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  1. In that situation, so long as both your bases fit in the case it really doesn't matter which one you get. The cheapest will do the job just as well.
  2. And that's the problem. It's a grind. And add to that, the fact that none of the music I play is actually written down and none of the bands I have ever played in over the past 45 years have used written musical notation to convey their ideas, the incentive for me to learn to read is minimal. There are so many other musical activities that I could more usefully be doing, that reading is far too low on the list.
  3. I think that might be the biggest stumbling block for most people. I can read music in the same way as I can read a few foreign languages, with context and a dictionary I can work my through it. I know what all the notes are and the timing divisions and all the commonly used symbols, but expect me to be able to play faster than a bar a minute and its just not going to happen for anything other than the simplest of pieces.
  4. Whichever EQ module in my Helix that gives the correct sound.
  5. Don't know where you got that from - according to Bruce Johnson's page on the Ampeg AEB-1 and AUB-1 there were over a thousand made. They are still pretty rare. The Bass Gallery had one of the Johnson copies in several years ago and very nice it was too. If I had been playing 4-sting basses I might well have bought it.
  6. This. Are there any? I couldn't see them.
  7. The Eastwood is a copy in the very loosest sense only. Essentially (like all Eastwood instruments) it's a parts bin bass with a body designed by someone who saw a blurry photograph of the Ampeg AEB once. Put the two side by side and you can easily see that they have nothing in common and it won't sound anything like the Ampeg either. The Bruce Johnson versions are far more authentic.
  8. BigRedX

    In Isolation On Tour

    Brilliant. I would great if you could make it. Come and say "Hi" we'll have a range of merch available too including new T-shirts with the forthcoming album cover design.
  9. No it's to do with the Trade Union rather than the Customs Union. If the UK leaves the EU it will become a separate trade market which means that suppliers that have a European distribution agreement with manufacturers will no longer be able to sell products to the UK that have a dedicated UK distributor for them.
  10. Also bear in mind that locking off the vibrato system so that it can't move will change the sound of the guitar.
  11. And if the UK leaves the EU, you won't be able to do that either.
  12. Which will save you the tax on about £18.00 of the total value...
  13. Split frets were used on the Vox Organ Guitar in the 1960s.
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