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  1. I used to play with a jazz band in the Bilbao area until a couple of years ago. Something totally amateur, just local gigs for fun and a few euro. I have two children and a 9 to 6 job. I managed to get into the local music school to learn upright and that was it: I had to quit the band due to total lack of time. It was bad, the other band members were some real buddies to me and I loved playing with them. I thought I would miss it so badly. I don't. Before I realized it was a part of myself that I had left behind for good. I am way too busy to miss it, as much as I loved it before. My life has other priorities that occupy my mind and make me feel good. Taking into account the personal situation that you describe, I am pretty sure that this will pan out for you in the same way. A hard decision, people that you love, the excitement of a gig... Once you start feeling better with your overall life it will be a sweet memory, but you will have better things moving on and you won't miss it that much.
  2. I was hesitating for a while if I'd better withdraw this bass. But the fact is that I have too many basses already, so I am pushing the ad up again. A brief note on the condition of the bass: the hole on top of the headstock has got indeed a chip. Actually two of them, one on each side, about a couple of milimetres, you can see them on the pics. I have never considered it a problem at all, but the issue came out in some private messages I exchanged, so I prefer to mention it here to avoid any further questions or eventual missunderstandings. The dings on the body are visible in the pictures. They are part of the reason for the low price of the bass. That being said, I think that it is more than fairly priced, therefore I may consider trade suggestions (eventually), but not bargaining on the price. For one pence less than this money I prefer keeping it for sure (and maybe even for this money, but that is nobody's problem but mine...) Best, Gorka
  3. It is a Jerzy Drozd Basic 5. Not sure about the construction year, apparently no spring chicken (despite its excellent playing condition). I will check out the serial number at home and send it to you per personal message, so that we don't push the ad any more for the time being. Thanks to everyone for the excellent feedback and for the questions.
  4. The string spacing is 18 mm. I don't care selling international (outside the EU), but I'd rather that the buyer organizes the delivery in this case, to avoid any problems. Please take into account that there would be import fees to be paid.
  5. I am also beginning to regret it. And I didn't sell it yet... 😄 Pumkinkin, I will check out the string spacing when I can. The switches are, to the best of my memory, passive/active and a frequency selector. I will check it out again when the job/kids/home thing grants me some free time.
  6. Now up for grabs this beautiful Jerzy Drozd 5 strings bass. A great bass with the following specs: Aguilar Preamp 3 bands active/passive Etiome body Ebony fingerboard Maple neck 35" scale Weight: 4 kg. I used to have doubts about the 35" scale, but this bass has erased them all. I can barely find any difference to my 34" basses in the ergonomy or the feeling at playing. It is extremely easy to play, with great balance and an amazing build quality. A wonderful instrument that really makes justice to the fame of the builder. The Jerzy has some cosmetic wear that can be seen in the pictures. It has already been -generously- applied to the final price of 980 pounds. It is located in Bilbao - Spain. Cheers, Gorka
  7. Tons of trade offers. But it is still available.
  8. The pound is on the rise again. £2450 for this one will cut it at this point.
  9. The pound is on the rise again. £2800 will do it for me at this point.
  10. Some of the best electronics in the market in an instrument with 27 year old woods. And in very good condition.
  11. Up for a very special bass, signed by Roger Sadowsky and with top-notch woods and components. Construction year is 2004, as you can see on the rear of the headstock. The bass is a real player.
  12. For sale a beautiful Sadowsky NYC 4 Strings. Build in 1992, with the VTC installed at a later point. Weight: 3.7Kg The bass has been thoroughly played and it shows a couple of minor cosmetic dings, that you can see on the pictures. The playability, tone and general usability of the bass remain 100% intact. The instrument is in Bilbao, Spain. No problem come along and check it out in person if anybody is in the area. Price: 2550 Pounds/ 2880 Euro, which is a more than fine price taking into account the retail prices for these instruments at the moment (especially in Europe)
  13. For sale a gorgeous Sadowsky 25th Anniversary made in USA. Koa top, ebony fingerboard. 4.00 kg (8.8 pounds, I think). Sadowsky preamp with VTC. It was a very limited edition of 25 units, this is the number 9. The bass has been thoroughly played and displays some cosmetic marks, that are visible on the pictures. The working condition of the instrument is 100% perfect and the tone is, of course, a dream. The price is 3300 euro/2900 pounds, with the original Sadowsky semihard case. The instrument is in Bilbao (Spain).
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