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  1. Bass Lines, Just a Nut 1, the joint between neck and headstock... one of the rarest and beautiful SS1 I've ever seen. It was mine before and I can confirm it has an amazing sound and the playability is like a dream, even the string spacing is 20 mm (for me was better, I have BIG hands). I don't play 6 string anymore, but this is a sweet temptation A little help from me, Russ. GLWTS!
  2. My dream bass is back home. Everything was perfect as usual, Mikko is a very trusty guy. Thank you again, my friend!
  3. I just received another bass from Tony. Yes, THAT Music Man . It was packed in a bombproof parcel, as usual. If I jump off the plane in a parcel like that, I'm sure I'll survive. The communication was perfect, my money is not fake so everyone is happy. Again, many thanks, Tony! ...for the gift too! Great "Lemmy style strap, I think it will add some drive to the sound
  4. This bass was at me for a setup. I was amazed by the sound (sooo deep and the B string... I have no words), ergonomics and build quality. Then I had no money to buying it, now I have too many basses... Yeah, I know, I know... we never have too many , but sometimes we must take a little break, the main reason being our wives 😇. You can buy with confidence, Ovi is one of a trusty man I did "business" here (not only here), this is the reason we became friends. GLWTS!
  5. After a short discussion, another trade followed, proving once again (not really necessary ) our craziness and GAS. It can only happen when confidence is 100% or more. Of course, the parcel was bombproof as always and my first Status arrived in his new home, clean as described. Santé, mon ami!
  6. Hello you, it’s me again! This time with a little repair/upgrade on a Ricky 4003s/5. This is a great bass, but I wanted to make it an amazing bass for me. I play with a low/very low action. Because of that, to setup the intonation the bridge saddles must be closer to the neck. But the “calculation” of the Rickenbacker factory was not very good this time, the screws for the intonation becoming too short. For a medium and high intonation I’m sure the screws are long enough. So, I moved the bridge 10 mm to the neck because I didn’t found longer screws on stores, even Schaller factory has only 24 and 28 mm M 3,5 screws. Yep, unfortunately I made 3 new holes, but the bass will remain forever mine, so it must be not very “marketable”. The second modification that I made was to put a new pickguard with a new shape, to have a pseudo-thumbrest. Even the design was made in such a way to have a parallelism with that oblique pickup edge 🤓. I need to play there (and to rest my thumb for the B string) to have the tone that I want. So, this problem was solved too. In the case the bass looks better with a white pickguard, but on stage it’s too much contrast for me. Yeah, I know, I’m too fastidious (it’s the proper word? ). Now pictures...
  7. I just bought a(nother) bass from Ovi. Perfect transaction as usual. He's bass is killer, my money was mine, so everything's fine now Many thanks, Ovi!
  8. I'm not Ovi's advocate, but I don't understand why we must read here this type of discussion. PM is a better way for that. And, we all can see that the initial price of the previous seller was 2500 GBP. So... where's the point? Have you tried to negotiate with Ovi? Aaand... have you read he's feedback? He's not that kind of seller who want to make money in this way, trust me. Oops! I bought few days ago a bass from him and I forgot to let there a message. Good reminder, thank you!
  9. Because of you - or, better to say, with your help - my acoustic baby is back home. You're a great guy to deal with. Thank you very much, Joni!
  10. flaviusm

    Feedback for 4pwclm

    I sold to Gary a set of Laurus headless pieces... a very good communication and a smooth transaction. Thank you very much!
  11. I just sold to Tony a set of ABM headless pieces. Everything was perfect as usual. Thank you, Tony!
  12. For sale these headstock pieces, but I really don’t know the fair price. Let’s say 50€ + shipping, only in € please. If I’m wrong, please correct me... 200, 300€ 😜 No technical issues.
  13. This can be a negative feedback too for two shipping companies, but I think is more important to see the repair of a broken Laurus headstock. I’m not a luthier, so please don’t curse me that I don’t have a repairs stand, table or... I don’t know. Regarding the negative feedback, be careful if you want to send parcels through Colissimo and Posta Romana (French and Romanian national mail). I don’t know where was the idiot, but was easy for him to destroy a bass guitar in a bombproof parcel. You can see in the pictures the headstock before and after the shipping, plus the repair. Many thanks to ABM Germany with the perfect customer service and, of course, the high quality products! As you can see, I tried to put those individual pieces, but appears some cracks under the screws on B and C strings (too thin wood there). Then I bought another headstock piece that works. Unfortunately, they don’t had a black one, so let’s shine a little bit 🤩. In the end, please excuse my English and “enjoy” the pictures!
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