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  1. Hi guys by any chance do you know tge size of those tuners? Need one replace or maybe all
  2. I know the guy personally I ve sold him a bass and met up in person When I got there I had to deal with his mum then I realised he was only 14. He's mum was trying to knock off £300 of my old G&l I ve also sold him a carvin for about £750 and within one week was on ebay for £2999
  3. Thank you!!! Studio is coming up nicely.... My only concern was the desk positioning As recording live instrument, voice, guitar I use the room next to it as it has no window and it is half the size, so it's much easier controlled. I recorded vocal before in tge little room, microphone at tge center of the room and room has no echo reverberation and managed to get great recordings in there . My main issue is the larger room as its been set up for mixing really What I'm gonna do next is put few panels up on the reflection point of the speakers and perhaps few above the monitor. Room doesn't sound to bad but woth a spectrum analyzer I realised there is a bit of reverberation which need to be killed and that's why I ve the 1200x600x25. Where would you necessarily put the duvets? Regards Tony
  4. SO would you put the desk and monitor on the shorter side of the wall with tall wall in the back or other way around?
  5. You exactly right my friend It is a roof space but has its good side to it So for me my biggest concern come when creating a space for mixing that sounds good (not perfect but good!) As it's a roof space I do pick rain, not wind tho and as for the neighbours, we'll I don't have any as I'm on tge corner and I rent the unit on the other side too so all good there. Also being an industrial estate, closes its doors at 5pm after thst I'm always on my own, notice not an issue. Regarding outside noise This is the smaller room in the unit and the room next to it it's slightly bigger and I Tought of setting up a little vocal booth, so when it rains I can still record vocals and guitars. So where would place the desk? Higher wall? Will the slanted wall kill tge sound gradually? I remember reading an article where they always reccomend Ed using the higher wall to set your monitors but can't remember if that it's really what I actually read 😂😂
  6. It's a rented unit so I can't really do any major changes
  7. Hi guys I will have to turn this room into a studio How would you set it up if it was yours for best sound possible? Desk position? Here is what have available 12 acoustic panels 1200x600x25 3 bass traps panels 100 x600x 50 Super large rug Iranian 363cm x 238 Another 2 m x1. 30 m hemp rug Help and advice welcome I know this room is not the best option but it will have to do,also next to the desk there is a big boiler Thank you
  8. Is it as simple as connecting my mic 8nto the Input othe warm audio then output of the warm audio into input or the compressor then out again from the compressor into the input of 3rd dimension then out again into the input of my babyface pro?
  9. Hi mate, thank you for your help. I ve always done everything in the box and never used hardware However as I have it I would love to have the option and incorporate it in my set up. My question is how do I connect all those into my audio interface. I agree regarding the comp but as it was given to me I feel bad about given it away
  10. So guys a bit of luck finally got my way! To cut story short... A friend of mine moved from his home studio into a professional studio He upgraded all his gear and has gave me as a present few outboard gear Klark Teknik 76 compressor Klark Teknik 3rd dimension And warm audio mic pre Now.... I want to expand my studio and at the moment I have a babyface pro (which I love and wanna keep). What is the best option for me to connect all this outboard gear? Should I expand the babyface pro via adat? Shall I get a mixer? All advice on how to do so are welcome Thank you in advance
  11. Yes ped you exactly rightits a silver burst love it
  12. Tony can you see tomorrow lotto numbers on your crystal ball? Pm the numbers and I'll cut you in by 20%😂😂😂😂
  13. The basschat straplock will fit nicely can I have black ones please?
  14. That was quick (no points for you tho) 😂😂 It's quiet unique to be honest
  16. I had the double truss rod version and was an incredible bassi actually miss it alot
  17. Did you receive an email from him? If you did you could perhaps get an ip address
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