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  1. I am selling my Fender Jazz Bass American Series fretless. It is a 2005 US made Fender, with a sweet maple fingerboard. The bass was originally fretted and it was taken by the previous owner to a well known luthier in Spain for the defretting and to protect the fingerboard with epoxy. The bass sings like a bird, with that peculiar, crying tone associated with the epoxy. It is a very lightweight bass, in very good condition. Just some light wear on the body, barely appreciable, and no real dings indeed. This nice Fender calls Bilbao-Spain home. I will ship it in the case that you can see in the pics. The price is 850 pounds/920 euro, delivery included.
  2. The bass was practically sold, but in the end things didn't work out. So it's still in business and up for grabs.
  3. I have the same model. Great, great bass and great price. GLWTS
  4. I have the same bass in the six strings configuration. Great instrument. GLWTS
  5. Man, that axe is ridiculous. B e a u t i f u l. GLWTS
  6. I recently aquired a bass through a trade. It is a very lovely bass, but regretably it has to go, I still have too many of them. So here you are: JCR Jazzbass 5, 24 frets, all at your disposal. JCR (Jaume Catalá Redondo) is a Spanish luthier that is beginning to get his well deserved recognition among the best in the continent. You have already seen in Basschat a number of his gorgeous products, and they are very fantastic. Many of his basses have an obvious source of inspiration in Fodera, but this bass is diferent. We are talking of a jazzbass design with 24 frets. It reminds me a lot of such models as the Mayones Hadrien Feraud bass. I hope the colleague Mustafunk does not mind if I take his previous ad for this very bass, so that you can find all the details and some soundclips/videos (definitely much better than anything I could record myself 😔). The price of this bass is 1400 euro. In that sense, the 1300 pound tag established in the ad is a maximum in case the pound rate goes down, but right now 1255 pounds will do the deal. The bass is in Bilbao - Spain, in very good condition except for some mini-scratches on the horns that barely appear in the pics. I would ship it in a hardcase, also in excellent condition. And talking about pics, here they go: More pics in this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZfScK2z69usT4t6j6 Specs are as follows: TOP: Maple Flamed BODY: American Alder NECK: Hard Maple Tension rod double action PREAM: Preamp Glockenklang 3 b (active pasive tone) PICKUPS: Delano MC 5 FE 1700 EB (quad coil) serie - single - paralell swich neck JMVC 5 FE TUNERS: Hipshot BRIDGE: ETS 18 space strings Weight : 3.9kg Scale 34 24 steel frets Best, Gorka
  7. I am always open to offers for my basses (please by PM).
  8. I already sold my 25th Anniversary, therefore I am gladly retiring from sale this sweet lady. If anybody has a 5 string US Sado that would likely trade for a 4 string, please contact me. Other than that, this bass is a keeper at this moment. Thanks to all people interested and I'll see you in the shed 😁.
  9. The bass is now sold to a gentleman who, I have the feeling, will give it good use. Give it love, Josef 😥
  10. Well, 1 ml = 1 gr. So in a sense that was correct... I guess 😁 Very, very nice 3302 ml of bass, in any case. GLWTS
  11. Very beautiful indeed. What's the weight of this sweet lady?
  12. Man, I just checked out your videos in Youtube... You have a new subscriber. Wonderful! The bass is really nice too.
  13. Due to the current downwards fluctuation of the pound, I cannot include delivery in the price anymore. Sorry, lads, it is 2550 pounds + shipping. If anybody feels tempted about this bass (which you should...), but wants to see in detail the dings I mentioned in the first post, you can find them in the following link: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNR7mATaUJ8n3aFJL2n6xk3sdTFCudl-w9uP3LCSwDN4Y72S9Bg-OnCpSfYPZ8Ekg?key=bF9kNFNOTXl0U0ZWYWY3Y1ZvZkd2alNneEtha0RB It is a 30 year old bass. Yeah, it has wrinkles. But aaaaall the wisdom (and the tone...).
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