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  1. Most guitarists I know have to beg to borrow mine.
  2. One of my favourite local bands- Hell Death Fury (who really are excellent btw) like to describe their songs as 'Sh*t but short' I'm not sure, but this sounds similar.
  3. Agreed - clearly a bellend. I wouldn't have lasted this long or been nearly as diplomatic. Life is too short to waste time on people like that.
  4. They have a slightly wider nut than a Jack in my experience.
  5. Having access to several hundred litres of liquid nitrogen I could actually test this - however having seen what this does to soft rubbery plastics I'm not prepared to ruin a perfectly good cable!
  6. I'm a bit confused by this - given that cables are flexible any effects on the structure brought about by freezing are going to be negated by them flexing when back to ambient. If you were to flex them whilst frozen you would almost certainly introduce stress fractures. Edit - so I had to research this. He apparently has solid copper bus bars in the power system of his floating recording studio which have had cryo treatment. Not cables though.
  7. Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.
  8. I bet that was amazing. They should team up with Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer, he has created a 1000 oscillator Megadrone which would sound incredible through that.
  9. Is the model that @NancyJohnson is looking for?
  10. I was at a gig recently, the sound was terrible because the bass and guitar were too loud and had too much going on in the sub frequencies. Everyone there kept asking them to turn up because they couldn't hear properly thus confirming the above.
  11. Standard festival drill. Set-up, quick line check and the first number is the soundcheck. I've run many a festival stage, tardy bands get their gear moved before they know what is going on!
  12. Profile says Falkirk. I also love these - if I had to use only one of mine it'd be my identical spec bass.
  13. Bill McC nailing it again 👍
  14. This a personal favourite, Bill Mclintock is consistently brilliant. Another
  15. It's one of my favourites! I've gained a number of badges and awards simply by congratulations posts on this thread. I thought I would keep it going 🤭
  16. This seems to happen to me if I reply to a post which is not on the last page of a thread. The post gets submitted but the view returns to the page I was on before, not to my new post.
  17. It's nice to see some effort made. Unlike that ebay seller who can barely string part of a sentence together.
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