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  1. BreadBin

    Trying to ID Epiphone Guitar

    There's one of those nailed to the wall in a local pub!
  2. I am also finding the headstock amusing - it looks like someone described a Ken Smith over the phone. Knob placement is pretty hilarious too.
  3. BreadBin

    Rim Custom basses now sells ladies shoes

    I would have thought that there's a very small number of people searching for a custom made guitar who would think 'f**k it, I'll just buy some shoes instead' Much like those brainy car sellers who list with a ridiculously low price and write 'real price £xxxx' at the bottom of the ad. Not many people looking for a £300 banger are suddenly going to decide to stump up thousands.
  4. BreadBin

    anyone else had this e mail?

    Disappointed not to see Threatin on the list 🙂
  5. BreadBin

    Come and get yer neck shims....

    Superior pre-CBS cardboard
  6. BreadBin

    Ovation Magnum Bass

    There's a Mag 4 on Gumtree at the moment - £950.
  7. BreadBin

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    I reckon you are right, it's not by much though
  8. Rat Race By Bob Marley, UK Subs, The Specials, The Drifters, Enter Shikari and arguably Skindred.
  9. BreadBin

    15 year old son looking for help with used bass amps

    That Peavey sounds ideal
  10. BreadBin

    Click tracks and drummers

    I've played with the same drummer in two different bands using a click track. Both had a lot of sequenced parts so no room to move the tempo. He was far and away the easiest drummer for me to lock in with, often feeling like we were playing as one.
  11. BreadBin

    1970 Fender Bassman 100 went pop

    My first amp was the very same Bassman stack - it was bloody hard work wheeling the cab 2 miles through town on foot for band practice.
  12. Thou Shalt Always Kill by Scroobius Pip and Dan let Sac? Thou Shalt Always Kill https://g.co/kgs/NNSThP
  13. BreadBin

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Some might say you had a lucky escape!
  14. BreadBin

    Finger players. So you ever get cramp?

    I get pain across the back of my fretting hand on certain songs, but nothing from my plucking hand.