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  1. FirWire support has been phased out of Mac OS from El Capitan onwards (that's ten years ago). That means no further development of the Core Audio FW driver and no technical support from Apple. Some FW devices (such as those from RME) will continue to work for as long as the company is prepared to put the time and effort into supporting them and updating any software required. However with all the recent changes to 64bit and Apple Silicon, don't expect that to last forever.
  2. BigRedX

    Wet/Dry rigs

    All done inside a Line6 Helix Multi-effects. Outputs direct to the PA and an FRFR for on-stage monitoring (should the PA foldback not be up to the job). Has eliminated so much clutter from the rehearsal room, band van and on stage.
  3. Back then AFAIWC Rickenbacker were a company that made bass guitars. I can remember being quite surprised when I discovered they made guitars as well! However I do think that Fender basses tended to get overlooked because they weren't as distinctive as a Rickenbacker or a Gibson Thunderbird or EB3. I was very much into The Sweet in the early to mid 70s and I distinctly remember Steve Priest as a Rickenbacker player who occasionally used a Danelecto Longhorn Bass (copy). However looking at their various TotP performances on YouTube it appears that most of the time he's playing a Jazz Bass...
  4. Some FireWire interfaces no longer work with the more recent version of OSX. AFAIK only RME have given any assurances that they will keep their FireWire interfaces compatible for as long as is feasibly possible.
  5. Glad you got there in the end. Pity Apple make it such a convoluted process.
  6. I've been in a band where the money we made from gigging, selling merch and performance royalties pretty much covered all the running costs of the band. That's the best I've been ablate do in 45+ years of playing in bands.
  7. Mac OS 11.5 has been out for almost a year now and AFAICS is mostly bug fixes and security updates, so it shouldn't have any implications for 3rd party plug-ins. However be aware that if you do update it may automatically go all the way to 11.6.5. If you want to just get 11.5 try searching for Mac OSX 11.5 combo update.
  8. Hopefully after you've updated your OS, you'll be able to proceed.
  9. Weird... However that looks like an education price, maybe the Apple ID and hardware are more closely linked for education users due to the discounted prices of both? I was able to get this to work for me with the a previous version of Logic Pro X, but... 1. I'm not an education user 2. I'm also the main user on the Mac I used to buy my copy of Logic Pro X You probably already have, but just double-check that your Mac is running the appropriate version of Mac OS as shown in that dialogue box, because there has been a recent update to Logic Pro X that upped the required version of the OS.
  10. When I was starting out in the early 70s there didn't seem to be the same bias towards having to have a Fender if you were a bassist, or if there was I was oblivious to it. Most of the bass players in bands I liked seemed to play Rickenbackers or Gibsons, so Fender basses were never really on the radar for me.
  11. I've seen Lenin's embalmed corpse in the mausoleum in Red Square. TBH he looked less realistic than a waxwork (and may have well been for all I know).
  12. OK, I've just done the same with the same result. However, it is possible to move to move Logic to the Trash by right clicking and then moving it from the Trash to another folder on your Mac. See if that will let her buy a copy?
  13. I think I know what the problem is. Because Logic is installed in main Applications folder (rather than the individual user's applications folder), when she logs into the App Store, it can already see that Logic has been downloaded, and therefore won't offer the option to buy it. Try logging back in to the Mac as yourself and move the Logic Application from the Applications folder into a new folder with some obscure name on the desktop. Then try again. Hopefully she'll be able to buy now and once that has been done you'll be able to move the Logic app back to its proper location. If that doesn't work she'll have to use the other route I suggested in my original post or try this process on a Mac that doesn't already have Logic installed.
  14. Sting makes most of his money as a songwriter rather than a musician.
  15. Last time I saw The Human League they were using keytars for the couple of songs where the synth players come to front of the stage.
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