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  1. Still in! 2 weeks so far. Not bought anything.... ANYTHING yet. Even strings.
  2. MikanHannille

    SOLD FS ONLY Lakland 55-94 deluxe SOLD

    SOLD please close.
  3. MikanHannille

    SOLD FS ONLY Lakland 55-94 deluxe SOLD

    No holes. Used a double sided tape for the pickguard.
  4. MikanHannille

    Musicman Stingrays - Overrated ?

    Out of the 3 rays I had only 2 things I'm not too keen about them 1. their high freq. For some reason I don't really like them. But no problem as I seldom find myself boosting the highs no matter what bass I use. 2. their fret sizes. Too big for me. But that's just me. For other people they are perfect! And I must admit they sound phenomenal on some well known records. So yeah...
  5. MikanHannille

    SOLD FS ONLY Lakland 55-94 deluxe SOLD

    Will accept part trades for Fender Marcus Miller or Fender 70's with maple and pearl blocks. Preferably natural.
  6. MikanHannille

    Fender Jazz 75 Reissue Japan

    I would so love this!
  7. *makes loud screeching noise* *body contorts to unusual shape*
  8. MikanHannille

    Modulus Flea Bass / Funk Unlimited SOLD

    Dear santa.................
  9. Challenge accepted. For full disclosure, my Alpher bass should be coming 2019. But aside from that nothing else except maybe for strings.
  10. MikanHannille

    SOLD FS ONLY Lakland 55-94 deluxe SOLD

    Thank you!
  11. 2002 55-94 deluxe. Originally teal burst refinished by Jaydee guitars last year to this gorgeous blue! Original barts pickups and preamp. And original tweed hardcase included. I’d rather have you collect it so you can try it for yourself. But at the moment I sent it to a luthier to have it checked before I can hand it over to the new owner. Collection at Droitwich or can meet around 50 mile radius. Sorry but not interested for trades! Strictly for sale only!
  12. MikanHannille

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    As for amp sim. You can go Zoom b3/b3n. Or even go helix lt or a full helix if you want to splurge. But def b3/b3n is good enough!
  13. MikanHannille

    How was your gig last night?

    Awesome gig last night at Upton. Dance floor was packed. And then along came the police and stopped us playing to say that there was an incident outside and advised everybody to stay inside for the meantime. Killed the mood.
  14. MikanHannille

    NBD - Fender Marcus Miller Jazz

    Nice. I've always wonted one too ever since I started playing. One day, I'll have one too. Enjoy the bass. I'm sure you will!
  15. MikanHannille

    PA speakers + subs advice

    Thanks guys. One of these days I'm going to try some out with my bass in one of the stores. Though I'm not sure which ones to go to. lol. Probably PMT or GuitarGuitar.