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  1. Amazing price on this This are worth way more love roscoes
  2. This are great bass, I do t get why that weird scarf joint
  3. Absolutely wow What a bass! Incredible
  4. Is this the bin next to yours Tony? Can't believe it still here
  5. Wow absolutely stunning Wish I had the cash Glwys
  6. this is one of my favorite part of being in a band !!!! enjoy and have fun until it last
  7. Wow I honestly don't know why this is still for sale....u wish I had the cash
  8. Thanks everybody! I know all my modes and s ales pretty well all over the fretboard on 5 and string, I encounter the problem tho that when I'm soloing it just sounds like scales and not some nice impro
  9. Hi guys, Just wondering what exercises improved your soloing by a 1000 times? What did you guys practice? Thanks in advance
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