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  1. In a clump, about 20ft behind the stage 🙂
  2. The Bruce Thomas Profile is worth a look, I believe. http://www.basscentre.com/british-bass-masters/bruce-thomas-profile.html
  3. ...set at a very low speed to avoid melting.
  4. Har, you know I love a relic! (For the record, I like real mojo but not faked)
  5. Definitely, there's an open invite here. I could pick it up from Westbury and hold onto it for you if it helps?
  6. I am so excited my pants flew off
  7. No kidding, it was properly minging before!
  8. Good job! That's scrubbed up well 🙂
  9. BreadBin


    So we've all started the day by admiring Jez's wood? Crikey!
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