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  1. Just bought the Burgera Veryon M that Gerry had for sale. Top bloke to deal with and everything was as advertised. Thoroughly good Comms through out too which always inspires confidence. Thanks Gerry I love this amp!
  2. Almost new condition as has been stored for many years and then purely used with a external screen and Keyboard and mouse. Selling as I've upgraded to a Mac Pro tower. The battery was replaced about three months ago, and this computer also comes with another new boxed Battery so you'll be sorted for many years! Runs well..... has 8 GB of RAM a newish ( 1 year ago installed) Standard 1 TB drive. I can swap this out for a 500 GB SSD for an extra £30 if you wish.( Or for free if you pay my full asking price) It comes with a replacement power block as I lost the old one along the way. It's on the latest OSx for this model (Catalina). Basically you will be hard pressed to find this particular model in such a great condition. It has been looked after with kid gloves and maintained by a Mac engineer. This was the last of the upgradeable PowerBooks after this they basically took away your right to upgrade. It has been wiped clean and a fresh install of Mac OSx Catalina has been put on. The engineer cleaned all the insides when the battery was replaced so no overheating from blocked vents! No low ball offers please. Any further questions fire away. I live in Norfolk but travel to London each week so a meet up in either place is possible.
  3. Sometimes you gotta haul for tone! It's not too bad actually.....😁
  4. Not a neo got a conventional ferrite Celestion in now but still not too bad weight but increased wattage!
  5. Apologies for the delay in responding been a busy week. Dimensions 60 × 50 x 40 cm. Weight is : 16.2 KG
  6. Not really in retested in shipping. where are you? Yes 8 ohm.
  7. Trace Acoustic combo amp 100 watts 1990,s Vintage Made in UK. Not the Peavey built stuff, original UK. This is the non reverb version ( you can put one in the effects loop if you so desire, I've never found the need) State of the art in its day sounds as good as new. Never been gigged just used for rehearsal and at home. Bargain! Collection preferred but can post at buyers expense!
  8. Zoom B1 Bass Effects pedal with built in Drum Machine. Loads of great amp emulations ( Hartke,Ampeg,Trace Elliot,Fender Bassman,, Acoustic,Gallien Krugeur and more) with distortion, octaver, synth,compression . Fabulous to practice along with headphones too as well as Live use . Improve your tone today for just a few quid! Bargain! Will post for a fiver!
  9. Compact bass cab ( not back breaking) 1x15 (upgraded from original 200w to 300 watt Celestion speaker.) Easy load in and carry. Grab a bass bargain
  10. Old SM7 pedal from the 90's (?). In rough working condition with a few niggles. 1) the faders are extremely stiff to move. ( Contact cleaner/lubricant may help here) 2) the first position of the preshape switch ( pre shape 1 or out) doesn't seem make a sound. ( Maybe needs cleaning/ changing the switch) Pre Shape 2 ( in) position works fine 3) Battery power doesn't seem to work. This is moot as the included 18v supply will power the unit just fine. Maybe a loose solder joint inside? It comes on its own mounted wooden board with plug extension. I'm just looking to recover some of the cash spent getting it ( the PSU alone was £25.00) Any further queries shoot me a message. It's really a project for someone although I did a few gigs with it recently so if you can live with the niggles it does work as it is. Postage will be £10
  11. Studio monitors. Active speakers. Integral gel speaker isolator feet... Brand new in box. Bought as backup set but the other set never broke....never deployed just kept in the box in the spare room. Well thought of and not available for years. Cost over £200 new. Grab yourself a bargain! Also includes brand new unused Superlux HD681 Studio Monitor Headphones! Can post £15 insured.....
  12. Lovely metallic blue finish. Great starter or beater bass. I bought it recently for exactly that purpose and put some hours into tidying it up and put a brand new set of Fender strings (0045 medium gauge). It plays very well, medium action. I've been spoilt by my main bass (a Status Empathy 5) and can't get on with the spacing on the neck. There are a few dings and swirls ( pictured) but nothing that stops the show Comes with a reasonably tatty but emininently usable Ritter gig bag. Great Precision sound for not a lot of cash. Can ship at buyer expense within the UK. I'll ensure its well packed and can remove the neck for additional safety..... But would prefer a meet either here at home in Norfolk ( unlikely I know 😆) or at a station in London ( I work there 4 days a week) that way we're eliminating couriers that have probably had a bad day as it's super busy now for xmas and have reached the end of their patience.
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