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  1. My god, you’re not kidding. I’ve had the LWA500 for a few years now - it’s an excellent little amp.
  2. She’s a beauty, mate. Glwts - it’s fair to say I’ve got enough basses at the moment but I am tempted as this is a beautiful twin to the fretless I’ve built (as you know).
  3. Aha - thanks for this: I’ll check and see if I can get hold of a new gold tailpiece for the fretless... in the long run it’ll be cheaper than buying single 135s with tapered ball ends, I reckon.
  4. If you can find one, the old Tobias Toby Pro-6 is a great bass.
  5. Exactly. It’s a HUGE bargain. The 500 has plenty of grunt for a pub gig, and I’m running it into an 8 ohm 2x10 markbass traveller. Into 4 ohms it’ll be huge! Also - the LWA gets you an onboard compressor. It’ll run without load as a headphone amp, too, and IIRC there’s an aux input...
  6. Hi all, I've got a 5-string streamer fretless which I love for the combination of warwick mid-growl and fretless - but it's got one problem: I moved to D'addario XLs a while back, love the strings on the other 5-strings I've got - but the tailpiece of the bridge won't hold the low B in the string retention slot - the way the windings are tied off means the ball won't slot in. Anyone else have this problem? Did you find a solution? If it's just "find a different string", then that's OK too... it's just that I didn't want to use Warwick strings on it any more... Cheers! Andy W
  7. Very nice! I'm wagering that's some serious cash for 2 custom builts. I'm lucky enough to have a 2002 Ltd jazzman (the swirly bubinga one) and I do love warwick 4-strings for the tone - with D'addarios on it it absolutely pokes at gigs. I did use Warwick black strings for years until moving to D'addario XLs (nickel) - the difference is huge.
  8. I bought an LWA500 a few years back at the LBGS - definitely never regretted that. Fits in an amazon basics tablet case (neoprene) beautifully! It's a backup amp which has been pressed into service mid-gig, and I've used it countless times on small gigs and jam nights with a 2x10 Markbass Traveller. Really loud for 16Kg of total weight, and the perfect height to sit on. The old-school lighting under the controls on the LWA is welcome too... I'd get the 1000, but I still have a Pro Bass IX which I do use occasionally (despite the massive weight!).
  9. Did you seriously manage to break a trussrod? I've had 2 warwicks for nearly 20 years and adjusted the rods a fair few times: they never need more than a tiny turn anyway, and seem reliable enough... what did you do??
  10. Guy Pratt has a signature model coming out, under £500, based on his extremely valuable fender jazz - if you’re a fan of the tones he gets, could be worth it. He says he actually takes it out on the road, so it’s a good sign. Get out there and try some stuff, though. Half the fun is seeing what the signature sounds are of some of the basses, to see if they fit.
  11. Hello lovely BCers. My valve head is in for repair at the moment; 3 gigs in 3 days, and the third one saw a poorly secured stage monitor slide off a subwoofer and crash onto the suspended stage. The massive vibration from this busted a valve, and blew a fuse (we think). Does anyone know of a shock absorbing system which would fit between a cab and an amp, to try to help mitigate sudden shocks like that? Ta peeps Andy W
  12. He’s on twitter saying it’s under £500! Woo!
  13. Something something sounds like a Wings track something something 😉
  14. Dude, that's a monster board! Like some of your choices. I've just completely reworked mine as well - I got a Ditto X2 and wanted to alter the routing to make it easier to use, as well as having a space for my wireless on the top right - The Mooer bitcrusher is excellent - the FCB1010 is actually controlling patches on the Future Impact and the envelope filter, as well as providing midi expression pedal control into both. The two boss expression pedals are plugged into the filter and the boss SYB-5 - so my filter pedal actually has 2 expression pedals - mad flexibility while stood up. I can't tell you how good the SYB-5 is with the expression pedal, it makes it a supremely expressive synth. This board was constructed for a synth based project, but it's going to get use in a funk context as well - I've got a lot of flexibility in here. The FunkFace has great retro funk tones, with the valve filter on board, the FI is supremely flexible, the MarkBass has the best tracking for faster stuff, and combining valve fuzz, octaver and bitcrusher sounds pretty synth as well. All with a final mini wah onboard as required. The Ditto is just for my own creative fun.
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