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  1. On my bathroom scales its seems to be just over 5kg. Have updated the post and photos as I'm sure about selling this now
  2. New one for me last night, first gig on Double, so much fun.
  3. Not a great photo, but got lucky with the hire rig again! Very warm sounding, but had to crank it a bit on the stage. New bass too, very nice indeed.
  4. Selling this awesome bass, only because it's not getting used as I finally got the Stingray Classic I've been looking for! Price £1100. Been used a lot but in great condition. Has a few scuffs here and there, worst being marks around the jack socket, and a small chip in the front top contour. Had a couple of nuts break on me so ended up getting one cut(still compensated) Its solid and it's never broken since! Have photographed the worst bits. All cosmetic ofcourse, absolutely no issues with the performance of the bass at all. It sounds awesome, can get a great range from the pickups/eq, always ended up being bass I used for any recording or studio work. Nice weight, with a decent strap its never been an issue, feels nice and solid. Have the Musicman hardcase for it too. Not prepared to post, at least for now. Welcome to come and give it a play. Given it a nice clean up and a set up. Strung with month old Ernie Ball strings. *Weighed on bathroom scales and its around 5kg. Probably just over, it's a bit of a beast! But it's worth it, and with a decent strap it's not a problem. Any questions please ask!
  5. Hire rig but still.... sounded awesome.
  6. Selling this as I no longer need it and it's taking up room. Super solid rack case, seen some use but in really good condition. Comes with drawer and power strip fitted to rear. Collection / local meet preferred. May be able to deliver for fuel costs. No postage please. Thanks!
  7. Thanks guys! Ordered the SKBi series in the end coming Friday. Looks decent!
  8. Have some gigs aboard coming up, looking at the SKB I series stuff, but any other recommendations before I order one? First time gigging abroad for me! To fit musicman 5 string basses! Thanks!
  9. Picked this up recently, really wanted to love it but after gigging have decided its not quite my cup of tea. Fantastic bass, in very good condition, only real think to mention being the usual scratchplate scuffs. Recently re strung and nicely set up with dingwall nickel strings. Gig bag included, and I have a box I could pack it in so if you'd like to arrange your own courier then that's an option now too. Otherwise collection from leigh on sea/meet up nearby. More photos incoming.
  10. Hi, its doesnt, I've never used that part of it!
  11. Bought this and didnt need it. Fits my Mexican p bass. No screws included. Price includes UK postage.
  12. Bought this for hotel room practise and not used since. Worked well with my ipad, easy to use analog pre. Quite fun to use with the bandlab app too. Price includes UK postage.
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