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  1. This guy appeared on one of Charles' videos recently Pretty impressive 👏 Edit - this was his competition entry
  2. Pretty much this. Great drummer 🙂
  3. It's something weird that the camera has done, it's a wide angle shot. The precision has a regular body.
  4. The broken ones are on the rack to the right of the photo 😝 Oh and neck corner is bottom left - they're all ruined! I'm thinking of making a sculpture...
  5. Got to be worth chucking a bit of Noisia in the mix. They produced across many genres and are well worth checking out if dark, face twisting electronic music is your thing.. Edit - this is huge
  6. Here's a long-scale version I cobbled together. It has more dive than a submarine!
  7. Thats a lovely thing. I'm not in the market (I'm approximately £1990 short) but am interested to know - does it take regular strings or double ball-end?
  8. Agreed! I have one of mine tuned D A D F# for big chordal nonsense.
  9. Feeder last night at Pennfest in Bucks. Absolutely cracking - played a blinder with a nice balance of new stuff and the anthems everyone wanted to hear.
  10. Purchased a pedal from Chris. It was well packed, exactly as described and arrived swiftly. A pleasure to deal with 👍
  11. Solid Air is one of the albums of my formative years. That's a really great version 🙂
  12. I've got a couple of decent Ritter bags. Worth checking out if you can.
  13. Quite, they appear to have debuted fully formed.
  14. We are writing a song about the dangers of too much reverb. This shows the dangers perfectly. Sung in the style of Tom Waits - it's called Wookey Hole!
  15. And sold! Barely used, approx 2 hours only. Boxed. Price includes UK postage.
  16. Joyo XVI Octave for sale. I took it out of the box, plugged it in, decided I didn't like it and put it back in the box! Has had approx 15 minutes use. Price includes UK postage.
  17. Now sold! MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, all works as it should. A few small knocks, pedal only - no box or power supply. Selling due to upgrade. Price includes UK postage.
  18. Roisin Murphy was amazing. Loved the New Orleans procession style beginning 🙂
  19. I wasn't bothered but turned over to see how bad it is... Awful, it's really awful. She is completely tone deaf by the sounds of it. One should never judge a festival mix straight away however, it's a different game to normal live production.
  20. This is a proper bargain, surprised it hasn't sold.
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