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  1. I can't see what version of the pc software you're using, but you'll need to update to the 0.8.32 beta version to edit the Ultrawave if you haven't already done so?
  2. Wow that Ray is stunning! Love the dark green and gold though too.
  3. If you don't already I'd say ask/persuade your band to switch to IEMs asap. With the availability of cheap systems these days, the ability to hear yourself and everyone else perfectly, and adjust your own mix on the fly from your phone is an absolute game changer. Suddenly you can hear every nuance of everyone else's playing as well as yours, and you can lock in much tighter, bounce off each other, and just generally enjoy yourself so much more. And when you make a mistake, your body will make you automatically beat yourself up about it, but only allow yourself one beat to do so, then force it out of your mind and move on. It's the same mindset you hear professional sportsmen talk about, one mistake can ruin your whole game (gig) if you let it; the measure of a real professional is not someone who never makes a mistake, it's someone who can drop an absolute howler and then immediately put it out of their mind, move on and play brilliantly for the rest of the game before scoring the winner in stoppage time.
  4. AxelF

    Like lomenzo

    Yeah, though to be fair you might be able to replace several of your distortion pedals with it!
  5. AxelF

    Like lomenzo

    I've not played with the Lomenzo, but if you want to distort just a specific frequency range check out the Source Audio Ultrawave.
  6. We're looking for a drummer for a pub covers band in the south London area (London Bridge/Greenwich/Dartford kind of areas). It's a 5 piece male-fronted band playing Killers, Arctic Monkeys, RHCP, Muse, Foo Fighters etc etc. Our drummer went home to Ireland at the start of lockdown and doesn't know what he's doing this year - it might be that we need someone to stand in for 6 months or so, it might be that he never comes back and we need someone full time. We're all between about 30 and 40 and are very relaxed and easy going - we're playing for the love of it, but are keen for the band to sound as good as possible. Age is much less important than finding someone who's easy going but dedicated. We also play with a click. Give me a shout if you want any more information
  7. Obviously should have used his maple neck guitar
  8. Step 1) Pick a highly contentious topic that has been done to death already, and with vast swathes of people heavily entrenched on opposite sides. Step 2) Give the thread a suitably condescending title, suggesting that anyone who disagrees with your position is a moronic fraud. Step 3) Throw a hissy fit when when not everyone immediately sees the error of their ways and dares to continue to disagree with you. Step 4) Suggest that most people are disabled and lack your skill and nuance in relation to a field that everyone here is extraordinarily passionate about, again because they dare to disagree with you. Step 5) Who knows, is there a point to all this? Can we please put this thread out of its misery?
  9. I've used Thomann 3 or 4 times over the last couple of months, all for bits and bobs that were under the £135 mark each time and they've just arrived as they used to. I appreciate some people are having problems with couriers, especially since they're now collecting VAT and fees on items over that mark, but to be honest most of that seems like the usual general incompetence from the couriers rather than Thomanns fault.
  10. Haha one straight out of the Trump playbook there of good faith debate there. Completely representative I'm sure. These damn generation Z trees....
  11. I guess like a lot of people this was my first introduction to him That lick at 2.05... The genre leaves me cold but damn...
  12. I've used the Evidence Audio ones for a few years now and have put together probably ~50 or 60 cables throughout numerous board rearrangements, teardowns and pedal swaps, and I think I've only ever had one not work. I've never experienced any stop working over time once they're installed. I've no dog in this fight, but if you're after solderless they've worked brilliantly for me.
  13. I'd say give a Source Audio Aftershock a go - so many brilliant sounds in there you'd be hard pushed to find at least a few that didn't work for you. As with all SA pedals the library of community patches is fantastic so there's absolutely no need to do any detailed pc editing if that's not your thing; if it is, you can tweak away until you achieve perfection.
  14. Mine also arrived on time and with no issues. Good to know that the sub-£130 something stuff seems to be back to normal.
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