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  1. Hutton

    SHE'S FINALLY ARRIVED!!! Limelight content.

    Not at all. Lightweight Limelight!
  2. Hutton

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    Just for the record here is the newly arrived Limelight 00218.
  3. Limelight 00218 has finally arrived and what a beauty she is. I asked Mark to do as light a relic as possible on a '57' precision. She looks great, sounds great, and plays great. What more can I ask?
  4. This made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Obviously Mavis Staples liked it as well.
  5. It absolutely astounds me that this is still here. If I was a Jazz player it would be gone. My '84' precision is a marvellous bass. It is indeed a shame that bass players haven't yet caught on to how superb the 82 - 85 Fenders are. Don't believe the nonsense you hear about quality etc. These basses were built alongside the first reissues that command high prices. This bass in this condition is a huge bargain.
  6. Where and when are you playing tomorrow? I'm in Aberdeen and may try and catch the gig.
  7. Hutton

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    What a tasty Precision. Beautiful!
  8. Hutton

    NBD: Limelight '67 LPB Precision

    Very nice indeed. The relicing is quite superb!
  9. Hutton

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    That is quite uncanny. That is very nearly what I have ordered except I have gone for the very light relic with a candy apple red finish. Great minds think alike!
  10. Hutton

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    This thread is not helping with my waiting period! 😀
  11. Absolutely. You can never be too careful. I once bought a bass from a well-known purveyor of vintage instruments only to find that the neck and body didn’t begin life together.
  12. Hutton

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    Ah. Now it makes sense. Thankyou.👍
  13. Hutton

    The 'Show us your Limelight!' thread

    What is B&B?
  14. Hutton

    NBD - Limelight P/J

    Waiting time at the moment is roughly 12 weeks.
  15. Hutton

    NBD - Limelight P/J

    Deposit is usually £200.