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  1. Did you receive an email from him? If you did you could perhaps get an ip address
  2. I bought on Facebook the guy asked me to pay friends and family, so I ve contacted the guy, spoke to him face to face on messanger , organised my own courier and then called him on his mobile number. He had 2 profiles on Facebook and when I questioned he told me he was a teacher at Oxford uni but lived in Cardiff so I made sure he gave me his full name went to Oxford uni website and checked the teachers profile and bam there he was sometime a bit of reaserch help to see who you dealing with and if they don't cooperate then it's a no deal for me
  3. Great concept but at what price... https://nordic.guitars/rotator/ https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/11/05/bass-of-the-week-nordic-guitars-rotator/ What you think?
  4. Something similar happened to me I would just ignore her did she do the repair already?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Cause that's how Anthony Jackson wanted it👍🏼
  7. Hey manny just to let you know you probably posted the wrong picture of a 50b
  8. Hi guys another sale This has served me very well on live and in studio I'm sure you wonder why this is priced so low? so let me tell you... I ve used this in studio running with superior drummer and this thing for whoever know edk it's amazing however the lcd comes and goes and it's an easy fix, very common with those drumsthere is a detailed video of it on YouTube and all you have to do is clean the ribbons but I'm an idiot when it comes to things like that and I rather someone else do it than me however the unit is amazing and works great It also comes with a mapex hi hat stand so you can have it as it for 800 or if I get it sorted gl sometimes after the weekend I will try and bump the price to £1000 I need a quick sell and that's why price is so low picture to follow
  9. Hi guys, upgraded to the bigger brother and I no longer use this so it's up for sale included in the sale there is also a rme midi cable splitter which is around £45on it's own. The unit is in excellent condition and comes with box and manual I will try and upload some picture later on price is £550 plus postage link to some specs https://m.thomann.de/gb/rme_fireface_uc.htm
  10. I had 11 basses back in 2014 I liked having 11 basses but to be honest i raraly played them, so decided to sell them all and start from fresh I only have 2 basses now a fretless which should be on tge way soon and a fretted, now I'm sorted! Fretless is my main instrument and play fretted from time to time but I love to have tge option one bass only I'm not sure but a bass of different kind is what suits me the most 1 fretless 1 fretted and a double bass if you play one
  11. I have (I think the earlier model) the ibanez sr756 I'm not sure it's the earlier model as I get confused when it comes to ibanez but I have to say its a very fine instrument I have payed £550(literally as new asi bought it from a guitar player who wanted experiment with 6 string bass and then left it in its case) and this bass beats many and most expensive instruments I have played only thing I would change would be the preamp (don't get me wrong, still sounds very very nice, just my preference) I love the pj configuration on it and that's why I ve decided to go for it Great instruments at a super affordable price
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