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  1. This, hands down. Bonus points for getting a bells end pun in 🙂
  2. It really is, I'm gutted I don't have the funds.
  3. I'd expect better quality from nigh-on a grand's worth of cab, frankly.
  4. I'd be quite happy to buy a Travis Bean. Just not that one.
  5. When the groove kicks in around 1:35 😎
  6. The video is a large part of Thicke's undoing, IMO.
  7. Quite, there is nothing good about that. A truly low point in popular culture.
  8. Ian Dury and the Blockheads were an integral part of my upbringing, so much so that I really badly want to take Derek the Draw's place. His delivery is just too low key, Ian had real fire in him. Andy Serkis was incredibly good - the audio is him singing with the Blockheads throughout, I wish I had seen them perform together.
  9. That's great to hear 🙂
  10. Have you tried this Stew? https://images.app.goo.gl/S5G8oBdnbsLkzkMY7
  11. Those ball races are just lovely, definitely a problem that needed fixing.
  12. ^^ That's a great clip, there's two bass players on stage and a fair bit of keys as well mind. Can't argue with the sound, funky and chunky!
  13. I respectfully disagree, the Zutons original is far less cheesy. This definitely brings something to the table 👍 https://youtu.be/H4hGSR5njZE
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