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  1. Oh that's nice I wish I knew this before However 8 see loads of people complain about the weight. I never had a problem for basses weighing more then 5kg I mean I played loads of gigs but most of gigs weren't more then 50 min so no a issue for me so do you always playing standing or do you 4 5 hours straight? Why suddenly everyone has problem with weight? I 7ndwrstand few people play on cruise ship etc I think since lighter basses become available people stir away from heavier one even if they sit at home everyday for practise. I always found the sound of heavier basses more rounder then my other 3kg bass
  2. Mine is not that heavy Never weighted has I never had issues with it! I just love the feel and sound of it I had few fretless in the past but this is just wow
  3. So let's begin that I own one I have a perception 5 custom fretless and I love the thing but I'm gonna try and sell it as I wanna buy the 6 string version. Now..... I see loads of overwater that sell for ridiculously low price so are they underrated? Why price of these 8s so low?
  4. I always had trouble selling outside of basschat.... if I wanna sell bass equipment there isn't a better place then basschat to do it. I ve seen advert with no specs photos or description here on the chat if you are selling something try to be more specific and list properly like you would do on ebsy only cause you scared they will say the item is not as described Put some effort in the listing, real effort and yiy will see that everything sells I ve sold and bought here and not only bass gear, I bought a camera lens last week and BTW the was a overwater 6 string that sold in minites of being advertised Be specific in your listing and be patient some items take longer then other a shitty Korean bass of £50 might take longer than a 3k bass to sale it's all about what the market is required that time I ve sold a bass on Facebook 2 weeks ago and was returned to me within 5 days and a new dent on it!!!! So I vr, decided I will only sell here on the chat where I actually feel like I know everyone even if we never met and also made some great friends over the year. then no to talk fees ebay 10% (which is deducted from your postage too) plus 3.5%paypal Facebook no garantee unless you meet in person (would you buy a 3k bass from Facebook and ask the guy to post it? No thank you basschat £20 a year with no limitations of how many items you sell I think its a great deal
  5. Some very interesting basses and amps this year I'm happy to see acg @skelf getting the attention he deserve. Would love to visit one year....
  6. I once owned a adamovic and is my only bass I ever regret selling cant wait to see it
  7. Wow what a beast! Would love to have a go on this even if in my hands would be a waste Such a beautiful instrument Glwys there I'm intrigued on what fretless you are having build.....
  8. Wow never heard 9f those Looks stunning and I'm sure it plays the same
  9. Mustapha a great guy to deal with and a great player Good luck my friend
  10. Why this is still here? It gives me nightmares Can't sleep a night cause of you manudepaz
  11. Great basses this and great price too Here is a video of the same bass but nlvideo does no justice to this
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