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  1. CN212, the lightweight one.
  2. My two options at the moment. Love the berg cab, so clear and so much headroom.
  3. Love the colour choice of your MV... wondered how you are finding it noise wise? The one negative for me so far is I've noticed its louder than my other basses (in terms on shielding). Only really noticeable through headphones and easily sorted, but still a little disappointing for this price point.
  4. Thanks for the response so far. I was actually using Allianz before so may just go back to them, just found them on the pricier side.
  5. Hi all, As the title says really - cancelled all of mine as they ended just into the lockdown last year. Wondering which companies people are using and if there are any recommendations / companies to avoid? Thanks! Marshall.
  6. So far so good! Can't fault the fit and finish, balance and weight feel spot on. Not sure if Bass Direct have anything to do with the set up but its pretty much spot on for me too. The neck is killer - my other P is a Nate Mendel sig and I much prefer this slightly wider but flatter board. My only 'dislike' really is the strings that are on it, its screaming for some flats. Lovely range from the tone control though, very effective. Going to get gigged hard in the next couple of months, can't wait!
  7. That's a seriously nice P bass ! The fiesta red one on bass direct is very tempting!
  8. I did the Ashbass mod, used the b3 heavily for a few years. I'll see if I can dig some photos out. Really easy to do and well worth it! I actually got a b3n but preferred the sounds on the older b3 so I stuck with it for a while. Loved how the looper worked on it too.
  9. Hey, decided to withdraw this, I can afford to keep it for now thankfully. Thanks for the interest
  10. FInally got round to taking the pre out of mine and wiring it passive - volume/volume/tone - brilliant! Was hunting for pickups but I don't think I'll bother, rolling tone off just a touch and its perfect. No noise either!
  11. Sorry, I totally forgot about this listing. Withdrawn for now! Thanks.
  12. Really enjoying this set up at the moment. Can't make my mind up about going down the midi switcher on the stomp or getting another drive / boost pedal... or both...
  13. Bought a pedal from Rich, super easy, quick delivery, packaged perfectly, happy days! Thanks!
  14. I love this bass, but something very nice has come up locally to me.... In great condition, really like the light relic finish, only damage being to the scratchplate which is glued. Could replace but new one wouldn't look right imo! Picked is a Dimazio Model P, upgraded wiring and tone pot, and swapped the knobs to plastic as I preferred the look. I do have the quarter pounder pickup and original chrome knobs, and the foo fighers neck plate which I'll include. Currently strung with chromes, plays and sounds awesome. Only a feeler for the moment, want to check I can raise the funds for another purchase. Collection / local meet only please.
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