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  1. Yeah, I guess that’s the hope it might encourage people to get sucked in and bid more than they normally would... I always set an amount in my head where I’m like “I’d be very happy to get that for this much” - anything beyond that and the regret would be too strong and whatever it was would be going straight back on eBay!
  2. Me neither... it’s always irritated me. I see why to some degree but it still ultimately seems unnecessary I also can’t decide if it’s worse that they expect you to guess what figure they’ve set as a reserve, or the listings that openly say “reserve is set at...” - both annoying in their own way!
  3. I'm sure this will be of interest to some one here (apologies if you were trying to keep it quiet!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143763833411?ul_noapp=true I've already messaged about postage and it's a firm no, so i'm out. Enjoy!
  4. Hey all, no update really other than I think you've all helped me understand that it may not be a mod and that its supposed to be a tone pot... but in either case it doesn't work. I'm gonna strip it all apart and test everything to see if I can work out what is wrong. Man I wish I hadn't given away a box of spare pots and other parts last year ("I'll never need these" - I for some odd reason decided)
  5. If you don’t mind that would be really useful! I’m not getting much joy on a google search (just lots of threads on forums such as this, with people asking for wiring diagrams)
  6. Ah ha! Yeah I tried looking up the bass wiring, stingray wiring... didn’t think of the pickup itself, nice one!
  7. Hey all, I bought this bass from here years ago for my sister when she was learning, she’s now asked me to sell it for her, but I’ve just tested it and although it works the middle control knob does nothing!? I opened it up and there were two wires (red and white from pickup) inside soldered together and wrapped with electrical tape... so it’s some form of bypass/mod by the previous owner, that she never noticed. I’m guessing that makes it the volume control for the other coil? I’ve taken pics of the pots and how it’s wired at the moment and hopefully someone can spot how to put it back to its original wiring? I’m in no way familiar with musicman style basses and although I can use a soldering iron, my knowledge of what I’m actually doing is severely lacking! any help greatly appreciated and if anyone happens to own one that hasn’t been tinkered and can provide me with a picture to copy, I’ll be most grateful! cheers!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Yeah, I saw that, it was on sale locally to me... £40... with an amp. I messaged and about 3 days later I chased again, “sorry I’ve had lots of interest... you’re nowhere near first in line” - of course. Ah well, it was an interesting little mystery
  10. Go on then, here are some more pics!
  11. Interesting. I’m kinda glad it’s stumped everyone so far, I was half expecting the first reply to be “it’s a ‘..........’ obviously” and I’d feel daft.
  12. Yeah it just seems weird to me that a company I hadn’t heard of would go to the efforts of having a logo on there... but maybe I’m overthinking it!
  13. Just saw a p bass clone come up local to me, no name on the headstock but this logo on the neck plate? I’ve never seen it before... any ideas?
  14. Hey all, ive finally found a peavey 215 (2x15) vintage cab close enough to collect and not too expensive... However it’s old and showing it’s age for sure... there are a few things I want to sort: no logo but I have spares so no drama grill cloth ripped and tatty - where do you buy such a thing in the uk? Surprisingly not many uk suppliers came up in a google search... Obviously I want something heavy duty but it’s a big cab, so probably going to be expensive corner protectors - I’ve seen some new old stock peavey ones, which I’ll go for if they’re not too pricey but just wondering if anyone happens to know of any generic ones that fit on the old peavey stuff? I’ll also need to grab some castors as although the ones on there seem pretty good quality, the wheels are really worn down - again, it’s not something i know about, so recommendations welcome! Any tips on cleaning tolex? Every time I scrub at it with soap and water it looks good, then it dries and looks like it did before! Is there a trick to this? I’ve used boot polish before to good effect but not sure if there’s a better way? also I’ve read a ton of info on little improvements that can be made and figured, while I’m in there I’d take a look... So I’m thinking silicone/caulk all the joins on the inside of the cab? also seen people recommended lining the inside of the cab, if you’ve done it, what did you use and what did you think of the before and after sound difference?
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