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  1. Man. This is such a great bass now. I’m almost tempted to go the whole hog and add a neck humbucker like a DiMarzio Model One....lol....overkill though...
  2. Yes. The pickups balance easily with height adjustments. It turns out I prefer the neck pickup slightly louder anyway, so I have kept it a little higher than would otherwise. But equal impedances/outputs makes it easy. To be fair I found balancing the Mexi P pickup with the Aguilar Hot P pretty straightforward as well - pickup height worked fine there. But there may have been tonal effects from the differing pickup impedances. For PJs, I have found using a DiMarzio Ultra Jazz bridge pickup a very good solution. It’s so powerful that it can actually overwhelm the P!
  3. It’s odd, the videos I have found online of the Split P seem to have much less high end than the Model P. It’s not what the EQ graph shows for it on DiMarzio’s website, but from video, the pickup sounds nothing like the EQ curve shown on their website.
  4. Yep. Allen head poles. I did check out Billy’s - great sounding pickups, perfect for distortion! I’m a DiMarzio fan for sure.
  5. Ok, an update. After a lot of testing, I ended up with dual DiMarzio Model P pickups in the bass. They are much grittier in the mids than the typical Fender/vintage type pickup, and two of them together is pretty beastly. I definitely won’t have any problems being heard in the mix, that’s for sure. They look cool as anything as well, lol. I’ll try for some pics soon - it’s not with me at the moment. Maybe some video as well. Next up, I’ll try out a Fender roasted maple neck. That will be a month or so yet. But it should give me even more treble, I think...not that this setup lacks it!
  6. By the way, here's a couple of videos that served as inspirations to me. Maybe they inspire someone else too. There were plenty of others I ended up researching, but these two really show what is possible with a dual P setup - and with the same pickup set-up too, spacing and all.
  7. Not quite a build diary. But I guess such an irreversible mod that it may interest others. I scored a relatively cheap 2005 Fender Mexi Precision on here with the explicit purpose of making a dual P bass. Having listened to many of these on various videos, I became infatuated with them, though not the price that many command on the secondhand market (especially the BC Rich Basses). So I decided to make my own. Here’s a workbench photo from my local luthier, who I asked to do the routing. I also had @KiOgon make me up the electrics, and scored some other bits secondhand on here. The main P/U is a Mexican P, the bridge is a secondhand Aguilar Hot P. Put on a secondhand Hipshot bridge as well. Dual V/T setup and series/parallel switch. Didn’t help that the pickups were out of phase to each other at first.....Had to flip the leads on the Mexi P pickup to get everything working right. I was confused until I figured it out though - the lows thinned out when I blended pickups, though each pickup individually soloed was fine. I thought carefully about the pickup placement and whether it should be reversed. I ended up putting the EA bridge coil at the location of the coil of a rear 60’s Jazz Bass pickup, non-reversed - controversial....but I didn’t want to reverse the main pickup, and I feel that both pickups should be oriented the same way after listening to a lot of dual P videos, so... Both pickups in parallel sounds great. The Aguilar Hot P is a little dark for my taste, though great output, and will be changed. I really like how the typical Precision character is kept by keeping the main pickup in usual location and orientation. Rolling in the bridge gives a meaty Stingray/Jazz-ish type flavour without really sounding quite just like either of those. I dig it. The mid scoop from both pickups full on together sounds good too; different place to a Jazz though. Bridge pickup on its own is meaty Jaco type tone with a little touch of more ‘quack’ on the D/G strings, due to the coil location. The amount of this can be varied quite a lot depending on where I play. I like it, others may differ. I never play bridge pickup solo only, so it makes little odds to me, as the blended sounds with the main pickup are what I’m after. Both pickups in series is a gloriously dark, middy, thick, rich beast of a tone. I think it would work great with distortion. It sounds fabulous with a pick. I can match pickup output levels with height adjustment but impedances of these pickups are wildly different. That may have an impact. I still have my sights set on a dual DiMarzio Model P setup - like the BC Rich basses of old - we’ll see how that sounds when I test it. I also plan a swap from rosewood to maple neck - rosewood just sounds a little dark for my taste, at least for this bass. The joys of modding!
  8. Totally agree. After experimenting a lot, the only reason I change a bridge now is for mechanical improvements (string top loading or better ability to hold intonation etc) or for aesthetics. Tone wise it is minorly noticeable, if it all. I am fond of Hipshot hardware. It seems well made.
  9. funkle

    NBD.. Suhr.

    I loved these basses when I tried them out in New York. You, sir, have excellent taste. These beat out Sadowsky for me, and most other things too.
  10. funkle

    Dov65 feedback

    Bought a Hipshot bridge from Dave. By some distance the easiest deal I have done in a while on Basschat. Dave is a true gentleman. Thanks Dave.
  11. I’ve done a lot of measuring. And checking of a lot of different photos of dual P basses. Pickup placement varies hugely between different makers, models, etc. I’m keeping the standard P placement and orientation in mine. The EA coil in standard placement is very close to the front Jazz bass pickup placement. I just don’t feel a reversed P at the standard location sounds quite the same as a the standard layout. The Precision Elite has the DG coil right next to the bridge, just about. Many people sticking in a second pickup get the pickup closer to the neck than that - EA coil lined up just about where the 60s Jazz Bass rear coil sits - almost. So the line between the split coils ends up sitting on the centerline of the 70s Jazz Bass coils. Probably easier to draw than explain in words. But the original Elites suffered another drawback - or benefit, depending on your point of view - the preamp was very trebly. So the rear pickup could really get a lot of ‘plink’ on the DG strings with the coil so bear the bridge.
  12. This is a real beauty. Your work is a real pleasure to see. Can’t wait to see more pics! And sound clips.... I’m planning to make a dual pickup P, but modify an old MIM to do it. Get the bridge pickup centred around a 70’s Jazz pickup line, so it will end up just a little closer overall to the neck than this recreation, I think? Same pickup orientation as here though.......But a hotter wound pickup at the bridge with less highs, to get less ‘plink’, hopefully. Can’t quite face reversing the bridge P pickup...I want to leave the neck P as non-reversed....
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