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  1. That's a beauty and nice photos too
  2. Mmmm what studio gear are you after ? I'm thinking of selling my studio gear cause from September I won't have space for a studio no more
  3. At this price this will begone really fast Not many bass appreciate in value ,but I always think that pedulla will be the one as they are so original
  4. Hi ,if you would post it I would buy it Thank you
  5. I also owned a Elrick and was one of the best bass I owned
  6. Wow This is the lowest priced ritter ever Not in the market for a 4 but if I was i would be very happy at this price
  7. Hey Ped I did read the news couple of weeks ago Apparently ferrari porsche and vw where on there! more than 400mil damage Mine was less damaged 😅 but I spent 2 years working on it and I was really attached to the car I didn't wanna sell it but we had to move away and we decided to sell it to raise some money . I did insure it but only for the money that i have bought prior to restoration than spent 2 years of work alot of material Probably lost about 3k and 2 years work The funny thing is that the were around 13000 containers and only mine and another one cupsized After that I went to a shaman ti see if I had any spells on me Such a luck
  8. Yeah totally agree I have always posted via Air and I never had any issues Once I sold an old tvr which I loved and spent more than 3 years as restoration project , loads of work and money spent on it and once I sold it I wasn't making really any profit so decide to value the car a little less than I got paid Put it on a boat in a container ready for the journey in US and 2 container cupsized after rough sea, obviously one if this container contained my car i was heartbroken so I promise my self I'll never post by sea ever again
  9. I'm pretty sure someone on here has 6 string vigier @ped probably knows but I recall seeing one Maybe I was only dreaming
  10. I owned a fretless and I once played a fretted version in a music shop in York They were both sublime instruments and if I ever found a vigier 6 I would buy it straight away . It's shame they are closing down but then I guess it's like any other job . A well deserved retirement 👏 All the best for the future and yes indeed your instrument will be very much missed
  11. I don't know if I have the older version or the newer version but I love mine. I sold all my other rever with a big sky too and kept the immerse . It just sounded so much better to my ears This are great reverb pedal someone will be very happy
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