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  1. From whom? I didn't see any such requests.
  2. Agree - although I don't think he wrote Girl from Ipanema; that was Antonio Jobim.
  3. I don't think Jerry Jemmott's been mentioned yet, who played a jazz with flats. Jaco once described himself as "I’m doing a very bad imitation of Jerry Jemmott"
  4. What is your bass? (P bass with flats...) Try a SolidGoldFX Beta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcDP4uYwKsI (Not me.)
  5. On a similar vein - perhaps it's anachronistic, but a 5-string Limelight.
  6. This would be cool. There's a couple I've seen that on the face of it might have it - Warwick LWA 1000, Phil Jones BP-800 - but I'm unsure if the aux signal is routed through to the speaker and DI outputs - in which case it wouldn't be that useful.
  7. jrixn1

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    I double on acoustic upright and electric bass guitar, and I've just picked up a MicroBass 3. Primarily (of course) it needs to sound really good on both instruments; but after that what stands out for me are the routing options: I can connect and level-balance both my basses; DI (in fact it has two); aux input for receiving a monitor feed, if I'm using in-ears. whether using in-ears or an on-stage speaker, I can adjust the volume I hear my bass without affecting FOH. I've been noodling about tonight at home and it sounds good. Next gig is on Saturday so can test it out for real then. To answer the previous poster's question: as well as the drive knob itself there are two additional switches affecting the drive character: LO/HI and THIN/NEUTRAL/DEEP. I'm getting a nice hint of break-up using LO and NEUTRAL. Photo, including almost-matching-colour custom in-ears monitor cable (XLR to mini jack):
  8. Personally I am confused by drop D because the intervals between strings change - but I did play for a while in standard D (i.e. all strings down a tone: DGCF), for me it made a lot more sense; so that might be another option.
  9. Perhaps for solid colours - but no bass should ever have a sunburst headstock... (IMHO)
  10. It's even worse in OP's case, since he isn't organizing the courier and so won't have access to proof of delivery or even proof of postage.
  11. MXR M81 is good quality and small. Around £100 used. Parametric mids. Depends on your requirements, as there's no overdrive - it's very clean.
  12. Do you mean you will ultimately use them for FOH, when you've moved to in-ears? I think that might change things just because the best speaker for backline/monitoring might be different from the best FOH speaker. E.g. in my band we have QSC K8 for FOH which seem to work well - but I wouldn't want to use that as a monitor. NB we have subs too with those.
  13. I'm playing upright and five-string bass guitar. I had HD10 and for me it was enough most of the time... but I felt I was sometimes getting to its limits. Then I bought a second HD10 and that was really good... but I didn't like carrying around and setting up two things instead of one. So I now have a 732A and very happy.
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