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  1. Except Warwick did it a vaguely sensible way instead of angling the furthest tuners away from the player!
  2. Eurosender with the Basschat discount.
  3. You have to be really careful foraging fungi from yew, proper cleaning is essential ๐Ÿ‘
  4. I've not had a haircut for over 10 years. A weekend of vehicle fettling and garden titivating beckons. Somewhat predictably.
  5. That's because he hasn't done anything to it! That 7 to 6 string makes me feel very uncomfortable, what the hell is going on with those ferrules?
  6. I've had a spuriously high quote once before, queried it and it got corrected. I've used them quite a few times now and not had any problems, although I've yet to hear what happens if you do need to claim on the insurance...
  7. This was about 30 years ago! Maybe I should give them another chance? I'm crap with a plectrum anyway..
  8. I tried Tortex years ago but they sounded squeaky and kept snapping. I prefer Nylons.
  9. I think I'm probably at risk too, have had multiple instances of Pneumonia and I also have an auto immune disorder. I'm still not sure that I should be worried though.
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