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  1. The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    What a tasty Precision. Beautiful!
  2. NBD: Limelight '67 LPB Precision

    Very nice indeed. The relicing is quite superb!
  3. The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    That is quite uncanny. That is very nearly what I have ordered except I have gone for the very light relic with a candy apple red finish. Great minds think alike!
  4. The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    This thread is not helping with my waiting period! 😀
  5. Absolutely. You can never be too careful. I once bought a bass from a well-known purveyor of vintage instruments only to find that the neck and body didn’t begin life together.
  6. The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    Ah. Now it makes sense. Thankyou.👍
  7. The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    What is B&B?
  8. NBD - Limelight P/J

    Waiting time at the moment is roughly 12 weeks.
  9. NBD - Limelight P/J

    Deposit is usually £200.
  10. SOLD Barefaced Super Compact Gen. 3

    You are in the wrong forum my friend. Get a moderator to shift this to 'amps and cabs for sale'. This forum is for basses only. Good luck with the sale!
  11. Thanks for the kind comments gents. She is a beauty! I didn’t go as far as drilling the wall. You can see the legs of the Hercules stand which I used. The wall does make a good background as it makes the bass stand out.
  12. The official Fender colour is ivory.
  13. I hope you’re wearing as well as the Precision Andy!😂
  14. The precise date is February 14th 1984. That’s what is stamped on the heel of the neck.