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  1. There's one like this in the Reverb Black Friday sale at the moment, 15% off
  2. You can contact him through FaceBook
  3. Mick sold me a great book (The search for Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze Telecaster) at a very nice price, posted out before I'd paid him, thank you for the trust
  4. manage your own risk is an option, no insurance payments and only keep what you need and are prepared to take responsibility for and get rid of the rest, you'll be better off, and your wife will be happy you listened to her; why pay insurance that you'll likely never claim on, and if you do the insurance company will do it's level best to find a way to not pay out or reduce the settlement and then hike your premiums to cover their loss ?
  5. I defretted a a J&D mini Jazz bass, and that worked pretty well; you could (or have done by somebody else) the same thing to any of the many available short scale basses; or commission a builder to make you a replacement fretless neck for one, find the instrument that you like in fretted form first and then either defret or make a replacement neck
  6. there have already been medicine shortages, and/or big cost increases, this year and they are expected to be worse in the chaos of next January, partly down to the B word and partly down to the pandemic My neighbour was without his prescription meds for several months June/July, none to be had anywhere in the UK, for a made in France medicine, pretty specialist stuff; my own common prescribed med has been variable in availability, cost and choice, at one point only the original licence holder high price version was available to the pharmacy, but for the last few months it's been a made in UK generic which hopefully will be available long term, I just wish it had the days of week printed on the packaging like the other generic I've been taking for the last year had. Many GPs and Pharmacies are changing the way they handle repeat prescriptions which is causing stress and other issues for some patients with chronic conditions.
  7. big difference is that private purchases from EU countries may attract duty so buy your sought after 2nd hand basses now; even if you don't end up paying duty it's sure to slow things down as the couriers get to grips with it all and they will I am sure err on side of caution so they don't get lumbered with the tax bill. I bought a bass from Norway a couple of months back and confused EEA and EU and today got a bill for several hundred quid as a result; my fault for not doing due diligence; nice bass though 😀
  8. but that's a £300 Squier isn't it ? Some Fenders, and copies, particularly Japan made natural finishes look great even with 3 and 4 piece bodies so obviously some care has gone onto matching the body to appear like it's 2 piece or even 1 piece, and the same applies to many other Japanese made brands; the more you pay the more you'd expect that to be done; £1200 isn't budget price point except in context of USA made version being 2 or 3 times the price. Often the basses on Ebay you see are the 'ugly' ones that leave you thinking 'I hope it plays great cos it looks pants', but it's only us who are up close and personal and really care about this level of detail, the audience only care about the playing of the instrument, and really good musicians can make pretty much anything sound great
  9. listening to the recording watching the Emojis dancing put a big smile on my face, easily pleased me; great work Andy
  10. Many thanks for a smooth and bargainous transaction 😃 Simon sold me a tidy Marshall reverb pedal, nice price and well packaged in original box complete with the instruction booklet which I wasn't expecting so super deal
  11. the Ebay code thing works well, the Paypal payment is held until the collector gives the seller the code which they then put into Ebay which then actions the dispatch and, delivered stages and frees the payment to the sellers account. I have bought 3 or 4 things off Ebay this way, and I haven't even collected them myself, I just made sure the person collecting on my behalf had the code to pass on and in one case I gave the seller the code over the phone while the pallet company were loading it onto their truck (it was a gearbox, rebuilding them is what I do); if you use the phone for everything then you can do it by QR codes which is pretty quick and automatic and difficult to fake. I don't know exactly how it works for cash on collection all my purchases have been paid for with Paypal. Ebay have clearly listened to some of the feedback that their regular surveys collect; I do find it odd that there is such a down on that platform on here, it seems to me too many people (not just on here it seems to be a universal attitude in this country) expect everything for free (nothing is free) and want that they should be able to buy cheap and sell high but no business should be able to cover their costs or make a profit to be able to invest in the future; you can see that attitude in the for sale section in the 'I want what I paid for it' line, why shouldn't you pay for ownership if you buy it and play it but sell it on for whatever reason, there should be a cost of ownership otherwise they aren't musical instruments (and related kit) they are just investment pieces owned for willy waving rights.
  12. by the serial number it looks correct, translucent teal, maple neck, 3EQ, single pickup, black guard, made in 2005
  13. I find with most 34" scale basses and fender or fender style headstocks with a bbot or similar bridge, that you get some wound string on the E post with most brands of FW strings, I have learnt not to worry about it; I've got LaBellas on my P at the moment and the silk wrap stops exactly at the point the string touches the post, but all the other brands have more string on the post than that, and they are fitted with 2 1/2 to 3 winds on the post. Mikro is 726mm, 28.6" scale, I fitted Roto short scale strings, flats and tapewounds, the string was on the E post about 1/3 of a turn, didn't break; the Roto flats have an issue with ringing sharp on initial attack and then settling to pitch, I believe it's a common issue with all their short scale strings, Scott Whitley has previously written about it
  14. David bought my MIJ Precision and has had to patiently wait, through lockdown till now, to finally get to play with it as I delivered it to his niece at the end of floods in late Feb in Shrewsbury just before lockdown. He's happy now as he can rest his JV and do some work on that with something pretty similar to hand. Enjoy. Great buyer.
  15. Aidan63

    Torbass feedback

    Tor sold me his lovely Passion II, shipped out with UPS, the instrument did a small multi-country european tour, spending a lot of time in Cologne and Essex before finally arriving in Wales. It was worth the the wait, it's a beaut, and great dealing with Tor, all good, thank you
  16. Are the settings on the basses and the amp the same or did you tweak the settings slightly to get 'your' sound ?
  17. Please can anyone elaborate as to how and where the serial number on a MIJ and MIK Tokai T-bird were marked ? Trying to find out if one I'm interested in is from the 90s or early 2000s or is a much later MIC one any information gratefully received, thank you. I've waded through Google images and various sites about Tokai serial numbers plus as many threads as I could narrow down to the subject on here without finding definitive information.
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADHESIVE-BACKED-NEOPRENE-SPONGE-FOAM-RUBBER-SHEET-VARIOUS-SIZES-THICKNESSES/254162194616?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=553513281525&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 this was one of the previous posts about this subject https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/331354-nordymute/#comments
  19. I find this type of mute doesn't mess up the intonation like foam stuffed under can, the one I made doesn't touch the body when fitted
  20. Had one, one of the early butterscotch blonde ones, it was great, nice neck and not light light, a shade under 9lb and well balanced, very pretty too
  21. So what's the betting we see a '60 stackpot Jazz soon in a certain Shed near Leeds 😃
  22. Was maple fretboard with blocks available on a Jazz in 1969 ? I thought that was a early 70's onwards thing
  23. Ariane Cap's Music Theory for the bass player is a pretty good primer, with videos online to support the book, exercises and tests to check you are understanding and playing not just reading and skimming
  24. Hipshot HB7s aren't exactly the same screw holes as the Squier tuners, they look the same as the MIM tuners but they aren't, close but not close enough so you have to fill the holes with cocktail sticks and wood glue and then the HB7s fit fine once you predrill new holes, and the change is invisible, but if you want to revert to Squier tuners say when selling you'll have to do the same again
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