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  1. Recently sold my Enfield Lionheart to BassLondon. Was my first time selling on this site so was abit nervous but he made it really easy and was a lovely chap to deal with. 10/10 would happily deal with Craig again :).
  2. Thanks Dazed im afraid not at the moment really after the cash to fund another bass
  3. No problem yeye it has proven very useful at countless gigs being so light. The neck wood description is from the sims (Enfield) website but it could possibly be rosewood if they have changed since then. cheers
  4. Hi iKay of course:- The woods used are body (East Asian Mahogany), Neck (Premium Quaterswan American Maple) & Fingerboard (Maple). Scale length is 34 inches It is a white pastel colour but in the right lighting does look a little silver tbh. i have just weighed the bass and it is coming in at 3.65kg (8.47lbs) hope this helps charlie
  5. Enfield Lionheart Standard 5 (2015 Model) - £1,300 Fantastic 5 string bass with a huge variety of tones available, thanks to the powerful Sims Super Quad pickups. I have owned this bass from new (Brought directly from Sims Custom Shop) and it has served me very well over that time as a full time working instrument. Thanks to the pickups I have only ever needed to take one bass to a gig and it has had me covered for everything from Prog Rock to Jazz. Also with the pickup blend I have achieved many of the signature bass sounds I needed (P Bass, Music man, etc..) It is a really light weight instrument thanks to its cleverly hollowed out construction but still retains a thick full sound. The neck is a vintage slim B profile with a nice low action and has an even balanced volume across all strings. The Bass does show signs of wear and discoloration due to its matte finish but does not affect the tone or playability in any way. Pics show any damage to the finish including a crack by the neck joint which I have had checked and it is definitely the finish on the bass and not the wood so nothing to worry about. Any marks are on the back / sides of the instrument so not noticeable from the front. Bass is freshly set up with a new set of D’adario NYXL (45 – 130) bass strings and also comes with a custom fitted Hiscock hard case and case candy made for this bass. Only reason I am moving this instrument on is that it is no longer being used and it is a shame to see such a good instrument sit in its case. I am looking for £1,300 but am open to reasonable offers & UK Sales Only.
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