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  1. I dumno..it works on my brother's old laptop with Windows XP faultlessly. I managed to get a driver for it to work on Windows 10 for about three days then the inevitable windows update broke it again by replacing the USB driver with a later ( non working version) it's just far easier to have an old cheap ( I see xp netbooks for £30) xp laptop for this and use that....takes all the headache out of everything.
  2. 500 watts into 4 ohms ( 2x250w output) Includes the windows software. Programmable Preamp. Software works a treat on Windows XP not so much on Win 7 and 10.( The driver software is the culprit ........I've heard you can get around it in Win 7 and Win 10 but I gave up trying.....) Small but solid. This is no MarkBass or TE Elf featherweight. Tatty but fully functional. It's gonna be 10-20 quid to ship I should imagine. Open to pickup of course. I work in London so a meet up there is possible as well as here in Norfolk.
  3. Off topic slightly... was Tony the guy that had Holliday music in Leytonstone?
  4. Right. The basic cab is a light but strong ply cabinet. Used to house 300 w Fender driver ( heavy but not overly efficient. ) No crossover and vented slots at the front, it’s surprisingly light and sturdy. I upgraded the driver ( at considerable cost) with a Faital Pro 15” HP1060. These are not the cheaper modified FH/PR range you find in the Vanderkley cabs but premium HP range ...offering the same Faital pro sound with elevated power rating. This driver is rated at 1000w ( 2000w peak) and with 97dB sensitivity is an easy drive for lower powered amps. It’s 8 ohms so can be coupled with another cab without killing your amps power stage. Collection from Kings Lynn...audition is possible in a room without other folk. Just you and an amp. ( Social distancing is still key at this time).
  5. My First Trace Elliot amp.... Bought for £600 In Birmingham 1989. Lasted til 2002 when amazingly it got stolen from a gig. We had just set up and sound checked and went off for some food... came back and there was just a bunch of leads where the amp had been. This was in a bar in Tolouse in France. I had to do the gig with my Sansamp and a side fill. The Gendarmes were useless btw.
  6. Saw him play at a gig here in Kings Lynn last year with Kimberley Rew ( Katrina and the Waves) lovely chap to talk to. The free bonus was a certain Thomas Dolby was there too doing a couple of tunes solo as the warmup act!
  7. Neck is straight, action is about 4 or 5 mm til about the 14th Fret then rises to 5 or 6 mm by fret 24 (doing the measurements with a diy tape measure not a micrometer so might be a mm or so off) Neck thickness is about 22mm (so neither thick not thin ..it’s thinner than my Shuker Jazz but similar to my Status Empathy 5. String to String Spacing: at the nut: 9mm ( string centre to string centre) at the 12th fret : 12 mm at the bridge : 16mm nut width is 42 mm
  8. Thanks for clearing that up fella....😀
  9. ive just been made aware that I paid way over the odds for this when I bought it. In this case the price has had a £100 reduction and is available immediately without the 8 week wait of a new one.
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