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  1. Multiple stakeholders still available. Don't let it escape, it's a bass cannon
  2. Due to the accumulation of bass, I put this Lakland 55-94 Deluxe Made in USA machine up for sale Characteristics Ash body Maple neck Bird's Eye Maple Fingerboard with Thin Frets Complete electronics with BARTOLINI preamplifier 9v active. and passive mode Weight 4.4 Kg. The frequency of the sound transmitted by the wood is indisputable I include its original case Manufacturing year 2008 35 "scale Parametric frequency lever Price. 2750 euros
  3. Buff... it's a money for a few mortals. Tremendous bass that takes away the sleep. Congratulations whoever buys it takes a piece of Leo Fender history in essence without a doubt.
  4. You have nothing better to do than follow me in my comments. Please send me a private one but I don't know what your problem is. I hope you don't come back. Regards
  5. It was evident that it would be sold soon. Great bass and congratulations to the new owner.
  6. Pedro is a great friend and for those who do not know him I can say that he is a 100% total truster. This jewel of Jerzy is an exclusive bass in its genre for collectors as well as experienced in 6 strings. I congratulate the new owner on this work of art.
  7. Scale 34 " -Martite and graphite body, so forget about problems with temperature changes, humidity / dryness and adjusting the core of the neck, you do not need it, it is stable like nothing on the market -Top of California Walnut. -24 frets, in good condition. - Graphite capo -Schaller machine heads black -Schaller bridge, adjustable in string separation, black color -Dunlop safety hooks -PREAMP: ZP-2S by Polyfusion (the same one that M. Manring carries in his Hiperbass !!!)), class A, with studio quality components on printed circuit, manufactured by Polyfusion ACTIVE VOLUME: Unlike passive volume controls, when you decrease the volume you send part of the signal to ground, causing degradation in tone, this active volume control allows volume at any level without any loss of signal in treble or change tonal. Play a note, let it play as you slowly turn the potentiometer up and down, and you won't hear any pitch variations. -Balance -Strong +/- 15 db at 30 Hz -Media (internal adjustable control on the rear) +/- 15 db at 330 Hz -Acute +/- 15 db at 3 kHz Everything working perfectly, without bad surprises. Enter the Zon website and you can see the price of one like that, much more than 6000 dollars, put yourself on the waiting list and then do not forget that you have to pay 21% of the total at customs Do you have any brand here and there The previous owner put a midi pill near the bridge. There were some holes covered with lacquer a bit aesthetic nothing serious. I include case Price 1990 euros with shipping included An unrepeatable occasion I reserve to withdraw it without prior notice Only sale I do not accept changes. It will delight your new owner tremendous bass.
  8. I congratulate its new owner. Great bass and good price.
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