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  1. Joebass

    Help Identifying grub screw

    Thanks, MoonBassAlpha. That's very generous! I've already ordered some so I should be good. Cheers, Joe
  2. Joebass

    Help Identifying grub screw

  3. Joebass

    Help Identifying grub screw

    Thanks, Pete. That's great!
  4. Joebass

    Help Identifying grub screw

    😁 True! I may have to do this but ideally, I'd like to get some new screws.
  5. Joebass

    Help Identifying grub screw

    It's a hex head. I had been using a 1.5mm allen key to adjust but it's a little small. I tried a 1/16 inch key but that was too big.
  6. Hi, Can anyone help me find a suitable replacement for these grub screws? One of the heads is completely rounded and I can't adjust it. They're from a Mayones Jabba bridge. Thanks
  7. Joebass


    Thanks! Bump!
  8. Joebass


    Hi, I have an Electro Harmonix bassballs (big version) for sale. Good condition. I don't have the box and the battery will be removed for postage (as per royal mail rules). £35 posted. Cheers, Joe
  9. The transcription is wrong; Stu is outlining E7, not Fbmaj7. It's a modal tune in Eb Dorian. If you listen to the verse, the electric piano is playing quartal voicings — Ebm7 moving up to Em7, and then back down. Interestingly, Stu's bass line suggests E7, though I would imagine that he just chose notes that sounded good to him. Here's my take on it:
  10. Sorry, I hadn't received any notifications of the above replies. Now sold.
  11. Hi Ash, It's the stage I. Has the arpeggiator (it has the latest firmware) but no USB. Cheers, Joe
  12. Hello, I'm selling my Moog Little Phatty to raise funds for a new bass. It's a wonderful keyboard, capable of some awesome bass sounds. It's in great condition, a few scratches on the casing here and there but everything works perfectly. Comes with a nice Moog gig bag and a Stagg stand. I'm based near Newbury, Berkshire. Price reduced to £450 Thanks for looking. [attachment=255852:IMG_20171018_203256.jpg] [attachment=255853:IMG_20171018_203231.jpg] [attachment=255854:IMG_20171018_203415.jpg] Joe