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  1. Translucent Sonic Blue w/ tort & Chrome vs Translucent Red w/ white, black/gold I'm leaning towards the blue finish as I think it's more unique. Or is that red just too good?! Going to be gloss finish with birdseye-maple and dots + matching headstock
  2. Now decided to go for some PJ pickups in my 5 string order In terms of tone I'm not keen on anything too bright or harsh but solid lowend/mids with plenty of punch - modern as oppose to vintage (hopefully that makes sense). Although subjective I'll want something that can do a decent Slap tone too. I'll have a pre. Probably either an East or Bartolini. Been looking at Bart, Delano, Aguilar, Linda Fralin pickups but never owned a PJ so any advice welcomed. Thanks 😃
  3. Thanks. Any pups you'd recommend with them or are they a good all rounder?
  4. @SibobThanks for the recommendation..I've definitely had a good look at the Barts! How do you like that combo? Think I'll be looking at the HR/918 pre 🐵
  5. Looking for some advice on new pre and pups in my new custom order 5 string. I already have a JJ bass so I'm after something a bit different - PJ / Soapbars perhaps? In terms of tone I definitely prefer modern over vintage and like lots growl and punch in the mids. I don't play metal or heavy rock but most other genres. Been looking at Bartolini, Glockenlang and East Uni Pre. Needs to be a 5 pot pre for the bass I'm getting as there's no control plate. Aguilar, Delano, Bartolini Nordstrand Pups. Any advice would be great to hear 😁
  6. Was using steel version. Used to like them on my Warwick but they don't feel right on my 35 scale jazz.
  7. Interesting I'll check them out. What makes you prefer them to Sunbeams?
  8. Looking at nickel strings for my 5 string Jazz. I used to love Dr lo riders but after putting them on my new 35 scale they feel too rough and tight. Much preferred the nickels that came with it originally..... Looking at DR Sunbeams and Nickel D'addario. Has anyone tried both sets? What did you think? I play function tunes so a mixture of 60s - present day 😁
  9. We use Behringer P16s and have one each. Also works very well at having individual control of each channel. Not sure if you already have the PM1..
  10. Just wondering if anyone has tried out this combination out before on an Overwater? Looking for something different on my 2nd Contemporary Jazz build as oppose to JJ pickups.
  11. Thanks...Have you had enough experience with EMG/Barts to describe differences?
  12. Looking at adding PJ pickups to my 5 string custom bass. I play in a function band so music from 60s-present day. I like having both pickups wide open most of the time and definitely prefer a more modern sound to vintage. Only thing is I'd rather not have exposed poll pieces from an asthetics point of view. That probably limits my options but would much prefer it this way. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Here are some photos of the bass in both compartments. I've only got 1 bass at the moment.. Hence the sale 🙂 - drop me a pm if interested and I can look at postage.
  14. Superior to Mono's dual bag imo. I spent a long time researching double gig bags and the IGIG came out on top. Ridiculous amounts of storage and superb protection for 2 basses Overall condition is good and you'll see from the photos that the inside guitar compartment is excellent. The only minor damage is the mini inside pockets stitching has come away, however, the main 2 big storage compartments work great and is plenty. Collection from South Beds Here are some extra specs and detailed video of the same bag. Check out this detailed video here. * Heavy-duty 1680 denier ballistic nylon fabric. * Accentuated with suede or 840 denier nylon. * Multi-layered foam padding with flexible board for enhanced protection * Customized metal logo and zipper sliders. * Spacious pockets with MP3 player earphone access, organizer, key holder, and guitar cable strap. * Three supportive handles for secure and comfortable grip. * Ergonomically designed adjustable backpack straps and padded mesh back support. * GigPillow (TM) system protects the guitar's vulnerable joint connecting the neck and body with shock absorbing memory foam. * Animal free
  15. I received my Overwater J5 this year... The best bass I've ever laid my hands on. If I hadn't just ordered a second, I'd have this in a heartbeat!
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