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  1. I recently imported an Allparts maple P neck from the states off a guy who has a good rep on talkbass. He does a full fret dress including the nut, rolls the fingerboard edges and gives them an oil finish. In the hand it feels lush. Thing is I've accidentally just bought a new bass so I need some funds back from this neck to go towards it. It's as it came to me, undrilled. I paid £260 for it including import charges. Will post to you for £190 This is the guy.. (my neck is the P version of course - 1 5/8" at the nut) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/All-parts-Maple-Neck-for-vintage-Fender-Jazz-Precision-Bass-JMO-oil-Finished-/133012759583 I'm not at home yet but will post pics of the actual neck later. Cheers.
  2. Vegas rule #1 Step away from the table, cash your chips and walk.. Quit while you're ahead!
  3. As the title says.. My bitsa build has changed colour scheme now so just looking to trade my recently acquired (here on BC) cream Dimarzios for the same in black. These are thems... Cheers. Edit.. If anyone wants to buy them for £45 posted then that's cool too. Gone!
  4. A grand? Better off building a better one of your own for that coin.
  5. Forgot about this until I found it in Narnia this morning.
  6. Keep the original white or go minty.
  7. Marc bought an Ibanez Blazer off me in a dead easy deal. He actually told me not to stress, no rush (wish there were more people in my life like that!😎). Good man. 👍
  8. http://www.jacksinstrumentservices.com/custom-scratchplate-cutting.html
  9. But it's possible it's only a minority market because they're not available. There must be quite a few players/beginners who find a full size hard to get around on but don't want a Shorty and are simply unaware that medium scale basses exist.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated, but for my tastes it has to look like a P bass. I'm really surprised nobody is making a budget 32" P. A gap in the market here for sure!
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