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  1. Very humble rig nowadays... just using the combo for stage volume.
  2. It's my first time trying them this month. So far so good. I used to use Dunlop Super Brights Stainless Steels, but at max they only last me 2-3 gigs. I only had 1 gig so far though but I haven't heard any fading brightness or change in tone. Not the same feel as what I'm used to but not bad either, just different.
  3. I pretty much gave up trying basses on big music shops. No matter how I wanted to try a specific bass. I find that the setup is just rubbish. Well of course as some people have already pointed out that it's different for specialised shops like Bass Direct and The Bass Gallery. I've seen this US Geddy Lee which for the longest time I'm so curious about but when I tried it in a bigger shop in Birmingham, I was just disappointed. I know it's only a setup but it kills your keen-ess towards the instrument.
  4. Sold my Yamaha TRB1005 to Chris. Awesome guy, great chat. Thanks Chris!
  5. Be more fit. Will help a lot with loading and unloading with the gear. Allocate more practice time.
  6. Been using Hi Beams before Dunlop. I think they last just a bit longer but for the price I moved to Dunlops. Might give them a go again. I have tried them Fast Frets before but to no avail. Yes. Doh!! Never even considered that they might do single strings! I had a look recently and I thought I give them a go but the 130 b string put me off. Now that you mentioned that... 😂 I have, but perhaps I need some extra ones as the ones I have are just those packs that came with the cases.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking to try some new sets of strings. I mainly play Dunlop Super Brights Stainless Steels 45-125. I love them, the tone, the feel. Only problem is I sweat excessively to a point that I think I have hyperhidrosis (although not officially diagnosed). The brightness at max, only lasts me around 2-3 gigs. I tried wiping it clean every after song or so but still doesn't make a difference. So looking for something new to try. My only requirements are the gauge should be 45-125 and should be stainless steels. Open for suggestions of what brands or even any alternatives that I can do to prolong the life of my set. Thanks! Happy holidays everybody!
  8. Defo. Flat setting on the EQ and it sings. I can't praise it enough. Packs a punch higher than its price tag!
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