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  1. In pretty decent condition has some play wear and the odd small ding/mark/scratch but nothing serious considering her age. Active EQ. Everything works as it should. Neck is lovely and there is minor fret wear. Made In Taiwan. Serial is: OY22074 Shipping £15 UK.
  2. phsycoandy

    1996 Fender Precision Bass Made In Japan. **SOLD**

    Rubbish pictures deleted and daylight ones added
  3. Lovely PB62. Made In Japan 1996, 50th Anniversary issue. Has some honest play marks on the forearm bout and a chip on the top edge, 1 just above the scratch plate, 1 on the lover neck joint and 1 on the rear heel, some have been penned out as they are small and are difficult to pick up in a photo. She has no issues and the neck is lovely with no dings or scratches, there is minimal fret wear. She comes in a new Spider Hard Case. £545 plus £15 UK Shipping. NOW £499 SOLD
  4. Lake placid blue with matching head stock. Active EQ. All works as it should. She is in decent condition with a couple of scrapes and a small ding on the lower horn bottom, a ding under the strings between the pickups. just a couple of light impressions on the back. Neck is great and there is minimal fret wear. Note one of the tuners has been changed to a chrome (not gold) Gotoh unit and the battery cover is missing, however the battery holds in there fine. No other issues. Shipping UK £15.
  5. 2 Band active EQ. (1 knob missing but control works fine) In good condition but has fine play swirls and marks, nothing thru the finish though, there are a few small indents on rear of the neck from leaning on things etc. She is a 5 string lined fretless, the board is lovely and pretty much unmarked. Not mint but in decent condition. Shipping UK £12.
  6. Italian made 400 watt 8 ohm 2x10 Bass Cab plus variable tweeter. Can be used upright or tilt back. In good condition, has a couple of small nicks but nothing serious. Nice and light. Shipping UK £12.
  7. 1978 Fender USA Precision Bass with rare "A" profile Jazz neck. These are ultra rare and sought after having the narrower 1.5" nut width. I understand they were supplied to custom orders. CTS POT codes are R1378111 which I think is 1981. The body has mellowed to a lovely cream hue over time, you can see the original much brighter white in the internal pictures under the pick guard. I have included taken apart pics so you can see all the original features etc etc. There is a little fret wear but the board is lovely and she is set up superbly and plays very evenly across the neck and has the usual tone we all love. There is one small bruise on the rear of the neck but is quite minor. She has no real dings as such just general honest play wear and marks, there is a hairline finish crack between the lower bridge and controls, this is just surface and doesn't run round the edge of the body. She comes in a non original ABS hard case. The original bridge ash tray is included but the pickup ash tray cover is missing as is the thumb rest. If you want more pics just shout..... £1450.00 Shipping UK £30 insured. NOW SOLD
  8. Suitably gobsmacked