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  1. I hadn't looked closely enough to see those as well!
  2. No-one has praised the imported 'fakers? In fact all I can see is the opposite...
  3. šŸ˜‚ They do, @Woodinblack has one. But he doesn't call it that...
  4. Aargh! I've been looking for an 8-string for ages, but am currently selling off excess to pay for car repairs šŸ™ Dammit!
  5. I've defended Mr 504 - he's pretty bloody good, and is making a decent living at it too. That's more than you can say for a significant proportion of the forum (myself included)
  6. Twelve Foot Ninja have excellent, meaningful lyrics. Devin Townsend too šŸ‘
  7. I think it's Langney, near Eastbourne. Pretty sure that's an original.
  8. "I parked the van round the back of the pizza place, tonight." Insightful, I'm sure you'll agree.
  9. ^^the most worrying thing about that video is that he watched it and then didn't immediately delete it!
  10. Just buy this and then sell one of the amps and keep the bag - simple!
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