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  1. Welcome Andy, I'm another Bristol basschatter. I'm sure I've seen Wasabi. A good gig, and impressive (and busy) bass playing, if I remember rightly.
  2. Lovely. I sold an MSG in the late 1990s. Everyone told me it sounded fantastic. I hate myself sometimes.
  3. I have the mark 2 version. It's well beaten up and cost me £150 - to me this seems a great price for a great little bass.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. I take the point one will adjust to different strings, but due to misordering single strings I once ended up mixing stainless G &D strings with nickel A& E. Not as stupid as it sounds, perhaps. Big differences in sound quality on same notes across the strings, but there was a big difference in feel too. I'll start with Pro Steels I think.
  5. After 3 years devotion to nickels, I've decided I prefer the sound of steels. Trouble is they don't have the same feel. Any advice on steels that feel like nickel?
  6. it's time to resurrect this project. It did get off the ground in Salisbury, but I moved to Bristol this summer. I can offer rehearsal space in Bristol BS2, and spare amplification for three extra basses (if you're not too fussy!).
  7. Can anyone offer some advice on this technical problem? My Spectorcore 4 fretless has a much lower response from the A string. I've considered the string itself, break angle etc, but the fact is that simply tapping the A-string saddle gives a lower output than from the rest. The volume difference is quite significant, so any ideas are gratefully received.
  8. I bought an Eggle Berlin in about '95 from Coventry, but had to sell it during some crisis or other. Recently I found one in Cash Converters at a silly price so grabbed it. You may not know there's a users' web site http://patrickeggleguitars.org/smf/eggles/ which is independent of the current brand owners. You might do well to advertise the bass there. From the site I learned that the prized models were made up until about '98. I think this is a Milan and though I've seen others with unpainted necks like yours, the control layout is unlike any other Milan, so it may well be a one-off.
  9. Another recommendation for the Ibanez sr500. Mine is also very light at about 3kg. More importantly it balances well - I have another bass about the same weight but it's uncomfortable to play because of neck dive. The sr500 ain't sophisticated, but it can do a wide variety of jobs. Very thin neck though, hence mine is now surplus to requirements.
  10. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1458644952' post='3009295'] have you tried advertising yourself?, give your age and what you're looking for, nothing to lose have you? I got back on the horse at 53 that was 10 years ago and this will be our busiest year for gigs, you might have to settle for a covers band though [/quote] I''m 56 and recently reinvented myself as a bass player. I've played enough pub rock and lounge jazz as a guitarist in the past so was looking to do something original for a change. No chance in a small town, and no audience either. After looking vainly for opportunities I realised I had to do it myself, set a goal (a partly-improvised performance including modern dance), found the right people, and it's happening this May as part of an arts festival. Wish me luck! I realise this may not be for everybody, but there are many ways to entertain with music that don't go down the covers band route.
  11. If only: It had a maple neck/was a 5-er/was a couple of pounds lighter...I'd have it like a shot!
  12. I bought a Yamaha Motion from Frank. He claimed it plays like a dream, and he's right, it does. The bass is a bit worn with age, but Frank's description and photos accurately reflected that. It arrived well packed, overnight, and I'm delighted with it. Good communications before and after the sale and delivery. Deal with confidence.
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