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  1. Great bass and price, I've played this bass : the sound is warm and can be punchy with amazing sustain. Good seller, be confident on deal and packaging.
  2. This bass was mine in the past : the best Fbass ever. great tone... You should tell more about options -One piece back of neck -Small frets -Sleeker neck profile with slightly smaller nut width -Oil finish -Highly figured birdseye maple fretboard -Ambrosia maple top -Upgraded wiring.. TARA LAB wires between the pups and pre, and then from pre to output jack. Just a note-most of these are upcharges also. Rest of specs: -34 1/2 scale -Ash body -Propietary stacked FBASS pups ( can be tapped) and pre. -Active/passive, humcancelling/single coil, master tone, vol-vol, bass, treble, mid. -19mm
  3. Superb bass, excellent price and great seller : be confident
  4. Great bass for a sympatic and trustworthy seller
  5. This bass was mine in the past : the best Roscoe I've ever owned and played + many high end options Some pics when it was in my home, if I would be able to buy it back Great bass
  6. excellent price for a great bass. JB is a great guy and very trustworthy,
  7. Gorgeous walnut top and always great flamed/tiger mapple : I love Ritter basses (sound, woods, conception....). I had 2 of these and all was perfect. I'm keeping one with a MK3 Wal and I'm really in a bass player dream It won't stay much time here at this price. Good luck for the sale Jens
  8. Hi Haz the pics Good luck for the sale
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