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  1. Would you mind me asking where you purchased them from?
  2. [quote name='paul h' timestamp='1375537338' post='2162653'] [i]I really like your playing man...you're not too loud.[/i] [/quote] Now that is a compliment
  3. One of my favourites was when I was depping with a friend's band at a place called Jak's in Liverpool. At the end of the night, a guy came over and told me how much he enjoyed my bass playing. I've never considered myself to be anything better than a jack of all trades, master of none. So I nonchalantly just said "thanks very much" and engaged in conversation with him, expecting him to be just a punter. It turns out he was the bass tutor in a University in Liverpool. My estimation of myself suddenly rose a few levels. It's made me realise I should be grateful for the praise, regardless of who it comes from. It's nice to know that whatever I've done has had an impact on someone, no matter how little.
  4. Some of Simon's work with the Paul Birchall Trio [url="http://www.reverbnation.com/paulbirchalltrio"]http://www.reverbnation.com/paulbirchalltrio[/url]
  5. I didn't see it, but he played with the Paul Birchall Trio at the Manchester Jazz Festival. A guy I know did the PA there. In the Bridgewater Hall I think. Very impressive bass player.
  6. If I had the cash, I'd rip your arms off for it. Wanted one exactly the same as this a few years ago but none were floating around. Bugger.
  7. 1. My sister fancied Alan Longmuir of the Bay City Rollers - so it made me notice "the guitar with only 4 knobs" 2. Bruce Foxton - his sound blew me away. Still does. 3. My first band didn't have a bass player, so I bought myself one and taught myself to play it.
  8. Yeah he used a JD at some point, as I remember them playing a set on The Tube many years ago (at the time of Radio Musicola) and he used one on that.
  9. I probably say this every time Stuart posts something for sale, but he really is an absolutely 100% genuine good bloke, and you can buy from him with absolute confidence. I only bought a set of strings from him a few years ago, and we've kept in touch ever since!! Good luck with the sale, they're fantastic basses. Still wish I had mine. And that Blueburst is a stunning finish.
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