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  1. Sorry, I'm not interested. Thanks for your interest. regards
  2. I am selling Zon Legacy Elite U.S.A. of 5 strings, the high end of Zon. His condition is good with some mark here and there. The previous owner could have a midi pill next to the bridge and when removed it was the two small holes now covered with lacquer personally I do not give importance and nothing affects the instrument. 34 "scale - Mast and graphite body, that is, forget about problems of temperature changes, humidity / dryness and be adjusting the soul of the mast, you do not need it is stable as nothing in the market - California Walnut Cap. -24 frets, in good condition. -Graphite Cheek -Schaller black color plugs -Schaller Bridge, adjustable in string separation, black color -Dunlop safety hooks -PREAMP: ZP-2S by Polyfusion (the same one that M. Manring has in his Hiperbass !!!)), class A, with quality components studied in printed circuit, manufactured by Polyfusion Price 2950 euros
  3. This Fender is going to last as long as a candy on the doorstep of a school.
  4. I agree with what the partner says.
  5. That scale doesn't work well, I think. Try a digital one and if you can include a photo with the best bass. It's a very important thing about the high weight and I've had 4 Fender Precisions of these and they're all very heavy I assure you. Even though it's heavy, it looks fantastic. My congratulations to the new owner.
  6. I don't think it's his weight 3.9 kg. usually 4.7 and passing 5 kg. If it were true, it would be a rare and very rare thing. Beautiful Fender
  7. It could be an old Schecter and similar as it was common to use these woods in manufacturing in different bass brands. It looks really good the truth is a pity that it's just picked up i.e.
  8. It has to have a great sound with the DiMarzio but I don't think they are added after the urinals are the double coil Mostern Schecter. As for the weight it is very very difficult to find light. For not understood when disassembling the neck and body come with the Schecter seal to give authenticity. A good bass and hard to find.
  9. Thanks to the stakeholders it can be closed. Best regards
  10. The gray Vigier is sold The yellow Vigier Passion is still available, don't let it escape, it sounds tremendous. Price 1500 euros
  11. Thanks for the feedback. The finishes are usually made to order and with artisan work. They are big bass
  12. Thanks to the stakeholders it can be closed. Best regards
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