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  1. Excellent thanks! That makes sense.
  2. I have just restrung my 5 string with flat wounds and I love it... But .. Mid gig the string retainer popped off due to the increased tension of the strings. It is the bar type of retainer which all the strings are fed underneath , like a Lakland.. One of the screws pulled straight out thus stripping out the wood, thus the screw no longer grabs.. What now? Do I fill the hole with wood shims and re try? or fill the hole with Epoxy. Or buy bigger screws, or a combination of ideas? Please help..
  3. Stunning Bass ! ! ! Stunning Cat ! ! !
  4. Cuzzie.. That blob of solder was absolutely it...near it there was a bare wire in amongst the birds nest. I have resoldered to wire to the blob and guess what.. It is absolutely quiet.. No more fizzle. I have maxed out the treble on both bass and amp everything remains quiet. Please PM me your PayPal addresses and I will send you the price of a pint.
  5. I have an active bass which is very noisy when the treble is pushed more than half way. It is the usual 50hz interference which reduces loads when the string are touched, I have looked in the rear cavity and there appears to be no shielding. No foil or conductive paint. I don't feel comfortable removing the active electronics to TRY to remedy this myself. I live near scunthorpe, anybody local who can take a look for me? Obviously, I will pay cash for this...
  6. Localish, trade preferred. The anxiety of posting basses leaves me cold. Misunderstandings can also occur, so I am always reluctant to post.. But I WILL if it is a deal breaker. As I now have a suitable box. Will sell for £230 for a while, then it is back to trade only, because to be honest I don't know the going rate for a Cort Curbow 6..?? I will box up and post if you sort the courier because I am hardly ever at home during posting hours. Thus. Looking for a relatively decent condition 5 string for straight swap. Even ridiculous spikey death metal type basses considered. This bass has few light scratches to the finish on the rear due to being played, but is otherwise in VGC. Battery cover still has cellophane on it.. Looks very attractive and unusual. 34" hard maple neck Ebonol finger board Luthite body Dead strings (need replacing) Bartolini MK 1 pick up. 9v active electronics. Fairly difficult bass to find in this six string configuration, and no longer made. Please excuse urinating Chihauhau..
  7. Yes please Nugget.. How would you prefer payment?
  8. Not sure if to refresh this post or let it drop into archive territory. Gigged it again last night, love it, but quite fancy an Orange Terror Bass. ?
  9. This is a heavyweight amp in every respect. I used it in a classic rock band, it served me very well. It has a dedicated overdrive channel and the Ampeg octave circuit. 1350 Watts bridged mono, and 600 Watts stereo. Take a look on the Web for full specification. Not many about. This is my only amp. I now gig once a week. I would prefer to exchange for a LOUD and light Class D, so I can continue gigging schedule without disruption. Alternatively, a straight sale would allow for a cash flow, thus a purchase from a dealer. This is an amp which would benefit from a full service to ensure functionality. I use it weekly, it serves me well, but I do not use many of its features so cannot comment on them. Due to this, I will not accept full value for this Amp. I am just after a solution to my problem. You offer a nice clean class D amp, and in return you get the Ampeg SVT 5 PRO with Gator Case. I will also provide the SPEAKON bridging cable. Happy new year...
  10. Ridiculous price...... I am tempted.... Sod Xmas presents for the family....
  11. I suppose a trade is not on the table Chunky?
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