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  1. Top Of The Pops

    Into the lion's mouth...
  2. Top Of The Pops

    To be fair, any 12 year olds hanging around the TOTP studios back in the day probably didn't get much chance to discuss pop music either, due to too much porn on a whole nother level
  3. New Fender Rumble amps, modelling!

    These look great and I can't wait to upgrade from my V3 500 combo. I'm all about convenience these days & if I can ditch my B3 & a cable or two I'll be very happy. Do wish they'd kept the silver grille tho
  4. Markaudio linear array systems

    No way! Some of us spectators are just cracking the popcorn out here
  5. London bass guitar show 2018

    Agh! National Express have cancelled my service from Cardiff, all the trains are cancelled & me car's off the road so no way I'm making it. Gutted. Have a good one tho folks!
  6. Do I take my bass to the LBGS?

    4 hour odd trip from Cardiff. I'll give em a ring to clarify I think.
  7. Do I take my bass to the LBGS?

    They've got stuff about charging for luggage over 85cm in length & paying an extra tenner...I need to read their T&C's properly but there's no way it's going in the hold, even hard cased. Gonna turn up nice & early & sort something out with the driver.
  8. Do I take my bass to the LBGS?

    I know, when the I pulled the tickets out of the envelope I was proper confused for a minute, thought we were off to a gay pride march! Then the penny dropped & everything made sense. Cheers Ped, that's great info. I shall bring both old girls along (my bass & my missus who got me the tickets as a birthday prezzie).
  9. ...like for the setup classes or anything else? Wondering if it's worth paying the extra luggage charge with National Express. It's me first LGBS.
  10. Gold star if you managed to get your drummer to chip in too... With ours it's plonk your gear all over the stage > set up kit > play annoyingly & incessantly while everyone else sets everything else up > zoom to the bar immediately after sound check while everyone else clears up cases etc > moan on the rare occasion he's paid to take the PA home & no one seems to want to help strip it down.
  11. Yup, get there slightly earlier than you're meant to & do the best you can in the time you've got. If your desk is digital & someone's got wireless to go out & check levels, you're golden. Leave someone to work the mics if you get asked to put speeches thru em. & if the speeches start going on too long, chuck a sneaky ring mod on the vocal channel to give everyone a good laugh & bring things to a close so you can get playing & get finished.
  12. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    Love Bootsy on this. He comes thumping in around the 20 sec mark then gives way to one of the funkiest bass lines ever. Proper in his pomp.
  13. Wobble

    Was it good?
  14. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    Who'da thought that?? Nuts combination! It ain't Gertcha. This foray into funk may explain Dave's unexpected slap excursion on C&D's 'Turn That Noise Down'.
  15. The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.

    Some fantastic soul songs from the little known Sam Dees if you have Spotify (can't find his stuff on Youtube). Tasty bass on all his stuff & all.