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  1. Will listen to serious offers and trades with good 4 string fender jazz or precision cash either way or possibly warwick thumb 89 or 90. No streamers, I already have one. Lakland 44-60, maybe. This is a seriously good bass, just not doing 5 strings anymore.
  2. Excellent bass at an excellent price.
  3. Yes, I can ship to the Netherlands. The weight is 4.18 kilos
  4. Yes, it is beautiful and sounds beautiful! The neck is 35" and the string spacing is 18.3 but also adjustable. Not sure how to measure/describe the radius, pardon my ignorance. Thanks for the comment anyway.
  5. Just did a deal with ash for a bass amp, all good and effortless thanks to great communication. Many thanks
  6. Little Mark II Made in Italy, good cosmetic condition, works perfectly. With case but ZIP IS BROKEN. Price includes UK mainland Delivery.
  7. Roscoe LG 3305, 2008. Flame Maple Top, Swamp Ash Body. Maple Neck with Purpleheart Centre Lacerations and Maple and Cherry Laminations. Fingerboard: Spalted Purpleheart. Bartolini pickups and pre-amp This bass sounds fabulous, an array of sounds for different styles. Excellent condition apart from two small dings- they look worse in the photos- at the base and another slight tarnish on the edge just below the controls. A really decent price for a handmade USA bass of this quality. Including Hard case in great condition and a descriptive letter outlining the instrument's features.
  8. Still for sale but can't ship until 1st May as I will be away.
  9. Thanks for that info and for the comments. Great bass, a real workhorse, you can always hear every note you play - including the wrong ones! Really fat at the top end and big sound without being wooly.
  10. The string spacing is 1.75 or 1.8. It looks adjustable but I can't seem to change the spacing - maybe the saddles have to be taken off. Can't guarantee that.
  11. Thanks! Tremendous bass, will be sad to see it go.
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