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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. ah dang it, well you gotta do what you gotta do! Maybe mention to him that you're on the lookout for the odd drums as he's constantly getting new stuff in... he's got a lengthy list of things I'm after and drops me a line if he gets something in. He's done me some pretty generous deals on things lately too. Either way, best of luck, I hope you can finish the kit. Looks great!
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114832861114?hash=item1abc9267ba:g:nPAAAOSweMhgt-K4 This one just came up on Ebay weirdly, great seller (I've bought loads from him in the past)
  4. That. It might seem like a defeatist attitude but life's way too short to waste time on projects you don't really believe in! The only way I'd attempt any kind of changing of their band/lineup etc was if it was an original band and I really believed it could be something special if they got a different singer. I'd be running the risk of them kicking me out as the 'new guy' of course, but it'd probably be at least worth a shot if I thought there was enough potential there. Whatever way you go with it, best of luck!
  5. Bought a rack case from Aidan, good price, well packaged and a pleasure to deal with throughout, cheers!
  6. I think of it like double bass drum drumming... it has a place in a certain style of music and fits that perfectly. However, the genre it's best known for is not one I'm massively in to. That said, if used tastefully for the odd song or section here and there it can be really effective - but just slapping all over every song for the sake of it doesn't do it for me, much like just running on double kick drums constantly through every song isn't for me either
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  8. Well, Douglas is a bit of a star really! I contacted him out of the blue after seeing him discussing 3d printing, and asked if he'd mind printing some pickup surrounds I'd found the file for. He was more than happy to do so, (even though I took the mick and asked for spares as well!) and he refused payment of any kind, not even to cover postage/costs. An absolute gent throughout and he really helped me out. Thanks again!
  9. That’s insane. I wonder how many have to happen before eBay figure out it’s a problem!? it’s weird though, they’re popping up so frequently at the moment, whereas I don’t recall the last one I saw from the last few years.
  10. Why are there so many scam listings coming up at the minute? I rarely see any and yet recently the same Yamaha bb2024x kept coming up, and now a Warwick Katana... I keep reporting them when I see them and they get taken down, but they seem to keep coming at the moment!
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  12. It goes in and out with the fashion though, Ringo etc had one up one down so people follow that, then in the 70s/80s it all went a bit daft with as many toms as your roadies could carry... when I was learning to play the drums I was given a kit - with 2 rack toms and a floor, but I remember seeing people like Dave Grohl with one rack tom - so I started doing that and preferred it. Then came the trend for having 2 floor toms but it never appealed to me. It'll go back to more rack toms at some point i'm sure. I played bass in a band with a drummer who had 3 rack toms and 2 floor toms and during rehearsal I watched him through alot of songs, I noticed he never hit the smallest 10" tom - so I asked him about it. He said "no that's where I put the setlist" - he was not joking.
  13. I have a flats lite kit which is great for home practice (I use some little thin pads and quiet cymbals) - however I wouldn't gig with it. The smaller 'normal' looking drum kits listed by others here all look like great options and although it definitely depends on style of music (and the drummer) I reckon any of those would be a good option - although even then I'd probably use my own snare, as although you can tweak the other drums to your taste or dampen them etc the snare is such an important sound and can be tricky to get a good sound, even with a good snare.
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