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  1. I have one these fellas and I really like it - with some TI flats on it does a great impersonation of my double bass and is a lot easier to play and carry round.
  2. Congrats on getting a big band seat. I made a similar move a few years ago and have not looked back. I really like the way its improved my sight reading and general musical skills and forced me to play different types of music. Though some of the numbers are a bit cheesy - can you play 'Wheels' and keep a straight face? I've actually gone from bass guitar to double bass - which has gone down well with the band - but sound wise adds another layer of problems. My solution to stage sound has been to be to put something close to my ear off the ground (1x10) so I can hear myself without too much feedback and then park another speaker somewhere nearer the front of stage . Its a bit clunky but seems to have worked. Some band members are also good at letting me know if I'm too quiet ..or too loud.
  3. TC BC208 2x8 Bass cab. In excellent condition – about a year old. Its great little cab but I have just too much stuff. · Rated power: 200 watts · Impedance: 8 ohms · 2x8" sound custom drivers · Connections: 2 x 6.3 mm jack · Dimensions: (W x H x D): 262 x 546 x 315 mm · Weight: 10.4 kg Pick up from North Essex – happy to explore options to meet up. If you wanted the tiny TC BAM 200 head as well I would let that go for £65….but only if it goes with the cab.
  4. Set of lightly used Helicore Hybrid Strings 3/4 Light tension HH610L. I tried them on my bass for a couple of months - but I've been having a bit of string swapping fever and these perfectly good string are now surplus. Even got the original packaging...seen here resting on the sofa after a gentle pluck. Say £65 posted to UK
  5. I bought it off somebody on basschat a few years back - forget who - I think he may have been in Ireland. but not sure where he got it from
  6. Yes Ive got an older that I got s/h on here. It looks a bit like this https://bacchus-guitar.com/node/3421 but with Bartolini pickups. I've got it strung with TI flats and use in either nig band/jazz trio and odd musical. I love it - its my goto 4 string - build quality is great and the feel is just spot on for me.
  7. They are amazing instruments.... Funnily enough my double bass teacher is better known for her nyckelharpa playing - she's a great all round musician and plays all kinds of things (swedish bagpipes anyone) but her music degree was on double bass........ http://www.swan-dyer.co.uk/n
  8. Thanks for the warning and the investigation.
  9. Hi Marino I'm near Dunmow/Stansted/Saffron Walden area - I'll send you a pm bw martin
  10. Romanian Reghin 3/4 double bass £1000 £950....small price dropette Solid wood flat backed 3/4 sized double bass which I believe was made sometime in the 60’s. Marked with yellow label Musikinstrumentenfabrik Reghin Romania. Solid wood front back and sides (ie not ply I am informed) with ebony fingerboard and tail piece. It has a good quality adjustable bridge and endpin from Martyn Bailey who set up the bass. The bass is in good shape for its age - no cracks, splits or earlier repairs - just the usual surface scratches/dings. It’s a really solidly built instrument that is ready to play now . It was my first carved bass and its done a great job in a big band setting and in smaller groups. Currently strung with newish D’addario Zyex and works ok for pizz and with bow. Note pickup not included. There is a case but tbh its pretty minimalist and will include a double bass stand I’m based North Essex/Cambridge way if you want to try it out. ...as for trades...well Im interested in trying a cello
  11. OK some picks of head neck which are in good nick . .I got David Merrin (he makes guitars in Bedfordshire ) to give it a good sort out a few years back including french polishing the top. Hardly played it since then though.
  12. Hi sorry just seen this. Bit tied up today will post something tomorrow.
  13. thx - yes I thought that too . But it has a cedar top and the maker said he intended to be a classical - but the cypress makes it brighter. I think somewhere there is a matching requinto. Either way my flamenco is rubbish so I've used it for usual classical stuff
  14. James Baker Classical Guitar – Made in England (well Hackney to be precise) £600 Handmade classical guitar which I’ve had from new (about 25+ years ago) made by a chap called James Baker – he didn’t make a lot of guitars but there are a few around and he a had a good reputation amongst English makers. I think he has subsequently moved to Ireland. I seem to remember him saying this was one of his graduation pieces – its got some nice little decorative touches. It has an unusual combination of woods – cedar top and cypress back and sides – more like a flamenco. Its very light and produces clear bright tone and is pretty loud.. The nut width is a smidge narrower than many so would suite somebody with smaller hands – though I’ve played it ok with my fat fingers for many years. There a some scratches and marks on the top but these are purely cosmetic. Structure is fine and its never given me a problem. I don’t want to courier but your welcome to try in North Essex or I can bring into central London or meet up somewhere convenient.
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