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  1. Anyone looking for a London luthier, I would always recommend Laurence Dixon. Sharing his crowdfunder: https://payitforward.london.gov.uk/help-the-bass-place-see-2021
  2. jrixn1

    Bass ID.

  3. Perhaps I have misunderstood the situation - but why not get a second BG250-210 as a backup? It will be about half the price of an 800W head, and (as I'm sure you know) it will weigh about half as much as the Peavey 410TX. Or if you mean you occasionally need a louder setup - you could use both BG250s at the same time.
  4. Sorry, that might have been me saying: "One thing perhaps worth considering is using the key of Db instead of the key of C#" If so, my wording was too British i.e. it may have read like I was making a suggestion - but it wasn't a suggestion 😀 What I actually meant was: Never use C# major! Always use Db major, because the rule is to choose the key with the fewest accidentals. I see your Mr Big Stuff chart has six sharps; that is actually F# major. I think D# major is one of the ugliest keys; I believe it is 5 sharps and 2 double-sharps! The notes of the D# major scale are: D# E# F## G# A# B# C## D#. Eb is the correct key to use here, as it has only 3 flats: Eb F G Ab Bb C D Eb.
  5. It's clearest if you join together the tails of all notes which fall in the same beat: Personally I like to do the same with rests as well, although not everyone does:
  6. Good choice to go with La Bellas - but even though it is indeed a short-scale bass, there is a special set for string-through Mustangs: https://www.labella.com/products/760f-mus-stainless-steel-flat-wound-30-scale/ - "includes a 1.75" flexible tail by the ball-end" (the part of the string which goes through the body).
  7. Yes exactly, marketing buzz... "full range" but only within a certain range 😁
  8. This one, https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g212a_fr_active_cabinet.htm ? "open back cabinet" "90Hz-20kHz" Afraid it'll be no good for bass.
  9. jrixn1

    Small pedal board

    I've used a Pedaltrain Booster when I had two small pedals. https://www.thomann.de/gb/pedaltrain_pb2.htm https://www.thomann.de/gb/pedaltrain_pb3.htm
  10. Perhaps. But first, if you're not already, flatwounds?
  11. There's another scam with PayPal which goes like this: Buyer genuinely pays with PayPal and collects the item in person. Buyer subsequently opens a dispute with PayPal claiming the item was not received. PayPal requests a proof of delivery from the seller. This cannot be produced (because it doesn't exist, because item was not sent through a postal service); PayPal sides with the buyer. You made the correct move here: i.e. never use PayPal for a transaction made in person.
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