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  1. How’s progress going @stevie? Just checking in.... Pete
  2. Nice. Looks like a bargain for someone! Have a free bump.
  3. More messages responded to from various.
  4. I agree the flavour here. Too much money for a bass that can be obtained much more cheaply in a competitor. The new prices on MM basses are frankly ludicrous as well. Boutique level prices for mass produced instruments. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of EBMM basses. I’ve owned or played most of them and love the Sterling HH I have. But I would never have parted with the cash for a new one. Just insaaaaaaaaane money. Secondhand (here or elsewhere) has sorted me for most instruments I own. Love me a secondhand bass...lol
  5. Open to offers, although no trades. Thanks.
  6. @stevie really great work. What a phenomenal result for all the hard work you have put in. Celestion supporting the project! I can’t wait to build it. I knew you’d be busy with the work on it though, so just hanging out. Kudos once again for the efforts you have put in. Truly a great labour, this cab. Pete
  7. Lol. It would. I upgraded to the 800 watt GK...
  8. Interested. Can we retrofit after we have already built, would be a question I have...
  9. Price drop. £410 shipped in the UK.
  10. Oof. Too rich for my blood anyway. But safer to assume nicked or similar until proven otherwise.
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