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  1. I’m using the LA2A clone as a limiter for recording. It works well. I like both this and the Rochester as compressors, although the Rochester is not actually great at limiting in my experience.
  2. Just sold a Hipshot bridge to Ian. Straightforward deal, easy communications, quick payment, it’s how these things should go! Pete
  3. Just sold a DiMarzio pickup to Ordep, straightforward deal with easy comms and payment. Thanks again! Pete
  4. Beautiful. I’d love to see this replicated with bass cabs.
  5. Another part of my clearout. This is a unique one. I had Chris McIntyre (https://www.mcintyreguitars.com/), my local luthier (and formerly of Sei Basses in London), make me a neck for a parts bass back in 2013. Over time, I have learned that I do not like the sound of rosewood necks as much as I do maple ones, and after about a year of deliberating, I am finally putting this up for sale. It lived on my Precision from 2013 up until now. It's a wonderful slim Jazz neck. I had Chris give me all the fancy options when I had it made, including figured birdseye maple, a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, MOP inlays, carbon stiffening rods, Hipshot Ultralite tuners (changed to the Licensed elephant ears ones a few years back after I initially went with Y shape ones), bone nut, an overhang to give me 21 frets, and inserts so the neck can be super securely bolted on to the body, much like my Celinders, as opposed to screwed on. The neck is in great condition. It is straight. It has aged beautifully and has a lovely grain. I tweak it about once or twice a year when the weather changes. The truss rod has plenty of play in it. The nut is 1.5". The board has a fairly flat 12" radius. The truss rod is operated by 5mm allen key and located at the heel - the photo shows a bit of chattering on it, but it works fine. Weight is 1.1kg (2 lbs 6 3/4 oz on my kitchen scales). I make the heel width to be 63.47mm, which fits Fender bodies (I had it attached to a Fender USA Precision body, though I cannot recall if Chris trimmed the heel of the body to allow a bit of extra depth of the neck at the heel). The heel depth is about 19.69 - 19.70 mm as far as I can determine. The frets have some light wear but it takes a good low setup without buzzing. Price wise, it would be very expensive to make or buy a similar neck, and Brazilian rosewood is obviously difficult to come by. A check on eBay/Reverb reveals Jazz bass necks with Brazilian rosewood to be up around £1-2k depending on the vintage. This is obviously not vintage, or Fender. A brand new Fender Jazz rosewood neck from Fender is £680 (Brazilian is not an option). I've priced it at £500 posted in the UK. I would ship to Europe but not outside Europe, PM me to check shipping prices outside the UK. I'll ship it well packed and it will also come with the Philips-headed bolts to fit the inserts in the neck heel. Pete
  6. A project bass which I have decided to part out and move on. The donor body (alder) was from a Fender 2005 60th Anniversary MIM Electron Blue Precision Bass. A beautiful colour which I have done my best to photograph. The body with pickguard and bridge weighs 5 lb 9 1/4 oz (2.52kg) on my kitchen scales. It's not in pristine condition - there are one or two fine scratches - I have done my best to capture these. I modified it considerably in the course of my project -- creation of a new rear pickup cavity which can be used to house Precision pickups in either normal or flipped configuration, shielding of the cavities. Also drilled out a series/parallel switch hole on the pickguard. The rear cavity can also accept a Musicman pickup, I tried that out too. I fashioned a rear pickup cavity cover out of pickguard material which has been spraypainted as near a colour as I can make it to Electron Blue and then clear coated. It's not perfect by any means but looks good enough. I guarantee the buyer this body is unique, I have never seen one like it for sale, otherwise I would not have had to make my own, lol. I have photographed it extensively. I'll price it very reasonably at £300 posted in the UK. Open to offers! Pete
  7. Parts clearout! Up next is a very worn but perfectly usable Hipshot Chrome 'A' 5 string bridge, 3 hole Fender mount, aluminium. This model does not allow through body stringing. The chrome has tarnished in areas and worn in others, as can be seen, but it works absolutely fine. Much cheaper because of its use. £30 posted in the UK.
  8. Parts clearout! Up next is a fully working Dimarzio Model P (DP122) Precision Bass pickup. Powerful beast, I've kept my other one of these. Details at https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/standard-bass/dimarzio-model-p £45 posted in the UK
  9. Parts clearout! Fully working closed cover Kent Armstrong Hot Precision Bass pickup (PBE-1). Details at https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/electronics-c17/kent-armstrong-guitar-pickups-c100/kent-armstrong-bass-pickups-c101/kent-armstrong-hot-p-bass-pickup-enclosed-cover-p2418 £25 posted in the UK
  10. Parts clearout! Next up is my Fender 2005 60th Anniversary Mexican (MIM) Precision Bass pickup. Fully working. £25 posted in the UK
  11. Parts clearout! Up next is my Aguilar Hot P Precision pickup set. These need some love to deal with the uncovered pickup lead wires - and the pickups themselves do not have the Aguilar stamp on the pickup cover, as they predate Aguilar doing this. They do have the Aguilar stamp on the underside of the pickups, though, and they are fully working. Brand new they are expensive - https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Aguilar-AG-4P-HOT-4-String-Precision-Bass-Pickups-SET/12JR In view of some of the work needed, selling this very cheap at £50 posted in the UK.
  12. Parts clearout! Fully working Seymour Duncan SPB3 Quarter Pounder Precision pickup. https://www.seymourduncan.com/single-product/quarter-pound-p-bass-4-string £50 posted in UK
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