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  1. A time ago I bought this awesome pavel bass from my friend Mustapha . With your permission I put your ad photos. It has an incredible sound. The electronics works good only some noise sounds for lack of use. With some product for electrical components it is solved I include a case. Price 3950 euros. Any question for private https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/439864-sold-pavel-aryel-5-custom/?tab=comments#comment-4265437
  2. This time it is time for another of my precious jewels to come out. A Gibson Ripper from the year 74/75 all original. It has a Relic finish in the precious barnic that gives it a lot of Vintage character. The body is made of Alder and the neck is made of Maple It has a large body but it is not heavy due to the woods used. The electronics ect works correctly. It has a 4-position sound selector for coil phase change and pickup The sound is insane I would say overwhelming powerful. I put it on exclusive sale for a limited time. Price € 2,100 shipping on behalf of the buyer. I am not interested in trading. Do not miss it, it is a bass delight.
  3. This time it is time to get another jewel from my private collection. He is well known among his admirers of a bass legend. Here you have this bass delight. A Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop Jaco Signature. The best of Fender for an exact replica of the famous bassist Jaco Pastorius It is from the year 2008 and it was bought directly from the USA with all deriban tax expenses. I include its original case and Fender Custom Shop Certificate It sounds incredible and its condition is very good I do not accept trade offers. Exclusively sale Price € 3200 shipping costs paid by the buyer. It's hard to sell such a bass but I need to remove bass from my private collectio Pastorius Tribute fretless demo - YouTube
  4. After trying different sound and complex equalization to handle. I'm going to give it a second chance. I leave open to possible changes
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