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  1. miles'tone

    Tort on Black........

    White or mint on black for me. Not tort sorry.
  2. miles'tone

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    He uses balanced tension strings as mentioned a few comments up.
  3. miles'tone

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    That looks wonderful. I'll keep an eye on this thread and see how things go, but as somebody wise on here once said, regarding gas, "sometimes the best thing to do is nothing".
  4. miles'tone

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Oof. I have been getting a bit excited about ordering a Jake 5 to my own specs, drooling over the website. In order to fund it I will have to sell my Fender Custom Shop P, which is the best 4 string I've ever played.. After reading the last few pages of this thread I've really gone off the idea! I can't afford a Shuker unfortunately but does anyone know of another builder that makes quality custom P5 style basses on these shores for, say, a grand and a half? Wishful thinking?
  5. It took me years to finally part with my 70's 4001. I loved and hated it in equal measure. When I did eventually sell it, all I experienced was a great sense of relief. Like that crazy nutty erotic girlfriend that you know is no good for you but still you hang on for the ride.
  6. Wise decision 👍
  7. miles'tone

    Brian Ritchie - Violent Femmes, no love?

    He was one of the guys who made me want to play bass in the first place. Those first two Femmes albums in particular are simply timeless. Love them! We used to cover Blister and Country Death Song in my old band. It felt like living the dream 😊
  8. miles'tone

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Yes. A pint and a chat would be more than enough to restore some faith in humanity. That in itself is priceless.
  9. miles'tone

    Colin Moulding and XTC generally...

    Cheers for that! Great interview 👍
  10. miles'tone

    Hipshot Ultra Lights.?

    Save your money, you have Ultralites. Just tighten them up.
  11. miles'tone

    This Is Why I Try Not to Visit Guitar Shops :)

    I went to Halfords just yesterday to try and cadge an empty bike box and ended up buying a new bike!
  12. miles'tone

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    I totally understand. I never got on with Dylan at all. For years. Although I did try . Then one night at a friend's it all made sense. It's like my brain finally worked out how to listen to him. Same thing happened with The Fall. Weird.
  13. miles'tone

    Real summer music

    You won't be disappointed! 👍
  14. miles'tone

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

    Flea on a P, with Omar & John giving it some..
  15. miles'tone

    Real summer music

    Reminds me of summers wrung for all their worth.