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  1. Quite. Epiphone manage to fit a Tune-o-matic to a T-bird, not sure why Gibson find this so difficult.
  2. Many of my eBay/Gumtree/FB Marketplace* bargains have been instruments that were bought new and then left on a stand in the bedroom/living room/kitchen* for many years accumulating grime. Yours is not an unusual experience, many people do not realise that there is some effort involved in keeping an instrument in good condition. *delete as appropriate.
  3. I have a Ltd83 - the posh version and one of the nicest Encores I've ever played.
  4. My old one was wearing thin in places, felt fine though.
  5. What kind of stuff are you after?
  6. It has a Precision sized nut, not a Jazz nut like the Sterling Sub. Suits me fine, but not others.
  7. Just put them on your ignore list. 👍
  8. Wish I hadn't sold mine, frankly.
  9. I knew I shouldn't have gone back to check. The BC Rich was an NJ Series. Worth at least £5-600 😐
  10. 3 guitars, yesterday. I contacted the seller 15 minutes after listing but they were already sold pending collection. An Epiphone SG, a Tanglewood Les Paul (with upgraded pickups) and a nice BC Rich (with Floyd Rose) £30 each. 😐
  11. I'm not a rail spotter, more of an engine nerd. I do love a Deltic 👍
  12. I think @Stingray5 of this parish knows a fair bit about Tune basses 🙂
  13. I got this - from me, to me!
  14. Did you get a tracking number for the parcel? PN518894078GB by any chance?
  15. Some truly great singers in here. Surprised no-one has mentioned Devin Townsend yet Also Lalah Hathaway - watch the band react to her harmonising with herself from about 6:10 onwards. 😮
  16. A punk medley on 6music (punk-ish at least) They just played a bit of Fat Lip by Sum 41 - the bass tone on that is huge!
  17. Yes, class D is just a different type of power supply. Lighter and more efficient, but the subject of many debates especially with regard to heft
  18. Isn't it 5 extra notes? 😉 The only 2 basses I need to gig with are my 2 five strings, one fretted and one fretless. I have many others, all four strings, that I mainly have for sentimental reasons.
  19. That's actually pretty cool, but jaysus it's expensive!
  20. Watching how effortlessly (non-musical) people dance to Shpongle I'd say it's a learned thing. There are many shifting time signatures which don't cause any problems at all.
  21. He did get the bass back, it was hanging on his wall last I heard.
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