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  1. The flat bit is meant to go to the side where the rebate is - at the front. In my case it didn’t matter; either way I fitted it there was enough clearance to install the front baffle. So I just did it how I felt. On my kit, which has been tweaked since, the pre-drilled holes for the handles were large; bigger than would accept a wood screw. So I used T-nuts because that’s all I could do, in that case. But it also makes an insanely secure handle, lol.
  2. I like the GK amps. Also Tecamp. Both put out a ton of power, when measured by lab tests at Bass Gear Magazine. The GK amps have more voicing to them, but once set flat are powerful and adaptable units. The GK MB800 is great. The Tecamp Puma 900 or 500 (or now, Eich, since the company changed up) are powerful and neutral amps. A bit too neutral for me, but easily coloured with fx etc.
  3. It's a great cab, I like BF. I'm just warning @Al Krow to be careful about how much stock he puts into manufacturers claims. Yes, even BF. A cab with significant output at 30Hz would either be huge, or suffer severely reduced efficiency in the rest of the frequency spectrum, in general, depending on number and type of drivers. Acme B1/B2/B4 cabs, for example, do have reasonable output at 30Hz, and suffer hugely from reduced efficency as a result. I think they sound great. But you have to carry twice the amount of drivers compared to other manufacturers to get a similar volume because of that huuuge extended low end. And then often you have to HPF that low end out in real world spaces....
  4. The frequency range sounds optimistic, chaps. I have a One10 and think it’s great, but if you seriously think you’re getting significant output at 25 Hz or 30 Hz from even a Four10, I think you’re being unrealistic. That spec range is possibly the F10 for the cabinet, maybe, Alex does not say on the website. Nor would you actually want a lot of that output at that range. It’s very messy indeed in the real world. You end up needing to HPF a lot of that out. I would say output from 50-60Hz on up is important. The critical B string 1st harmonic is 60Hz, the critical E string 1st harmonic is 80Hz. Amplify those well (which these cabs do) and you will sound like a proper bass.
  5. Yes, moderate volume jazz. Piano and sax. Well within capabilities of cab. Set the amp flat and used controls on bass/hand position to manage tone. Killed it. Edit: of course the real test is with a drummer. Not yet for me though...
  6. Just sold my Peavey GV to Clement. Very straightforward, good communications and quick payment. Deal with in great confidence! Thanks once again.
  7. Good morning all Up for sale are 5 new (3+2 configuration) Hipshot Licensed HB6 3/8" Chrome Shiny Ultralite Y-Key Tuners. They were for a project bass that didn't work out. Never fitted! These are the Hipshot licensed version. They work great; I have them on another bass. This is what they look like - (very shiny!): £80 + shipping new from Bass Direct, where they are not in stock....£60 for all 5 is a solid deal, given they have never been used and I still have the original fitting screws in their little original plastic bag, unopened....lol EDIT: I had posted earlier that these are reversible...they definitely aren't! Pete
  8. Good morning all Up for sale is a John East 5 Knob Uni-Pre in chrome. I used it once, and only used 4 knobs of it....lol...the passive tone knob wasn't even fitted. It was in a project bass that is now sold. I've laid out all the kit in a pic below. Website gives very good details - https://www.east-uk.com/index.php/bass/uni-pre-4k-28.html For some reason I am missing a chrome knob for the passive tone roll off. Otherwise it's mint. The lucky buyer will need to source another from John East; no biggie there. It's a beautiful system that sounds great. I just don't have a need for it right now. New price is £207.50; £155 is a good discount. Pete
  9. @basstone I might be interested in a cover depending on cost. Do you think it should be a padded one, or just the tough cordura type cover?
  10. Nice review. I totally agree the extended top end. The treble really comes out on this cab. I like how it is presented though, not harsh. But I definitely shelve back the treble on the amp a bit or use the tone knob on the bass. I obviously approve the use of a GK amp with the BC cab. Lol. Yours is probably a better power match than mine.
  11. It doesn't look right there. I'd pick the back of the cab somewhere - sand off a bit of tuffcab if you have to.
  12. Up for sale are nearly new 4 in-line (though they can be reversed around to fit various basses) Hipshot USA HB6 1/2" Chrome Ultralite Y-Key Tuners. They were for a project bass that didn't work out. So fitted once, and then removed. These are the official USA ones, not the cheaper 'licensed' version. This is what they look like: £25 each new from Bass Direct, so £75 + postage for a set of 4 is a good deal. Pete
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