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  1. The Callowhill basses are indeed legendary, but hard to find in CITES compatible configurations. Very sadly, the builder has passed away so we aren't going to see any more...
  2. What's the string spacing at the bridge? Thanks!
  3. Yes, very much so... unfortunately. Any commercial transaction is covered - private or not.
  4. I saw Plini's live show two weeks ago, where the bassist (Simon Grove) was using one of these, and was disappointed by how much thinner & hollower it sounded compared to the tone he got out of his LeFay before. Even the Sandberg he had before that... Came across one (5 string original) in the flesh in a local shop in Tokyo, so thought i'd give it a spin - in part out of personal curiosity, in part, to share the experience with you guys . The price here is similar to the UK - around £3k equivalent. In this price bracket - sadly - it felt like the worst finished bass I've played. The fretwork was ok, but a few frets were sharp. The "out of the box" setup had action around 4mm - the guy in the shop said it came in like that & they'd not really adjusted it. He was averse to adjusting it much, but we dropped the action to where it was more playable. I also got told that the finish on these is so thin that it scuffs very easily and the other bass in the shop (a 4string) was already scratched, hence "please don't slap on it". That suited me just fine... but still. The knobs felt light and a few pots were mounted off-of vertical. None of this is obviously tone-relevant, but doesn't inspire a quality feel for £3k instrument. As a side note - I'm not writing this out of snobbish disregard for Indoensian-made instrument: i've played many Ibanezs that were great, and indeed even my Squire JagSS felt solid! The sound, despite the Nordstrand pickups, was oddly hollow. Didn't have much time to fiddle with the preamp, so played mainly passive - but the first impression wasn't encouraging. I'm sure that with more knob-fiddling & passionate EQ'ing you could get any modern sound you'd like - though given what I heard on stage with Plini - (i think the bassist uses a Helix rig?), I still preferred the tones from what he'd used before. I liked the satin finish, and the shape of the EndurNeck - and the low weight would certainly be a bonus in longer term playing. Given the body shape & general alignment, the bass sits very "close" to the body and it's easy to reach the top frets. The fret angles weren't much of an issue (i've owned a Dingwall combustion before), and the 35-33 scale did feel a bit easier to play than Dingwall's 37-34. However, given that for a comparable price a Canadian-made dingwall (perhaps even a Super P or J with a similar scale) is easily obtainable 2nd hand, for me this is a tough sell. Even the China-made Combustion, at half the price new feels like a much more solid instrument. In terms of new price - for less than the Strandberg you can get a Japan hand-crafted top of the range Atelier Z, Bacchus, or even an FCGR Dulake/Rhino, all of which are impeccably finished and will come (at least within Japan!) adjusted to perfection, with excellent follow up service. It appears that a few top-tier UK luthiers would also deliver similar quality at that price. So: at about half the current price, I'd consider this bass, and would happily mod/tune it to where I'm sure i'd be happy with it. At the moment, it's a hard pass from me. I wonder whether the one I got my hands on was (as we sometimes say) a monday-morning factory special, and i'm curious to hear what experiences other will have when you get the chance to try them.
  5. yeah, this from me too. Use the B-string a lot, not just for low-note access
  6. Liking the looks, and saw him play it live today. Definition & clarity is fantastic - didn't hear of the very low end of the range often enough to comment on it. Most of the night James East was playing the lower register (and sounded absolutely colossal on his InnerWood 5-string ). Given how the bass sits, it looks like the access for upper-register playing is very comfortable. Would very much welcome it if Yamaha made this into a production model - though a lighter weight would be welcome.
  7. So if you were to melt a Bongo... Now we know what it'd look like.
  8. Really looking forward to how this turns out And if you ever get into 5- or 6- string headless projects, wow, am I going to be in trouble Really liking the body design & "flow" on this one!
  9. FWIW - if you're looking for a piezo-buffer, the East piezo pre is fantastic, and quite compact.
  10. Looks fantastic - for maximum buckeye visibility, perhaps piezo might be an option for the future
  11. I have a bass with the 6-string equivalent of the TW pickups. Twin & single-coil sound is very different, and in this case i prefer the extra punch of the single-coil variant. Wired into a 3-band EQ in my case, so no "tone" control per se. What i'd really like to do is put in a series/parallel switch that puts the two coil-tapped TW's in series with each other... but this being EMG, it's more hassle than necessary. Edit: Also had a look at the EMG eq/tone preamps, and i can't see a reason why the TW pickups would have any issues working with them? One way of doing a 4-pot config would be to do VV with push-pull pots for coil tapping, then either a master-tone (ABC) + a 2-band stacked EQ (e.g. BTC). Or use a 3-band-2-pot EQ instead (BQC). Admittedly, none of these give you VVTT wiring, but maybe the EQ may make up for that? (I don't think i've ever seen a bass with VVTT controls before - curious how that works ). If you're set on VVTT with EMG's - i hope someone else will chime in
  12. I happen to currently have a 6-string Series 2 "Fatboy" which I got in a trade, since I was curious to try one, and even here they're rare (based in Tokyo, so not the UK). This is the model Henrik Linder used before getting his single-cut signature model (I think the tracks "Baby" and "Hit Me" were recorded on this variant - or at least so the videos would suggest). Standard straight frets, not true-temperament. Impressions: neck feels a little chunky (e.g. a Roscoe 6-string is thinner/flatter, or say a Greg Curbow 6), but it's subtly asymmetric. The "FatBoy" body is rather thick, and the finish is a bit rougher than most other boutique instruments in the same price range (e.g. Fodera / Freedom CGR). Yet - the action is super low, no buzz, and bass plays effortlessly - the asymmetric neck is very comfy and fast. So - when taken out of the case it first feels a little bit like a tractor - when played, it feels like a an F1 racing shell. A little confusing, but in the best possible way. Given the large body and prominent headstock, it doesn't look like shorter-than-usual scale, but I've found the 33" scale very comfy. Any other questions - feel free to ask or DM me (and sadly, no, I don't have the stones to provide public playing samples, on a bass where the only other comparison is Henrik Linder - sorry guys... )
  13. Too narrow spacing on the bass for me, but let me also chime in to say that I absolutely love this track, too. Probably not the best place to ask - but if you'd have any other recommendations of similar type of music (in Polish is fine ) - would be curious to hear it (perhaps via PM?). Meanwhile - have a bump, and good luck with the sale!
  14. Nice one on the HH-Ray May be a bit late - but in case one crosses your path, I think something that you may like would be a Modulus "Sonic hammer" - it's the model that predates the Modulus Flea/Funk-Unlimited, with the main difference being that the Sonic Hammer has a more precision-shaped neck (and the Flea has a narrower Jazz shape neck). May be an urban legend, but from what I heard, Flea played the Sonic Hammer, loved the tone, but wanted a narrower neck - so they switched the neck profile, and made the body a bit rounder - and so the Modulus Flea came about. For some reason, the Sonic Hammers are much less loved than the Flea/FU basses, so you may bump into one for a sensible price - if it does, do give it a try.
  15. Thanks - that does help Sadly, the rosewood rules me out Beautiful bass, though - good luck with the sale! Someone's in for a treat
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