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  1. I think that you might be confusing intervals with scale degrees. Intervals simply describe the distance between two notes whereas scale degrees are relative to the tonic (root) — an E in a C scale/chord will always be the 3rd degree but the distance between E - C (ascending) is a minor 6th. A good trick for realising the inversion of an interval is to subtract the interval from 9, i.e. the inversion of a 6th is a 3rd, the inversion of a 7th is a 2nd etc. Also, a major interval will become minor once inverted and vice a versa (except for 4th's/5th's which are perfect).
  2. This is gonna be rad! Sadowsky knobs for sure, especially with the pearloid pickguard.
  3. He doesn't credit this guy but he's playing along with his video.
  4. Yes - make sure you choose bass guitar in the score set up, otherwise you will get a concert pitch piano for playback.
  5. It's a 16th-note shuffle, which you would write like this: It's also an octave higher than you have it. Joe
  6. Hi, I'm selling this Glockenlang preamp. I only had it installed for a couple of weeks and it's been in it's box ever since. This is the stacked treble/bass version so no passive tone. Add £3.55 for shipping. I will through in the knobs for free. Here's the manufacturers blurb: Onboard preamp 3-band The GLOCKENKLANG 3-band onboard preamp is active/passive switchable (at the volume push/pull), has a balance-pot with no volume dip in centre-position, a treble-pot with +/- 18 [email protected] KHz in active mode, acting as classical high cut in passive mode, mid-pot +/- 9 [email protected] Hz and a bass-pot with +/- 14 [email protected] Hz. Battery-connection is 9 volts. Due to the high performance electronic, in flat position of the eq you can hear no difference between active and passive mode! It comes pre-wired with high flexible cables. Don´t mind the frequencies, we choose them very carefully! The preamp is also available with stacked treble/bass pot. In this case, the passive treble blend is not available! Technical Data Gain: 1 (0 dB) Input-impedance (without Balance): 1,5 MOh Frequency range: 20 Hz -20 KH Bass: +/- 14 [email protected] Hz Mid: +/- 9 [email protected] Hz Treble: +/- 18 [email protected] KHz Power requirement: 9 volts/2,3 mA Min. installation depth: 28 mm (1.1")
  7. Had a change of heart, gonna hang on to this. Alder body with flamed maple top. Rosewood fingerboard 34.25" scale 19mm string spacing weight is 4.6kgs Seymour Duncan Basslines pickups East J-retro deluxe preamp, installed by John (tone control is a little scratchy). I've priced it fairly low to reflect the condition; it's been well gigged and has lots of battle scars. I had to replace the G-string machine head but at the time I could only get a nickel one. Never bothered me but it doesn't match the rest of the chrome hardware. The battery box could probably do with being replaced at some point as the catch has snapped. It still opens/closes but it's tricky to get in. Mayones sell these for ~€8. Bass is located in Hungerford, Berkshire but I do have a hard case so I could ship it (at buyers expense). Thanks for looking!
  8. Ok, thanks for getting back to me. Cheers
  9. Hi gummy, How low were you playing on the keyboard? A low register E on the piano will sound muddy and dissonant against a low A on the bass. Google low interval limits for more. BTW, Am/E would be in 2nd inversion. Joe
  10. Joebass

    Feedback for Jacko

    Bought a Sansamp from Graeme. A great guy to deal with - very quick postage. Cheers!
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