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  1. Sorry, I totally forgot about this listing. Withdrawn for now! Thanks.
  2. Really enjoying this set up at the moment. Can't make my mind up about going down the midi switcher on the stomp or getting another drive / boost pedal... or both...
  3. Bought a pedal from Rich, super easy, quick delivery, packaged perfectly, happy days! Thanks!
  4. I love this bass, but something very nice has come up locally to me.... In great condition, really like the light relic finish, only damage being to the scratchplate which is glued. Could replace but new one wouldn't look right imo! Picked is a Dimazio Model P, upgraded wiring and tone pot, and swapped the knobs to plastic as I preferred the look. I do have the quarter pounder pickup and original chrome knobs, and the foo fighers neck plate which I'll include. Currently strung with chromes, plays and sounds awesome. Only a feeler for the moment, want to check I can raise the funds for another purchase. Collection / local meet only please.
  5. Price drop to £600! This bass is awesome, but its sitting in its case unused and I'm short on space... Near mint condition, been used but well looked after. Comes with the supro soft case which does a decent job, allen keys, and I have some daddario chromes in the case for it too as they suit it really well. Collection only for the time being please. Happy to meet up if you're not too far too.
  6. Have a couple of weddings in July but not holding out much hope for them. Had a US & Canada tour that was meant to happen in April / May, fingers crossed that all happens next year. Will be gigging as soon as I can!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Just noticed the quick access truss rod cover too. Nice!
  9. So after playing it for a couple of hours.... Feel and finish of it is excellent. Frets are spot on, I haven't done anything with the set up other than raise the bridge pickup ever so slightly. Intonation needs adjusting but it's only slightly off. Sounds good too! Very bright, I think I'll end up making it passive and replacing the wiring, not that I've looked inside at what's in there already mind you! Its probably perfectly fine. Just not keen on the preamp. I think it's the best value bass I've bought new. Already considering a second one for a fretless project 🙄
  10. Its here! Glad I bought this, flippin awesome. Plays really great straight out the box, it was almost in tune too. Not plugged it in yet but finish and feel seem spot on, even more so at this price. Winner
  11. Just ordered one of these, the same black 5! Been after a nice short 5 for ages and this was too tempting for the price.
  12. Yeah, I'm really tempted. I tried to get a TMB605 a while back, but when I did find one 'in stock' online it turned out to be listed incorrectly. Going to wait and see if the reviews of this are any good as I still really like the look of these as a 5 string. Seems pretty positive so far!
  13. Anyone else really tempted by one of these?! Looks like a steal for the money... https://www.thomann.de/gb/ibanez_tmb505_mg.htm
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