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  1. Ampeg specs attached below. The speakers cost over £700 each new FYI. Any more questions, please ask. Cheers, Graham
  2. I've had the Classic 410HLE and Classic 410HLF (used together and separately), but have been using two PN210 HLF for the last few years and find them louder, punchier and more easily transported. They are paired with an Ampeg PF 800 d class amp. Been perfect for me, but, as I have two similar rigs, the Ampeg is currently up for sale on here. The other is lighter, but the Ampeg sounds better.
  3. I have two excellent compact, but powerful bass rigs, and, with the amount of gigs I have, this is completely unnecessary. My back is telling me to keep the Barefaced and my ears are telling me to keep the Ampeg! So the Ampeg loses out. The photos below show that it comprises two PN210HLF cabinets and the excellent PF800 amp which are all in very good condition and working as they should do. The cabs are rated at 550 watts each and each have an adjustable tweeter. They are 8 ohm cabinets. They come with Roqsolid covers as shown and have a few very minor scuffs in the very hardwearing finish. This set up is easily loud enough for small to medium sized venues and is very punchy with a surprising amount of bass as a result of the full width ports. The amp is super reliable and features compression, mute button, bass and treble quick boost buttons and a five way adjustable mid range control along with the usual controls. I'd prefer to deliver this for obvious reasons for shared cost. I'm not looking for trades and the price is firm. Collection also is an option, although we would have to wait for the relaxation of lockdown rules. Any questions please ask.
  4. Agreed, superb basses, and a totally different, and better in my opinion, sound to the newer L2500. GLWTS
  5. Sold my lovely Sadowsky Metro to Jon, and what an agreeable sale - apart from the weather! Great communications throughout, came almost to my door (local Premier Inn car park) and bank transfer under an umbrella. Smooth as clockwork. Pity we met in the covid era, would have liked a good chat about basses and bands. Excellent Basschat buyer.
  6. You're quite correct of course Mr Hunt - EMG it was. Traded it on here some years ago.
  7. I had a black one of these which also had a single Bartolini pickup. Although a 35" scale it doesn't feel it and much easier to play than any other 35" I've played, so don't let the scale put you off. Also, the lightest bass I've ever owned. GLWTS
  8. OK, I'll edit. Just copied the description from The Gallery's website. Cheers, Graham
  9. Due to advancing age and lack of gigs here is my "as new" Sadowsky Metroline 5 in aged white/cream. Purchased used from The Bass Gallery by me in January 2019. (listed in their "sold" items). Briefly the specs are:- Fingerboard, rosewood; Body, alder; Frets 22; Nut 1 7/8 inches; Spacing at bridge, 19mm; Scale, 34 inches; Pickups, Sadowsky; Preamp, Sadowsky 2 band; Weight 8.5 lbs; Controls, volume, pan, active/passive/tone and stacked treble/bass. Will come in an almost new Hiscox case (as in pictures) OR I have an almost new Reunion Blues soft, but highly padded case if you fancy that (cost twice the price of the Hiscox). I have looked in detail and cannot find any blemishes worth photographing. A few light scratches on the pickguard, and I mean light. A beautiful bass. No trade offers please, and the price is fixed. UK sales only please. Sorry, I don't have any sound clips, although there are plenty on Youtube.
  10. Well, we managed to get over the problem, so I now have a used bass I’ve been searching for for four or five years. The deal has highlighted the problems that we are going to encounter when trading used equipment with the EU from 1st January 2021, unless legislation changes.
  11. tgvc Members 1 2 posts Location: Switzerland Report post Posted 22 hours ago I just sold my de Gier Soulmate 5 to Graham. He is a very nice person who made the sale possible with a lot of patience, support and trust. Thank you and have fun with the bass. 1 You reacted to this × Quote
  12. Have just bought a lovely de Gier Soulmate 5 from Thomas. Due to him living in Switzerland he spent a lot of time and effort to get over several problems before we could complete the deal. Great guy to deal with - deal with confidence if he ever decides to sell any of his other great basses.
  13. I think I’ve got over it. Will post when I have the bass.
  14. Thanks hellzero and bluemoon. Pretty much as I expected. I’ve agreed a purchase from Switzerland and we’re jumping through hoops to finalise a deal. If I wasn’t so set on the bass I would have cried off ages ago. I’ll post the results - if it happens!
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