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  1. Getting old and knackered.

    That sounds amazing Blue, well done you! Out of interest, what does your diet consist of? Whatever it is it seems to be working. I'll have some of what you're having!
  2. First proper paid gig....lessons learnt

    I'd work weddings every weekend if I could. Best money I've earnt as a musician and always a good laugh if you have the right bandmates.
  3. A Little History Lesson

    Nice one Blue I enjoyed that. Not seen that footage before. Talking about being there.. I wasn't, but in July 1962 when The Beatles played the Regent Dansette in Rhyl, North Wales, Pete Best was, shall we say, a bit out of order with an amorous advance on my mum as they were loading out after the show. My mum actually put her stiletto heel through his bass drum as she told him to .... Off! A couple of weeks later Ringo replaced Best. There are actually living witnesses to this story as I heard about it from one of my mum's friends first. Quite a legend my ma.
  4. Pick a Precision pickguard

    Tort with maple fingerboards = NO (unless it's a natural finish body) Tort on black bodies = No Parchment (cream) looks best to me. Sets off the black nicely and is in harmony with the maple. Looks classy.
  5. Geddy Lee Interviewed by Dan Rather. Grab a coffee.

    I really enjoyed that, thank you!
  6. Ta-da! http://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/products/fender_50s_precision_bass_maple_fretboard_2-color_sunburst.asp?gclid=CjwKCAjw7MDPBRAFEiwAppdF9CndBCmCFfYuj4WQSQGQX_Gm4Z6XmvjV86FTB2IAm0AhhpHmMFnp-hoCELIQAvD_BwE
  7. Why are you bothering to update?

    Thanks for all your hard work guys, can't wait to see the new place!
  8. F**k that for a game of soldiers.
  9. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1508154129' post='3390065'] Lol [/quote] + A million
  10. Duck Dunn in wrong note shocker?

    I hear it but it sounds good to me. "If the sh!t fits, wear it."
  11. James Brown doc

    [quote name='blue' timestamp='1507706663' post='3387297'] I remember seeing him for the first tine on a US variety show in 1965. His performance hit me as hard as when I first saw The Beatles perform. Blue *Probably saw Janes Brown live a dozen times. [/quote] I managed to see him just a couple of years before he passed supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers. That was a very good day
  12. James Brown doc

    [quote name='blue' timestamp='1507575709' post='3386486'] I watched it last night. I thought it was incredible. What a story! Unfortunately I think the doc will resonate more with those of us that grew up with Brown and watched his career and music evolve in real time. Was it me or did you think most of the musicians besdes Bootsy didn't have many kind words about Brown? I saw a lot if live footage I'd never seen before, fantastic! Blue [/quote] Incredible is the right word Blue. I didn't actually 'discover' James Brown until the 80's (born in '72) which was when I started searching for the records all my Hip Hop heroes were sampling so I didn't experience his socio-political importance in real time. Mr. Dynamite just changed all that! I've always heard of his almost tyrannical control of his band and business so that was no surprise, but understanding now what kind of life he was born into and that he had been fighting for his since birth finally explains it all for me. It does seem everyone who played for him is still spun out by him, feeling both truly thankful and resentment in equal measures. It must have been mind-blowing to be there. In the eye of the storm..
  13. James Brown doc

    If you're on Netflix, check out Mr. Dynamite - the story of James Brown's early life and career. It's bloody brilliant and you owe it to yourself.
  14. Modal interchange vid - 4 1/2 mins of EUREKA!

    Good in it!? Loads of stuff to have fun with. I found a still of the table shown in the video in the comments section..