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  1. very much agree with all this! One of my favourite amps ever GLWTS!
  2. Easy and pleasant transaction with Vin, first class communication throughout, seriously well packaged and a bargain! thanks very much!
  3. you see this is what will end up making me buy one! I dismissed it when I realised that although I just love octave pedals in general, that the OC-2 is still my favourite, no matter how many I buy! I’ve never owned the OC-3 or OC-5 though so perhaps the latter could be worth a try Trouble is I’ve ended up in a weird obsessive quest to try every clone of the oc2, I have no idea why!?
  4. well that’s no fun, I was genuinely interested to see if something like this would sell. I remember seeing Michael Anthony in Bassist magazine many moons ago with his… it’s certainly not a bass you forget! to be honest it’s the only reason I remember his name!!
  5. yeah, I mean he did say in the listing that it just “hangs on my wall as an ornament” - maybe that’s the best place for it!
  6. There’s one On EBay if anyone is interested? I’m not cool enough to pull it off… but perhaps you are!?
  7. Sad to have to move it on, but good choice on the renown! I very nearly bought one of those a few years back but and ti the realisation I’d always wanted a decent yamaha kit, so it was time to just get one!
  8. These are awesome basses, and this one has already had the weakest bit upgraded! If I didn’t already have one in this finish, I’d be tempted for a second one!
  9. love it, great looking kit for sure! I have an old premier kit my Dad learned on, he gave it to me to learn on when I was a teenager… I’ll hang on to it in the hope one of my kids likes the idea of drumming and I can pass it down to them
  10. yeah I had that one too but then got a Marshall Guv’nor (which it’s meant to be a clone of) so I sold it
  11. I’ve owned the Fab Tone too… it is insane. I was expecting some vintage light overdrive by the look of it… but woah!
  12. Yep, I’ve owned a few of these over the years, sold them each time due to lack of use… I tried other pedals but eventually just gave up and decided chorus wasn’t for me. Then recently I got another in a job lot of pedals and gave it a quick try, search over, this is what I was looking for in a chorus pedal after all! Chorus still isn’t my favourite effect but if/when I need it, I’ll be using one of these for sure
  13. At one point I owned a silly amount and would frequently lend things to friends and family members, just to get them out of the way! I think that’s when I realised it was getting out of hand
  14. So, I finally played my first Westone bass… it’s really good! I know there’s alot said about these, and people are very much in the know anyway…. But I’m really surprised by how nice it is to play and how good it sounds. Especially considering this model is very simple (and a lower/student model type thing) but it just sounds right wherever I put the tone knob. I know the thunder basses are the ones that get the most attention, but which other models should I keep an eye out for? Even just in the spectrum series of basses there seems to be quite a few different models… I’m still learning what’s what, it’s clearly gonna take a while!
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