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  1. Feedback for Whizzy

    Just bought a graphic eq of Colin. Very quick and straightforward - and the packaging was exceptionally good (quite shames my own attempts at packing) Pleasure to deal with. Thanks Colin
  2. We used these as stage monitors for a few years...but they are now surplus. Home made by somebody at some point. Not sure of power rating (nothing on speakers) but they are eminence 12" driver - dont know impedance (? 4 or 8ohm?) free to to a good basschat home- pickup North Essex (near Stansted) - they are not especially light [attachment=256387:pa spkr2.jpg]
  3. Hi Im looking for something that will make swapping between bass guitar and upright mid gig a whole lot easier and involve generally less boxes and wires than I use at present Martin
  4. Feedback for Paddy109

    Paddy just kindly send me some double bass tuition books for only the cost of postage. Much appreciated show of basschat community spirit. many thanks
  5. last bump before I... stop bumping it
  6. Thanks for warning Japhet Amp now on hold...
  7. I'm having a clear out stuff I don't use much...now I've bought a double bass. [size=5][b]Cab left for sale £170[/b][/size] [s]So selling this amp/cab combo - happy to split[/s] [b][s]Trace SMX head 280W with 12 band eq.[/s][/b] [s]This is a great amp... loud and flexible. Works well most of the time ...but it is prone to occasional loss of power...which can be corrected with a subtle smack. I presume its a loose connection. If I was going to keep this I would get it seen to by an amp tech..hence only [b] £100 [/b][/s][b]Amp now sold[/b] [b]Ashdown White line RM 115 Evo with roqsolid cover £170 [/b]specs are here [url="http://ashdownmusic.com/products/1/B/20/ROOTMASTER-EVO/150/RM115TEVO-/"]http://ashdownmusic....150/RM115TEVO-/[/url] Very light and compact 1x15 cab with whiteline speakers – great little 8 ohm cab with a nice bass response. Its in excellent condition (as new) only a few months old. I would prefer local pick up – I live in N Essex near Stansted. Happy to drive a but to meet up ( 50 ish miles). .
  8. SOLD - Artec SE-SWB Switch Box

    pm sent