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  1. Ah this used to be mine many moons ago! Lovely bass 😍 and great to play. Hope it find another good home
  2. Oh thanks! have pm’d the guy that I think was the buyer!
  3. I sold this bass on here about 3 1/2 years ago but can’t find the sale thread of the pm thread from the sale! It’s a ‘93 stingray. I was living in Leighton Buzzard at the time and whoever bought it came to collect it. just wondered if anyone in here still has it or knows how I could find the old for sale thread? Pics below Dave
  4. For sale are these practically new white nylon tape wounds from La Bella. Literally had them on the bass for an hour and knew they weren’t going to work for me! Been cut for a jazz bass. D cut a little short but still fits and holds perfectly. These retail about £43. Sound lovely but too flexible for my playing...possibly should have cleaned table before taking a picture! £30 inc postage
  5. Great sounding cabs, whoever gets them will definitely enjoy!...Also, there is 2 SL112 covers for sale here at the mo as well, perfect bundle! 👌🏻
  6. For sale is a fully loaded concentric Jazz plate. Been in a bass for a couple of years so has a few surface marks but generally ok. It would benefit from someone with better wiring/soldering skills than me to fix it up as it’s a bit of a mess underneath (works fine though) CTS pots and switch craft Jack from what I can see. missing 1 screw(!) £35 plus postage or collection from Berkhamsted
  7. Set of vintage style gotoh reverse tuning pegs. Been on a bass for a couple years but in v good condition; bushels are actually unused and comes with all screws - these are not the res-o-lites £45 plus postage or collection from Berkhamsted Dave
  8. For sale is my Westbury Upright bass which, unfortunately doesn't get much use anymore. Bass is in great condition and has had the fingerboard levelled and generally improved by the guys at Thwaites, they also upgraded the bridge so the action can be adjusted. Great bass for anyone who needs a decent, giggable sound but doesn't want to break the bank. A few little dings in it (specifically on the side where it layed down sometimes) but generally very good condition. same as this one as far as I can tell https://www.fiddlesandviolins.co.uk/westbury-double-bass-gamba-pattern-34-275-p.asp Included with the bass is a soft case, a stand and a Realist pickup (not pictured) - perfect little
  9. Thabks BassBunny, forgot that was a thing, emailed Dave who was very helpful ( as was KiOgon)
  10. So I have a set of original Wizard 64’s that have been sat around for a few years and would now like to put them into a bass I’m working on.... However, I’ve got it in my head that when I fitted them originally the wiring was backwards from normal on these (black goes where white normally goes and white where black goes). Can anyone tell me if I’m right thinking this?! Unfortunately I can’t get in touch with Andy as he is no longer in business. Any help super appreciated!! Dave
  11. Practically brand new set of Ernie Ball Cobalt flats 45-105. I owned a set before and didn't get on with them and for some reason felt the need to try again! Cut for a P bass, played for about 25 minutes since yesterday... £30 plus postage
  12. Virtually as new set of DR Legends, cut for a P bass. Put them on last night, played them today and did what I always do and went back to my La Bella's! £28 plus postage.
  13. Bass direct stock them I believe?
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