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  1. To the OP who appears to be in the UK. Just go and buy a standard mains lead with an IEC C13 connector at one end and a normal 3-prong UK mains plug at the other, from a reputable source. Then it will have the correct fuse for the lead which is all the fuse in the lead is there to protect. Job done.
  2. In Isolation, along with Chaos Bleak will be supporting The Rose Of Avalanche when they play at The Donkey in Leicester on Sunday 28th July. It's an early gig: Chaos Bleak 4pm In Isolation 5pm The Rose Of Avalanche 6pm Tickets are £11 in advance
  3. I already own two of my dream basses: If I had the money I'd also get Simon at Gus to make me a pair of Bass VIs to this design with the Shergold Marathon 6-string bass neck width and scale length.
  4. Or songwriters. If you look at any list of the best earning musicians from the last 70-80 years you'll find that nearly all of them were responsible for writing their most popular songs.
  5. @Andyjr1515 I completely understand. I did this back when I was still young and even more stupid than I am now, and as a consequence nearly sawed off the end of my index finger. I'll be interested to see your solution.
  6. I don't know what metal-working tools you have at your disposal, but if the stop tail-piece holes were significantly different to the hardware supplied, I'd have had a look at making my own from scratch. In the 80s I was able to do some fairly major modifications to some heavy-duty aluminium rack box sides with only a junior hack-saw, a hand-held drill and some files.
  7. I think we've scared the OP off...
  8. As a fan of aluminium in guitar and bass construction, I'm definitely looking forward to this...
  9. Compared with some people's pedal boards, this is compact and bijou.
  10. I want my money back. The bass doesn't come in until almost 30 seconds through the piece so there's a maximum of only nine and a half minutes (I haven't listened all the way through to see if there are any places where it drops out).
  11. Great sound indeed in the context of the track, but given the number of factors that go to make up what you hear from the player's fingers all the way to the listeners ears, to single out one thing as being key is naive to say the least. Also given the amount of compression and drive I can hear, I would suggest that almost any bass played with a pick would be capable of delivering a suitable sound.
  12. It's not a kettle lead. It doesn't fit any kettle and just as well because your typical amplifier mains cable is not rated sufficiently high enough to take the current draw of a kettle.
  13. If this is the fuse in the plug of mains lead for the amp it should be rated to protect the lead, not the amp. The amp itself should have a separate fuse.
  14. Only in so much as the rights owners of older songs are less likely to object because anything that boost the profile of the work will be welcome. Contemporary artists may be less keen to have their music used to push products.
  15. Running Up That Hill was featured on a TV show that was set in the 80s, so the music is contemporary to that period. It would have been more noteworthy if it had been used and become popular due to being featured in a programme set in the current day.
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