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  1. I've had the same experience having moved to PA speakers - it's the best sound I've ever had, both on bass guitar and upright. I play in a variety of line-ups and venues, most of which don't have the best on-stage acoustics - but I can always hear myself clearly, and the speaker responds well and predictably to any EQ or amp sims I apply.
  2. Depends on how long or short they have been cut. I have some Fender flats which were originally cut for a (5-string) G&L 2500 - a 3+2 headstock - so the G string is very short. But it stays on a 4-string P bass with just 1.5 winds. It was slightly reluctant to be strung up initially; but once there, it's stable - no tuning issues, it's never fallen off, etc. An amber ATK 300.
  3. This page might help narrow it down: https://www.ridc.org.uk/features-reviews/out-and-about/choosing-car/car Go to the 'Boot' section and play around with the width filters e.g. 'Width of boot floor at narrowest point' should be at least the length of your bass case.
  4. Are you able to record and upload a clip of you playing the bass? Then people might be able to say if something sounds wrong to them, or if that's just what a P bass with La Bellas is meant to sound like (as alluded in your opening post - perhaps it turns out it is just not your preferred sound).
  5. Happy with my Cuvave Cube Turner. I paid £24, although the eBay seller I bought it from has since disappeared.
  6. The Traveler 102p comes in 4ohm and 8ohm versions. You need it to be the 8ohm version or this won't work. Don't use the preamp out, and there is no slave amp involved (i.e. a second, standalone amp head) - unless I've misunderstood. What you want to do is run a speaker cable from 'speaker out' on the back of the Jeff Berlin into the cab's input.
  7. Halfords motorcycle maintenance charger 1.25 amp "The safe and economical way to charge your motorcycle's battery" Suitable for 12V batteries, for bikes up to 1200cc. Rarely used - in very good condition Selling as I no longer own a suitable bike. £20 posted in UK.
  8. Swiff Audio mini tuner http://www.swiffmusic.com/en/product/digitalpiano/337.html I've also seen the same item branded as a 'RockStock Nano tuner'. https://www.rockstockpedals.com/product/nano-tuner/ This is very tiny - pictured below next to MojoMojo for comparison. I've been using it at live gigs with no problems to tune five-string bass guitar and upright. I've recently gone back to using a Zoom pedal - which has a built-in tuner - so the Swiff is now surplus to requirements. Comparable in speed and accuracy to the Zoom tuner. Just the tuner for sale - no box, manual, or power supply. £18 posted in UK. Update: now sold
  9. Suggest if possible that you remove the ability to customize text colour. E.g. presuming this looks fine on a dark theme, but it's close to unreadable on the default theme. CC @will4bass
  10. You could even get an IEC splitter. However, I still don't completely understand the original problem... With your current wireless system, you have to run power to the amp, and power to the pedalboard = a total of two cable runs. If you move to the pedalboard amp system (even if you find an amp which supplies power to the pedals), you have to run power to the pedalboard, and a speaker cable from the pedalboard to the cab = a total of two cable runs i.e. the same amount of cabling. What difference does it make if it's a power cable or a speaker cable?
  11. TC Electronic Spectracomp https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0DDP No box £50 posted Now sold
  12. TC Electronic MojoMojo https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0DDI Some velcro residue on rear No box £30 posted Update: now sold
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