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  1. In the end I preferred to sell it to a friend and so I will have located this Fodera. Thanks to the interested parties regards SOLD
  2. Again I sell this precious Fodera I put a link of an article that dedecaron in official website https://www.fodera.com/2015-buckeye-burl-emperor-4-elite/ Price € 7500
  3. After receiving several people with their offers, I decididio that a Fodera like this do not come out every day. I don't feel like selling it. Thank you to all concerned. Can be closed removed. Best regards
  4. Don't let it get away it's a big bass.
  5. I don't understand how you can keep this bajazo here. If it were not because I have many bass this would not sell in years I assure you it has a wonderful professional sound. Only sale I do not accept changes.
  6. I'm sorry I have no proof of sound.
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