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  1. I went for Bartolinis and an OBP-3 when I changed the electronics in my Stage 1. Have zero experience of any of the others you mention so not very useful I'm afraid, but it's given me exactly what I was after. I wasn't happy with the stock setup as I found I was boosting the bass a lot to get the tone I was after; with the OBP-3 I went with the 18V option but find with this combo I'm running it either completely flat, or with the slightest hair of bass boost. The switchable mid freq is great too, and a useful upgrade from the stock 3 band eq, though obviously not as flexible as a semi-parametric mid freq control (is that the right term?) that you get with some other preamps. Having changed both at the same time I can't tell you whether it's the pups or the preamp that have made the biggest difference I'm afraid, but that combination is doing it for me.
  2. In my experience, usually making sure that the drummer doesn't start at 110BPM and hit 180BPM by the end of the first chorus, that the singer knows when to come in, the guitarist knows when the middle 8 is here, and the keyboard player gets to the gig. Oh and that the PA is working, and the guitarist has a lead to plug in with. As well as (as has already been said far more eloquently than I could) making sure that people are up dancing rather than sat in their seats. Other than that, we're pretty expendable.
  3. Classic example of people only wanting an echo chamber that reflects their own beliefs back at them. In my opinion the biggest issue with society in this country (and probably others too) is the prevalence of 'news' media that is so heavily biased one way or the other - such that people can read only content that is edited towards their beliefs/prejudices, and go through life believing them to be indisputable facts. Critical challenge is essential, and I believe everyone should go out of their way to seek out and read (factual and well researched!) material contrary to their current opinions.
  4. Wow that neck is absolutely stunning. Just wow.
  5. Damn that quilt's like 5 tog!!
  6. Cannot believe that's the same bass as the original post! Stunning!
  7. String line looks the only bit not touched to me - thickness off the whole of the back and the wings on the front face, no?
  8. I can see about 3 lbs of wood they could remove in the upper left area...
  9. Damn they are two fine looking basses! Gorgeous colour combos. Congrats!
  10. A fair point, but I think it's more the fact that for a £2k bass 'there's not that much wrong with it' doesn't really cut it. Then you add in the attitude of the company/manufacturer...
  11. That is going to look epic! Can't wait to see it all together!
  12. The Section 75 rights only apply when you're paying for something directly with a credit card though, something you won't be doing with a fellow Basschatter (unless you can find a BCer who accepts credit card payments for their items!) The guidance in that article is don't use Paypal linked to a credit card to pay shops for items/services when you could have just paid them directly with the credit card. If you're using PayPal to pay a person then doing so via a linked credit card is a good idea as it gives you another possible layer of protection should things go wrong. Also it's been said thousands of times already, but never use Friends and Family to pay for items unless you're 100% confident they're not going to rip you off. Using F&F is saying to PayPal 'this is not a payment for goods/services'. Ask them to step in subsequently as you didn't receive the goods/services you paid for using F&F in order to defraud them of their fees and you'll get the response you should be expecting! (Hypocritically I have used F&F many times to buy items from here, but only from posters with solid feedback threads and always with the knowledge that if they failed to post the item there was zero comeback).
  13. NOW SOLD - Putting my Fender Squier Vintage Modified 5 String up for sale - I bought it from here a few years ago, these are cracking Indonesian-made instruments and I have further heavily upgraded it with the following: US Standard Precision pickup Hipshot A style FM3 bridge Hipshot Ultralite tuners to cure the slight neck dive it had Upgraded CTS pots, switchcraft jack, wiring and Orange Drop cap US Standard Precision knobs Schaller strap lock buttons Most importantly the 'Squier' headstock decal and neck plate haven't been replaced! Over £350 of upgrades in total, and it sounds and plays brilliantly with that classic punchy P Bass tone and a great sounding and articulate B string. I've just come to the conclusion that I'm not a Fender guy and my Warwick is getting all the love sadly. String spacing at the nut moves from 11mm (B to E centres) to 9.5mm (D to G centres) with a 47mm wide nut. String spacing at the bridge is 18mm by default but each saddle can be adjusted to widen or narrow the spacing by up to 1.5mm. Weight is a very light 8.6 lbs. I've had a good look all over for dings and there are two small marks on the bottom of the back by the waist; as well as two small scratches - one on the upper face of the top horn and one on the bottom face of the lower horn, these haven't gone through the black though and you have to be in just the right light and be really looking to notice them (the bottom one I couldn't get to show up in a photo) Comes with a Warwick gigbag that has the odd battle scar but does a great job of keeping what's inside safe. I'll also include all the original Squier parts so if you really want to you can return it to stock and make a profit selling on the upgraded parts! Looking for £300 collected, or I'm happy to meet up somewhere close to Dartford in Kent, or ship at the buyers expense/risk - I've never shipped a bass before so have no idea what it costs, but can get some quotes if necessary. Not looking for any trades thanks unless you have a bolt-on 5 string Warwick Streamer (not the flat Rockbass models).
  14. Now sold - Mono pedalboard for sale - their small board so measures 18" x 12" x 3.7" (45.72cm x 31.24cm x 9.4cm). Typically for me I bought it and then almost immediately decided to downsize my pedal setup so I only used it once in anger. Currently has super strong 3M velcro attached - I can either leave that on or remove it before shipping if you prefer. I looked everywhere for a suitable hard case for it and finally found a perfectly sized peli case - the board fits exactly in the bottom half and there's some foam in the top so holds the pedals completely still and protected. As an added bonus the bottom half of the peli case remains empty apart from the front lip of the board - so there's a great little space to hold cables or even your amp head - the free space once the board is in measures 13" x 18" x 3.5". I've had a Markbass Little Mark II in there and it worked brilliantly, hardcase for your pedalboard and amp in one hand! Looking for £75 including delivery within the UK.
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