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  1. Yeah I ve owned one too I had to have maple lines installed as the original (I think) was plastic was coming off
  2. UK Should have specified looking for 5 6 string thanks
  3. Been looking to buy a fretless perhaps wrong timing but I'm sure there is plenty on here who don't look into the item wanted section... Price 1.4k 1.7k
  4. Hi Ville, Hope you are well ill send you a pm
  5. Beautiful bass and amazing playing Good luck
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Amazingaand 33 inch scale and 6 string and now I want it No no I need a fretless I only play fretless
  8. Good luck withe sale If was a sizer it would be mine by now
  9. Wow this is a bargain I can t recommend Roscoe enough I had a great one and I miss it everyday
  10. I get you, they used to be made in USA but I reckon the amount they were selling wasn't covering the expenses and rates for a shop in illinois yhe the moved to Indonesia few years back However........ I ve played few and to be honest they better then most European USA handmade instruments I guess location on where the bass is made hasn't much to do with costs nowdays components woods gonna cost the same if not more in the far east as they will be imported All I wanna say its don't let put yourself off cause of the location strandberg are unbelievable instruments price seem in the right range at least for me
  11. Geoff still for sale just texted you Tony
  12. I'll swap you for 2 sheet of toilet roll Jokes apart second in line please
  13. Like I've said above, just list the item as pick up only then a person can make is mind up. if I really wanted that instrument I'll drive not a problem done it many times I posted basses all over and never had a problem. I charge for postage and I include the right value of the instrument and insure it in case something might happen then I'm covered it's not demanding but people always complain about market being slow and I find that offering the service of posting the item speeds things up personally if I'm buying I like the item to be posted as I live far from bass players 😂 if I have to arrange my own courier that means(as above) asking all kind o info to the seller and that puts me off Weight dimension..... Then what if tge item gets damage cause packaging on the other side was terrible?
  14. I think is the seller responsibility to post otherwise just list the item as collection only.... if you are buying an instrument from bass direct or any other bass shop they will post it to you. They would never ask you to organise your own postage You selling you post it simple
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