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  1. I agree with everything you say. The 'for sale' forum unfortunately is not quite the same place that it used to be.
  2. Where is the ‘girly mute thing’ to which you refer?
  3. I'm pretty sure this is a Vintage Modified 70s Jazz by Squier made in Indonesia that has had the knobs replaced. Nice bass and a great buy for £150
  4. Do you have the original pickups and pots?
  5. I have a Laney all-valve 15 watt guitar amp. It has been a good servant over the years. About five years ago a friend re-valved the amp. For some reason it then had a background hum which it never had before. It is loud enough to be obtrusive. As I now exclusively play bass I just left it in the cupboard. My son however really likes the amp so I am trying to get it sorted. Anyone got any ideas what might be wrong.
  6. That’s great to know. Just need to find the right p bass.
  7. I have an original Wizard Thumper which I’m looking to put into a Squier P bass sometime.
  8. Sounds like the Squier VM 77 Jazz you were playing. I have come late to the party as I just bought my first Squier on these very forums. Mine is a VM 77 and it is exceptionally fine. It has been upgraded with pups and hardware but the neck and body are superb and every bit as good as the USA version. Squier are punching well above their weight these days. I am a very happy bunny.
  9. Excellent. Many thanks!
  10. Does anyone know anywhere that sells just the strap part of the new S-Locks? I like the strap part but am not crazy about the strap buttons. I'm trying to save a few bob and not end up with three or four sets of buttons that I don't need.
  11. Hutton


    Just purchased an extremely nice Squier 77 VM Jazz from George. The bass is superb with some very nice upgrades to enhance an already fine instrument. George is a great guy to do business with. Comms are excellent and the bass was in my hands in mega-quick time. The packaging was also a work of art. George is a credit to Basschat!
  12. Not surprised. One lucky new owner is getting a tremendous bass.
  13. What an absolute beauty. I have a Dan Smith era Precision in Ivory. These early 80s basses are high quality and can only rise in value as people realise how good they are. IMHO they are a vast improvement on the late 70s offerings from Fender. This Jazz is in fantastic nick and a very real bargain at this price.
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