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  1. I saw this on FB marketplace and thought it might be worth a gamble at the money he was asking 👍
  2. Is the seller in Weston-super-Mare?
  3. Well I'm ranked as Proficient, which is generous at best as anyone who has heard my playing will attest.
  4. Thank you, this now fits with pretty much everything else on my phone (but with more orange)
  5. Shane has great teeth now. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2015/dec/20/shane-macgowan-a-wreck-reborn-new-teeth-tv-special
  6. An excellent post, a very enjoyable read. 🤭
  7. https://www.sims.guitars/spray-shop/finishes/nitro Looks like a variation on the 'World Tour' finish.
  8. David Konig (Retrovibe) used to sell a series/parallel switch mod to go with the Stinger. I fitted one to a Retrovibe Evo which is close to a Stingray clone.
  9. Have you gone for the series/parallel switch? Opens up your options.
  10. ^^ may as well lock this now @Woodinblack has completed it.
  11. That's pretty much my point of view too. I still get incredulous looks from my mates as my eyes glaze over when they start chatting about Maiden.
  12. Top bloke 👍 Let's face it - he did alright out of it and has moved on a long way musically since then,
  13. There are plenty of videos where he does just that - the only extra bass on the backing track there is just doing the root notes.
  14. ^^ at least the strings are fitted correctly! Strong price though 🤔
  15. Bargain. Edit - I reckon that's a de-fret as they come without lines from the factory. Still a bargain 🙂
  16. Norman Watt-Roy Hansford Rowe Flea
  17. Frank Blank - Spirit Of The Bash, bike park Rich - Shuker custom 5, Tanglewood acoustic 4 - both basses strung with nickel Elixirs. Korg Pandora (if I can find the feckin thing) and trusty Sennheiser cans wrinkleygit - Jabba’s Semi Hollow Fretless, ‘72 Gibson EB0, SWR Working Mans 10 combo & 1x10 ext cab & a set of h’phones. Both basses strung with Labella flats scrumpymike - FOR SALE: Eden WT550 Traveler; Ashdown ABM 600 EVO IV. 'Keepers' also on display will be: my no. 1 gig bass 'Rascal Mervyn-Lyte; 'Rascal Lyte Mkll; Sandberg Cali lV s-s; Mesa Subway TT-800; a pair of BF SC3 cabs; a Gillett Contour or two (or maybe even 3) - one of which will prolly be FS. Pea Turgh - My Frankenstein Jazzguarman(!) strung with D’Addario XL Chrome flats. My black bitsa (same strings). Probably my Peterson combo which I’ll flit between selling and not selling (still). Stevie - Ibanex SR1200-VNF, Ashdown RM500, BCbass 112, plus some other bass cab developments (probably) yorks5stringer - Warwick Star Bass Proline (4 string), Status GP Artist (again 4 string), Marcus Miller Micro 101, 1972 Telecaster Bass (poss.), Shuker Course 5 String (poss.) Andyjr1515 - Not yet sure what I will be bringing except my athletic physique and chiselled good looks (and if you believe that.... ) stewblack - Trace Elliot Rig of Death. Ric inspired 'tributes' various amps and basses for sale unless they shift here first. A hernia (probably). basstone - For Sale refurbished Marshall DBS200 combo fitted with beyma 12" speaker. BC v3 cab with G&K MB500 amp. '78 Fender fretless jazz bass with rotosound nylon coated strings. Probably plus one other bass TBD Woodinblack - Ibanez EHB1505, Shuker Uberhorn, Chapman Stick, PositiveGrid Spark amp. Chienmortbb - BC112 speaker, Bugera Mosfet amp, Fender Aerodyne and/or Greg Bennett semi acoustic bass ( might sell if the offers are right). I may even bring my homebrew 500 watt amp designed in conjunction with Passinwind if finished. Cuzzie - tbc MoJoke - whatever demo gear is left over from the month before (Manchester Bass Show), so will definitely have my Casa rig, probably the new Vintage D2 head (which I am thinking of selling the Casa to buy... it’s that good!), and I'll try and bring Markbass instruments and some packs of the new Markbass strings to give away olipaulo - Fender Elite Jazz, Status Empathy 5 and PRS SE Kestrel. Markbass CMD 151P, SWR LA15, GK MB112-ii and GK MB212-ii (the last three are for sale so they may be missing from the bash). Helix LT & IEMs sbrag -- some or all of: Yamaha bb1100s, G&L JB Tribute (Tuned d std), Shergold Marathon, MTD CRB with tone styler preamp (Tuned D std), Tobias Toby Pro, Hohner B2A, Encore Fretless P with Roto tapewounds, Tanglewood Elf, Bugera Veyron T, Barefaced Super Twin T, Various pedals Triumph_Rock - Rickenbacker 4003S5, Sterling Stingray Sub4 HH, Ashdown Little Stubby Amp, Ashdown 15" Cab. Richard Jinman - tbc Stub Mandrel - Fender Performer, Deathburger (sublime to the ridiculous) maybe another bass and an amp. Norm - I'll bring my '98 Stingray 4 (could be for sale/trade), Squier VM Jazz 5, Squier VM Precision 5, Trace Elliot v4 head & Barefaced Vintage 2x15, Roland Microbass & headphones, earplugs & my wallet, looking at what peeps are bringing with FS tags on!!!! BreadBin - not sure what I'll be bringing, maybe my Taurus 4x10 plus rackmount Pre/Power setup. Jimrs2k2 - all the normal stuff, some of which maybe for sale.
  18. Very poor service, I don't know where they've seen SUBs selling for £800 as even really good ones don't fetch that. The most recent completed one on ebay went for £460 and was in comparable condition if not slightly better.
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