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  1. I'm just going to put this out there: Bear in mind that the Deepmind synths are based on the Roland Juno series that very few people bought out of choice when they were originally available. They were bought because we couldn't afford the synths we really wanted - Jupiter 8, OBXa, Prophet 5 etc. I'll leave you to your own conclusions (and the fact that the only real way you'll find out what is best for you is to try them all).
  2. I always stand up to play. All my important playing (at gigs and band rehearsals) is done that way; so I simply can't see the point of playing whilst sitting down.
  3. What keyboard(s) are you playing? Unless it's something either very old or very esoteric I'd look at hiring the same model out there and taking all your patches on a laptop or other suitable device and loading them in to the hired keyboard.
  4. Isn't that essentially a Fender neck anyway?
  5. That exaggerated grain effect shown in the OP is done by staining the wood and then sanding back lightly to remove the stain in the soft grain areas and retain it in the harder ones. Then the wood is stained again so that the doubled stained areas end up darker.
  6. That a poor argument, just quoting the part of my post that supports your view and not the part that explains my reasons for not advertising here. And they are this: Based on past experience I will be wasting my money and my time advertising this bass on Basschat. It was bad enough when I was selling the sorts of basses that should do well here, but what I got was endless "tyre kickers" and quibbling over what I considered to be a very competitive price and further arguments when my choice of delivery service and insurance was more expensive than what the potential buyer wanted to pay. And this was for a sub £200 bass. But, I'll make a deal with you. If the person who buys this bass on eBay says that they saw the eBay sale as a result of this thread, then I'll make a donation to basschat of the amount it would have cost me to advertise here. You can't say fairer than that.
  7. I would imagine that everyone on Basschat who is interested in buying this bass has already seen it on eBay as a result of this thread. Plus my previous experience of selling basses here has made me reluctant to use this site to sell any more. You can see from some the comments in this thread that on the whole Basschat is not the sort of place that this bass will appeal to.
  8. The price is what it is. As I said in the listing if you wanted a new Gus bass to this specification you would be looking at just over £5,000 and at least a 12 months wait. So for half the price you can get one that is in virtually new condition right now. There isn't a great deal of variation in the specifications of a Gus bass - the most important ones are whether it comes with single coil or humbucking pickups, and active or passive controls. IMO this bass suits single coils so I would imagine that if someone was looking at a 4-string fretless Gus this is hat they would choose. You might want a different finish, but that can easily and relatively cheaply be fixed by sending it back to Simon Farmer. I had my Red 5-string completely overhauled, and refinished including all the metal parts re-profiled and re-chromed for about £800. A simple refinish would be a lot less than that. I'm not particularly desperate to sell, it's just that I've taken a hard look at the basses I am using (and which I'm likely to be using in the future) and this bass isn't one of them. At the moment it spends most of its time in its case. I don't play any basses that aren't 5-strings or Bass VIs, and that is unlikely to change any time soon. Also, unlike here, where everyone seems to spend a large amount of time perusing the eBay listings, it is my experience that most people just dip in and out of the eBay when the fancy takes them. I've sold plenty of other expensive guitars and basses there, and some are quicker to sell than others. IME sometimes items sell within hours of posting the listing if someone makes a suitable offer, other times it can take much longer (and still end in a bidding frenzy at the end). Besides there is a great big "Make An Offer" button right underneath the "Bid Now" one. I'm open to sensible ones.
  9. But it could do if you have other items in your signal path that are also adding latency.
  10. Of course it does. All bass guitars have a fundamental bass guitar sound. What you get with this bass (or any other that has not been mass-produced) is an excellent constructed and supremely playable instrument which looks different from mainstream. That's what some people want. Others are quite happy with a Squier P-Bass.
  11. Yes everything is fine. I've just had a very serious think about the instruments I'm using with the bands I'm playing in right now and those which have just been sitting in their cases for the last year without getting any playing time. Also, I'm looking at getting Gus to make me a Bass VI so the money will come in useful! I am keeping my two fretted Gus G3 5-strings and the G1 Guitar. There will be some more interesting guitars and basses appearing over the next week or so...
  12. I assume that all of you who are experimenting with different cabinet combinations are only playing pub gigs with vocal only PAs? BTW do you check what your bass sounds like all around the venue, or just where you are going to be stood on "stage"?
  13. IME maybe not in the cinema either, or at least not when there is dialogue too. I find that excessive low bass tends to swamp everything and make it really difficult for me to tell what the actors are saying a lot of the time. On the other hand with the generally terrible standard of most modern film scripts, maybe we should just sit back and enjoy the audio visual spectacle and not worry about what the actors are saying. Pretty soon it'll be like the original silent films with caption cards, so we can get the finer points of the plot.
  14. Do you really want sub bass? IME it's pretty nasty, uncontrollable in most venues and mostly contributes to the band sound terrible.
  15. He's probably got more than that now. I can't see the Overwater Original fretless 5-string I sold him in that photo!
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