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  1. Best: After a gibbering frenzy of basses in and out this year which reached it's crescendo with the acquisition of a rare lightweight 1991 Stingray 5, I now have my "Excalibur". Worst: I bought a used MacBook and a Focusrite interface to finally get into the world of home creations. They are probably great but I haven't had time to even turn them on yet. An additional expense I could do without right now but at least they're there for when I do! Plans for 2021: Total gear abstinence (don't laugh) and begin to get involved with the monthly composition fun and games on here. Lessons learned: Playing all the time keeps the GAS voices quiet!
  2. I sent one on Monday arrived Tuesday fine. Interparcel premium via UPS.
  3. miles'tone


    How are you finding the Ditto X2 @ped? I'm thinking of getting one and I don't want anything complicated. Would be nice to have someone to jam with, even if it's me 😄 Pros and cons?
  4. "I just loved your bass, I could feel it inside my pus*y.." This was actually said to me during a load out once. A very pretty yet hammered girl. I was stone cold sober (driving) and honestly didn't know which way to look or what to say other than "thanks" I'm alright at playing rock n roll, always been crap at being it!
  5. £700 posted Really really properly last time price drop ☺️
  6. Sinead O'Brien. She's my favourite new artist. It's almost like she's the Irish granddaughter of The Fall 👌
  7. "SCHTEPP IN TOIME!! SCHTEPP IN TOIME!!" 🤣🤣 But I wouldn't have it any other way though. Loved MP as a kid as my kids do now.
  8. I suggest this too. I'm only halfway through but it's proving to be a very nice surprise.
  9. Looks interesting. From the title I expected to see one of these..
  10. Yes it is really, the serial number is 2000 and something.. It feels like a 'Bass Birth Year Bass' actually as I began learning/playing bass in '91 ☺️
  11. Thanks for all the input guys. I ended up with a 1991 Stingray 5 which I'm over the moon with. A rare lightweight one with a lovely Birdseye maple neck 😍 Crap picture but here it is..
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