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  1. As far as I can tell: this is a 3 piece neck, not 5 piece, and the hardware is chrome. Apart from that, I can’t see much difference.
  2. 4.5 kilos , doesn’t feel that heavy though, and I’m an old timer.
  3. Amazingly Beautiful 5 String Ken Smith bass, sounds as good as you would expect. Very comfortable to play with great definition and even tone across the neck. Bought this just before the first lockdown for a tour that got cancelled and then cancelled again a year later. I prefer my Ken Smith 6 string so I'm not using this. Has a few very small dings, not really noticeable and the case is immaculate. Such a wonderful dense wood consistency, but not really that heavy. A joy to play.
  4. Great, portable cab, not too heavy and suitable for just about any gig. How do I know? I have one and use it regularly.
  5. Think it’s about 4 years old, got it second hand but have hardly been able to use it because of COVID
  6. Good person to deal with. Sold him an amp and cab, very smooth transaction AOK thanks abd
  7. Will be in Horsham Bexhill area on Saturday if there are any takers.....
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