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  1. Fender precision 83

    The white 'closed' pickups were from the 'elite' bass. The black pickup covers were fitted on the reissues. The white covered pickups were fitted on the American Standard basses. Your bass is an American Standard which has had the white pickguard and covers replaced.
  2. Fender precision 83

    Yes, they were white with white pickup covers. However, some folk didn't like the look and went for the more traditional offering. Lovely looking bass. The 82 -85 precisions are very tasty. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Collection in person

    I’m not judging. I would just rather not be subject to the same sort of experiences which have been expressed here. I can now perfectly understand why sellers want a collection in person only. I would not want someone selling me a bass to be put in an awkward position with a courier. By buying from a shop I would have some sort of comeback without having an awkward situation with a fellow bass chatter. The good thing about this forum is that through the experience of the members one can learn the best way forward.
  4. Collection in person

    You must be kidding after the horror stories on this thread. Private deals are definitely not a good way to go if couriers are involved.
  5. Collection in person

    You're absolutely right. I'll stick to buying from the shops.
  6. Collection in person

    Just for the record to state an opposite experience. I have never had any problems with parcel force or any other couriers. I once had a bass delivered two days late and was given a full explanation why. Maybe it is only the bad experiences that get written about.
  7. Collection in person

    Many thanks for this Karl. I would certainly travel to Edinburgh. I’ll view your ads with increased interest. You always have great basses for sale. You’re a top man.
  8. Collection in person

    Is this the middle of England or the U.K.? Also, Karl would you come halfway to meet me?
  9. Collection in person

    This is my position exactly apart from the different location.
  10. Collection in person

    Ok folks I surrender. I seem to be alone in my thoughts. It is perhaps a geographical problem which is mine alone. All I will say is that when I have advertised basses on here I have been told by many folk that they are interested in the bass but that I am too far away. If they are far away from me then I am also far away from them.
  11. Collection in person

    I’m happy to agree to differ.
  12. Collection in person

    Pardon me but this is an unfair comment for the reasons I state above.
  13. Collection in person

    Return rail journey costs from Aberdeen are prohibitive. It would add far too much on to the price of the bass. I also should say I have never had any problems with couriers apart from late deliveries. Just lucky I guess.
  14. Collection in person

    Very good!🤣
  15. Collection in person

    Meeting halfway is all very well but I live in Aberdeen.