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  1. miles'tone

    Vintage V4 Reissued "Tony Butler - alike"

    It looks like you have a regular V4 maple neck on there, which is a good thing in my book. It's the same neck minus the very yellow vintage tint. Just a thought - if you really like that bass then a set of Gotoh Res-O-Lite GB640 will be a direct fit and shave off half a pound. It will feel like more though as the bass will balance sooo much better.
  2. miles'tone

    Two Bass Hit. Opinions? Options?

    What about just putting a couple of dots with a Sharpie pen on your volume dial on the amp? Change bass, adjust, repeat. Easy as, erm, dot-to-dot..😗
  3. miles'tone

    1987 G&L SB1 - Heavily Road Worn *SOLD*

    You can buy them from the online shop on the G&L website.
  4. miles'tone

    NBD: Limelight '67 LPB Precision

    That looks absolutely stunning! The right shade of LPB too. Beautiful. Seeing this has really got the old cogs turning. I may have to give Mark a ring myself..
  5. miles'tone

    Fender Precision Bass 1964

    Ngh 🤤
  6. miles'tone

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    No one sounds like him Sounds like a fun new way to sound like me though!
  7. miles'tone

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    I just watched it, bloody fantastic! I've had people texting me for days asking if I'd seen, finally got round to it. I love Tina Weymouth, a proper bass player. Great to see Herbie Flowers too. Really great to learn about Bernard Edwards technique. I really didn't know he used his fingers and thumb like a pick. I must try that myself as I always drop the damned things too! My tomorrow night is Stewart Copeland on drums. I don't fancy the guitar one though for some reason...
  8. miles'tone

    Squier Precision P/J - SALE OR TRADE price drop £120

    Hello there. Any chance you could weigh it for me please? Asking for an (my) old man's back!
  9. miles'tone

    Bass Collection, anyone?

    I was very tempted by the Bruce Thomas Profile bass but every picture I've seen of one has the pole pieces on the D and G really out of alignment with the strings. The tort pickguard is cut wrong on every one, with the outside poles of the A and D directly on top of each other. Check out how a real P has it's pickups positioned for reference. You don't notice this on the first Profile Bass run with the blank covers of course. Lovely looking and sounding bass but considering all the work they put in with the prototypes getting it 'right', that is a massive schoolboy error! Does kind of make me wonder what else they've missed..
  10. miles'tone

    Daft as it may seem

    Eye contact with your band members, relax and BREATHE.
  11. miles'tone

    Top Ten Jazz Mags for a Newbie...

  12. miles'tone

    Recommend me a solid 4 string BEAD option

    I had a P bass tuned to BEAD. Played and sounded excellent. Ernie Ball Slinky singles: .135 .100 .075 .055 for a well balanced set.
  13. miles'tone

    This is very sad, but...........

    I had my retirement in my 20s and 30s. Now I have to work until I die. Good yeah?
  14. He smart enough to create a top team around him, listen to working musicians and give them what they wanted. With visual appeal in spades.
  15. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above! Limelight PJ + Roadworn Jazz - I totally get that now. 😉