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  1. absolutely stunning !!! love the simplicity ... looks like a tone monster keep the good work Alan one day ///// one day.....
  2. what you need cash for ? just keep it and ill borrow you the money..... no wait i rather have the bass
  3. In my opinion Zon will be a collectible item. One man building, takes him 2/3years to complete a job and never replies to email phone calls messages Already hard to get hand on
  4. That is very neat !!! beautiful and simple
  5. This happened near reading today ! hopefully no bass was injured
  6. oh man .... i played some of the finest gigs there ! my first sold out show was there all this stupid investors and cow poop they are gonna open another costa there
  7. £Guys can't believe there is no interest in this at this price ! £750 ? No one ?
  8. Guys can't believe there is no interest in this at this price !
  9. Only few days at this price as I forgot to give it a bump guys this is a steal at this price postage is paid by the buyer
  10. Dave is a truly gentlemen ! he has passed me a fender bridge for free and even free postage thank you very much sir if anytime you need anything from south devon please let me know
  11. where do you find all those beauties???? good luck stunning bass there
  12. Last price drop £850 plus postage camon this is an unbelivable price for an amazing instrument
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