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  1. Are you using a decent, proper, 2 core speaker cable?
  2. Also a good reminder of just how good Phil Collins was back in the day. 👍
  3. With really dirty boards I use a heavy dose of lemon oil to soften the grime, clean off with the cheapest fragrance free baby wipes and then reapply lemon oil.
  4. You'd think, but it doesn't quite work like that for me 😇
  5. That's how I play, but don't really get up the dusty end. I have really long arms so don't struggle for reach.
  6. BreadBin


    This is underplaying things slightly - my dad played bass, I was surrounded by it in my first years. After he gave up playing one of the jobs my dad had was to setup Mike Oldfield's studio at Througham Slad, and then engineer for him. https://images.app.goo.gl/JPAsYqNcJPTixr4E8 I always wanted to play the P-bass in this photo whenever I saw it leant against the wall, of course I was forbidden to touch it at 5 years old! I grew up listening to Mike Oldfield, Pierre Moerlen, Ian Dury, Peter Gabriel and The Stranglers. It was inevitable I would play bass.
  7. A slight understatement!
  8. BreadBin


    My two best mates both played guitar, they needed a bass player and I wasn't doing anything...
  9. I got asked to join a band solely on the strength of my air bass.
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