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  1. Fricking awesome!! Great to hear he's as cool in real life as his bass lines are!
  2. Your future might be double bass shaped. Bass and percussion rolled into one.
  3. +1 for Geoff Chalmers advice above. That, combined with these warm up stretches have worked wonders with my own hand cramps.. Also, Chris Fitzgerald explains things brilliantly here too!
  4. Frickin love Lamb! I saw them at Glasto one time, they were playing the Jazz Stage. For me they were the band of the weekend that year. Amazing set and fabulous interaction with the crowd. So positive and down to earth - Massive smiles all round. One of my favourite Glasto memories ever and I must have been a dozen times at least. Great story Robbie!
  5. Have you tried the Shadow 950 by any chance? I have the single side 951 and find it's great for my needs. Much less prone to feedback and sounds better than the Realist I used to have.
  6. We've lived in our house for 18 years just fine without one and suddenly this week, the said plastic bowl appeared! Why? Why? It just makes the sink smaller and it's one more thing to wash! Madness!
  7. I've got nothing to add here other than what a great thread! 👌
  8. Glad you got the refund! I would try the same thing regarding repairs although I'd go for super strong wood epoxy resin to bond it all together (and a couple of screws if there's room!) Good luck!
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