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  1. Due to the current downwards fluctuation of the pound, I cannot include delivery in the price anymore. Sorry, lads, it is 2550 pounds + shipping. If anybody feels tempted about this bass (which you should...), but wants to see in detail the dings I mentioned in the first post, you can find them in the following link: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNR7mATaUJ8n3aFJL2n6xk3sdTFCudl-w9uP3LCSwDN4Y72S9Bg-OnCpSfYPZ8Ekg?key=bF9kNFNOTXl0U0ZWYWY3Y1ZvZkd2alNneEtha0RB It is a 30 year old bass. Yeah, it has wrinkles. But aaaaall the wisdom (and the tone...).
  2. Rainer, I have never seen any bass of yours in BC that was anything less than amazing. And they have been a few. I still have the Matt Garrison I bought from you. It was as good as new. GLWTS
  3. Right, the new "expensive" Warwick/Sadowskys are the Masterbuild. Sorry, I still have to get used to the new names. It is a gorgeous bass. Enjoy it
  4. Warwick Sado, right? How does it compare to the US models?
  5. Just yesterday, bro. Give me a break 😉 I answer you by PM.
  6. Losing a beautiful girlfriend is sad... But there's always another one with prettier blue eyes.
  7. Yes, it is. All 25th Anniversary instruments have, to the best of my knowledge, mahogany body and koa top.
  8. I am selling again the Jerzy. I barely use it, even now, that I am home all the time. Moreover, I would like to make space for some other type of instrument (possibly a fretless). So, ladies: I am all yours. Here is a recent recording I made at home with it. Please excuse the very low quality, I just did it using my cell phone.
  9. Gorgeus bass, by the way. Just mentioning... 😉
  10. 😁 Best add of the year. images.jfif
  11. I don't know if this one is simple. But it sure grooves all the way. Thanks for sharing.
  12. The pics of the pickups: Neck pickup: Bridge pickup: Nobody asked for these. But here you are nonetheless 😁:
  13. I will send a pic of each one when I have the time. Thanks to you
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