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  1. I went to 5 string for about 5-6 years a time back. I liked it but didn’t find it life changing or essential the way many do. So I went back to 4 after that and stopped worrying about it. I might pick up a 5er again at some point for fun. Probably a cheap Cort or something. But good luck with the change, and enjoy the magnificence of Laklands!
  2. These look interesting. Barefaced getting a run for their money in regards ‘lightest cab’.... https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/01/25/gr-bass-unveils-the-aerotech-featherweight-bass-cabinet-series/ A 33lb 4x10”? With a tweeter. That seems impressive...
  3. Oh my goodness. If I didn’t own 3 Celinders already, I’d be all over this. GLWTS.
  4. Snazzy! I like it. You have correctly picked up in your testing that the cab is unforgiving of a bad signal chain. If your bass, amp, EQ, fingers, strings, effects are not all good, then it will simply produce that bad sound. However it sounds great once you make sure everything is sorted. I can see the dilemma of bass cab manufacturers. If you make it voiced, then it will almost certainly conflict with the voice built in to some instruments. However, leaving it flat/unvoiced means many players who are not attentive to technique, etc, may not necessarily sound very good through it.
  5. Just sold my John East 5 band to John. A pleasure to see as usual, and I always delight in hearing him play. I'm pretty sure the EQ will be put to good use...
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