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  1. NOW SOLD - Putting my Fender Squier Vintage Modified 5 String up for sale - I bought it from here a few years ago, these are cracking Indonesian-made instruments and I have further heavily upgraded it with the following: US Standard Precision pickup Hipshot A style FM3 bridge Hipshot Ultralite tuners to cure the slight neck dive it had Upgraded CTS pots, switchcraft jack, wiring and Orange Drop cap US Standard Precision knobs Schaller strap lock buttons Most importantly the 'Squier' headstock decal and neck plate haven't been replaced! Over £350 of upgrades in total, and it sounds and plays brilliantly with that classic punchy P Bass tone and a great sounding and articulate B string. I've just come to the conclusion that I'm not a Fender guy and my Warwick is getting all the love sadly. String spacing at the nut moves from 11mm (B to E centres) to 9.5mm (D to G centres) with a 47mm wide nut. String spacing at the bridge is 18mm by default but each saddle can be adjusted to widen or narrow the spacing by up to 1.5mm. Weight is a very light 8.6 lbs. I've had a good look all over for dings and there are two small marks on the bottom of the back by the waist; as well as two small scratches - one on the upper face of the top horn and one on the bottom face of the lower horn, these haven't gone through the black though and you have to be in just the right light and be really looking to notice them (the bottom one I couldn't get to show up in a photo) Comes with a Warwick gigbag that has the odd battle scar but does a great job of keeping what's inside safe. I'll also include all the original Squier parts so if you really want to you can return it to stock and make a profit selling on the upgraded parts! Looking for £300 collected, or I'm happy to meet up somewhere close to Dartford in Kent, or ship at the buyers expense/risk - I've never shipped a bass before so have no idea what it costs, but can get some quotes if necessary. Not looking for any trades thanks unless you have a bolt-on 5 string Warwick Streamer (not the flat Rockbass models).
  2. Now sold - Mono pedalboard for sale - their small board so measures 18" x 12" x 3.7" (45.72cm x 31.24cm x 9.4cm). Typically for me I bought it and then almost immediately decided to downsize my pedal setup so I only used it once in anger. Currently has super strong 3M velcro attached - I can either leave that on or remove it before shipping if you prefer. I looked everywhere for a suitable hard case for it and finally found a perfectly sized peli case - the board fits exactly in the bottom half and there's some foam in the top so holds the pedals completely still and protected. As an added bonus the bottom half of the peli case remains empty apart from the front lip of the board - so there's a great little space to hold cables or even your amp head - the free space once the board is in measures 13" x 18" x 3.5". I've had a Markbass Little Mark II in there and it worked brilliantly, hardcase for your pedalboard and amp in one hand! Looking for £75 including delivery within the UK.
  3. Really really like the range of shades of blue and almost purple hues in there. Cracking job!
  4. Or for an extra £40 odd get the C4 and have all that plus an incredible synth pedal too! Or get them both!
  5. Rich bought my OmniCabSim, great guy to deal with, very speedy comms and a top bloke. Hope you enjoy it!
  6. Bert bought my mixer - great guy to deal with, hope you enjoy it!
  7. Airturn BT200S-2 for sale, wireless bluetooth controller for tablets/computers. Small stomp box size with two footswitches, can be used for a massive range of functions - changing presets or settings on other devices/keyboards/tablets, as a foot operated page turner for reading scores, triggering effects/patches/samples etc etc. Comes with a USB 9V adapter, can also be run off standard pedal board power supplies. Never used in anger so boxed and essentially 'as new' condition - the project I bought it for never got past the 'wouldn't it be cool if...' stage. £50 including UK delivery
  8. EHX Tri Parallel Mixer pedal for sale - only about two and a half months old and only used once in anger, like most people I'm spending far too much time during lockdown messing with my setup and not enough time practicing, as a result my pedal board has shrunk dramatically and I've simplified it to only one signal chain just after buying this and a larger board to accomodate it... It has three separate loops plus a dry send, so you can parallel blend any combination of three separate signal chains plus your unaffected bass signal if required. There are separate send/return levels plus an eq and a phase inverter if required for each channel. It's a remarkably well designed and simple yet amazingly useful bit of kit! Essentially 'as new' condition, boxed with the original rubber feet in the box. £85 including UK delivery
  9. SOLD: 3Leaf Audio You're Doom fuzz/harmonic generator pedal for sale - fantastic sounding fuzz pedal. It responds brilliantly to your dynamics and combined with the wet/dry blend means it can produce a massive range of tones from very subtle to crazy! It also pairs very well with envelope filters to produce synth-like tones, definitely the best if you're going down the route of synth tones via octave pedal, envelope filter and fuzz. The toggle swicthes from a mid-present sound for more lead-type tones, to a mid-scooped version which sits very nicely. Now £140 including UK delivery, boxed and in great condition, also has the original rubber feet in the box. It's lived on a pedalboard and been well looked after.
  10. You've clearly never seen me operate power tools...!
  11. Aah but do they do a stacked version..?
  12. Fantastic thank you, really appreciate the help!
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