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  1. Camp House Inn in Grimley, Worcester. It’s a lovely place for small outdoor parties.
  2. Awesome gig last night. Played outside a pub right next to river severn. very responsive audience. Band never sounded so good before.
  3. MikanHannille


    Unfortunately i don't own and jazzes now. But here are my previous ones.
  4. Best cab I owned. I regret selling mine, but I can't justify it laying around doing nothing. Whoever buys this will be lucky!
  5. Doesn't matter if it's a playable or still needs a setup, for £60 you managed to get a fully working bass. That's a win in my book!
  6. April and counting. No GAS yet... and I’m glad.
  7. Some of you might have already seen this today. But here it is again. An update on my Cobia 5.
  8. Still in! 2 weeks so far. Not bought anything.... ANYTHING yet. Even strings.
  9. No holes. Used a double sided tape for the pickguard.
  10. Out of the 3 rays I had only 2 things I'm not too keen about them 1. their high freq. For some reason I don't really like them. But no problem as I seldom find myself boosting the highs no matter what bass I use. 2. their fret sizes. Too big for me. But that's just me. For other people they are perfect! And I must admit they sound phenomenal on some well known records. So yeah...
  11. Will accept part trades for Fender Marcus Miller or Fender 70's with maple and pearl blocks. Preferably natural.
  12. *makes loud screeching noise* *body contorts to unusual shape*
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