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  1. Yes! Slightly bassy, but pretty much there if you cut the bass a bit. Maybe add a bit of mid. But the zingy-ness of it is pretty much nailed.
  2. I love me some good Atelier Z. Had a white JHJ M245m years ago! I'm sure missing it!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Mann... you are making me miss my 55-94 😢😢 this so beautiful.
  5. 90% of the time this
  6. Jeesssus dude. And here I am quite glad that all the flea basses are sold for now. And here's one.
  7. I say do both if you can afford it. It gives you different perspective on how you play either.
  8. do you have single? and what is the shaft diameter?
  9. Very humble rig nowadays... just using the combo for stage volume.
  10. It's my first time trying them this month. So far so good. I used to use Dunlop Super Brights Stainless Steels, but at max they only last me 2-3 gigs. I only had 1 gig so far though but I haven't heard any fading brightness or change in tone. Not the same feel as what I'm used to but not bad either, just different.
  11. I pretty much gave up trying basses on big music shops. No matter how I wanted to try a specific bass. I find that the setup is just rubbish. Well of course as some people have already pointed out that it's different for specialised shops like Bass Direct and The Bass Gallery. I've seen this US Geddy Lee which for the longest time I'm so curious about but when I tried it in a bigger shop in Birmingham, I was just disappointed. I know it's only a setup but it kills your keen-ess towards the instrument.
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