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  1. Geoff bought my VM Jazz which I offered him in response to his wanted ad, nice friendly comms, swift payment and great feedback, top man, I thank you, enjoy it
  2. I tried contacting the current UK distributor about a just out of warranty double 4 and didn't get any response, it works but at reduced volume, I guess one half of power amp section has failed; didn't get much satisfaction with the shop that sold it to me either. I don't do FB otherwise I'd have been having a go at them both on there, seems like unless you call them out on social media many businesses don't care these days
  3. Okay I have been getting on with my cab, 009, a few hours at a time when I can make time and space in the workshop It's a great kit, has gone together okay, the only real problem I had was the handle having holes almost in the right place was worse than not having any holes at all trying to line it up so handle was parallel with the face of the cab and then either opening up the holes or re-drilling them completely, anyway I tightened one handle screw when it wasn't lined up and ended up breaking a little bit of the plastic, ended up using a couple of coach screws at each end of the handle but will probably change to some counter sunk machine screws on final fit with nuts and washers, just need to find the right length in black Other than that my chiselling a channel for the speaking connector to sit in was a bit oversized and so I added a frame to the inside for extra support long term, glued and pinned it shouldn't come adrift One corner still not quite shaped to fit the corner protector and final fill and sand to do before painting, it will be a couple of weekends before it's finished I didn't have clamps long enough for clamping the top and bottom so resorted to weight to hold these in place while glue set - it would have been better with another 6 clamps really to be able to glue the 4 sides together all in one go - all the youtube videos of guitars and things being built show you can never have too many clamps
  4. I fancy doing mine in TurboBlue - does anyone want to share a 2.5Kg tub of that colour, no 1Kg tubs to be had I can find. Would 800g be enough to do one cab ?
  5. Hi Magnus I have your UBass book 😀 I won't be able to make the show unfortunately
  6. My in was Fragile, so that still is my favourite and the line-up I think of as Yes, even though it probably isn't the best or the 'real' lineup but there's some good stuff on it and it works as a whole varied album
  7. Crafted in Japan serial number Q is made 2002-2004, 1993 is Made in Japan Q
  8. Scratchplate is black, contrast against the butterscotch blonde body and maple neck
  9. anyone with plug in 'air freshner' is not to be trusted 😉
  10. Where can you get the Status Hotwire Flatwounds from ? Google doesn't seem able to help, Status don't seem to list them except in short scale
  11. I picked this up on Monday after a nice drive there and back over Snowdonia, it used to be @Beedster's https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/262287-fs-squier-classic-vibe-50s-precision-sd-pup-us-circuit-sold/?tab=comments#comment-2776167, as we know Chris has great taste in basses, especially Ps Previous owner hadn't used it a lot in the intervening period, hadn't cleaned it much if at all and I'm pretty certain it was wearing the same set of D'Addario strings that it had when sold last I spent a bit of time yesterday and this morning giving it a thorough clean and spot levelling the 8th fret which was causing a buzz on the A and D strings and set it up with a fresh set of flatwound Maruszczyk strings and wow, it is lovely, the neck adjusted to really flat and action to 2mm and the response across the strings is very even and the tone is just what I've been looking for, that sound that was in my head, that I'd been approaching with '57 on P style basses but not actually quite getting. I'm genuinely surprised at how good it is, even more surprised that none of the 22 who were watching it bid for it, I guess for once being in Wales counted in my favour, usually the nice basses are a long drive away and collection only, or overpriced or deeply flawed if delivery is included. The blue one that was listed and finished this week sold for a good bit more, though maybe had a better pickup in it, but this Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounder is good. It's really pretty without the scratchplate (included but no need to fit for me), 4 piece body really well done, I believe it is pine, anyway it is really nicely balanced, comfortable with the '54 contoured body, and the neck is just what you'd like from a P, 42mm nut and chunky enough, maybe not the fattest of the possible Fender profiles, single piece Maple with real rear fitted truss rod, and maybe there is something to be said for the tele shaped headstock in weight reduction which helps the balance Bit of a punt with Ebay, 3 hour round trip but quiet Welsh roads and the sun was shining, and a bit of work to make it nice but very definitely worth it 😀
  12. Aidan63


    Many thanks to Nick for selling me bargainous set of strings for my P Bass, all good, easy transaction, lots of comms 👍
  13. Preloved Gator xl for sale on here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/338856-gator-xl-guitar-case/
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