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  1. It'll probably be sat in Coventry for a week or so before you receive the bill for the excess to pay. Standard at the moment due to the Pandemic unfortunately.
  2. I read that the Damian Erskine book is brilliant and it seemed to be structured in a way that I meant would actually read it. I did a Google to order one and upon seeing a picture of the cover I thought, "hmmm, that rings a bell." Went over to my music shelf and there it was! 3 years old, unopened and rather dusty! 😂
  3. Ah.. Your chord tones are the 1,3,5,7 of whichever scale you're looking at. The first inversion is just playing it 3,5,7,1 Second inversion is 5,7,1,3 Third inversion is 7,1,3,5 I know at first it all sounds high falutin but it's not at all. Inversions are great because it keeps you off just doing mainly the root thing and they make you harmonise in an easy way that sounds more clever than it really is! 😄
  4. The cheap DIY version is: Practice arpeggios up and down the neck: Maj7, Min7, Aug7, Dim7 (in all keys) Practice them in 1st 2nd and 3rd inversions, always beginning on the lowest note available of the particular chord. Do that for 30mins a day and soon you will amaze yourself. You're welcome! 😊
  5. I had a look and nearly went for it but decided it was too much money for me right now. He's been following me everywhere ever since! 😄
  6. I think any strings sound good on a P bass.
  7. I totally get the tinkering thing 😄 From my own experience I've found that as long as the stock pickups are decent (which the CV Jags are it seems, from the demos I've seen) then the mod money is better spent on a Zoom B1 Four which will make it sound like anything you please. Each to their own though! 👍
  8. Why not wait to see what it sounds like first?
  9. Funny.. The CV Jag popped up on my radar yesterday. I knew there was one but I only just noticed that they're medium scale. This makes me interested! I'd love a medium scale P with a full size body. This comes close.
  10. No, because a Precision with flats is the electric dog house bass. 😄
  11. Coming from upright bass I did used to think that. However, after one gig which was so silly loud I had to use earplugs I saw the light on the matter. I thought I was in tune (I was, with myself actually), I could FEEL I was in tune, but listening back to the recording was painful! Yes, use your ears and don't look at the fingerboard, great - but those little lines can save everyone's night sometimes! Playing well every time is so much cooler than looking 'cool'. 🙃
  12. The magic ingredient to Jaco's sound was the chicken grease he rubbed into his strings.
  13. True, but there is the option to make an offer and haggle a bit. I know this because as I was window shopping on Sunday I saw a nice mij P bass that grabbed my attention, although it was priced a bit high. Just out of interest I made an offer just to see if the seller would come down on his price at all.. One quick click and I suddenly realised that my offer was instantly accepted and I'd committed to buying the sodding thing!! It's been posted.. In reality I should have been window shopping for a larger screened phone and new glasses! Can't afford them now because I've bought a new bass I don't need. From Japan. ðŸĪŠ I'm sure the import duty will be hilarious. ðŸ˜ķ
  14. That does sound like a reasonable process for gaining trust and making sure that scammers are kept off the market place (unlike Ebay). Definitely frustrating if you need the funds sharpish and only have the one item to sell though!
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