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  1. BigRedX

    Which Helix?

    Could be "digital zipper noise" although that should really be a thing of the past (its not the 1990s any more). How many blocks does this patch use? Maybe you are nearing the limit of the FX processing power?
  2. When I left my covers band a few years ago, they had no gigs booked, but I mentioned that if they were really desperate and it didn't conflict with a Terrortones gig I would be happy to fill in for them. Fast forward a few months and although they had found a replacement bass player, he had managed to injure himself just before a gig, so I got a call asking if I could help them out. I said yes provided that there was nothing new in the set that I didn't know. What they hadn't told me was that as well as the bass player being unavailable, their usual singer had lost her voice and was being replaced for that gig by one of their previous vocalists. While they hadn't included any new songs in the set, because he didn't have the vocal range for some of the newer numbers we had been doing just before I left, there were quite a few songs back in the set that I hadn't played for some years, and to all intents and purposes they might as well have been new songs in that I had to learn them all over again. To say I wasn't happy was an understatement, and after the gig I let them know that I wouldn't be interested in doing any more.
  3. Right now I doubt anyone, including those who work in Customs, knows. Hopefully over the course of the next 12 months we might get a better idea. Personally, unless you have an official customs form that states otherwise, I would list every single item individually and specifically. That way there is no room for error or misinterpretation.
  4. BigRedX

    Which Helix?

    Exactly! I don't bother with printed set lists any more. My patches are arranged (one per song) in the order that we are going to play them. I simply select the next patch to see what the next song is. Changing the set list order on the Helix takes about 30 seconds with the computer (I haven't tried it without). Even if we change the running order at the last minute at the gig, all the sounds I need are in the same consecutive block of 25 or so patches, and therefore only a few footswitch taps away.
  5. BigRedX

    Which Helix?

    I use about 40, but that's one patch per song for all the songs for 2 different bands. Including Snapshot variations I have about 100 sounds that I have programmed myself. I also suspect (although I haven't tried it yet) that if you require the same patch in different set lists you will have to duplicate it each set list where it is needed.
  6. BigRedX

    Which Helix?

    Snapshots are more versatile (provided that they aren't so complex that you run out of DSP power) in that they allow you to switch on and off multiple blocks simultaneously while altering the values of up to 64 parameters within those blocks. So for instance I have a song patch where I have two basic sounds on two snapshots - one with a flanger and one without, but as well as turning the flanger block on and off the different snapshots also alter the compression, drive, EQ, and overall level settings to optimise each sound with the overall mix.
  7. BigRedX

    Which Helix?

    The Helix Floor manual is a bit coy on the subject but AFAICS there are 8 Setlists each containing 128 Patches. That's a total of 1024 Patches.
  8. BigRedX

    Which Helix?

    One thing to consider is that if you need to switch seamlessly between sounds mid-song then you really need to use snapshots rather than patches. You can't add or delete and blocks in a snapshot, only turn them on and off, or change the parameters. Therefore you need to make sure that your chosen Helix supports enough blocks within a patch for all the sound variations you need in a single song. Several of my patches use more than 9 blocks (the Helix Floor supports 2x16 Blocks) in order to get all the sound variations required in a single song - although these are on the songs where I play Bass VI and have variations on both the "bass" sounds and the "guitar" sounds. My Helix is organised so that each song has its own patch and all the sound variations within each song are handled by snapshots. I have patches arranged across the top set of foot switches and snapshots across the bottom set (which are easier to reach mid-song) and the up/down switches set to step through the patches.
  9. Can't be getting a decent recording on that cassette without the meters being stuck in the red most of the time 😉
  10. What MIDI interface are you using?
  11. Probably these: Although having said that the fretless 4-string is currently for sale so may not be mine for much longer.
  12. The problem that you are having is that all these file transfer/sharing sites and systems are designed first and foremost for devices where you can actually download the file(s) onto the devices local storage. Phone and Tablets tend not to do this as their storage is design mostly for the OS and and the apps that they run. Your data for these apps is usually stored "in the cloud" and to access it you connect to the relevant cloud server and stream the dat as you need it. Nothing is downloaded so if you need the data again you have to stream it again. Fine if you always have a connection, the data allowance and the bandwidth to do it, but generally not as convenient as having a locally stored version. From my experience of using both WeTransfer and DropBox on the iPad you are always accessing a remote version of the file(s) and when you close the apps you also lose the connection to the data. For one-time access this isn't a problem, but if you need to access a file at lots of different time it tends not to be as convenient. As I said in my previous post, phone and tablets are great for browsing data, but not so good for actually storing it locally, which is sometimes what is best.
  13. Again are you sure? From what I can see from the various live videos of the Simple Minds playing the song the repeating D is a sequenced synth part. The bass guitar plays something else that appears to follow the guitar part.
  14. It's only a piano piece in that the cues for the start and the end of each of the three movements are the closing and opening the piano keyboard lid. The ensemble "playing" it can be a as big or small as the conductor wants.
  15. Are you sure? Every note is stopped and it's a relatively fast tempo. I can't get beyond the end of the first verse before my left hand seizes up.
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