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  1. Do they still make these? I only saw a used one, on eBay for £799. If that's the going rate, I'd rather get a brand new RCF 732A for £599. I've been using mine for three years now and couldn't be happier.
  2. Hi @stewblack, yes collection is fine from central Bristol, or I can meet you somewhere convenient. Before submitting the original ad, I searched EVERYWHERE for the original tuners, and could not find them. Then when I saw your message just now, I suddenly thought of one last place I hadn't looked - and would you believe they were right there! So the option exists for me to reinstall the stock tuners and reduce the price to £250. Additionally, all four strings now included 😊 (a new set of Adagio flats, which arrived this morning). I also have a pristine TGI "Extreme" gig bag (this one: https://www.peachguitars.com/tgi-gigbag-bass-guitar-extreme-series-.htm) which I can add for £35.
  3. You have the large poles, I think, but do you know which ones? https://www.delano.de/pickup_overview/pc_5/pc_5_listing.html One has "the classic P-Bass® with slightly more attack, punchy bass and dynamic"; the other has "Tight, lightning-fast transients on top of meaty full range 5-string, ultra precision bass tone" Not that I can comment on the difference - but someone else might?
  4. Can you not also go through the PA, and as a result lower your stage volume?
  5. For sale only: Squier Classic Vibe 60s Precision Bass £275 posted. Update: now sold All the specs are here: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/squier-electric-basses/precision-bass/classic-vibe-60s-precision-bass/0374510500.html?rl=en_US Body: Poplar Fingerboard: Indian Laurel Nut width: 1.685" (42.8mm) Weight: about 3.5kg (7lb 12oz). The bridge is a replacement. The tuners have been replaced with Hipshot Licensed Ultralites (worth £64). Photos show only three strings, but bass has since been restrung with a new set of Adagio flats.
  6. Price lowered to £975. Bass is in Bristol if you want to collect, or I can possibly deliver/meet halfway, or can post in a Hiscox hard case. Some clips attached. The first half of each clip is playing along to a backing track; then the second half is just the isolated bass. both-pickups.mp3 bridge-pickup.mp3 neck-pickup.mp3 series-mode.mp3
  7. How certain are you about this? I thought the Sandberg push-pull pot is a 'bypass' switch rather than an 'off' switch, and that the battery still runs down even in bypass mode. However, I am not 100% certain.
  8. Could you get a better PA for these larger gigs? Even if you rig your Little Stubby into a power amp, how will the audience now hear the drums properly at these outdoor gigs?
  9. https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/338-poptart/
  10. Doesn't this apply? https://www.gov.uk/guidance/transfer-of-residence-to-great-britain
  11. Similar experience here. Our previous drummer would be playing softly swinging background music in a garden wedding marquee one weekend, then touring German festivals playing to however many 10,000s of people with his rap metal band the next.
  12. But you (the customer) do pay for that insurance - that's one reason that plumbers are expensive. If a courier had comparable insurance i.e. which covered even the most expensive items by default, the cost of sending a package would go up for all customers, the majority of whom are just after the cheapest option and so would go with a competitor. There does exist a completely different tier of couriers: same-day couriers, who take your item directly from A to B; but as they generally only take one item at a time, so this cost works out at more like a couple of quid per mile, which only makes sense if your item is worth many £1000s+. Unfortunately there is no in-between model, so I think people who send £500-£1500 items (e.g. bassists) are stuck somewhere in the middle.
  13. Do you just need a mono/stereo adapter? https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-signal/psg02770/6-35mm-jack-adaptor-st-skt-to/dp/AV17285
  14. The headphones amp does take a battery though, if you're checking batteries! If it's not that, it does sound like something is wrong. A mismatched impedance might sound a bit tinny but I wouldn't expect no output at all.
  15. Hmm, the WAV is passive, I think. Which model is it?
  16. Sounds like a reasonable idea - give it a go. I have a four-string tuned to DGCF, and I can swap between that and EADG fine for tunes I know. Less so if I'm sight-reading, but it could be fixed with some practice. Down-tuning lowers the string tension though, so that's something to bear in mind.
  17. I have not exactly this one but something like it: https://www.robertdyas.co.uk/pro-craft-folding-hand-truck , plus some bungees. It's good for keeping in a car since it folds flat (the plate folds up and wheels fold in 90°), and you can also use it for things which aren't double basses; e.g. amp/cab.
  18. Buy it online from somewhere else i.e. have it sent to your house. You then have the statutory right to return it for a full refund. You will have to pay the cost to return it (courier £15?), but that is still a lot less than 20% of its value.
  19. This is an fdeck HPF-pre clone made by 4114 Effects. Only selling as I've bought a preamp which has a built-in adjustable HPF. 12 dB/octave HPF, cutoff adjustable from 35 to 140 Hz. Input impedance 10 MegOhms Phase (polarity reversal) switch Powered by 9V DC £65 posted within UK. Edit: now sold
  20. Hi @Alanbass Yes, you can connect an external device through the aux in, and use it as a headphone practice amp. That is the way I used it a lot of the time at gigs, except the external device to the aux in was the PA mixer instead of a phone/computer. I'm no audiophile, but I was happy with the headphone amp, which sounds clear, doesn't introduce buzzing or other noise, and has enough power to go louder than is comfortable for my ears.
  21. I would guess the ones on eBay for £25 to be as sturdy as a banana. If it's of interest as comparison @marvin spangles, I got some quotes last year: Thwaites had three grades of (fixed) bridge, £235-£375 fitted; adjusters were then an additional £200 fitted. Bridgewood & Neitzert had four grades of bridges, £200-£350 fitted; adjusters were £70 + £75 for fitting. Or they could fit the £70 adjusters to my existing bridge for £150 (I didn't completely understand why it's more work if I'm supplying the bridge: his words were "it's more fiddly").
  22. For sale: EBS MicroBass 3 This has been the cornerstone of my doubling setup (upright and bass guitar), or can also be used with a single instrument giving a switchable and blendable drive channel. I have used it both with on-stage amplification and in-ears, with excellent sound quality and completely dependable. Only selling as I have switched to the quite-similar EBS Stanley Clarke preamp. Physically connect one or two instruments Two-channel preamp with clean and drive channels. They can be run independently, blended in parallel, or in series. Semi-parametric mids on both channels Effects loop (mono or stereo) Clean channel has compressor, and character & bright switches Drive channel has switches for high/low gain and thin/default/deep type Two XLR DI outputs: either pre & post, or stereo if using stereo effects. Headphone amp Aux input Tuner EBS website: https://ebssweden.com/content2/effects/ebs-microbass-3-professional-outboard-preamp/ Video overview from BassTheWorld: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14txFFZ1ei0 Boxed and with power supply. £250 including insured UK postage.
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    Hmmm 🤔 so when the pedal is connected to the Ashdown, it works; but when it's connected to the RH750, it doesn't work? Perhaps the pedal has an intermittent fault, and by chance it just happened to work when you tried it with the Ashdown. It definitely can't "know" which amp you're plugging it into!
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    The line driver out won't come into play here; it's for sending a signal to a mixing desk (for recording, or to go to a PA). You say you can't get the pedal to work - do you mean you can hear your normal bass sound ok but the chorus effect is not added? Or that you get silence? When you press the footswitch, does the light come on? How are you powering it: battery or AC/DC adapter?
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