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  1. Easily around 100 mark. Probably more.
  2. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    I am a simple man. I see a Tiny Desk Concert and I press like. There's no sessions from them that I didn't like. They have awesome groups there all the time.
  3. Yamaha TRB 1005J Black - POSTAGE AND CASE INCL. - SOLD

    Lovely! I'm looking to get one of these when I sell my other basses. Had one of this when I first ventured into the low B string. Still can't forget that lovely creamy tone.
  4. Interesting FRFR story..

    If only my band would all go through the PA. But to be fair we sound pretty well balanced every time from the audience's perspective. But still the stage sound is what you would expect so I've got myself IEM's to lower the volume and hear everyone.
  5. Holy smokes! That's what I call a bargain!
  6. SOLD Mike Lull

  7. *£1800* PRICE DROPPED For sale only Lakland 55-94 deluxe

  8. PRICE DROPPED £1350 I need the funds hence the price drop. Grabe yourself a bargain and a killer bass!
  9. SOLD Mike Lull

    BUMPING this. Further price drop to £1500!
  10. *£1800* PRICE DROPPED For sale only Lakland 55-94 deluxe

    PRICE DROPPED TO £1900!!!
  11. Recommendations on strings?

    Previously been using DR High Beams. But moved to Dunlop Marcus Miller. Can't recommend both enough.
  12. Feedback for Alberto-72

    Initial had a deal with Alberto, his Fender FSR for my Mike Lull. His Fender arrived safely but the courier messed up with the delivery for my Mike Lull. On the process of getting it back at the moment. But Alberto is a very patient man. Could not recommend him enough! Deal with confidence folks!
  13. SOLD FS only Barefaced Midget T

    Sold to Larry. Nice and quick!