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  1. Nick sold me a hipshot BT7 extender, let me know he was a screw loose short 😀which wasn't a problem and quickly dispatched it well packaged and safely delivered, many thanks
  2. Looks like maybe took a mighty clunk on the E tuner which broke out and cracked the headstock across so they used some cheapo tuners with a bigger footprint to strap the 'glued' crack to stop it breaking completely; not our instrument so don't get upset, if it is still playable then all is good
  3. probably just a Squier cheap and cheerful method then that I have seen and the pickups are slightly different size to most Mustang pickups; I fancy everything about the JM apart from the relic finish
  4. Mustang pickups usually are suspended below the pickguard with a spring between them and the pickguard and the screw go through and are threaded in the plastic cover of the pickup, and maybe factory adjusted and fixed with a little hot melt glue to stop them moving, easy enough to remove the plate and have a look at what is going on before adjusting anything. On the Squier I have the threads in the covers soon stripped as I adjusted them to get a better tone and balance after I changed to flatwounds, so I made some metal backing plates for the pickups and the screws act on them now instead of the plastic, so maybe threadlock or glue has been used to 'repair' stripped threads in the covers hence they won't move
  5. Northwest Guitars today said their suppliers have said prices are going up on D'Addario and Seymour Duncan products from the 5th and several US suppliers I know of have doubled their prices in the car parts market, even with the slight bounce in the £ that is hard to explain to customers here in UK who expect everything for nothing; sign of things to come perhaps globally
  6. I have a made in Japan Squier from 93/94 that is 40mm nut 22mm 1st fret, 25mm at 12th, you are welcome to try it if it suits
  7. Aidan63

    Owen - Feedback

    Bought a nice price Hipshot xtender from Owen, all good of course, kept me in the loop on the day he couldn't get to the post office and sent it 1st class, many thanks
  8. it was the one about the Wal rebuild I think a very special save
  9. Thanks for these, now we can see it's a fender type single action truss rod with bottom of neck adjustment. Adding washer(s) under the adjusting nut hasn't helped ? Unless the nut has seized on the rod or the rod pulled out of the end fixture I think that would be usual course of action, unless the wood is compressing or breaking up up at the adjusting end nut, then a repair to that would be necessary; there's a good thread where Andy @Andyjr1515 does such a repair, you might need to search his posts to find it, but iirc it was in this section and in the last year
  10. some pictures would help, so we can see how the adjustment is made and how the neck is constructed Have you had to make a lot of minor adjustments in the first 4 years, is it a single or double acting truss rod, is it reverse operation ?
  11. The muted slap tone on the G&L seems to complement the rest of the sound of the bass best for me, after 3 listens, eyes closed, the other two have a slap tone our ears are more familiar with but overall the G&L tone works best for me in these examples, it's more striking, maybe because it is less often heard
  12. Mike sold me a nice dark tort P bass scratchplate, well packed of course and nice price, many thanks
  13. Alan sold me a lovely PJ bare body, quickly dispatched and very well packed, bargainous, many thanks, looking forward to building it up this winter
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