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  1. Looks like he used a filter. It would be better to see sharp photos
  2. This time I put this impressive Prat Custom for sale. Definitely 6 strings is not my thing. The woods used are of the highest quality. The neck is 7-piece Ash y Purpleheart Nectrull super stable and flat Ebony fingerboard with 24 frets 34 "scale Several layers on the body both back and front Cocobolo Manufactured approx. year 2008 It is a passive bass to which you mount a complex of sound possibilities by turning a 5-position knob The Villex pickups are ideal for getting the most natural sound from wood and with a powerful output. It is a heavy bass around 5 kg You could say that it is a determining factor in the woods and for an overwhelming sound. I prefer in most bass that they are passive and I assure you that the person who has the same taste will be delighted with this Prat Custom Original I I put a super offer price € 1800 I include your Prat suitcase Attention only sale I do not accept changes. I reserve to withdraw it without prior notice. Limited-time offer 1600 EUROS + shipping.
  3. Private Answered About to leave but this beast is still available. Do not let it escape.
  4. KUSKU

    Feedback for Hooch

    I have had occasion to do business with YANNICK Prompt payment and good communication. Enjoy the Geddy Lee. Greetings
  5. It is perfectly balanced and with a brutal statistic. You can't let him get away, he's a big bass with a tremendous sound.
  6. I've had the pleasure of making deals with Papimati. A serious person for business and great communication. I recommend it for future transactions. Best regards
  7. I sell Kawai F2B from the year 1980. It was called the Alembic of the poor. Kawai has made pianos and in this case the good work and the woods used also show. An active bass. I include its original case and special tool. New strings set D'Addario Nickel Wound Price XXXX euros
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