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  1. Hes on holiday I think ( that's what the advert says)
  2. Lovely. Quite possibly the nicest Mayones I’ve ever seen....
  3. Lovely sound from this powerful combo. Built by those talented folk at Taurus in Poland. Little to no use ( only at home) really opens up when you attach a second cab . 250w delivered to the 12” internally. Hybrid valve /transistor preamp with compressor / limiter. Switchable horn. Come and try it out. I have the box for this so can be posted ( we’ll need to work logistics /cost that one out) The Taurus brand is endorsed by George Anderson of Shakatak Thanks for looking CRAIG
  4. Little Phatty stage 1 with USB upgrade. It’s in great functional condition with yellowed keys ( sunlight in my music room) hard to capture on photo but you will notice it, affects nothing functionally. Running 2.1 firmware can be upgraded to latest but never got round to it If this interests you come and check it out. Thanks for looking. Craig
  5. Lovely 5 string bass bought recently in this parish but not for me I fear. I’ve restrung it last week with Dunlop Stainless Steels and she’s sounding fab. Both the preamp and the PUPs are full EMG ( upgraded from the Fernandes fitted FGI pre original) Neck through construction gives sustain for days and not too heavy for a five string ( I have no scales to accurately weigh but she’s in the 4-4.5 kg range, definitely lighter than my Status 5 Empathy which is just over 5kg if memory serves.) Rob Trujillo played one on Metallica’s Death Magnetic but don’t be fooled this is no metal only bass. Any trial welcome. Trades welcome let me know what you have cash available for the right bass (Warwick preferred not Rock Bass though) Thanks for looking Craig
  6. Sold my Enfield Lionheart Standard 5 to Mike today top fella and when I dropped it off he and his lovely Wife cooked me a full English! Splendid.Deals should always taste this good.....
  7. Update: weight is a frankly astonishing 4.1 ish KG and nut width is 51 mm
  8. Sorry for the delay in Replying. Yes it is different to the 500 and 900 Pumas with their Class D power output stages. This review bears this out : https://www.talkbass.com/threads/tecamp-1x12-combo-amplifier-puma-350.598082/ The abscence of a manual or any kind of sales bumpf makes this harder to verify without pulling it apart and viewing the output stages. Hope this helps.
  9. Up for Sale is this wonderful uk made instrument. In my current collection I can see it not getting played as much as a great instrument such as this deserves. Im looking to retrieve what it owes me financially, which I feel is a very fair price. The Bass has just had a new set of 45-130 Elixirs added (at £50) as this is my usual string choice. Suffice to say you’ll be fine for tone for a long time with those.... I’ll paraphrase from the gentleman I bought it from as he did a wonderful summing up of the instrument : .......................................................................................... Enfield Lionheart Standard 5 (2015 Model) Fantastic 5 string bass with a huge variety of tones available, thanks to the powerful Sims Super Quad pickups......have owned this bass from new (Brought directly from Sims Custom Shop) and it has served me very well over that time as a full time working instrument. Thanks to the pickups I have only ever needed to take one bass to a gig and it has had me covered for everything from Prog Rock to Jazz. Also with the pickup blend I have achieved many of the signature bass sounds I needed (P Bass, Music man, etc..) It is a really light weight instrument thanks to its cleverly hollowed out construction but still retains a thick full sound. The neck is a vintage slim B profile with a nice low action and has an even balanced volume across all strings. The Bass does show signs of wear and discoloration due to its matte finish but does not affect the tone or playability in any way. Pics show any damage to the finish including a crack by the neck joint which I have had checked and it is definitely the finish on the bass and not the wood so nothing to worry about. Any marks are on the back / sides of the instrument so not noticeable from the front. ............................................................... The Neck is the unique construction of resonant Mahogany faced with a maple fretboard, so whilst there’s spank, there’s warmth also. The defeatable (volume control lifts for passive/bypass ) 2 band Glockenklang pre helps carve out a very versatile sound. Trades wise im interested in German Warwick Thumbs/Streamers 4 or 5 strings... R basses ( those whose images cant be used here!) anything interesting, Failing that cash is king! Thanks for looking and thanks to CharlieBassMan for the splendid description and pictures.......
  10. SOLD! Thanks everyone....
  11. Paul turned up with the cash on time to buy my Westone Thunder 1 bass. ( sorry I was I bit late) . had a nice chat. High recommend !
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