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  1. Met up with Dave in a carpark off the A303 for some illicit bass trading. Top bloke, enjoy the Zygote 👍
  2. I had only considered the logic of wrist position, but I can see how that could be an issue 🙂
  3. I'm coming round to the idea that it actually makes far more sense to have the tuners at the bottom of a 4 in a row headstock, but with a correctly oriented body of course.
  4. I find it amazing that no-one posted any comments about the video.
  5. BreadBin

    Damaged Head

    If you don't have a clamp - a couple of strips of wood and a ratchet strap would suffice.
  6. You need a bifurcated bumper, much like the one Ms Jones possesses.
  7. I purchased an Encore short-scale from Richard. He and his wife were extremely helpful, and my daughter is over the moon with it. Another fine member of this forum 👍
  8. Sean Keaveny on BBC 6 music, Geddy Lee is on in a bit!
  9. Go for it, I reckon you are up to it!
  10. Isn't it smoke and lightning? I like this from Devin Townsend - Disruptr Somebody get me alone, I need to feel at home I need a brain massage Somebody get me a doctor, I ain't feelin' ill ...But I ain't feelin' this at all. And this from Twelve Foot Ninja - Adios You're out of control, You've been warming your hands, On the bridges you're burning,
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