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  1. I twice used a borrowed Orange setup. With an acoustic folk singer-songwriter, it was an Orange Terror and was ok on bass guitar, although it only seemed to have two settings: off, and extremely loud. The other time, a straight-ahead jazz gig on upright, I can't remember exactly which Orange it was - it might have been a combo - but I struggled to get a good sound from it.
  2. You wouldn't gain any quality going through both a Zoom and MXR. The MXR on its own should be better quality than the Zoom on its own, because the MXR is all analogue. In contrast, the Zoom first has to convert from analogue to digital, then digital back to analogue. It has to do the double conversion even when it's in bypass mode. Having said that, I used Zoom pedal for years and could not hear any issues. The advantage to the MXR (or any analogue system with real knobs) is that you can see at a glance what your settings are, and tweaking is really easy of course. On the Zoom (or any digital system), you have to dig around in the menu system. MXR are very well made kit. I used the MXR M81 DI which is very clean and has the useful semi-parametric mids.
  3. The circuit for a fully-open tone control would be a resistor and capacitor in parallel to the pickup.
  4. You can't do this on the B3 because the limit is three simultaneous effects, so you could only have: (1) compressor, (2) preamp, & (3) any other effect. However, you could on the newer B3n (which has five slots). You can choose which of the five are controlled by the three footswitches. So (1) compressor & (2) preamp, not assigned to any footswitch; leaving you with slots 3, 4, and 5 for any three other effects, controlled by the three footswitches. You can use any Boss-shaped 9V power supply. The official current draw for B3 and B3n is 500mA. I know for B3 you should be fine with 200mA; not sure about B3n.
  5. Sounds like you want a P bass! I had a G&L L2500 which was really nice. Similar to Lozz196, I spent my time trying to dial it in to sound like a P bass. It gets quite close but yes in the end, I sold it and got a P bass. There's a P bass available at every budget. I got a Classic Vibe 70s P, knowing I had the option to return it and move up the price point if I wasn't happy. But I like it a lot and kept it, and ended up getting a second CV 60s P as well. You can get two CV for the price of one Player. I keep them set up slightly differently, to cover all eventualities: one has flats and the other has slightly different flats 😀
  6. Checking my old sales, mine was 4.2kg on a bathroom scale (not the most accurate method).
  7. Yes, connect ground and shield together. The pots might already provide a connection to the cavity shielding. Check with a multimeter? Often all grounds connect to the same physical point: the back of a pot, or a lug screwed into the cavity.
  8. I'm not completely sure what you're asking for. At first, you say you want to sound like an ACME Motown DI, but cheaper; but then you also say "transparent and uncoloured [...] just a pure DI signal". But the ACME is designed specifically to colour the signal to sound like the console from the Motown studio. For Motown, try a TC Electronics MojoMojo on the lower gain settings. Then what I do for live use is go through an RCF powered speaker (which is transparent and uncoloured); or at home, use the phones output of a Behringer interface. Or if you're otherwise happy with the Veyron, run it into a headphone amp or interface.
  9. Just completed another sale with Mike, with his usual good comms and fast payment. Thanks Mike!
  10. 45, 65, 85, 105 Long scale (standard) https://www.labella.com/products/760fs-deep-talkin-bass-flats-standard-45-105/ I bought these only last week, but have since decided to change to a heavier set as the 760FS are too similar to my other bass. Cut for a precision bass. £32 posted within UK Now sold
  11. But I like the overdrive and the tuner in the MicroBass 3. I'll contact EBS and have them make a jrixn1 signature edition pedal!
  12. Does it help if you lower the pickups on the bass side?
  13. "Plastic/synthetic" is a bit broad as there is crappy plastic vs TUSQ. I've occasionally had crappy plastic nuts break, but never had a problem with TUSQ.
  14. Reduced to £25 posted.
  15. Yes, and I'm glad it does - sounds great with my P bass. It's my almost ideal pedal; just a HPF on channel A would make it perfect.
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