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  1. something from these guys would do the job https://www.textileenterprises.co.uk/product/ball-loops/ and [email protected] has one of the originals left and would ship to the uk
  2. Picture of the damage, the bass was well wrapped in bubble wrap and inside a strong cardboard box and no apparent damage to the box in transit but this cracking of the varnish was evident on first inspection; I thought that the damage, which is slight, just hadn't been declared, I didn't know it had happened in transit; the bass plays fine but John quickly offered to take it back so I returned it to him. I asked @Andyjr1515 opinion if it could have been caused by cold shock as I had tried to be very careful about bringing the package up to room temperature before opening it in the evening, it had been well below freezing here first thing in the morning so the package was very cold when delivered and had been in the workshop which is unheated all day
  3. Asked about the Roqsolid cab cover, I keep my cab at work so protects when being moved and keeps the dust off in the workshop, this is the standard Ampguard model with the felt lining; blue binding no pockets or flap covers, it goes all the way almost to the floor with the standard feet fitted to the cab, worth repeating the link https://www.amplifiercoversonline.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=102&products_id=8339
  4. I was really impressed with the cover, the BC discount and the free cable bag that came with it, I phoned them up and said so, top service. I have blue trim on the cover to match the cab of course
  5. surplus piece of port and felt here, you have pm
  6. unfortunately that is what the market thought it was worth that day where it was, we have all lost money buying and selling things
  7. Facebook generally is more local, if the items that you are selling are collection only on here or ebay they will be harder to shift; I'm interested in your fretless bass but it would take me a day to drive to yours and back so impractical and cost me more than the bass itself, if it was shipping included I'd have bought it, and I bet several others have thought the same yes if buying a £2k bass you'd probably want to travel and try it first but a sub £200 one is just a nothing much to lose impulse purchase if you are serious about selling stuff, on ebay then chose a low start price auction and it will sell for what the market thinks its worth, if you want what you think its worth it needs to be well described, usp and clickbait sales terms, good value, comparable in quality and price to the recent actually sold items of that type and be somewhere populous if it is collect only generally though there are buyers who buy rubbish and fakes at inflated prices
  8. Thanks for posting this Rob, nice work, the whole book should keep you busy for months Obviously you could mix acoustic and amplified signals depending on how you record it for a best of both worlds sound Thanks for the demonstration of the Ibanez bass, I'm tempted by @Treegirl's one that is for salen at the moment but like many am skint for a month; also interesting to read you comment about the fingerboard markers distracting from the edge markers, but it will be useful for anyone looking at this bass
  9. Steve pmd me about this with a link to this post and I replied to him after I'd opened the link which opened in another window not realising that I was replying to the post instead of the pm, and I couldn't offer an answer hence this odd post, hopefully someone will be able to help
  10. I find the Pahoehoe strings do suit the solid body UBass but they are a bit one dimensional and stretch and stretch and stretch for ages and then once stable still stretch a bit; I did try the Pyramid steels on my 5 string but it couldn't take it as the US made model doesn't (certainly didn't) have a truss rod and the neck wanted to bend under the tension. The Kala SUB Ubasses do have truss rod (my 4 string does) so steel strings might work well on those, I just haven't tried them as the Pyramid strings had so much tension they marked the bridge which is only fairly low grade Rosewood and for what I do I actually find the standard strings fine. On my Tanglewood acoustic Ukebass I prefer the ThunderRed strings as thinner and better feel and tuning stability to the white ones, especially the Chinese supplied ones which may not be genuine Aquila. Magnus is a great UBassist so hopefully he will post up this thread as he is on this forum @basmagnus
  11. Thanks, I must admit I was thinking of a couple of racing stripes straight down the grill or maybe across the corner like a Mustang, but should the stripes be blue or white ? So I left it black for now, easy enough to mod in the future.
  12. Finally got some time and space to paint my cab and finish it off. It has been an interesting process for me and nice to do something different like working with wood and paint rather than gears and lumps of metal. Fortunately this warmer weather over the last few weeks has meant the workshop hasn't been too cold for the paint, curing times have been a little slower but with the water based paint it has worked okay, and I'm pretty happy with the finish. I found that as the roller became more soaked with paint (I just put it in a plastic bag between coats rather than clean it each time, as advised on the TuffCab instructions) it tended to skip a little so for the last two coats I used a second almost clean roller for finishing once I'd applied the paint with the heavily impregnated roller and that way I was able to get the subtle ripple effect with the slow and light technique, especially on the front edges which I couldn't do with the loaded roller. I chose TurboBlue for mine, partly because I like the colour, have a blue camper van and matching blue bass and partly because the unit I trade out of was one of the workshops that was used to build TurboSound PA cabinets in the 80's and early 90's, so it's a little bit of a homage/tribute to that era. Back in 1986/7 I was part of a PA system in Newcastle and we had a couple of Turbosound cabs to start with, they were great sounding, powerful and compact, but kept burning out drivers so we did change to Martin Audio after about 6 months, but I have fond memories of our first new build rig. Many thanks to Stevie for the ready painted grill it made finishing it off pretty easy I have briefly tried it with both a TC BH250 and a Hartke LH500 (new to me) and it's pretty impressive, very clear, sounds great at low volume but goes well loud without a problem retaining that clarity. Interestingly the TC gets louder with less 'volume' than the Hartke does and flat out they don't seem that much different despite their power difference, the TC seems to give a good bit more volume than expected into 8 ohms. Both amps are single volume types without a gain and master volume set up, both are class D output, the Hartke has a valve preamp which seems quite subtle upto about 6 and half then goes into full on heft mode.
  13. Many thanks to Steve for selling me his attractively priced Hartke LH500, packing it well with a little help from his cat, and shipping it across to me in time for the new year and new cab, great comms, a pleasure to do business with
  14. Bought a set of nicely priced Kent Armstrong PBass picks from Mike, easy and quick delivery even in the run up to Christmas, thank you 👍
  15. Aidan63


    Many thanks for nice bits and bobs beautifully and swiftly packaged and dispatched, top man
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