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  1. Buy a used Nate Mendel P bass - 40mm nut width, slim neck and correct decal - and strip the body? Should just wipe off with cellulose thinners (it being nitro) down to the clear sealer with no sanding required. Already lightly reliced too. Selling the badass and quarter pounder would pay for the correct bridge and pickup you want. Great basses..
  2. Gorgeous! 😍 Ain't no day like a new bass day.. Enjoy!
  3. Ringo thought he was pretty tight on the back beat though..
  4. Cliff Richard? Have I entered a parallel universe where Paul did actually die and they replaced him with Sir D!ck? Send me back! I want to go home!
  5. Loads of good Supergrass songs to choose from. Good fun too!
  6. DHA VT-1 Purist valve pre/overdrive pedal. Bought by me from Dave in 2015, used once when I first received it (plugged it into my practice amp at home and thought, "OMG! can't wait to use this with the band!" Then the band folded before I could do so.😒 It's never left the house and has been stored away. I actually forgot I owned it until I found it looking for something else. As you do. Fabulous tone and a rarity now since the sad passing of Mr. Hall. I've checked it out and it works perfectly. I'm sure somebody will be incredibly happy with it and use it like it was intended. *Edit* I thought I remembered paying £120 for this new. It was actually £90 pounds new. Altered the price to reflect this, plus I've just noticed that one of the sticky feet is absent (it must be in my drawer so I'll have a look for it tonight!) £75 posted anywhere in the UK mainland. Original power supply included. Thanks for looking, Si. In Dave Hall's words: DHA VT1-Purist-Bass The VT1-Purist-Bass from DHA is a hand built valve Overdrive effects pedal which uses a 12AX7 (ECC83) pre-amp valve to provide true valve tone, the tone generated has to be heard to be believed! The VT1-Purist is designed and voiced for bass players looking for subtle clean to crunch valve tone for blues and rock. There is a "cool blue" back light which acts as indicator for effect on. Overdrive is achieved by using both gain stages in the 12AX7EH valve/tube to generate the classic valve pre-amp overdrive tone It is great with modern solid state amps by adding valve warmth and fantastic with valve amps by overdriving with a true valve signal path. The Gain and Level controls let you select that tone you been looking for! And don't forget the volume and tone on your bass which will react well with the VT1-Purist-Bass just like a real valve amp/pre-amp. There is an i/p pad pot on the bass version which is useful when using active pickups. There is a true By-Pass Foot Switch. The tone is pure valve/tube, fat and warm and completely different to silicon effects pedals which tend to fizz and compress the signal. Unlike silicon pedals you can use the volume control on your bass to control the amount of distortion you want, just turn it up for the solo. The output of the VT1-Purist-Bass is connected to a standard 1/4" jack for use with an amp, desk or recording set up. The VT1-Purist-Bass runs from a 9-12VDC 500mA (12VDC 1000mA recommended) supply via a standard centre negative 2.1mm socket. A suitable 12VDC @1000mA power supply can be supplied with the pedal if you add £15.99 to the order. The VT1-Purist-Bass is totally hand built using a quality PCB. There is a one year return to manufacturer guarantee which covers parts and labour in case of failure with each unit. There is also a user manual. This model is 170x125x60mm in size
  7. I'm interested in a Sandberg VS4, considering selling on my Fender Custom Shop P to do so (so many basses, so little time 😄) , and I'm wondering how Sandbergs sound acoustically. My CS is incredibly resonant and pretty loud acoustically and want to get a feeler for how a VS4 might size up. Also, I'm hoping Sandberg use a thin finish to help with resonance. It's important to me what a bass sounds like unplugged as this is the base tone that gets amplified imo (can of worms topic that I don't want to get into!) Thoughts?
  8. I hate to disappoint, but apparently Spitfire pickguards don't fit Fender Custom Shop basses. He uses MIA templates and they won't fit a CS because their sizings differ. It says this on the Spitfire website as a disclaimer. I wanted one for my CS '62..
  9. Yes looks a bit thinner to me too. I prefer those to be honest!
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