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  1. fiatcoupe432

    Bossa Ujb 5

    That's an hell of a bass for the money
  2. fiatcoupe432

    For sale a Leduc HMP524

    Oh man , what are you doing to me???!!!!
  3. fiatcoupe432

    Leduc modern 4 of 1994

    Tony , you might need to add it to your leduc collection very nice mate ! Good luck
  4. fiatcoupe432

    Barneyg42, RIP

    I will to raise a glass .... even if I didn't know him sounded like a stand up man condoliances to the family
  5. fiatcoupe432

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Wood and tronics , biarnel , meridian , Laurus ? Other Italian great instruments
  6. fiatcoupe432

    Apparently Markbass are to make bass guitars

    Markbasses Richard bona 5 Kilimanjaro €3.899 richard bona kimandu 4 string version is €1459
  7. fiatcoupe432

    Safran 6 strings 2400€

    Wow powwow owl I want it I need it
  8. fiatcoupe432

    SOLD Tom clement 7 string

    SExy!!! Very and great value too
  9. fiatcoupe432

    Fretless basses

    I would still buy a bass in case down the line you want need it anymore it's easier to sell a bass the n a neck
  10. fiatcoupe432

    Fbass BN6 NT of the 90'.

    That's beautiful !! Wow cant believe tho they charge you $850 for 18mm string spacing and 680 for 34' scale ? That should be standard for any instrument , I understand woods pickups preamp option, Nt , but why string spacing and scale cost so much ?
  11. Perfection! Beautiful call off the wedding and keep it
  12. Beautiful example ! Great basses , if I didn't have a tax bill to pay I would buy it right away
  13. i think we can all put £10 each and then we can have it foe a month a year
  14. Why is this still here ? somebody buy it please ..... if I didn't get a stupid gas elecbill I would have bought it
  15. I ve seen this few times in the past and went and visited the luthier website some of his last stuff looks great but this?????? my 4 year old son could have made it !!!!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JanAid-Guitars-Bass-Aury-model-7-strings-single-cut-neck-through/113584583559?hash=item1a722b3387:g:YnkAAOSwiJZcQjvV:rk:15:pf:0