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  1. 19 years old today. Happy Birthday! (Instead of )
  2. Even if I promised (myself and others) to keep this bass until the end of my life, I have to break my promise. Please forgive me! Even if it's the best bass (for me, of course) I ever touched, I must sell it. Specs: - Body: ash - Top: myrtle - Neck: maple - Fretboard: birdseye maple, 24 frets - Scale length: 35" - String spacing at bridge: 19 mm - Pickups: Basslines (Seymour Duncan) soapbars - Preamp: Seymour Duncan 3 band 9V - Weight: 4.8 Kg on my bathroom scale - Price: 3500 Euros + shipping (only Euros, please), Mono Vertigo gig bag included (almost new) - No trades, please The bass is made in 23.08.2000 (serial no. 206) and, even is almost 19 years old, is in an excellent condition, let's say minimum 9/10 (some small traces on the back of the body, almost invisible do to the ash grain). For the moment I have only these pictures, but in the next days I will take (and put here) more.
  3. Thank you! Although, your post is very dangerous for me and my wallet because I can change my mind
  4. Thank you too, I forgot to mention. 35” scale, 17 mm string spacing at the bridge, 4,3 Kg on my bathroom scale
  5. Hello, friends I will sell most of my basses, so let’s start with my Modulus. As you can see in pictures, is a 1990 bass, in excellent condition, even the frets are almost untouched. Great sound too. Alder body, quilted maple top, graphite neck, phenolic fingerboard, EMG PJ - 45J + 45P - configuration (reverse P, to be more accurate), EMG 2EQ preamp. 35” scale, 17 mm string spacing at the bridge, 4,3 Kg on my bathroom scale. Equipped with D’Addario EXL-170, as the manufacturer recommend. Plus a new set of strings. Plus a non-original hard case. The price is 2100€ (only Euro, please), shipping in EU included. No trades, please! Thank you!
  6. Russ and me just finished a partial trade and I feel like we know each other from years. Great guy! ...And, unlike me, he speaks English very well Many thanks, Russ!
  7. Very subtle, as a fretless neck
  8. I’m open to trades. Also, I’m open to offers, but please not this kind... too much money for me :(
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