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  1. Parts clearout! I bought this from @ash but it turned out the screw pattern did not match the bass I wanted to use it on. Such is life. Up it goes for sale... It's not perfect but it looks great. I hope I have captured minor scuffs in the photos. It's a lot cheaper than buying a new one of these.... £25 posted in the UK Pete
  2. Parts clearout! Bought this from @greenolive but I have found I am a single coil man, not a humbucker one. So it's up for sale! Perfectly working Nordstrand '51 Precision Bass humbucker, 4 string. More details at https://nordstrandaudio.com/collections/4-string-51-precision-bass-pickups/products/51p4s-hum-cancelling £75 shipped in the UK Pete
  3. Parts clearout continues.... This is fully working Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Vintage Precision Pickup More details can be found at https://www.seymourduncan.com/single-product/vintage-p-bass Great pickup, but I sold the bass it was in. £50 posted in the UK Pete
  4. Parts clearout continues.... This is fully working Dimarzio Model P (DP122) Precision Bass pickup. Details at https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/standard-bass/dimarzio-model-p £45 posted in the UK
  5. You can also record a dry signal, then send that out to the Stomp for fx, and then taking the signal back in to another track, if you desired, as well. I think there’s a way to do this if you have it connected through USB to your PC and use it as your interface…?
  6. It smelled great. It was part of the very pleasant experience of owning a Warwick. It didn’t make it play any better, or fix the way it hung or balanced, but it was very nice 😆
  7. Thanks @kodiakblair, you are a mine of information as usual. I thought I might be asking too much of what a split coil could offer. I reinstalled the single coil just now and everything I loved came back. All the spank and grit and attitude. Perfect. I’ll try going OTT with the shielding. My inner modder is saying ‘why not eventually add another single coil, reverse wound and reverse polarity with the first?’. (Hush, inner modding demon, hush….)
  8. Thanks Gav, I'm still recovering from the 'Rona, best avoid me for now!! My freedom date is October 20th... You are kind as usual. It's ok though, I don't think I need to borrow your bass. After listening to various 51 split P pickup videos online that I could find, I might be asking the impossible. If it was possible to make a humbucker sound like a single coil, it would have already been done convincingly. Same problem as already exists for Jazz Bass pickups, really. I'm not convinced at all by the Fralin '51 split P videos I have heard, and they are meant to be 'very close'. Can't find videos anywhere of the Duncan overwound 'Stinger'. The custom Bloodstone stacked pickup looks like a beast, but unless @kodiakblair says any of the splits he has used fits the bill of sounding 'just like' a single, I'll probably just go back to the stock pickup and see if shielding helps. Interesting journey, this one.
  9. Eyeing up Jess Lourerio, Herrick and Bloodstone now. I couldn’t navigate the Basscutlure website that easily, so left that. I’m stumped by the options. Flush or radiused pole pieces, series vs parallel wiring of the coils, different magnet types, etc Which of these will be closest to the gritty single coil tone that I enjoy from the Squier already? With a bog standard Squier pickup, lol…
  10. That pickup is simply ‘wow’. I have no other words, lol. Looks like I’ll be trying to get a hold of some European pickups! Or, I suppose I could also experiment with shielding. 🤔 My experience of shielding is mixed, I have had better luck replacing single coils with humbuckers on the whole.
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