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  1. Mesa Boogie Big Block750

    Im based on N15 Woodgreen. Send me your e- mail address so I will send some more pictures tomorrow.
  2. Mesa Boogie Big Block750

  3. I got Mesa Boogie Standard Powerhouse 1x12 to sell. I used this one 3 times... Specs: Aviation Style Bracing A radical bracing concept borrowed from the aircraft industry. All structural reinforcement is dado-joined and sculpted to form an extremely strong skeleton that reduces weight, increases rigidity and improves structural integrity. Tri-Port™ Design An innovative, front-facing, multi-vent porting system that uses individually tuned triangular ports to enhance each part of the bass spectrum. Each port is part of the structure and reinforcement of the cab AND speaker baffle in addition to its porting function. This goes way beyond the old standard “shelf” designs or plastic port holes that blow all your tone out of one large port hole! Player Control™ Network A proprietary new rear panel interface that provides unprecedented stylistic versatility and gig-friendly convenience includes: three-position switch for selecting your preferred crossover frequency, adjustable L-Pad for blending the right amount of high-frequency driver, resettable horn protection, and standard ¼-inch and high-current SPEAKON locking connectors. Crossover Style Control & L-Pad Attenuator The Crossover switch provides three distinct tonal variations: Our time-proven, detail-enhancing sweet 5K (Normal) setting; the harmonic-friendly, accent-expanding snap of 4K (Sheen) and the modern, articulate cut of 3K (Bright). This feature, combined with the fine tuning adjustment potential of our premium L-Pad horn attenuator provides players with unrivaled stylistic high-frequency tweeter versatility and performance. Instant Reset Horn Protection A simple, one-touch reset switch provides convenient horn protection. No fuses, tools or digging inside the cabinet if your tweeter gets spiked. Just reset and play! SPEAKON & ¼-Inch Connectors Convenient Inputs and Paralleled Outputs are provided for via "combination" connectors that feature both standard ¼-inch AND locking SPEAKON high-current connections contained within the same connector. Price not include shipping costs!
  4. I got Mesa Boogie Big Block750 to sell no trade this time. Not used that much through 3 years with me (I got another rack in rehersal room). I bought that one from original owner. Valves has been changed recently. Specs: Footswitchable vacuum tube over-drive with independent over-drive & master level controls Tuner output with footswitchable amplifier mute FX loop with true "hard" bypass switch Balanced xlr line out with pre/post switch, level control & ground lift Two Speakon and two 1/4" speaker output jacks Slave out with level control 750 Watts @ 2 Ohms (550 @ 4, 280 @ 8), Simul-State Power / 12 Tube Driven Power MOSFET's, 4x12AX7 8 Stage Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Gain, Active Bass, Active & Passive Mids, Mid Frequency (adjustable from 200 Hz to 2 kHz), Active Treble and Master Volume Controls Price doesn't include shipping costs.
  5. Spector Euro5 LX (2016)

    I got Spector Euro5 LX (2016) to sell or trade. Specs: [list] [*][b]Carved European alder body with your choice of a USA figured maple or European poplar burl top[/b] [*][b]3 piece maple neck; 24 fret rosewood fingerboard with Spector’s signature Crown inlays; 35” scale length for exceptional low-end clarity[/b] [*][b]Your choice of custom-wound Bartolini or EMG pickups; Spector Tone Pump active tone circuit[/b] [/list]
  6. Seibass 5 string SOLD

  7. Seibass 5 string SOLD

  8. Seibass 5 string SOLD

  9. Seibass 5 string SOLD

  10. Seibass 5 string SOLD

    Raw live -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz_4Gwdm9qw
  11. Seibass 5 string SOLD

  12. Seibass 5 string SOLD

    Used 5 string Sei Jazz, non more black again, 2 EMG soapbars, 3 band EQ ebony board,Maple neck,Swamp ash body. Few dings around instrument. Recently this bass was holding low frequency for british metal band Akercocke. Sell price : 1300 pounds ,Trade 1500 pounds
  13. Sold please remove.