are 'get her, needs something fancy like a squier when a £100 bass makes those notes' etc. There is no objective level and never can be. They have done many tests and found that in a blind test, virtually noone can recognise a stradavarious violin (excepting their own one), and also in a blind test, almost noone would pick a stradavarious as their prefered one (compared to other eye-wateringly expensive 'proper' instruments). However, if you are a concert violinist with a stradivarius, with all other things being equal, I bet you get offerred more and better paying work than someone who has something different.
  13. I had just recently heard of these so I tried a dimension in PMT today, and absolutely loved it - sounded great, really solid sounding and very comfortable to play. The electronics seem good and I was rather impressed, possibly more so than other spectors I had tried. The multiscale worked very well, didn't seem as big a neck as the dingwalls, and seemed not too long for a 37". I think I might be considering getting one.
  14. Well, logically by your post, Lee Sklar does, and he is not a metal player. Maybe he covers it on one of his videos. is a detuner for a b different from one for an e as they are a lot cheaper than £100. I must admit I had a detuner on my last 4 string, and ultimately ended up seeing little point on them as manually retuning one string hardly takes more than a second so unless you are doing it in a song, which seems hard, I am not sure what it really solves, having on on a 5 string more so as I would think it would be hard to get it accurate
  15. Its a complex sort of arrangement, but I would suspect that they have done it to clear up there weak spots, improving the quality on a dying effect, so the tails of reverb and the dying of an echo, which could be pretty noisy on the zooms. I would suspect that the B6 would be an upgrade in sound quality anyway
  16. I always have 2 basses, so I have never had a lack of strap. However, the guitarist has, a couple of times!
  17. They probably will have all the cables but never rely on other people having the things you need for your sound, have your own stuff. If you have a ¼" jack DI, get a ¼" to XLR lead anyway, just in case you need it.
  18. They didn't increase the price after payment, they cancelled the payment saying that the goods were no longer available which is almost certainly in the T&C. Every shop will have this if they are trading as a shop as well as online, as someone could buy it on the shop at the same time as it is being sold online, and then the order would have been cancelled. In this case, the reason it isn't available is because it is available at a new price, but although that is bad, it is covered by above. Certainly wouldn't be happy and would complain about it on all review sites, but there is no legal redress to it.
  19. Oh that will be good. going to be the start of something great.
  20. Do you know where yet? I have done a few gigs in dorset
  21. Good review - yes, the finish coming off doesn't sound good. My Maruszczyk is redburst on swampash textured, and I do love that finish (not as extreme as this). I saw it in the shop in bristol or in fact my wife noticed it and liked it, which is always handy
  22. That was I assumed but it was so bad I wouldn't buy one unseen, I would have to try it and love it first!
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