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  1. The spot on the back of the headstock shows that it’s a USA bass.
  2. I have one of these basses. They are superb basses.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-78-Fender-Jazz-Bass-Guitar/264754366975?hash=item3da49709ff:g:ijYAAOSwW69e2j~Q
  4. I have the exact twin of this bass. A quite superb instrument. This one looks every bit of the asking price. GLWTS.
  5. Doesn't alter the fact that it is a non-essential journey.
  6. Surely collection involves a non-essential journey.
  7. That is a very good price for these G&G cases. A substantial saving on retail. GLWTS!
  8. Ah, my old bass. It is an absolute cracker. Whoever gets this will not be disappointed. Gareth is also a great guy to deal with. GLWTS!
  9. Mine is 4ohms which is why I started the thread by asking advice on what cab(s) I could use with the head on its own which would give more volume.
  10. They were indeed. The combo could be bought with an 8ohm cab so that the walkabout extension cab (also 8 ohms) could be added with no problems. Most scouts however came with the 4ohm cab.
  11. Here is the blurb from the manual:- The WalkAbout provides two 1/4 inch speaker jacks for powering speaker enclosures.The recommended speaker load impedance for the WalkAbout is 4 Ohms, at which the mighty SIMUL STATE power section is capable of delivering a whopping 300 watts RMS before clip and peaks of over 400 watts! A speaker load of 8 Ohms may also be used though the overall power will be reduced to roughly 150 watts using this rate of impedance.
  12. I hear exactly what you are saying Bill. However, I did say that I had no clue about this sort of thing hence my initial post. I can't add the Mesa 1X12 extension cab as my combo is 4ohms rated and not the 8ohms version. If it was the 8ohms version I would quite happily add the extension cab. Therefore, what can I do to achieve to get greater volume. Please remember I am dense about abs and sensitivity etc.
  13. It’s all too complicated. I think I’ll just buy a more powerful combo. Thanks everybody.
  14. My Walkabout Scout is not able to be paired up with the mesa extension cab. I would need to take out the head and use it with a separate cab. I was really wanting to know if this can me more volume depending on the cab.
  15. I currently use a Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout 1X12 of which I am very fond. It fulfils most of my requirements. However, it may be that I will need some more volume at a future date. The good thing is that the Mesa Head is able to be used with a separate cab. The amp is 300w @ 4ohms and 165w @ 8ohms. As I am a bit thick in terms of ohms and the like, I am looking for advice and recommendations as to what cabs would give me more volume than the 1X12 Mesa cab which also has a passive thingy on the base of the cab to accentuate the bass output. Thanks in advance!
  16. Might as well just buy a current Squier and do that. Why take the originality which is why the bass commands the asking price.
  17. I’m one of the few that doesn’t work in the oil and gas industry.😂
  18. I love capri orange. Is this sale only or are you considering trades?
  19. I have the fretless version of this bass. They are marvellous instruments!
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