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  1. Yes, it's PM flood control just in case we get a spammer joining.
  2. Price reduced to £725 for a quick sale!! Comes with a brand new hard Fender case!!
  3. One brand new speaker in box. Never used, purchased for a project that I didn't get around to making. 1 x Eminence Legend BP102-8 - http://www.eminence.com/pdf/Legend_BP102.pdf £50 shipped to mainland UK
  4. Dave has just bought my lovely Parker 5 string bass. A lovely chap to deal with, and from what I heard while he was checking it out quite a tidy player! Many thanks.
  5. Graham is now the proud owner of a very sexy Status Stealth 5 that he bought from me. As usual, an easy no problem transaction. Cheers and enjoy!
  6. Reduced to £275! Comes with hard case and new strings!
  7. Another shot of buckle rash to centre back and back of lower horn. Both will polish out easily if you want to.
  8. If you gaze at the carbon fibre long enough I think you can just about make out your name in the weave
  9. I will not be taking a chop-saw to it to confirm!! 😎
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