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  1. The Stone Roses debut album is one of the greatest albums ever made. I'm also of the opinion that somehow, they massively fluked it as they were rubbish live and never repeated that initial magic. I have no idea how this is possible.
  2. Sorry, not quite sure what you mean... do you mean that it's had a new nut that's been cut badly, or that yes it's been cut badly at the factory? 🤔 Either way, yours looks perfect and I think that the Miami Blue finish is absolutely killer 👌
  3. It needs a new nut too. That one has been cut terribly, every slot too far to the right. Really poor form if it's the original nut on such an expensive bass.
  4. Can I Play With Madness? - Phil Jupitus Sorry...Iron Maiden
  5. I did lend out my #1 once. A Custom Shop 62 P. He is a very good friend who I trust though, he landed a national tour supporting The Wedding Present. Would I have done the same in your position? Big fat nope!
  6. Don't Let Me Down Gently - The Wonderstuff
  7. Elton John is really really talented. I understand this. However, I am allergic to his music and anyone who collaborates with him is dead to me.
  8. Good morning everybody, nice to see you all...(stands up slowly and unsurely) My name is Simon, and I like The Proclaimers.
  9. I had a heavy relic Custom Shop '62 P bass once and put on a set of these brushed nickel Res-O-Lites. The body was really lightweight and resonant so I had to offset the weight of all that ironmongery up the other end. It ended up weighing a sniff under 8lbs even with all the covers on! Great bass. Great tuners. I was never convinced by the original rusty tuners anyway. Real old tuners are maybe tarnished but never rusty. Usually. Edit: sorry I've just realised that you didn't necessarily mean the Fender Custom Shop.
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