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  1. After trying different sound and complex equalization to handle. I'm going to give it a second chance. I leave open to possible changes
  2. I own a Fclef Custom and can only speak highly of it. Although if you compare them with Alleva Coppolo there is disagreement they are far above. Precious Fclef that is sure to make its new owner happy. Luck
  3. About to go out a couple of times. Great bass still available
  4. There are lucky ones, my congratulations to the new owner. Greetings Pedro
  5. It's a pity if you buy it outside the UK. Customs fees, shipping ect are a lot of expenses I think. Too bad I can't buy it now. Good luck with the sale, lovely bass.
  6. I put Blade B3 up for sale was Levinson. Reason I am looking for something lighter this is heavy 5,3 Kg approx. Ash body Maple neck Ebony fingerboard Active electronics 9v. It has one potentiometers in the electronics cavity to regulate frequencies and at the same time memorize the sound. It has wear in areas of the pickup and some marks on the back of the body without affecting the varnish or the instrument. The neck is perfect and comfortable to play. I ask for € 790 Recent photos I hope it ends up in good hands. It has a great sound. Best value for money. I hope it flies soon.
  7. Jazz 5 hecho a medida por el luthier suizo Tino Tedesco. DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Pickups. Aguilar Preamplificador. Puente hipshot y sintonizadores. Rampa de nogal extraíble. Pesa alrededor de 3,4Kg (7lbs 9oz) Gran sonido de la cuerda B, super ligero, agradable pre. He estado usando este bajo como mi principal bajo de concierto durante más de un año, me gusta mucho, pero estoy volviendo a otro instrumento mío y encuentro que cambiar de un lado a otro entre bajos es frustrante, así que estoy dejando ir este hermoso bajo. Precio 1990 euros
  8. Beautiful Alembic and very rare on 6 strings. This one will not last long great price. Luck.
  9. 1989 Paul Reed Smith / PRS Set Neck 4 String Bass Guitar Here is an excellent example of a "PRS Golden Age" 4 Bass guitar. Featuring a beautiful quilted maple, Mahogany back, and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with Avalon bird pattern inlays. This fine instrument looks almost as good as it sounds! It incorporates a 5-position pickup selector. Result wide sound possibilities. It works in active and passive mode. Original case included. Price 2200 euros
  10. Still available don't miss out on a great bass.
  11. I have had the pleasure of doing several Mustapha shopping and everything very well so it pleases. I recommend it to future buyers. Until the next friend.
  12. Looks like he used a filter. It would be better to see sharp photos
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