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  1. Also mainly a pub gig player these days, now with an indie/rock covers band. I consider it my greatest achievement of recent years that I've managed to convince the 4 others in the band to ditch amps/monitor wedges entirely and switch to in ears. I bought an XR18 that I've lugged to various rehearsal studios for the last couple of months and have insisted that we don't even plug the FoH speakers in to force everyone to keep their in ears in throughout the rehearsals and adjust. They've finally accepted that it's a massive improvement, and that it was worth a couple of painful rehearsals initially to get used to the system and mixing their own monitor mixes via their phones in order to have a consistent and great sounding mix regardless of what venue we play, plus none of the ringing ears or shot throats the next morning. It is definitely a big culture change for most amateur musicians who've been gigging with whacking great rigs for years or decades, but when you look at the price and portability of the kit these days there's absolutely no reason not to at least give it a go imo.
  2. I'd strongly recommend the 'Mixing Station' 3rd party app for other band members to use for their own monitor mixes rather than the official X Air Q app. I use the XAir 18 and our guys much prefer that app, plus you can very easily set it to be locked to a particular bus feed so they can't accidentally start messing with the FoH mix or other people's monitor mix!
  3. That sounds like a good option thanks, assuming I've not misunderstood the below entirely... I thought that expression pedals differed from volume/wah pedals in that they just change the parameter(s) of whatever pedal you plug them into, I didn't think you had to run them through anything have I got this totally wrong? I have a Wonderlove that has an expression pedal input socket, and the FI manual says that you can plug an expression pedal into one of the midi sockets and use it to change one of the parameters - I'm guessing you need something like this to connect it? Are you saying I need another unit in between the expression pedal and the FI to make it work though?
  4. 👍Thanks. Any idea if it would work with anything with a smaller size though, like the AMT EX-50 which is about the size of a boss pedal. Anything larger isn't going to fit on my board and so will inevitably not get used!
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for a suitable expression pedal? Preferably mini or even micro size? There are lots of small options available but I'm not sure if there's a specific impedance or connection type required?
  6. I've finally managed to clear some time to upgrade to v3 and have a play through the presets now, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I didn't want any preconceptions about the patches, so played through them all a couple of times without knowing the names or what they were going for etc, and while there are a few interesting patches, my clear favourites were 21, 23 and 26. I then had a look at the list online and realised they're 3 of the original Deep Impact sounds! The vast majority of sounds on the pedal, while interesting to play around with at home, I think a lot of people would struggle to find a use for live - especially those who are in the market for a bass synth pedal. Imo there are nowhere, near enough 'synth bass' patches. I want to be able to play synth bass lines on my bass that sound good enough to not have to buy a keyboard synth. There seems to be 50 or 60 very similar 'lead pad' tones, plus another 20 or so novelty patches which I guess show off some of the limits of what sounds the pedal is capable of making. To me it just feels like there's been too much desire to show off what a crazy range of tones and effects it can produce, and not enough effort put into producing and showcasing solid and convincing synth bass sounds. I know there's the editor to allow you to create whatever patches you desire, but having no experience with synth whatsoever it's all a bit overwhelming, and I just would have liked some more 'usable'/'traditional synth bass?' tones. Overall its a very very capable unit, I think I'm just disappointed that it's going to require so much work from my extremely novice position to get some usable sounds for what I need it to do. I'd have much preferred 10 great synth bass presets than 99 presets with the odd few scattered in amongst them.
  7. Does anyone who has one already know if that sound at 3.33 is one of the inbuilt presets? If so would someone be able to post a screenshot of the editor settings for that effect please? I'd love to see if it can be replicatated on the FI (or more accurately if Quatschmacher will take the hint and replicate it as I'm completely useless at this sort of thing! 😉) and I guess seeing the settings would be a useful starting point? Thanks in advance...!
  8. They sound amazing, great work! I have absolutely zero idea how you've achieved that though, does that work on an expression pedal being in different positions to determine which chord is triggered?
  9. Now that sounds like a great gig, I'm very jealous! What's the name of the band, I'll definitely be there if you're gigging in London?
  10. @Quatschmacher is it possible to mirror the effect from 3.33 on the FI? Even if we'd have to wait for v.3... Don't make me have to buy a C4 too!
  11. I bought a Spectracomp from Bas, top bloke and very speedy delivery - wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  12. I've started using these and absolutely love them - my board is unrecognisable from the pile of spaghetti it resembled before hand. They're incredibly simple to make and I've never had a bad connection after making about 20/25 different leads so far. Again, not cheap but worth it for me.
  13. Thanks guys, I'm certainly not tied to android, and have an ipad I could use - the Korg module app looks like it would do what I need with piano, organ etc. You mention the iOS options are better than android - are the iOS options reliable enough for live use would you say?
  14. I'm after some midi keyboard advice please - a pub covers band I play with is looking at doing a few tunes that feature piano/keys/synth - think beginning of Dakota and All These Things That I've Done, middle bit of When You Were Young and a few others with a piano line. Rather than us just fudge/butcher them I figure that I'd be better knocking them out on a keyboard - my main concern being not having to lug any more gear around than absolutely necessary! I've got a small 32 key Edirol midi controller keyboard that I use at home, and am hoping to cobble together some sort of setup to allow me to use that live too. As far as I know I also need some sort of sound module/sample generator that goes between the keyboard and the mixing desk? I've had a quick Google and prices for hardware sound modules get pretty horrendous pretty quickly, with the cheaper end of the market getting pretty unfavourable reviews. I then came across the Zynthian website, which looks like it would give the option of downloading samples of piano/Rhodes/other instruments? The trouble with that also is that the price mounts up pretty quickly, and that's before you've downloaded any samples, which I assume you also have to pay for? The ideal solution I guess would be some form of android software I could install on the tabket I use to drive our mixing desk, is this even possible, and does anyone use or have any experience with this sort of setup who can point me in the direction of the best app/sound samples please? I don't need anything too complicated - a good piano, electric piano, organ etc but anything that provides the option of adding/downloading other sounds - like the synth in Dakota - would be fantastic. Apologies for the complete lack of knowledge, and thanks in advance!
  15. I bought Paul's LS-2 - top bloke and super speedy delivery, cheers mate!
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