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  1. Epiphone T - Bird Pro 5 string. These are neck heavy and need a nice thick strap to stop them diving. But, this is a nice example. There is one small dig on the edge as seen in the third photo. About 4.6 kgs.. In weight. Bass is active, full info available on the Web, now becoming increasingly hard to find in the 5 string configuration. Case not included, I need it for my other Thunderbird.. Willing to trade for a equivalent value 5 string bass, Yamaha BB perhaps? Feel free to ask questions..
  2. Traded an EBS preamp for a gorgeous Glock one. Seamless transaction. Thanks Tony... Great coms, rapid service, and bomb proof packaging. A+…..
  3. Holy hell.... This is a bass that could be by your side throughout your career. Aesthetics and function.
  4. Any know a remedy for this? They are really stiff to turn. The bass is a brand spanker so will this problem resolve with use? Thanks.....
  5. This used to be mine. I undersold it on basschat because I was in a bit of a financial hole. Lowregisterhead is passing on at cost,with no profit to himself because he is a nice, honest bloke. Yep, the neck is slinky, but not overly so. This bass is a companion for life for someone, and a total steal at £600.. This was my main gigging bass, I appreciated it and looked after it, hence the condition.. PINBALL. Grab it now..
  6. Dave bought the PK bass. Usual Basschat style clandestine carpark type transaction . A nice friendly chap he is too. A totally hassle free transaction. Trade with confidence. Thanks again Dave.
  7. Thanks for the info!! It is Statusy..
  8. I can't find anything on the Internet.. It is installed on a bass I have aquired.. Any technical info welcomed. Sounds nice.. What I do know is that the preamp the wiring and the pots were installed by Bernie Goodfellow.
  9. I will measure it when I get home.. Although the bridge allows for lateral movement so it is variable depending on where it is set.
  10. Well spotted.. There is a picture of it on the Lakland thread.. I have internal shots of the 'gubbins' if required. I contacted Mr Koopman for the original build details too, just to confirm them, as there is little info on the Web.
  11. Ta Merton. I am too skint for any other Status. I keep turning the bedroom light on to look at it.. Mrs Dandy does not understand.. 😜😜
  12. Flipping nice that, as is the orangey yamaha.
  13. Status Graphite Energy. Breathed on by Bernie Goodfellow who re vamped the pots and wiring and added an EBS preamp.. Clean crisp and deep. This one is a keeper.
  14. Hand made by Patrick Koopman (Stevie Vai's guitar tech) in the Netherlands. Build cost was £1800. I acquired it in a trade with Aero71 whom incidentally, is a total gent. 3.9 kilos, 34" Scale, 5 piece maple/wenge graphite reinforced neck, 45mm nut, Ash body, Bartolini 72MV5K splitable dual coil pickup, front coil, back coil, series, parallel settings. Seymour Duncan STC-3M3 preamp, with "Slap setting " via the pulling out of the volume pot. light weight Schaller carbon fibre/aluminium tuners, ABM Bridge. The colour is changeable, it looks like claret/red wine, but it also looks like candy apple red depending on the light. On stage it looks amazing. There was a minor issue with the string tree which is now rectified, the original string tree pulled out when I tried the bass with flat wounds, so I replaced it with a different type of string tree and all is OK, the original holes have been filled with resin, as can be see in the photos, I will send the original string retainer with the bass so it can be reinstalled if required. The bass can now cope with flatwounds no problem. It plays perfectly, and there is a small bruise to the finish on the body, near the lower horn but the paint/finish is not damaged. It is just an indentation which is difficult to photograph . There are no electrical crackles. The knobs are smooth running with a nice "greasy' resistance. I think this bass is unique, a while ago I contacted Mr Koopman to ask for build details about this bass, but I forgot to ask him if this was the case. There is certainly no other examples on the Internet that I can find. He has a website, take a look. More details can be sent if required. Bye for now.
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