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  1. In your situation tho I would keep the shur
  2. Love W&T I have one my self and as a fretless it's one of the best I have played
  3. I always find that a bass with a bad setup ( no matter the make) will always play and sound bad
  4. Personally love them Played few and was blown away Great instruments
  5. That looks awesome Great job If very successful will you take orders? 😉
  6. Thank you all so far for the inputyes, I woumdt do it my self even on a 10 pound bass cause I know I would ruin it 😂 Does it feel different with glue o poly finish? I always played satin finished board Only once I had a pedulla around 11 years ago but only for a short term and I can really remember the feel....
  7. I don't really like flatwounds and I also use a piccolo set Never tried tapewoumds Need to check if tgey do piccolo set
  8. Hi guys just wondering if anyone had any board coated with glue and what are your thoughts? I have a fretless woth a beautiful kingwood board I love tge feel of tge wood and I'm sure the coating will protect it but won't feel the same Any experience? Would you do it to protect the wood or not really? I'm not an aggressive player but just feel sorry to see such a beautiful board get chewed up Flats are not an option
  9. Hi there for sale this amazing Roland td 12 This has had only studio time and never played outside The drums work perfectly and comes with a mapex hi hat stand and a mapex kick drum and a seat The display plays up from time to time and sometimes disappear, hence the price() I never got it sorted as it never bothered me as I was controlling the drums woth a computer software However any question please let me know I will also accept trades for bass amps , mono gigbag, basses or guitars or studio equipment👍🏻
  10. Looking good, I wish I had your set of skills Watching this space
  11. Great stuff Russ Last week I took about 2 acoustic an electric and 2 amps tto my son primary school and they were really hhappy and I told them to pass it alone someone who coudnt afford it. Perhaps drop it to school they will know who to give it 😉
  12. Such a bargain I'm surprised it still on here
  13. I enquired about this bass Received few photos and in my opinion the neck it's warped from 1314 fret and up to the 21st I ve asked the seller for photos etc and I realised of the neck dive Questioned him and he told me that there is buzz after 12cl fret To be honest i wouldn't go anywhere near
  14. Anton it's one of my favorite bassist Great basses too and good luck with tge sale
  15. Ville is a great guy to deal with If I had tge dosh I would be all over it Great basses
  16. So the ATH m50x are 284 without cable So 14grams heavier with cable around
  17. So many out there I had few as weel Grado sr325 AKG 702 Sennheiser hd650 Beyer 770 And ath m50x My favorite Sennheiser and beyer
  18. Love the open back ones for rough mixes Great headphones I recently purchased the ATH m50x and they also great set
  19. Sorry you are very right 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Sorted
  20. Hi all for sale this amazing ibanez 1306 I love the bass but moving to 5 strings e to c as I don't use tge b string enough Looking for trade mainly but also happy to sale The bass it's in amazing condition just 2 really really really small dings very hard to capture I'll try and photograph the later The bass comes also with gator case
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