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  1. Yeah I know, it’s so rare to see one here. I’d had the neck for years (I had it shipped from a America) and I bought it to try on the white one... I pretty much buy whatever parts I see and eventually ended up with everything required to put that natural/rosewood one together. i listed another black/maple I had on eBay and despite loads of interest, it wasn’t selling, so I listed the natural/rosewood... the black sold - which meant I could buy the sunburst... then the natural sold too! I don’t think I’ve ever been more sorry to see something go! Fingers crossed I find another T40 I want soon... cuz the money won’t last!
  2. Hey, the natural (rosewood fretboard) has already gone! The 3 in the centre of the pics will be staying... the white will be the next to be listed but hopefully I find it’s 82 replacement first!
  3. Nice to see a thread I started in 2009 resurfacing! My obsession hasn't slowed in the years that have passed... in fact I just took delivery of my latest T40 today! A beautiful sunburst 82... Which joins the 82 family - And the rest! I'm trying to collect all the finish options from 1982 as that's when I was born... The other 2 aren't from my birth year so they'll be sold on once I find their replacements!
  4. At my request, I actually prefer it that way with the lip on the surface... I’d always presumed that was the normal/correct way, until i was about to get the work done and read that a lot of people go for it flush with the finish... ta very much, yeah visually everything is exactly how I always wanted it and the pickups and preamp have made a massive difference to the sound quality and ooomph of the bass, well pleased!
  5. Done! I ended up getting the hipshot A style bridge and getting a luthier I know to install it... I also got him to utilise the bridges’ string through option, by putting some holes through the body and black gotoh string ferrules to make it look tidy. so very happy with the results! Expensive but on a bass I will never sell due to sentimental reasons... it seemed worth it to me.
  6. Oooooh, that’s beautiful! I’m after this finish for my T40 collection but I’m trying to get them all from my birth year (1982) so frustratingly the removed serial number is an issue! I’m sure it won’t be to others though, best of luck with your sale!
  7. Bought a pedal from Graeme, quick trouble free transaction and the pedal arrived well packaged and in good working order. Thanks!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Here’s what I’ve done so far... Gotoh Gb707 tuners... major upgrade on quality emg 40dc pickups X2 - again big improvement, volume, sound quality and with the btc preamp its way more versatile. smaller control knobs and switch. Purely aesthetic but to me, it really improves the look and makes it appear more expensive than it is which got me thinking... dare I go for a string through body conversion!?! I realise there’s much debate as to whether it actually improves anything but purely from a “I’m modding this thing anyway” point of view, I may do
  10. From my experience, the earlier the better... I’ve owned 2, the other was good but was somehow lacking in the fit and finish department... latter one was lighter too which I guess could be seen as a good thing, but to me it’s always made instruments feel cheap - hence my unhealthy obsession with the seriously weighty Peavey T40!
  11. I’ve started! Not finished yet but so far... replaced the tuners with gotoh gb707’s (I bought gb350 Res-o-lites first... plastic buttons... really?! Gross. Those are now on eBay!) the gb707’s are great... I found a good price, they’re really good quality, great look and a direct drop in replacement, so super easy too. I bought a pair of emg40dc pickups with a BTC stack pot and wiring... I started obsessing over the switch/control knob size/style etc and I’ve only just tracked the parts I need down. It’s gonna look great though... Very quickly wired it up to make sure it works but haven’t really played with it yet... Next will be the bridge - still a little torn... I always wanted the hip shot A style just purely for looks and adjustability... it’s pricey though and I can’t afford it right now! I had the B style on another bass and it was cool, I do love the top loading aspect of hipshot bridges. Nothing is gonna be both an upgrade and a simple drop in replacement though, so I’m gonna have to get the drill out (I really didn’t want to have to do that) once I’m done, I’ll chuck some pics up because it’s coming together really nicely and I’m glad I’m finally doing it
  12. Bought a couple of pedals from Chris yesterday... they arrived today... AM!! Very fast shipping and packaged with the kind of care and attention to detail that would make a fussy so and so like me proud! very pleased and would have no reservations about buying from Chris again in future
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Interesting, plenty of love for Wilkinson then! kinda what I was hoping for really, although it’s one I know if I’ve never really paid much attention to them... I’ll check out some of their stuff
  15. I was just contemplating the old ‘hipshot, Schaller or gotoh’ conundrum on a bass I’m fixing up... and then thought “I wonder if there’s a cheaper (or even a similarly priced but not so well known) alternative I’m overlooking? what are the best quality bridges/machineheads that either fall in the ‘great cheap stuff’ or ‘expensive but worth it’ type categories?
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