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  1. The heavy weight of the Tributes is the deal breaker for me.
  2. It really is hard to get on with a Jazz when the sound in your head is the Precision. BUT, a Road Worn Jazz is a great bass stock, so I would never change the pickups as they do the signature Jazz thing more than adequately. Having both pickups on full is quite an alien sound when coming from a P but the beauty of a J is when you start backing off the volume on one the other or both pickups. This is where the genius of it's design comes to light. I also believe that the thinness of sound that is a common complaint is much better addressed at the amp than changing out the pickups. Just think of Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley and the Wailers. All recorded with Jazz basses and no one can complain that JPJ or Family Man had a thin tone. I'm a total P guy btw, but a J eq'd correctly is wonderful.
  3. @ped Are you using the Labellas on your SB-1? Interested to know how they get on with the MFD P pickup. Still haven't had the time to get my SXB-1 together but soon.. Your old Cobalts are first in the queue! Got a set of TIs here too.
  4. Pixies - Beneath The Eyrie White vinyl which the band signed for me. A present for a friend.
  5. Let us know how you get on! I was thinking Spiro Weich until I saw that Perpetuals thread too.. 🤔
  6. I own 5 basses: An upright, an Epiphone Capitan acoustic, SX P, Harley Benton Shorty P and a Charvel semi acoustic. I'm only using the Upright and Epi right now. Mostly for lounge jams/songwriting and open mics. The Charvel is on loan to a friend, the SX is waiting for me to get the time to pimp and the Shorty P is for my sons to play (they're nearly big enough..) All present and correct, conscience clear! 😄
  7. Other festivals are available too. You have ascended to a higher level of musical consciousness and awareness that is beyond the popular. You are not an old fart, it's just the youngs will always need to feel relevant and now. Yes they have the Spotifys with everything on it, but they know not of which to search for. Yet.
  8. If everyone was in a city and careerist, #5. In this location and with the tight-knit pool of musicians, #1 is the only response. Coming originally from nowheresville, North Wales, I've seen this kind of thing get ugly and upsetting too many times!
  9. Havona - Weather Report. Far beyond where I'll ever get to!
  10. Fricking awesome!! Great to hear he's as cool in real life as his bass lines are!
  11. Your future might be double bass shaped. Bass and percussion rolled into one.
  12. +1 for Geoff Chalmers advice above. That, combined with these warm up stretches have worked wonders with my own hand cramps.. Also, Chris Fitzgerald explains things brilliantly here too!
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