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  1. miles'tone

    That 'valve sound'

    https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/The_Rock_Bass_Tone_that_Wont_Go_Away Great read!..
  2. miles'tone

    Gibson files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

    Good. I hope a sustainable, simplified quality conscious Gibson emerges from the ashes.
  3. miles'tone

    Is this normal

    Ask him?
  4. miles'tone

    Curious 74 AVRI Jazz

    I love it how it is. I'd enjoy your stroke of luck.
  5. Yes she is. Thanks for turning me on to them a while back. She's the reason I now string my Precision B E A D! 😎👍
  6. Hi could you try PMing me again please, I think I've sorted it!
  7. Ahh! I've had this problem before. I thought I'd sorted it sorry. I'll contact a mod to tell me the obvious that I'm clearly missing! The dots on the side are exactly where the notes are, as in you finger at the dot unlike a defretted bass. Makes life easier for sure!
  8. Allparts Fretless P neck and Gotoh Res-o-lite GB640 tuners. Super straight and solid neck, plays fantastically at all points up and down the neck. Thick real ebony fingerboard. The Gotohs are incredibly lightweight and really help with balance. Super accurate tuning. They've been used on another bass so don't look as new as the neck which has had very little use. They work perfectly though. Great bit of kit! £150 posted. **SOLD ON EBAY** Thanks.
  9. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/beastie-boys/1994/paradiso-amsterdam-netherlands-23dd302f.html Beastie Boys at the Amsterdam Paradiso 1994. Ill Communication tour. I was living there at the time. Coulda gone, shoulda gone but didn't..
  10. miles'tone

    Softening your opinion towards the nice blokes

    Although I don't see eye to eye with his politics, I did warm to him a bit after seeing this:
  11. Hi there. Thanks for asking but I'm going to hold on for the sale as is for now. I'm not that bothered if I end up keeping it to be honest. If I find another way of funding the upright strings I need I'll withdraw it anyway. It's a lovely neck and with those tuners made my p bass weigh in at under 8lbs. If I do split them I'll probably keep the tuners and sell the neck.
  12. miles'tone

    If £2k is burning a hole in your pocket....

    I realised recently that I had 2k worth of 0% interest credit available to me which swiftly began burning a hole in my imagination. A used custom shop Precision has quickly put out the fire with no casualties. Not a whiff of GAS remains.