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  1. BreadBin

    NBD Thoughts and Info please!

    The nut has been moved, how's the intonation?
  2. I am using a couple of years old Sony Xperia phone - I have no issues on anywhere other than this site which suggests it's not my device to me?
  3. BreadBin

    1st 5 string guidance needed

    Another Yamaha fan here, I like my 5ers wide so an RBX765A for well under your budget suits me just fine.
  4. BreadBin

    Do you remember your first bass...

    My dad is a an old friend of Phil Beer's 🙂
  5. BreadBin

    Do you remember your first bass...

    I have the neck from a Lone Wolf here, fitted to a P-bass bitsa
  6. This is still ongoing - I reported some Bot Spam earlier and was unable to include a description in the report. It's most peculiar and doesn't seem to have a pattern.
  7. BreadBin

    The Les Paul Twins

    Next project you say? I don't reckon I'm alone in looking forward to that!
  8. BreadBin

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    @kodiakblair, and @cetera between them have certainly given my other half a sense of perspective!
  9. BreadBin

    The Les Paul Twins

    That's my Fender JB Special...
  10. BreadBin

    Do you remember your first bass...

    The first one I actually owned was a black Washburn B2, long since traded.
  11. BreadBin

    Hofner's eco-friendly bass

    It's a phrase that makes regular appearances on Sean Keaveny's show on BBC 6 Music
  12. That's nice, the bridge looks decent too. I really want an 8 string but need to clear out some first.
  13. BreadBin

    Pointless or stunning

    I've watched most of Davey's videos - they're mostly pointless but fun nevertheless.
  14. BreadBin

    The Les Paul Twins

    Stunning, simply stunning.