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  1. I've used Thomann 3 or 4 times over the last couple of months, all for bits and bobs that were under the £135 mark each time and they've just arrived as they used to. I appreciate some people are having problems with couriers, especially since they're now collecting VAT and fees on items over that mark, but to be honest most of that seems like the usual general incompetence from the couriers rather than Thomanns fault.
  2. Haha one straight out of the Trump playbook there of good faith debate there. Completely representative I'm sure. These damn generation Z trees....
  3. I guess like a lot of people this was my first introduction to him That lick at 2.05... The genre leaves me cold but damn...
  4. I've used the Evidence Audio ones for a few years now and have put together probably ~50 or 60 cables throughout numerous board rearrangements, teardowns and pedal swaps, and I think I've only ever had one not work. I've never experienced any stop working over time once they're installed. I've no dog in this fight, but if you're after solderless they've worked brilliantly for me.
  5. I'd say give a Source Audio Aftershock a go - so many brilliant sounds in there you'd be hard pushed to find at least a few that didn't work for you. As with all SA pedals the library of community patches is fantastic so there's absolutely no need to do any detailed pc editing if that's not your thing; if it is, you can tweak away until you achieve perfection.
  6. Mine also arrived on time and with no issues. Good to know that the sub-£130 something stuff seems to be back to normal.
  7. I ordered a control cavity cover from Thomann Tuesday morning and have also just had a text to say it's due for delivery today - other than the sender being listed as 'German' what do you find sketchy about it? I'll also be extremely impressed if it gets here this quickly!
  8. Oh man, if you run IEMs (or even if you don't!) you should be all over this! Someone will be prising mine out of my cold dead hands!
  9. I went for Bartolinis and an OBP-3 when I changed the electronics in my Stage 1. Have zero experience of any of the others you mention so not very useful I'm afraid, but it's given me exactly what I was after. I wasn't happy with the stock setup as I found I was boosting the bass a lot to get the tone I was after; with the OBP-3 I went with the 18V option but find with this combo I'm running it either completely flat, or with the slightest hair of bass boost. The switchable mid freq is great too, and a useful upgrade from the stock 3 band eq, though obviously not as flexible as a semi-parametric mid freq control (is that the right term?) that you get with some other preamps. Having changed both at the same time I can't tell you whether it's the pups or the preamp that have made the biggest difference I'm afraid, but that combination is doing it for me.
  10. In my experience, usually making sure that the drummer doesn't start at 110BPM and hit 180BPM by the end of the first chorus, that the singer knows when to come in, the guitarist knows when the middle 8 is here, and the keyboard player gets to the gig. Oh and that the PA is working, and the guitarist has a lead to plug in with. As well as (as has already been said far more eloquently than I could) making sure that people are up dancing rather than sat in their seats. Other than that, we're pretty expendable.
  11. Classic example of people only wanting an echo chamber that reflects their own beliefs back at them. In my opinion the biggest issue with society in this country (and probably others too) is the prevalence of 'news' media that is so heavily biased one way or the other - such that people can read only content that is edited towards their beliefs/prejudices, and go through life believing them to be indisputable facts. Critical challenge is essential, and I believe everyone should go out of their way to seek out and read (factual and well researched!) material contrary to their current opinions.
  12. Wow that neck is absolutely stunning. Just wow.
  13. Damn that quilt's like 5 tog!!
  14. Cannot believe that's the same bass as the original post! Stunning!
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