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  1. 1217 pounds as of today for UK buyers... plus VAT and import taxes. Let's at least round it down to 1200. 1400 euro for the rest. I am in a real rush to sell (not really...), I'd better hurry up:
  2. As I already posted in another Forum: great bass and great seller. GLWTT, David. I still cannot believe that you want a different bass than this one.
  3. And sold. Thanks to interested and to Basschat, of course.
  4. Thanks, BlueMoon (aka keith). Making deals with you was really easy and a real pleasure. Hope you enjoy the bass. Un saludo, amigo.
  5. Great bass from a great seller. GLWTS, David.
  6. Great one, Antonio. Lovely bass. The only Jerzy I had turned out to be a great instrument. I can imagine how good this one must be. GLWTS
  7. I have the very same model. It is a killer instrument, nothing to do with the many "upright-fretless" around the market. This is a serious double bass. GLWTS.
  8. To be honest, I don't know about the current situation on that matter. So much more for an import that would go without an invoice... If anybody had any recent experience on the subject, I would really appreciate some feedback. Edit - There is in Basschat this very interesting thread on the topic:
  9. Well, personally I don't like it. Really, I don't. ... Damn, it didn' work: I still love it. GLWTS
  10. Up. I could consider trades + money in either direction. Just feel free to propose.
  11. Up. I could consider trades + money in either direction. Just feel free to propose.
  12. I will try to make a couple of better pictures whenever I have the time. In the mean time I am sharing the few, shaggy pics that I have.
  13. The few days are gone and the JCR comes back to normal price. Sorry, lads... 1400 euros (1263 pounds, as of today - still a very good price, I think)
  14. Yes, please. It will be interesting to know what was the best remedy to heal the swollen eye after the punch. You know, in case I propose something similar to my girlfriend in the future. In a total offtopic comment: what an amazing bass, dude.
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