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  1. Nice bass, any idea on the weight? Thanks!
  2. Bump, will consider barefaced cabs as trade option
  3. Will be on hoiliday until 10th of august, Marco
  4. Bump. Nog really looking for trades unless fender mustang or alike.
  5. Sorry sold Also up for sale: A really nice Short scale, almost immaculate (as new). Fender Rascal (mexico), will ship at buyers expense with case (35 euro extra). Bass is located in the Netherlands. Thanks for looking!
  6. SOLD! Up for sale: My beloved Fano Alt de Facto GF4, semi-hollow, medium scale (32" neck). Bass is located in the Netherlands. What can I say? Since I grabbed it from here in 2014 it has been a favourite of mine. Sweet tones, rich, vintage, mojo it has it all in spades. However a lot of the time I have been playing in bands where another (solid body) sound is required. So it hasn't had much live time. The reason I'm selling is just this - it's too good of a bass to justify once a month bedroom noodling. See the raving reviews: https://www.bassplayer.com/gear/soundroom-fano-alt-de-facto-px4-and-alt-de-facto-gf4 Comes with case and will ship at buyers costs. Price is 1600 Euros. SOLD! Thanks for looking!
  7. Very interested to know of you are willing to ship to the netherlands. I could pay in advance if thats required? Thanks Marco
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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