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  1. saw this earlier, nothing to do with me.. 62 RI Bass
  2. We are all under lockdown no unnecessary travel allowed unfortunately for the foreseeable....
  3. add 20% vat on the whole amount and in theory 2.7% on the instrument plus a collection charge
  4. especially as the body is sub £400 from Scott; what happened to the original Fender body or is that included ?
  5. did you get a breakdown of the charges and how they were calculated, the vat part and collection charge . Did Thomann charge any shipping ?
  6. Jon bought a Kent Armstrong Precision pickup from me after I replied to his wanted listing, quick payment, all good, thank you
  7. the lovely grain pattern would make a good headstock plate if you don't incorporate it into the body and you'd likely get a good few of them out of that thickness great work with the Uke's and this is an inspirational project, good luck with it all
  8. black silks, with pretty long winding at the ball end
  9. UPS are having their own issues, I've been trying to get my invoice from them (and pay it) for the duty on a shipment of parts from America for my business for over a month, usually the invoice is raised before the goods are even on the plane from the US and I give the driver a cheque when he delivers the package. In this case I have the goods and no idea of when I'll get the bill or what I'll have to pay. They have another package for me from the same US supplier that has been sat at Stansted now for a week (hopefully not in bonded storage with daily charges), it should have been delivered on Monday, no idea when it will arrive. Their customer service team have no more information than I have from the online tracking. The last time I actually got an itemised bill from UPS over 12 months ago the charge for collecting the tax/duty was £17.95, since early last year the bills have just been a total owing with no breakdown of tax, duty and collection charge. I think the US operation has over time done a phased transfer of the work onto the UK team who have become overwhelmed by working from home, illness, staffing issues, probably system changes and now the changes due to Brexit. The depots and drivers are still doing their best. The visible online tracking now only gives a brief overview/latest status whereas before you could see exactly what was happening, including the customs clearance and raising of paperwork all the way through the system.
  10. logically 0771333 is July 1997, and last 4 digits are serial number
  11. has anyone pulled him up about the misremembered mythical BB600 on facebook ?
  12. Why doesn't someone write a definitive book on the BB ? Looks like there would be enough interest. I guess you'd have to speak Japanese to do the research properly at source. Is there already such a resource in Japanese that needs translating into other languages ?
  13. you posted this and 24 hours later it popped up in my feed, and doubtless most BC members' feeds I enjoyed it with a cup of tea this afternoon, loved the Ebony 😍
  14. Do you play with the bass sat on your right thigh ? Try playing with it on a strap with the bass in your normal standing position, legs open with both feet flat on the floor so you are not twisted or forcing your shoulder up or forward There's a good posture/injury video course on Scott's Bass lessons where the guy who is a professional musicians' osteopath and bass player lays down some guidance, most of which Scott doesn't himself practice, the look on his face a few times when he realises he does and has been teaching it it wrong is priceless. I figured it out for myself as I found trying to play with instrument on right thigh neck 45' to the body was twisting my spine and giving me a pain in the side or shoulder and causing me to bend right wrist excessively
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