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  1. I had not seen that before - thanks for pointing it out, it looks fantastic! The Nova headless kit seems to be a nice fit, too!
  2. Thanks for clarifying that - I'd be most curious to see how the headless-mod works out ... as a fan of headless basses, it's an idea that sounds rather attractive
  3. Looks great - am just considering getting one of these myself - but there is precious little info on the 5-string variant. if you don't mind me asking: how does it balance? Any hints of neck-dive? The shape looks very Jaguar-ish, and both Jaguars that I had dived something fierce Hoping this one doesn't!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I believe there are fretted versions too. Nice basses and a great suggestion The extra weight of the frets allows them to remain grounded even on an instrument stand
  6. It's certainly the lightest 5-string I've played, and balances indeed rather well. For me, there was no immediately noticeable benefit of the "Endurneck", though I liked the 35-33 inch fanned fret layout better than Dingwall's super-long-scale 37-34 inches. Then again, the Dingwall Super Series 35-32 inches, to me, feels better still. At the end of the day - it comes down a value vs ergonomics proposition. Weight-wise, I think the Strandberg was about 250-300g lighter than a Status Streamline 5-string, which you can get custom-specced for around £2k; plenty of definition on the Streamline's low-B too, given that it's all carbon, and build quality is miles apart. If you're after not super-long fanned fret basses, then the Dingwall S's come into the picture. Of course, if you want super-light + fanned-frets, then this is pretty much your only option - for now. That's my experience, so far, anyway - would be curious to hear what you think once you've had a go
  7. I've played a few of these, and my comments are in the posts below, in the a thread from a while back, with other members' opinions too. Sadly - we seem to be broadly in agreement... A great shame, since expectations were high, and many of us were hopeful
  8. This is fairly typical, seen it on my Modulus Sonic Hammer and a few Vigiers. In my case, superglue has worked well to fill in the cracks and restore a smooth feeling to the clearcoat. Had also, in most cases, stopped the chips getting bigger. Sometimes a visible trace still remains, if the superglue is too viscous to get to the very bottom/edge of the crack, but this is purely a visual issue. After appropriate sanding and polishing, the finish is fully smooth. Hope that helps.
  9. What's the scale length? 34 or 35 inches? Thanks!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Since my initial post above, having ambled through the various music shops in Tokyo, the picture hasn't changed much. More of the 4 and 5 strings have come into stock, and almost invariably they sit around for a long time. The 4-strings have already experienced a first round of discounts (15% or so?), but they're mostly still there. Every one i've seen, or picked up, comes with high action from factory, and the finish-quality is the same as the very first one I tried... so that was not a "monday morning phenomenon", but just the level to which these are finished. As a fan of both lightweight, and headless, basses - this makes me very sad. Waiting to see when the first one of these turns up on the used market, but given how few have sold so far... it may be a while.
  12. A few fretless suggestions Tear down the walls - by the firm id you ever look so nice - by the samples
  13. Two quick questions: Does it have a truss rod? And what is the string spacing? Thanks
  14. The Callowhill basses are indeed legendary, but hard to find in CITES compatible configurations. Very sadly, the builder has passed away so we aren't going to see any more...
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