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  1. Thanks for those detailed instructions, much appreciatd
  2. Glockenklang Blue Soul Amp head, 650 watts at 4 ohms according to this comprehensive review https://www.bassplayer.com/gear/gear-review-glockenklang-blue-soul Excellent hi class hi-fi head with carry case all in really good condition. Space Deluxe Cab 1x12. 250 watts/8 ohm, amazing sound and portability. Includes Cover, and is in excellent condition apart from a couple of superficial scuffs. https://www.glockenklang.de/en/products/bass_systems/space_deluxe.htm Have used these two for several gigs but always looked after them like babies, this is a fantastic set up. Don't want to split these two at the moment.
  3. The back of the neck is as seen in the photo, really good condition, very smooth. Only the edge of the headstock shows some marks. I'm based in Horsham, PM me if u want to try it out.
  4. Absolutely right, sorry about that, have corrected the header
  5. Maybe just have it stripped though, see what the wood is like. Thanks for your comments.
  6. Fender Japan Jazz Bass, a 62 reissue in Photo flame finish, I think its called. Really lovely playing bass, low action, not heavy, with lovely dark rosewood fret board. Weight 4.15 Kilos The bad part is that it is cosmetically challenged, as you will see from the photos. Cracked lacquer, a long scratch down the back and some pings and pongs here and there. The neck, though, is virtually unscathed apart from the edge of the headstock. Action is super low but can be adjusted, the truss rod works and turns fine. The price is taking into account the condition, any less than that and I will probably just choose to have it refinished, because it is a great sounding bass, almost too growly for me in fact. Comes with a gig bag and would prefer collection or meet up in London. But, Have Box and can send. Not looking for trades, want to get a good lightweight bass cab (Not BF)
  7. Markbass NY 604 with 4x6" speakers, Really portable and loud. Very good condition as you can see from the photos, it weighs 15 kilos and is easy to carry. Black speakers look better IMHO than the yellow/orange. Would prefer collection or meet up in London to hand over. Heres are some specs http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/new-york-604/
  8. Amp Portabass rig, All made in USA. Very good quality 250 watt amp and 15" Speaker Cab (4 Ohms). Well used but functions perfectly and very portable as the name suggests. The amp weighs 6.5 Kilos and the Cab Weighs 12 Kilos. Don't want to separate these at the moment and not looking for any trades. Thanks for looking
  9. Mint condition USA Fender Precision. Virtually unplayed, untouched 'case candy' inluding tools, strap, registration cert, keys to immaculate hard case. Spare pickguard included. Never owned a bass in this condition but it was an impulse purchase. Plays beautifully, I think from the serial number that it is a 2012 model.
  10. No buzzing, frets are perfect and action is low. Can send you photo by pm if you are truly interested.
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