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  1. Before a full tour The Mission will play small venues as a band called " Bloodbrothers." The Sisters of Mercy will also do similar under the name. 'The near meth experience. "
  2. Bongos........ I always see peppa pig in the headstock and a toilet seat for the body.
  3. It's a Aria RS-800. As per Wayne Hussey - Sisters of Mercy era.. A few bits of lacquer failing but nothing disappointing for a early 1980s instrument..
  4. Right.. I have it in my possession... I'm just of to take a photo.. But.. It is not a bass.. And as promised it is niche.. I am prepared for this thread to go really quiet..... 😜
  5. Right.... I have taken a punt on something. I will let you know if it comes off. Its a bit niche though...
  6. There is a chap selling a Peavey patriot near me for £200 but the logo has been removed from the headstock.. This upsets me..
  7. I have £500 cash burning hole in my pocket. If I stick it in by bank account it will just be absorbed by bills and mundane stuff. Thus, I would like to invest this in a "future classic" preferably from early 1980s. I play on an 1980,'s tribute band so it would still be used from time to time, venue permitting. I think Matsumoku would be a way to go.. Any advice or thoughts will be kindly received..
  8. I now have a super 12..hopefully I will be able to use it at war volume soon.
  9. Ryan's Super 12 arrived today. Looks like a nice piece of kit. Trouble free transaction throughout. looking forward to giving it a blast..
  10. Right sorted now... Thanks very much....
  11. Actually , one last question... Then I will clear off. I can obtain a preowned gen2 super 12 from here for about £600. But for £350 more notes I can order a brand new gen3 super twin with those new fangled drivers. Is it worth the extra cash?
  12. Ta.. That's sorted me thanks again..
  13. Last daft question. Is a gen2 super 12 "louder" than a gen3 super compact.?
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