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  1. I've made quite a bit. All in writers PRS royalties, but the money ultimately comes from the BBC from what they pay the PRS. That's why it's always financially better to be a songwriter/composer than just a musician.
  2. IIRC at some point Yamaha changed the spec of the pre-amp and the new version didn't do what Peter Hook wanted, so he was buying up all the old models he could find. Therefore this signature model should have the older version of the pre-amp (or at least something that sounds like it).
  3. I'd check very carefully all the production credits for everything you watch, I'm pretty certain that some of the older programmes on the Sky Arts channel are BBC productions, or at least were commissioned by the BBC. And no-one in your household watches any BBC-related TV at all?
  4. Unfortunately "Strictly" is one of the few programmes still made by the BBC itself (or at least BBC Studios which is obviously close enough to the BBC to be able to use the logo). Having said that, don't expect any of the other production companies producing material for the various TV channels to be any more enlightened if they think they could get away with not paying musicians for their work.
  5. Are you sure? Never watch anything on Dave or Yesterday or any of the other UKTV Play channels?
  6. Thanks! I bought an Eastwood, although it was mainly because I've been struggling with the narrow string spacing of all the other Bass VIs I've owned and/or tried. The Eastwood seems spot on for me, although I've yet to use it "in anger". I did have a go on a Shergold original back in the mid 80s but it was such a long time ago I can't remember anything about how it felt to play or sounded.
  7. In your opinion how does the Eastwood compare with the Shergold original?
  8. I bought the Eastwood 6-string because it looked as though it was going to have the right string spacing for me, and I was correct. The alternative would have been to wait for an original Shergold to turn up second hand. Other than it being based on a model that Yamaha were no longer making, is there anything different about the Peter Hook sig?
  9. No. Rick Wakeman in a wizards cloak was one of the few good things about prog rock. At least he didn't look as dull as the average Math Rock band.
  10. My band Hurtsfall have a track "Revelator" on the cover CD of this month's Sonic Seducer magazine:
  11. Those joins are nasty, and not what you want to see on a £1k instrument. At least Eastwood did a solid finish on their 6-string signature.
  12. Thinking laterally, Boss do a single momentary footswitch - the FS5U - which comes in modular format so you can slot two together to make a dual footswitch. You will need to make up a custom lead if it's just a TRS jack socket on the amp.
  13. I don't like it. If it looked like the "turquoise" one in the last photo from the OP I might be interested.
  14. Our "German Friend"... Maybe all of his items should be added to the list of stuff not to post.
  15. Doesn't sound that different to any other "Post Rock" band to me.
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