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  1. Best episode so far imo. Nice interview, more of those please! Nice work guys.
  2. I picked up a EHX Bass Mono synth the other day, so far so good! Tracks as well as it needs to for the few sounds I need it for.
  3. Anyone have any tips / advice on particularly good companys to get a macbook from? Budget around £800.
  4. This is really cool. Shame about the look of it though, makes it look like a toy.
  5. How are people getting on with these in a live situation? Considering changing from the hx effects, I hardly touch the thing during a gig and have got my basic patch down to 5/6 blocks now too. Would like a smaller board!
  6. My two favourite basses.
  7. Ahh very tempting, unfortunately it would be a 2019 purchase for me. Sure you'll flog yours easily enough, they're great units.
  8. I put some cab impulses on my HX Effects, job done ! Been considering the stomp but I'd miss the extra footswitches too much, things like the looper and editing effects on the fly work so well with the HX Effects. Been thinking about trying an LT when people starting flogging theirs in favour of the little stomps...
  9. I'm really looking forward to reading people's thoughts on this once people start gigging it. I was using my hxfx for my main gig (straight to desk/pa set up) but have ended up back with the B3 as I only use two sounds for that band anyway, and I found just using an amp sim on the zoom a lot easier to set up, compared the the eq / drive block + cab IR set up on the hx. And the lack of master volume!
  10. Anyone else blown away by the gig last night ?!
  11. Wedding at the 'Ecology Pavillion' in Mile End last night. Awful room, set up facing glass windows, so loud. Managed to get a half decent sound (if a little quiet) and had a great gig after all.
  12. http://orchid-electronics.co.uk/micro.htm The absolute winner in small DI boxes imo.
  13. Bass direct to Leigh on sea is 2 hrs 30 according to Google maps, never actually been myself.
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