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  1. Amazing drummer and band. Awful news.
  2. I crumbled on the 2nd of Jan when I bought a Fender Japan Jazz Special and I've been out of my eyes on virtual sake ever since.
  3. If it's fun to do, do. If not, don't.
  4. I'd never buy a new Fender anyway. Used every time for me.
  5. I've been trying to sell a SX P bass on here for a while but had no luck. Had it listed on Gumtree too without one sniff. I hadn't considered the Facebook market place until I read this thread. Listed it there on Friday night and a nice bloke was happily driving off with it this morning! So glad to avoid the boxing up and courier faff as I've done waaay too much of that. I do feel safer buying and selling on here though, but thanks for the FB tip!
  6. Yeah I know what you mean. I can definitely see more new/younger/poorer bassists coming through now. I feel sorry for them having to suffer all the "use the search function" jibes from the jaded old grumpy hacks. Basschat is so much better.
  7. I concur. Over Christmas I received an '85 Fender Japan Jazz Bass Special that I had shipped over from Japan. Considering it's lived it's 35 years in a completely different climate it's remained absolutely stable. It was set up prior to shipping with new strings (I was given the measurements of the set up) and it hasn't budged at all. The build quality and materials used are just spot on. I used to own and gig a lovely custom shop '62 Precision that was stupid expensive. I actually prefer playing this MIJ Fender which was a quarter of the price. I know... I wish I'd discovered how good the 80s Fender Japan stuff is years ago. Would've saved myself a bloody fortune! Ahem.. Sorry for the ramble.. GLWTS! 👍
  8. If only they did a medium scale.
  9. Great P bass as is or a ripe platform for modding.. £100
  10. Yeah great bassline. Love Moloko!
  11. What a wonderful moving example this is of the kind man Neil Peart was: https://www.nme.com/news/music/nicky-wires-brother-shares-touching-postcard-message-from-neil-peart-2595555
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