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  1. Trio doing Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix and the like, seek an energetic drummer. We rehearse in Landscove near Totnes.
  2. Anyone got some short gravity grip wall hangars that slot into a slat wall? Like this..
  3. Oh, I wish I hadn't sold my Moon JJ4. This thread is getting me all melancholy.
  4. Heck, I'm so out of touch. I didn't know there was a new Reidmar that could do 2 ohms. Looks like I'll be selling my 750 to get one, now! Thanks, attackbass
  5. I love my Reidmar 750 but I'm frustrated that it doesn't go to 2 ohm. Has anyone used one as well as having had experience of gigging the TD660? I'm considering switching so I can have the option of adding to the 4 ohm Neoline 212 that I've recently purchased on Basschat. Opinions welcomed
  6. Well I thought this was a keeper, but I'm now in a new band and I need a 4 ohm single cab (which I have now got) so am having to let this go. Built like a tank but still lift-able out of the boot. I have had it for nearly three years and have loved how it can take a low B and plenty of volume. In the interests of transparency, I bought it after it had a replacement new PJB driver professionally fitted (top left). It is slightly greyer than the rest. The cab comes with a padded cover. It's in VGC. Power rating: 400 Watt Equipped with four 5" PJB Piranha loudspeakers Impedance: 8 Ohm Frequency range: 35 Hz - 15,000 kHz Weight: 18kg I'm in Devon, but will courier.
  7. Only selling because I've now got a Crowdster without a humbucker (as I've no need for it). Do look at YouTube and https://www.andersonguitarworks.com/ 2009 Excellent condition Kao top Straplops Nice strings and well set up Tom Anderson hard case Will ship at cost Try before you buy welcomed
  8. I'm interested but can't see a way to collect, as I live in Devon.
  9. Has Tommy stopped making his cabs then?
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