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  1. Hipshot HB7s aren't exactly the same screw holes as the Squier tuners, they look the same as the MIM tuners but they aren't, close but not close enough so you have to fill the holes with cocktail sticks and wood glue and then the HB7s fit fine once you predrill new holes, and the change is invisible, but if you want to revert to Squier tuners say when selling you'll have to do the same again
  2. is the maple neck a one piece neck with truss rod in the back or a 2 piece with separate fretboard, if one piece probably better to get a neck made, maybe ask Status ? I recently bought a Jazz with Status fretless neck and it is superb, great tone and great to play. I did a defret on a mini Jazz some years ago, biggest problem was the lack of choice of strings for short scale fretless I couldn't find anyone in the UK offering epoxy board work, there must be someone, just not easy to find, same with suitable epoxy but information seems sparse. I don't do FB so may be constrained by that sometimes
  3. I figured I'd be better off working through Ariane's course on SBL and working through her book in addition rather than doing Scott's add on at high cost course; there's so much on the normal SBL to do without buying more courses, which was the whole point of SBL originally I looked at the course once and am still getting almost daily emails about it, I only really looked to see if it was $200 or $150
  4. so will BD replace it or will they just go with LaBella's response and say not their problem
  5. Fender spec (depending on pickups it does vary) is 3.1mm E to 2.4mm G so try starting with both pickups at that and then adjust the bridge pickup to balance with the neck and then adjust to find best balance between strings, A string is often hardest to get balanced with a Jazz pickup in my experience, the Entwhistle pickups with adjustable pole pieces worked well for that just moving the pole peices 1/4 to half a turn did the trick I've recently moved my pickups further away on one instrument and got a to my ear better sound without much loss of volume (P bass 3.9-3.6mm starting height recommended by one UK pickup maker) It can depend on strings as well, I tend to nickel flats 45-105 Trial and error using you ear, there is no definitive right height
  6. if he relists it then its his mate shill bidding trying to land a mug punter between them, worth reporting, ebay can check the history
  7. Lightly used super mini 250W bass head, with TC Electronic TonePrint functionality, powerful cut and boost, onboard tuner, mute switch. Fits in many Bass gig bags, or slip in your personbag etc. for portability, weighs less than 2kg. Has some heft for the size and power rating in my experience, fan is reasonably quiet. I dropped my Freeze pedal and it took a very slight glancing blow on the front top right corner, scratched the handle, pictured You need Android 6 now to run TonePrint App for uploads through your phone via the strings of your bass, I don't know the exact specs for iPhone or PC/Tablet Apps, I have TonePrint_4_3_01_02 on my PC so can upload via USB Cut and Boost at Different Frequencies Bass: [email protected] / [email protected] Mid: [email protected] / [email protected] Treble: [email protected],800Hz / [email protected],150Hz 6 Effect Types Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato Octaver, SpectraComp, Bass Drive Price includes tracked courier shipping, with mains lead, well packed. We are still on lockdown here in Wales. Now sold elsewhere 24/06/2020
  8. studded back for comfort
  9. I bought a Phil Jones head and cab from Marc who was super efficient with booking shipping, packed in original boxes with all paperwork and safely shipped and delivered, and they sound great, such a clean sound, really happy, many thanks
  10. Tony sold me the lovely Windmill Jazz bass that he'd recently acquired and shipped it to me,(obviously usurped by the Sei), restrung and all good, many thanks
  11. it's up for sale again on Reverb, or one just like it
  12. Richard sold me his EBS amplifier, all in original packing, bubble wrapped to the max and quickly and safely delivered, many thanks
  13. Sussex Soundhouse have got D'Addario ENR70 half rounds at a decent price, I bought a set a couple of weeks ago, came inside 5 days https://sussexsoundhouse.co.uk/products/daddario-xl-half-rounds-bass-strings-enr70-long-40-95?variant=31743285755989&currency=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItNyUkpTZ6QIVhrTtCh2EqgaOEAYYAiABEgLEG_D_BwE
  14. is the new pot exactly the same as the original, it's the only thing that's been changed so I'd suspect that, why did it need to be replaced ? Just because it's new doesn't mean that it's not faulty, and if it is preloved then even more reason to suspect it
  15. I think this was Andy's first purchase on the forum, we spoke on the phone to complete the deal, bank transfer, and then patiently waited for Parcelforce and in the end had to go and collect it from their local depot as they didn't show any sign of delivering it, but all good, top chap, thank you
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