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  1. Just heard this on 6music - seemed pertinent https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=G11EycHaP8c&feature=share
  2. It looks ripe for a bit of upgrading
  3. I have a couple of mid-80s Washburn ABT bass guitars with plywood bodies. They are excellent.
  4. I've been making myself play with a plectrum after 30+ years of fingers. I've never been able to get it sounding natural but I think I'm finally cracking it. How Long Has This Been Going On by Ace was just playing on an advert, so I muted the TV and played along with it on Spotify a couple of times using an Encore P with flats and a pick. For once I felt locked in and fluid, actually sounded better than when I switched back to fingers. Not a hard song by any means, but one of those simple grooves that just works.
  5. Wow, thanks everyone some great info there 👍 He has decided to keep it original (sorry @Rich!) so I am looking for a suitable replacement switch. Do you have such a thing @KiOgon?
  6. Oh great hive mind, I seek answers to questions... I have a friend with an old 1A pictured below - it has a broken switch. Is this an active/passive switch? Does anyone know if a suitable replacement? He would like to run passive if possible, so the simplest solution is to replace the switch if that is in fact what it is. Alternatively, is there a decent replacement preamp available? Does @KiOgon provide something suitable? Thanks in advance 👍
  7. This thread seems to be turning into a bun fight.
  8. I'll send a PM later 👍 He was an amazing musician - Downwind (the album) was one of the soundtracks to my youth and had a definite influence on my playing style.
  9. Good call 👍 he was a friend of my mum's back in the day. I would have loved to have played with Duris Maxwell, the drummer on Devin Townsend's Ki. Sadly died in November.
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