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  1. Hi there. Thanks for asking but I'm going to hold on for the sale as is for now. I'm not that bothered if I end up keeping it to be honest. If I find another way of funding the upright strings I need I'll withdraw it anyway. It's a lovely neck and with those tuners made my p bass weigh in at under 8lbs. If I do split them I'll probably keep the tuners and sell the neck.
  2. If £2k is burning a hole in your pocket....

    I realised recently that I had 2k worth of 0% interest credit available to me which swiftly began burning a hole in my imagination. A used custom shop Precision has quickly put out the fire with no casualties. Not a whiff of GAS remains.
  3. Sorry I didn't realise! I've changed my account settings now thanks.
  4. A new, unopened set of DR DDT-55 strings. Bought from Bass Direct a few months ago, now surplus to requirements. £22 posted.
  5. Allparts (licenced by Fender) unlined Fretless Precision neck with super lightweight premium quality Gotoh Res-o-lite GB640 tuners. Little use, this neck is rock-solid, straight and plays beautifully. There are some visible string marks from roundwounds but they don't affect the playability or tone at all. The thick ebony fingerboard is more than up to the job! The back of the maple neck is unblemished and feels amazing. Couple of marks at the end of the headstock but couldn't get them to show on a photo. Edit: £210 posted.
  6. Spector v Rickenbacker

    The Spector is the "better" bass hands down. A Ric 4003s would be harder to walk past without picking up for a tinkle.
  7. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    Morrissey - Low in High School. It's one of the best he's ever made.
  8. How old is too old to play bass?

    Age doesn't matter, only personal health dictates this - use it or lose it. Make hay my friend..
  9. "Hired Gun" A Must See on Netflix

    Thanks Blue I enjoyed that. The main thing I learnt from it was that I'm now glad I didn't make it. I really don't belong in that world. Massive props to those who dived in and managed to swim.
  10. How many strings does your go-to bass have?

    After owning a couple of 5 strings I now only own a 4 string P, tuned B E A D. Now I use the whole fingerboard and find those five lower notes gained waaay more useful than the five highest notes lost.
  11. Pick Click

    Had the same issue last rehearsal with a new combo. Solved it by switching the tweeter completely off.
  12. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    Jesca Hoop - Memories Are Now