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  1. Good news! I was wondering what had happened to this 👍
  2. Replacing Derek the Draw on vocals in the Blockheads.
  3. I saw Jo Carley and the Old Dry Skulls yesterday. They were great!
  4. Ki is delicious (for me), same singer as Casualties but a bit heavier sounding. The little tastes of madness it gives are quite awe-inspiring.
  5. Devin is one of my musical heroes, 4 of the 6 CDs currently loaded in my car are his 🙂 I recommend Ki and Ghost if you are into his mellower side 👍
  6. Thanks @Bassassin 👍 I paid quite a bit less - right place, right time I guess. The plan was to not like it and punt it on but it plays amazingly, and fits well with my love of all things 80s Washburn. The S1000 is having a new string retainer made, hence the wonky strings...
  7. I picked this Washburn A10 up today, it's actually pretty amazing! I'm no guitarist, but really like this. I'm interested to know what sort of value it might have - the only ones I can find for sale are from Japan at ~£500 but that seems like crazy money?
  8. You enter the code before payment, I have used this a few times now 👍
  9. 1. I know! 😂 2. Agreed, this is a fantastic forum and a credit to it's owners, staff and inhabitants. There will always be those who seek to manipulate discussion for their own sense of enjoyment and achievement, I choose not to engage with them.
  10. There are a few on here that I've used the button for, that seem to want to antagonise for the sake of it. It's a nicer place without them.
  11. I saw the Blockheads in Frome on Saturday. The band were awesome, however I've never taken to Derek's vocals and still feel the same. I get that him and Ian were close I just miss the fire and anger. It's a shame Andy Serkis wasn't up for a career change!
  12. I'm the opposite, I switch between 4 and 5 without a problem. However anything below 18mm at the bridge and I'm lost.
  13. I'm the same. My favourite is my Yamaha RBX765A - 19mm spacing.
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