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  1. Based in Norfolk but can travel if nearby ,sometimes in Suffolk too. Postage can be arranged if distance is an issue.
  2. They are underrated imo, great value for money excellent build quality and electrics are great , easy to play with a fast neck profile, it will probably need a fret dress due to age, however they are built to last and have that classic look, I understand they are based on the original Aria Pro series, if you buy one you won't regret it as you can get some serious variety of sounds from it ,from Precision tone and beyond thanks to the active e.q.
  3. Just like to post some positive feedback for Neil, bought the Ray34 and it's awesome, amazing transaction at a bargain price for a nearly new bass that simply sounds and feels amazing . Cheers Phil
  4. Just bought Yamaha bb300 from Craig, great bass in good nick for 1985!Good bargain price too! Craig is a great guy, deal in confidence.
  5. This bass is the best value on the market and they retail at £400+
  6. He even delivered it to my house free of charge!
  7. Bryan is a top guy, he sold me a blinding Squier Korean Jazz bass, best £120 I ever spent, Regards,Phil
  8. Just bought an amazing bass from Pete, (Walplayer ).Swift transaction and quick delivery, bass was packed perfectly and included a gig bag. I recommend deals with Pete 100%, buy in confidence. Regards, Phil
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