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  1. Guys quick question ... If bought second hand do you need a license transfer ?
  2. I love the work I think it is pretty original but again understand that they not everyone's cup of tea I love my pasini 5 fretless , definitely the best fretless I ever played I'm so in love with it that I'm going to make myself a present and get a 6 string one
  3. Thank you So I'm using a babydlface Pro When I select that only input one works (mic pre) the instruments input do not work in Zoom That's the confusion
  4. Hi all, From Tuesday I stsrt my online lesson over on Zoom I was wondering if the sound of the audio interface or the output of logic can be sent to zoom? Thank you
  5. I have tried so many set of fretless.... I realised that I really really love a set of round Dunlop They work great
  6. The grand seiko are great watches The difference is in the name If it said rolex on it it would cost 5 times more
  7. Absolutely stunning I love Costano basses
  8. Oh man.... .so tempting Beautiful instrument and shame you have you won't be able to pair it with your acg guitar
  9. Oh mmy my my... Why???? I really want one of these but I can't justify having 2 amazing fretless
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