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  1. Hamster

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    Right oh - I was musing the same thing. SE Bass Bash in the spring? I'll check with the school and report back here...............
  2. Do you mean this Steve Murray?
  3. I think I'd go for a Fender P/J to replace my Fender P/J For a cabinet I'd try a Barefaced 6x10 to replace my Barefaced BT2 I might rack up for the amp and get a Tech 21 SansAmp RBI into a power amp of some kind to replace my Markbass 800Tube
  4. Hi Trevor @TrevorR. My church stopped meeting there about a year ago as we bought a large coffee shop in the middle of Chertsey and meet there on a Sunday, so I could book the school for a Sunday next year. I also think it might be a good idea to have it at the start of September on the first weekend after the schools resume. Several potential guests I approached this year said they were in rehearsals for Christmas tours at the end of September. I don't suppose any time of year is ideal unless someone can say otherwise?
  5. Hamster

    Feedback for Hazy Bass

    Andy bought a couple of speakers from me, an easy transaction - Cheers!
  6. Hamster


    I'd buy that just for the pleasure of beating the creator to death with it
  7. Hamster

    FS: Boss BCB3 and Stagg Pedal Boards

    Duplicate post
  8. Hamster

    Cab configuration

    IMHO you only need one lightweight 2x12 cab - https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Big-Twin-2.htm
  9. Bernie has been to a previous SEBB so he might be up for a return
  10. Hamster

    Amp voltage and power suppy question

    I reckon it's cattle trucked - http://www.ampdoctor.co.uk/
  11. Which amp model is it? Some can be a royal PITA to work on as so much has to be removed for access.