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  1. MikanHannille

    NBD - Fender Marcus Miller Jazz

    Nice. I've always wonted one too ever since I started playing. One day, I'll have one too. Enjoy the bass. I'm sure you will!
  2. MikanHannille

    PA speakers + subs advice

    Thanks guys. One of these days I'm going to try some out with my bass in one of the stores. Though I'm not sure which ones to go to. lol. Probably PMT or GuitarGuitar.
  3. MikanHannille

    PA speakers + subs advice

    Looking for what PA speakers + subs (if required) to purchase. I play in different bands, my main band uses an ancient Yamaha passive mixer and separate amps for home made PA speakers and monitor wedges. Being home made, they are massive and heavy boxes. They work great but it takes time to get the right mix when playing different venues (we play soul and funk). My other bands, we gig rarely. Probably once in 2-3 months. Nobody owns a PA system. And when we do gig, it's usually for a charity event or private parties with DJ's involved so the PA system tends to be provided for us . But recently we have been considering to offer the band for paid gigs. That means we have to get our own PA system. Earlier this year, I treated myself to a Helix LT and with all these in mind, I got myself thinking if it's worth going totally ampless and go FRFR for the whole band (main) since the guitar player also uses Line6 Pod. I have sold my rig to purchase a Behringer XR12 and headphone amp to go with it for in ear monitoring. Now all that is left are the PA speakers + subs. I am quite happy to purchase and own the whole PA system, that way I know that we have consistent mix every time regardless of the venue and it greatly lessens the setup time. Now the question is which one? I have been looking at the more affordable ones like Alto. Budget around £1k-1.3k. What speaker sizes and do I really need a sub? and if I do, do I only need one or two? Should I go active or passive? I would love to hear from you guys what are your suggestions for my budget. Good day all!
  4. MikanHannille

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    Oh wow! Will keep an eye on it. Might be really tempted!
  5. MikanHannille

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    I feel you. I have sold probably the best bass I have ever had if not one of the best MTD's out there because of the weight. (Norm Stockton Saratoga) I have left shoulder issues since I was a teenager and that little mass made all the difference. My Lakland 55-94 which is 3.8kgs on my bathroom scale can sit on my shoulder all day with no issues, while the MTD which was 4.4kgs, after 5-6 songs feels like a sack of rocks dangling. As much as I love the neck and the tone, I had to let it go for my shoulder's sake.
  6. MikanHannille

    SOLD ***MTD USA Saratoga Norm Stockton Special, 5 string ***

    I seriously miss this bass. It's one of the best that I ever owned!
  7. MikanHannille

    Warwick Streamer Jazzman - *SOLD*

    Used to have a 5 string version of this. Want me to send some photos? USED TO. ☺️ Lovely bass btw. French violet from Warwick is a sight to behold.
  8. MikanHannille

    The LAKLAND Porn Thread

    I got it from ebay. US seller well known for their pickguards. Jeannies. Not sure if they are still in business today as last time I heard the chap who is running it have passed away.
  9. MikanHannille

    The LAKLAND Porn Thread

    Teal burst
  10. MikanHannille

    Warwick basses - when did they up their game?

    Agree on this one. I only had one out of six that I owned that the jack socket did not fail.
  11. MikanHannille

    1st 5 string guidance needed

    You can't get wrong with MTD. Yamaha's are good too with that budget.
  12. MikanHannille

    Any Blue Basses Out There?

    Here's mine.
  13. MikanHannille

    feedback for Deedee

    Straight forward deal with Dan. Enjoy the cab! Will really miss that lovely piece of kit.
  14. MikanHannille

    Bassist needed for cruise ship function band!

    Interested. Still available?
  15. MikanHannille

    SOLD Bergantino CN212 with cover