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  1. The cab has some sort of proprietary dispersion system. Seriously, the sound dispersion from this thing and the quality of the sound are impressive and it sounds bigger than a 1x12. I'll try and find out specifically what it is :)
  2. Hi Luke @LukeFRC There should be no issue :) - https://www.clearsoundmusic.co.uk Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I couldn't find a post on these and so I wanted to give you the heads up on them. A friend of mine is now the UK distributor for these and they're designed to work with modellers *(Helix, Kemper etc) - https://www.clearsoundmusic.co.uk/ I've heard the modellers mentioned being used with Atomic Cabs, RCFs, DRXs etc and they were ok, but I still thought there was something missing i.e. that real amp feel and response. Well, last week, I had a full day in the studio with one of the powered cabs and a Helix, Kemper and my own guitar and bass amps on hand for comparison. I was really impressed with the sound, response, clarity and clout with both bass and guitar when we put the respective modellers through the Red Sound and it sounded like an amp and it was a different experience to when I heard them previously through the other cabs, particularly the very good DRXs. On this occasion, it sounded almost 3D-like and not directional at all and the sound dispersion is excellent. The Helix through one of these was particularly impressive (that Cougar bass amp model is damn good)! As it matched, and surpassed in some instances, my own amps, I might be ready to dip my toe into the World of Modelling, but not fully yet. I figure a Helix Stomp is a great place to start as I can put it on my board, integrate it and have it replacing my delay, modulation and other fx. However, it then offers an amp backup, too but also a chance to start trying/using it as my amp for bass and guitar, and I understand there's quite a few Stomp owners and users on here who rate it. That's when the Red Sound will come into play. Seriously, this is an impressive bit of kit where I could hear the difference from the 'rest of the herd'. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Peter at Clear Sound and mention me (Cos) and that you're from the BassChat Thanks
  4. Mint condition, no box but will be well packaged. A really useful pedal that has different applications e.g. plumb in an old school/vinatge pedal that might mess with your FX chain, like a Mutron, Boss CE-2 etc OR use it like a Boss Line Selecter or Gigrig Quartermaster. Works, too, without 9V power, if you don't want the lights as indicators. No trades and PPG £50 including Special Delivery Technical blurb - https://robertkeeley.com/product/true-bypass-looper/
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Bump and sensible offers considered
  7. Kebabkid


    Yes, when I had my Zoom B3, I quite liked the comps in that but I'm looking to put together a small board of bespoke, individual pedals and so I'm curious.
  8. Kebabkid


    What compressors do people favour on bass? I use a Keeley 2 knob on guitar but it didn't work very well on bass. I've heard good things about the TC Spectracomp Bass Compressor and the Wampler Ego gets great reviews for guitar, which I'm actually thinking of getting the Mini one for, but is it any good on bass? And what about the Xotic SP Comp? Thanks
  9. Bump & Trade options but I'd also consider the Wampler Mini Ego Compressor
  10. Bump and more, specific trade options added
  11. Superb, genius band, fantastic music and I'd throw in Fagen's solo albums, too. Becker's were ok, a little more poppy and angular, but put those styles together and you have Steely Dan. I've seen them a couple of times, including shortly after Becker passed away and that was a good bill with the excellent Doobie Brothers, but these days, I tend to go and watch the SD tribute bands, like Nearly Dan and the fabulous Stanley Dee. Enjoy the gig for whoever's going and it's a nostalgia trip. Looks like it might still be 'Ready' Freddie Washington (of Forget me Nots fame) on bass.
  12. Hey Folks, If you can get to one of these gigs and you love your rock, you'll love this. Recommended and a fabulous show
  13. Cloudbusting are great and we caught them last week at The Half Moon, Putney where they were in fine form. We also spoke to you after the gig, Dave and lovely to meet you @sprocketflup. C'mon, how many people in a tribute band can say that their dep is the Real McCoy, in this case, Del Palmer!!
  14. I came to my Madness Tribute gig as guitarist depping on bass for my good mate, Gary (Cetera on here) as musically, he was a busy lad and in demand Five years on, it's my main gig and luckily for me, the band have been mates for over 25 years and it's a lovely fit. However, whilst more a rock, pop and funk player, and as I've said, a guitarist, I've enjoyed this immensely. The songs are clever and fun and those Madness bass lines are a joy to play, as are ones by The Specials, The Beat, Selector etc The punters like us and it might just be a genre of music that brings together people of different musical tastes. We've also played a festival, down Denmark St, The Jazz Cafe, The 100 Club and The Dublin Castle with a member of Madness present (Lee Thompson, the sax player) and got the thumbs up rather than the finger! http://cairoeast.co.uk/TrimmedCairoGig.mp4 I've also played in a Squeeze and Crowded House/Jellyfish tribute and that, too, was great fun and presented musical challenges. I think the tribute scene is a healthy one and personally, that's where I think it's at, at the moment. Given some of the bands we're paying homage to are either disbanded or 'past their best', they work well. I've enjoyed a KISS tribute, Thin Lizzy ones and more recently, Cetera's rock anthems band, Leather and Lace, the fabulous Kate Bush tribute, Cloudbusting featuring one of our own (what a gig that was last week) and great Steely Dan tribute band called Stanley Dee. Particularly with the latter, I've seen Steely Dan the last few times and sadly, whilst a bit of a nostalgia trip, they didn't deliver for me. Stanley Dee and the long-running Nearly Dan, do. I note there's some new boys on the block, a Police and Crowded House one doing the rounds and I look forward to seeing them. Good luck with your outfits (in every sense)
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