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  1. This was what I was expecting 🤣
  2. ^^ Also interested to know this as I think these may come in handy for our band.
  3. There's definitely a right string for every bass - I have NYXL on my Allen Eden Jazz and it sings. My Yamaha 5-string sounded kind of lifeless with them but Regular Slinkies made it come alive!
  4. I think the outer strings would be falling off the frets at the dusty end.
  5. Ah, that's a shame. Lovely bass but too cramped for me.
  6. Very nice! What is the spacing at the bridge please?
  7. Third gig for my current 3-piece semi acoustic outfit last night - in the Box Steam Brewery tap room, this may become a regular-ish thing. We now have a name and are really gelling as a group. We've gone with Aimless Arrows, adapted from the hawaiian proverb - an unaimed arrow never misses its target. Hopefully one of our mates will remember to actually take some photos next time! We are writing new material all the time and may even develop a variation set with full backing tracks ie drums, keys, pads and strings etc as we are recording studio versions. Going to record a new and exciting piece tomorrow.
  8. I got one today. I have found my octave pedal. I love the fuzz too, might get rid of my Ashdown Lomenzo.
  9. I think more people would like Simply Red if Mick Hucknall wasn't such an objectionable oaf. I loathe the Pet Shop Boys - I will leave the pub and take a walk up the road if they come on the jukebox. I was the only person in my circle of metal friends back in the day to not like Iron Maiden. I like dubstep!
  10. I predict that Gotoh's new Scrotalite range are going to be the next big thing.
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