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  1. Who are you seeing live next?

    I saw Steely Dan with support from The Doobies last week at The O2. I wish the next band I was seeing was Cetera (Gary's) excellent Leather & Lace that's down in Exmouth this weekend but it's too far away It'll probably be a Steely Dan tribute band and there's 2 to choose from this month. Failing that, Extreme and Dan Reed Network in December. Oh, and Toto at The Royal Albert Hall next April
  2. How was your gig last night?

    Cheers @barneyg42 and which band are you in? Yep, our keyboard player was crawling under his keys and stands to get in place! Corinne and her bar staff are lovely and it's like and old-fashioned, warm and friendly boozer in there. Considering Sutton Town Centre is minutes away and resembles a war zone at the weekend, this pub sticks out like a sore thumb and I'm glad it exists. We also play regularly at The Windsor Castle down the road from there in Carshalton. It's ok there, too. The Thai food at The Nightingale is very good and authentic and reasonably priced. Some of the band got take out for when we'd finished. We've played there twice and on both occasions, it was a Friday night. As 2 of our guys come in from Bedford and St Albans respectively and one of them is keeper of the PA, it's a hike for them and hard work loading up and traffic-wise on Fridays so we may go for a Sunday spot for the next one and apparently, that's the busier session of the two (they don't have live music on Saturdays). Small world
  3. How was your gig last night?

    Our Madness tribute/ska band had a great gig on Friday. The place was pretty packed (120) and it's a small place but lovely pub (I heartily recommend The Nightingale in Sutton, Surrey). The crowd were appreciative and there was some good banter and I'd say at least half of those present were mates. The fun part was the stage. I'd say it fits a comfortable 3, an ok 4 but there were 7 of us! I found myself holding the bass almost upright quite a bit of the time to avoid hitting the PA speakers. This gave me cramp and I momentarily dropped out a few times (not good) but we had loads of fun. I wasn't enamored with my bass sound though and once again, I find myself wanting a Spector Euro.
  4. Sire v7 puzzle

    Got both a Sire V7 and the Zoom B3 and I haven't experienced that. Sounds like something is going on with your headphones or the headphone output.
  5. Need a Pedal for volume boost

    Xotic EP-1 and it has internal dip switches to tailor the sound
  6. As both a owner and a user of friend's ones, I'd like to throw in a Taylor. The 514s and 814s are great but I've just seen the price of them new - yikes. They play really well and have cutaways but the pickup system is very responsive and they offer a good, full, balanced and natural sound not unlike some of the piezo-equipped ones. To me, the older models equipped with a microphone inside as well as under saddle pickup offered the most natural DI sound. I note you're in Canterbury. I'd say swing round the south and visit Guitar Guitar in Epsom as they have a fantastic range of acoustics and a large, dedicated acoustic room where you'll be able to try the guitars through an amp, desk or PA. Great people to deal with and they're also open on Sundays. All the best with your search and I hope you find what you're looking for.
  7. Gary (Cetera) and I caught the recent London show. He can certainly tell 'em. Very entertaining
  8. Hi all, We're back at this lovely little pub in Sutton, Surrey next week where we'll be playing a lot of hits by Madness, The Specials, The Beat and Bad Manners. If you fancy it, pop on down and entry is free. Oh, they do a nice line in Thai food. Venue: The Nightingale 53 Carshalton Road Sutton Surrey SM1 4LG http://thenightingalesutton.co.uk/ [size=3][url="http://www.cairoeast.co.uk"]www.cairoeast.co.uk[/url] [/size] [url="https://imgur.com/pQwyuHT"][size=3]https://imgur.com/pQwyuHT[/size][/url]
  9. Post your Band Website!

    Here's our one (Madness/ska tribute) but it needs more [size=3][url="http://www.cairoeast.co.uk"]www.cairoeast.co.uk[/url][/size]
  10. Your favourite octave pedal?

    Thanks OP for this as I was going post something similar myself.
  11. Hi from Cyprus

    Having played in a Greek function band for many years, bassists are largely obsolete apart from in the more pro bands. In the olden days, guitarists handled the bass notes (think the den de, den de bit of Zorba The Greek, root note and chord) but for some time now, bass lines have been handled by the keyboard players who simultaneously play them and their chords and melody lines. Heathens! Troodos is lovely. Love Platres.
  12. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    Gary get's my vote! Now, there's the story about the Trace Elliott, the midget and the root vegetable!
  13. There's so many but I'm going to go with Ian Bairnson, who's main body of work was with The Alan Parsons Project. Melodic and memorable solos that build nicely and he always had a great tone, too. Whilst many thought that the outro guitar solo on "Wuthering Heights" was David Gilmour, it was in fact this chap. Oh, and he was also the guitarist in Pilot. A bit of a newbie but I'm currently enjoying Mark Lettieri of Snarky Puppy's playing at the moment.
  14. Hi from Cyprus

    Welcome Andy from a UK Cypriot. Enjoy the sun and all the best with your music, Cos
  15. Good Amp for pub sized gigs.

    I've been gigging a Roland Bass Cube 120XL for the last 2 years in pubs that fit 150-200 people and it's been fine. Features:- It can run an 8ohm extension cab. It's fairly light and portable The models on it are decent and varied It has few in-built fx, like a compressor, overdrive, chorus, octaver, reverb, delay and a looper and it also has a tuner. Auxillary for an MP3 etc When we did an outdoor festival for about 1500, I just took a line out (XLR). When I first started looking for an amp, I was told that 120w would not be loud enough and not offer enough headroom. However, two years down the line, it's delivering really well for the gigs I've described but any bigger and I think, well, feel, I should go with more watts and look to at least 300w. I gigged a Roland Cube guitar amp for about 10 years and now the guitarist in our band has it and they're reliable little things. I can also recommend the Roland D-Bass amps (discontinued). All the best with your search