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  1. Nice. That’s not different to what I had the dimensions noted as previously. It’s tallish but depth wise really good for carrying. Works fine for me.
  2. What’s the new dimensions of the build? @stevie
  3. Nice. I was wondering about a badge etc. Can’t wait!
  4. This is true. I’ll also be attached to it because it will meet a lot of my demands for less cost, less weight, less bulk, easier carry...and great quality components. I’ve had a few years off; hence I sold my Fearless stuff etc. This gets me back in the game for a lot less spend and equal quality.
  5. Now I’ve written out the list of everything I’ve owned and tried, I’m a little embarrassed. Lol. Honestly there were good reasons for selling at the time 🤣
  6. Shut up and take my money! 😂 The pics look great. This is a tremendous effort. I’m ready to order already...can’t wait to try it out/build it. At one point or another, I’ve owned or trialled some of the best cabs/combos around...Fearless F112, Barefaced BB2, Acme B1 and B2, Vanderkley MNT112, Bergantino CN112 and the IP112ER, the AER Amp One and Three...however what I really like the idea of is rolling your own cab at big discount from the others, but still having the performance of the big boys. Pete
  7. Great cab. Stupendous lows and clarity. If you have the power, this cab will sing. Metaphorically speaking. Lol
  8. I bought DeeDee’s Sterling HH. He photographed it perfectly, described it accurately, and shipped it lightning quick. Communications quick and responsive throughout. I’m delighted and would be happy to deal with him again. Pete
  9. Nice bass! This used to be mine; easy to play and sounds great.
  10. @Phil Starr I will PM you.
  11. This looks a nice factor for small jazz gigs. I’m going to make one of Stevie’s larger flatpack cabs for bigger gigs, using the Faital 12PR320 with the compression driver. If I use this thread’s cab design with the 12PR320 driver, could I safely use the two cabs together if I ever needed ridiculous volume?...I doubt the need but you never know. The other question I have is whether I could squeeze a tweeter into this little cab. I’m too used to that extra top end.
  12. Gotcha. Absolutely fascinating. I’m really stoked now! Fingers crossed for the CNC pack debut... 😎
  13. Phenomenal graphs. I can’t wait to build one. I do think one cab, the Big Baby 2, that Alex makes, would be able to match the performance here...in terms of audibility above or near to the cab without having to tilt it or raise it. It has a less expensive compression driver and a nice waveguide. But I can’t think of many other bass cabs that will do that. Maybe the Audiokinesis models as well - the Thunderchild, Hathor, and Changeling. Those have some unusual techniques to allow audibility above the cab. It is stellar work though! I’m stoked.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Gotcha. Thanks everyone. Very informative discussion as usual!
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