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  1. roceci

    Steely Dan UK tour 2019!!

    Seen them twice over here and was a bit disappointed to be honest. The band was hot (hehe) of course, but the whole thing was on half speed and it's painful watching Don stretch his neck to reach for notes he can't get anywhere near these days. I'll save the ticket money and put it towards Nearly Dan next month, sound better than the real thing nowadays, great show.
  2. roceci

    80s Pop Synth Sound in a Pedal

    Sorry mate been on holiday. Z-SYN Saw wave Decay 0 Tone 6 Freq 3 Range 7 Reso 7 Synth 50 Dry 100 160 Comp THRSH -25 Ratio 4.0 Gain 6 Hard Knee Bottom B Bass 6 Trebl 5 I've got the tone just a tad back from wide open on my Jazz in passive mode, pickup blend at 50/50 and plucking over the neck pickup for fatness. Doing my best to isolate each note with judicious muting. Hope that helps.
  3. roceci

    Pedal Power... Get what you pay for?

    Using a Harley Benton PowerPlant PowerBank to power an always-on Zoom B3 and a G30 receiver here. I can get at least 2x 2hr shows out of a single charge and they're so cheap I bought a spare just in case. Rock solid so far after many gigs.
  4. roceci

    80s Pop Synth Sound in a Pedal

    The humble Zoom B3 can yield a few surprisingly decent 80s synth sounds if you mess around with it I've found. This is a patch I use for Whitney's I Wanna Dance With Somebody and anything else that sounds DX7-esque... https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1topj3b3m42yw3/I Wanna Dance...B3 bass.mp3?dl=0 It's not the greatest for quick-ish runs as the demo shows towards the end, but the tracking is fine for the most part if you watch your technique and keep your lines steady. That patch could probably use a little octave but I'm maxed out at three slots on the B3...time to look at an MS-60B I think!
  5. roceci

    How does everyone find bands?

    Get depping for other bands if you can. Opened up a whole new bunch of likeminded musos for me after being off the scene for a few years 👍
  6. roceci

    New to Bass...

    Hi mate. Is your proper name Cicero? Only asking as it's my surname and there ain't too many of us about in the UK (assuming you're from the UK like!)
  7. roceci

    I need some advice..

    Entry level stuff at Cardiff PMT?? They've had Fender Elites and Professionals not to mention Stingray 5s and a fair few decent Ibbys in there since day one. Did you just stick with the one wall there?? They'll order you anything in to try as well, so if like your Dream Theatre, ask em to get a Bongo in perhaps. Also, if you like your Dean but the sound's crap, I'm thinking upgrade the electronics before you splash serious cash on another bass. You seem to be painting yourself into a corner of your own making here!
  8. roceci

    Zoom B3n limited compared to B3?

    Thanks mate. I bought it for all that good stuff but it's the lack of parameters on some fx compared to the B3 that's letting it down for me. I just can't dial in direct replacements I use in my sets
  9. roceci

    Dave Grohl - Play

    Watched this in spite of myself. Really enjoyed some of the quieter bits where the Rhodes came through, if he switched to doing stuff like I'd happily listen to more. But he kept going back to stock Foo Fighters stuff which I find really boring. Nice guy tho aye.
  10. roceci

    Zoom B3n limited compared to B3?

    So I bought a B3n as an upgrade to my B3. But I'm finding that with only 4 parameters per effect, I can't dial in the sounds I'm getting from the B3, particularly on the synths. At the moment this is stopping me from switching over. Any other B3+B3n users hit this snag?
  11. roceci

    Feedback for biro

    Bought a Fender Jazz V from Nicco. Quick & efficient transaction, bass was even better than described & a lovely chap to chat with to boot. Buy & Sell with confidence!
  12. roceci

    SOLD Zoom B3n multi-FX unit pedal board

    Is this still for sale?
  13. roceci

    Bass cab stand recommendation

    This all day long: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/stagg-(mxs-a3)-adjustable-mixer-and-keyboard-stand-in-black-84cmm-max-width-70cm-80cm-height?v=c Folds flat, goes pretty high, takes a decent weight & in most cases you can put your cab cover over it so it looks tidy for the gig