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  1. I also have the KZ ZS10 linked above, and I'm happy with them. Not sure you can do a lot better for the £30 or so that they cost. One thing is you'll probably need an extension cable as well, unless you're going to stand very very close to the preamp.
  2. jrixn1

    Pedals in loops

    Yep that's what happened to me 😁
  3. jrixn1

    Zoom B1 Four

    I found the Gramma Pad reduces boom on wooden stages. I don't have a thumpinator, but this video of a Zoom HPF seems convincing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW68APOjOkI
  4. I've been using a stack of velcro cable ties. Use shorter pieces to adjust for string height or angling differences. Also choose the correct colour to match the bass.
  5. jrixn1


    Or Barefaced One10 in a cajon bag. Photo from this thread - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/288720-on-hold-barefaced-one10class-d-amp-bag-cajon-bag/
  6. jrixn1


    Bass on back, QSC K12 in its tote bag.
  7. Perhaps it might be a match for this person? https://www.facebook.com/groups/BassPlayersMarketUK/permalink/2449469745064639/
  8. I used to have a GK MB210 (the 500W combo version with the 2x10). I also still have a Harley Benton BA500H which is pretty much the same thing as the Promethean. It is my back-up amp and it sounds really nice with a P bass with flats through an old 1x15 cab and my particular playing style. I would say yes, it's easier to dial in a warmer tone compared to the GK. But there are so many variables involved. To take a different approach - how about a Zoom MS-60B, B3, or B1 pedal? You can plug this into your GK. It has many amp emulations built in, and flicking through them and tweaking is a lot quicker and cheaper than buying & selling heads when you are searching for your best sound or experimenting with all the options.
  9. For these gigs with good/large PA & sound person provided, shouldn't the drummers hear the bass via their own monitors, rather than via your Super Twin? Which way do you turn the volume dial on your amp if (say) the drummer wants more bass, but the singer wants less bass?
  10. I'd advise against a bass that doesn't inspire you to pick it up and play.
  11. I'm in a function band playing everything from Alexander's Ragtime Band to Uptown Funk I use a Zoom multi-effects pedal, but I only have two patches: one for upright and one for bass guitar. The bass guitar patch has compressor, amp sim, slight overdrive, and a high-pass filter. To be honest, I only added the compressor last month and I haven't noticed any difference - the only reason I know I have it is because I just checked my settings for the purposes of replying to this thread If you lose volume up the fretboard are you sure there isn't another cause - perhaps an instrument setup or stage monitoring issue? I use every note on the bass guitar at some point (I think Sir Duke hits the top fret) but I haven't come across this problem. My basses are nothing that special - a Squier VM P and a Yamaha BB.
  12. I thought shelf reduces by a fixed amount, whereas the hpf will keep on reducing. If you'll excuse the lame diagram... blue = shelf green = hpf
  13. Ah yes, I was going with the "twice the fundamental" rule of thumb. I haven't actually got the Low EQ effect installed yet - computer issues - but once I do I was thinking of having one hpf at 60Hz and a second at 30Hz. This is how the the fdeck "12+12" filter works.
  14. The answer probably already exists but buried in the hpf thread somewhere - remind why you use shelf instead of hpf? FWIW I run my hpf at 60Hz (also for a 5-string).
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