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  1. This is definitely a long shot, due to geography. I am offering for sale my Paesold 4/4 german double bass. A german made, high quality full size bass (it really makes justice to the brand) in very good condition. I don't know first hand the specs of the instrument and I am no good with woods, but according to the website of Paesold they are as follows: PA 590PF-B Roderich Paesold Bass shaped Laminated, fingerboard and tailpiece of solid ebony Tyrolean brass machine-head It is a laminated bass (a solid wood Paesold may have a five digits price tag), with an adjustable bridge, solid like a column. And, as already mentioned, in very good condition. I have the original invoice and the retail price was 3000 euro in 2007. I am selling it for 1700 euro (ca. 1500 pounds as of today). It has the original Jaeger gigbag and I would throw in an original RC Williams Bass Buggie in perfect condition for an extra 85 euro. Just like this one: https://www.bassico.eu/minibass/k.c.-strings-bass-buggie-bass-buggy/8837-0-0-8837-0.htm?cat=1131&produkt=255&l=EN And of course the elephant in the room: the bass is in Bilbao, North of Spain, and sending this instrument with a carrier would not be a good idea. Therefore this would only work in case someone is close enough to Bilbao to organize the handing out of the instrument (eventually establishing a mid-way place to meet). I can barely imagine this good fellow going to, just say, Stockholm... Anyway, if anybody is interested please just let me know and we discuss it. More pics in this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/y5Wn2tyzPHBTjVEU9
  2. Not only your heart is on tears right now. MLD's bass has been one of my standards on bass-beauty since I saw Melvin in a concert with Lee Ritenour here in Bilbao, rather long ago. Tonite I won't sleep properly. Curse you, Reiner!! 😭
  3. Price drop to 2,300 euro. For a 4,000 euro bass. Very rare to find second hand and in very good condition. 1,915 pounds for UK buyers.
  4. A day without playing the bass is like... just the kids.
  5. I have received some messages asking about the scratch on the top. The moment they tell you about it, you see it. The moment you forget about it, it is like it does not exist. It doesn't get bigger, it doesn't affect the playability in the least and visually it really does not catch your attention beyond the short distance. If you look at the pics you only really see it clearly in the close-up. Other than this nick the bass is in wonderful condition. And at a great price for this brand and model, just check out the market place and you can see it.
  6. Hi, Dan, and thanks for asking. Since this is a question that can be of interest for further UK buyers, I will answer in the thread. Yes, shipping from EU to UK may be tricky and expensive. You will have to pay your local VAT (21% in Spain, dunno about UK) + customs, and I assume that there will also be paperwork to be done... or paid for. As for the NS radius, I just knew of its existence when you asked about it and I googled it. Sorry, I can't help you much in that regard. Please further inquiries/offers/proposals per personal message. Best, Gorka
  7. I am selling this wonderful bass, manufactured by NS Design in the Czech Republic. I would not be selling it if it wasn’t because, after all, it is not a double bass. It is a hybrid instrument, with the fingerboard size and many characteristics of a double bass, albeit with a different approach to playing it. It has always been said that the NS instruments are ideal for those electric bass players who want to have a first contact with the “big brother”. It really is, I can tell after playing this one. The sound is definitely somewhere in between both worlds, rather especially if you change the original strings for double bass strings. Good news is that this one does already have DB strings, so you get it the way it has to be… 😉 As for the spechs, I copy them directly from Sweetwater (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CRDB4A--ns-design-cr4m-upright-bass-amber) : · Type: Electric Upright Bass · Number of Strings: 4 · Body Shape: CR4 Upright · Size: Compact · Left-/Right-handed: Right-handed · Color: Amber · Finish: Satin · Body Material: Solid Rock Maple, Flamed Maple veneer · Neck Material: Solid Rock Maple · Radius: 3.1" · Fingerboard Material: Ebony · Fingerboard Inlay: Cascading Dots · Scale Length: 41.73" · Tuners: 12: 1 Fully Encased Worm Gear · Bridge Material: Hard Maple · Electronics: EMG/Piezo Pickups · Case/Bag: Gig Bag · Manufacturer Part Number: CR4M-DB-AM This beauty is in Bilbao, Spain. It has been played, of course, but apart from a couple minor dings it is in great condition. Playability to 100% perfect. Retail prices for this one vary a bit, in Thomann it goes to 3,975 euro. I will ask for 2,375 euro (ca. 1,995 pounds as of today - now 2300 euro), which I think is a fair price. You can find aditional pics in the following link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/B6eWQhdkfKnK8m1GA
  8. Right now I am happy about Brexit. Otherwise this would be really too tempting. Great bass
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