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  1. Oh man.... .so tempting Beautiful instrument and shame you have you won't be able to pair it with your acg guitar
  2. Oh mmy my my... Why???? I really want one of these but I can't justify having 2 amazing fretless
  3. This is Unbelivable Well done!! such a great skill
  4. What tge main use Tony? Genuine question as I have no idea I have seen it the other way around and it serve a great purpose when the bass has only one p in tge tge j position as it can be used to rest your thumb Hope you well anyway
  5. I have to agree with Happy jack It has no sense continuing the board that way at the bottom That has always served as thumb rest Also the fact that as started as left and then they made it right hand ( first thing I noticed) Spot on Happy jack
  6. Great bass at a great price Wish I had the funds Good luck
  7. Build quality it's Unbelivable Trust me I have one The new buyer won't be disappointed
  8. In your situation tho I would keep the shur
  9. Love W&T I have one my self and as a fretless it's one of the best I have played
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