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  1. Best - probably the old Ibanez P-bass I got from @Bassassin, although @AndyTravis sold me a nice Hohner. Picking up a Hohner B2av 5-string for 70 notes was pretty decent too! Most disappointing for me was a Big Muff - not impressed with the tone, much prefer the Ashdown Lomenzo Hyperdrive.
  2. BreadBin

    This bassline is impossible.....

    As I understand it, Davey504 has made over 1/2 a million quid from YouTube so is probably way more successful than anyone posting on here! Fair play to him I say, if he's making a living doing something he enjoys then surely he's doing it right?
  3. BreadBin

    Headphone heads up

    Good, aren't they?!
  4. BreadBin

    Headphone heads up

    The plugs do require a firm push, they aren't coming out in a hurry that's for sure!
  5. BreadBin

    Tokai Hardpuncher PJ55 - 80's classic PJ!

    Nice, looks like a Tokai version of a Jazz Bass Special 👍
  6. BreadBin

    Headphone heads up

    They sound fantastic.
  7. I'm with @Paul S - have never seen the appeal.
  8. BreadBin

    Headphone heads up

    Thanks for the heads up, mine arrived today and are excellent
  9. BreadBin

    Who did you see live last?

    Ms Gainsbourg has had quite a bit of airplay on 6 Music - something that I for one am quite happy with
  10. He is certainly testing the limits!
  11. BreadBin

    Definitely "weird"

    What's a what now?
  12. BreadBin

    How important is the band name for you?

    I don't know why (we meet on Mondays)
  13. BreadBin

    Carl Thompson With Wal pick ups?

    Given the bridge is Wal too - maybe a damaged one gave up it's parts?
  14. BreadBin

    Acoustic bass

    I have phosphor bronze strings on mine - agreed they can be noisy, I use them to try and improve my technique.
  15. BreadBin

    Ooh wonky!

    Impressive! That's significantly misaligned.