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  1. ooh looks just what i need...pm sent
  2. Headway Band pickup system . £80 incl postage in UK Produces a great sound. Seems much more natural a sound than other piezo pickups iv'e tried. I've added some new velcro as it was getting a bit worn. Works fine though. Blurb from headway..https://www.headwaymusicaudio.com/product/the-band-double-bass/ "The Band is an instant-fit pick-up which Velcro’s to itself around the the body of the instrument. It requires no alteration of the instrument itself and generates a strong passive (no batteries required) signal which can usually be plugged straight into a mixing desk or combo amp. The multiple pick-up elements of the Double Bass version of The Band are tuned specifically for Double Bass and deliver a lively, tailored passive signal. The Band is used equally in folk/rock and classical situations and is a favourite with sound engineers and players alike, as it offers far greater volume levels before feedback, compared to mics. You can avoid being tied down to mic stands and The Band cuts feedback, bowing noise, body noise and excessive treble by acoustic filter"
  3. This is a Gen 1 Barefaced Compact Cab. The original compact with single 15” speaker and one speakon. Fantastic cab – super lightweight and loud. I’ve had this from new and it has been lightly gigged. Overall in good condition. The handle is fine. Includes usual roqsolid cover. Local pickup from N Essex – happy to drive a bit to meet up if it helps. Interested in trades for smaller full range cabs +/- cash or lightweight combos Information from barefaced Size 25.5" high x 19.5" wide x 13.5" deep 64cm x 48cm x 34cm WEIGHT 27 lbs / 12kg BROADBAND SENSITIVITY 100dB - similar to a good 2x12" USABLE FREQUENCY RANGE 37Hz - 4kHz - like a good 10" cab with the tweeter turned off RECOMMENDED AMP POWER 150 - 600W RMS MAX CONTINUOUS BROADBAND SPL 127dB - similar to a high quality 2x12" or 3x10" cab NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 ohms
  4. SOLD ¾ size plywood/laminate double bass. Great as a first double bass. No label or indication of where it was made but I'm guessing its of East European descent. I don’t think its one of the more recent Chinese made basses as its got a lovely chestnutty colour. It also got its fair share of dings and scrapes. Structurally sound and very easy to play – it was set up by Martyn Bailey (see http://www.mjbl.co.uk/ ) including adding an adjustable bridge and sorting the finger board. It has served me well over past year as my first double bass. New Price £450. Or trade for compact lightweight combo...or maybe cab Includes Spirocore Weich strings -only about a year old. Tom and Will gigbag with broken main zip I’m afraid – I think its fixable J tone pickup – easy to remove from bridge if you don’t want it. Bow Pickup or try out in North Essex – near Stansted/Cambridge. I can drive a bit to a meet up if it helps.
  5. haruki

    Feedback for Jay-syncro

    Bought a cab of Jamie - excellent cab at a bargain price. He was selling at what he got it for - an admirable basschat trait. Very straightforward transaction - many thanks.
  6. haruki

    Barefaced Big Baby *SOLD*

  7. SOLD Yahama active speaker in excellent condition - only about 6 months old and including bag/case (well its a cajon bag but fits very nicely). Pickup from N Essex - willing to drive a to meet up if it helps . Trade wise - looking for good cabs (barefaced tecamp) or lightweight small combos and can add cash Equipped with: 10" + 1" Power: 700 W Peak, 350 W RMS Peak SPL: 129 dB Frequency range: 55 - 20,000 Hz Dispersion pattern: 90 x 60 degrees Internal 2 channel mixer with XLR, TRS and RCA inputs 4-Stage fan Monitor tilt 2 x M8 Rigging points Dimensions (W x H x D): 308 x 493 x 289 mm Weight: 10.5 kg
  8. I use a simple 2 into 1 switch -pretty cheap solution Works fine for me but I have to use the bass guitars volume control (more than normal )to mute it and to balance volume levels out.
  9. haruki

    bass stand for small stages

    +1 for bass bar....i use one and it makes switching from BG to DB much easier.
  10. Thx Tom - price drop bump
  11. haruki

    Hartke HyDrive 410

    I've got one of these and i love it.....great cab. Also surprisingly easy to move around on castors and pretty light for a 4x10..
  12. haruki

    How was your gig last night?

    ++++ to that Yes it was something different for me...and great to play with another bassist....who could helpfully point our where we up to when I got lost. Quite a lot pf root fifth going on though....
  13. thanks will do.... m
  14. Hi- I'm hoping the collective wisdom of bass chatters can help. A few months ago I bought a cheap secondhand DB with a good quality Tom & Will gig bag. Well 6 months later the main zip on bag breaks - the slider things comes off and fell apart. I suspect I'm not the first person this has happened to. I've tried a replacement slider but I cant get it to stick- it will work for a bit but zip comes apart. I got in touch with Tomand Will who very nice but apparently its an old model case and they cant help. So does anybody know of people out there who can fix these things at a reasonable cost? thx martin