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  1. I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Pete and everything went very well. Very good communication and excellent service. I recommend him for future operations. I hope we meet again Pete. Thank you very much for everything. Regards
  2. I put up sale a legendary B C RICH KOA year 80 It is a bass made by hand with some woods entirely from KOA Mount vintage DiMarzio precision pickup of the time powerful sound The electronics is somewhat complex, it works in active passive And the pickups can be phase shifted to change the sound. I include the old case.Sorry friends UK. only for EU Price €3200
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I'm reducing my collection and this time it's time for this black beast to come out. DTC ARTIST SCSA5 CUSTOM Characteristics Neck integrated in body Swamp Ash Body Diapason. Indian rosewood with Avalon circle markers. 5-piece maple neck with walnut core. Aguilar DCB Pickups Previous Bartoloni NTMB Ultralight Hipshot Tuners Hibshot b-style bridge 34" scale String spacing 19mm Active and pasive Frequency selector 3 HZ 1000,500 and 250 Weight. 4.3kg Lugo SCOFT case. sale only almost new condition It is very comfortable to touch The sound is comparable to brands like Sadowsky NYC ect... This bass is worth it, do not let it escape. Price €2100 I am not interested in making changes. Any questions please in private. Greetings
  5. I am selling another of my favorite bass from my collection. LAURUS QUASAR T900-XR bass beauty Figured Maple Front Okume rear Ebony Fingerboard Nordstrand pickups and Noll active and passive electronics The bass has wonderful tonal chambers in the body and neck. It has a rubbing on the horn of the body near the hitch and in the area where the right arm rests This could have been caused by a bad placement of some type of strap, etc. It's a little aesthetic but it doesn't affect the instrument at all. I include its original Laurus custom cover. I am sad to sell it but I need the money for some expenses. Please the announcement is only sale I do not accept changes. The price 2800 euros without shipping to be determined. Don't let him escape. Any questions privately. Greetings
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