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  1. BigRedX

    Weight Of The Bass

    The "woodiest" sounding bass I've owned was a Born To Rock F4B, made mostly out of aluminium tubing.
  2. BigRedX

    This bassline is impossible.....

    Looks fake to me. His finger/fret positioning in a couple places should be resulting in choked notes, but they sound perfectly fine on the audio. Besides it's a video there's no guarantee that it is actually real.
  3. BigRedX

    Weight Of The Bass

    But how many differences are there between these two basses other than their weight? This is why the question IMO is mostly meaningless. The heaviest bass I have owned (Yamaha) sounded good, but I own lighter basses that I think sound better. The lightest bass I have owned (Lightwave) sounded great but I suspect that was down almost entirely to the pickup and electronics than anything to do with the weight. Also there is very little point in comparing the two as about the only things they had in common was that they were mostly made out of wood.
  4. BigRedX

    Definitely "weird"

    Full of cracks and no strings fitted (probably because it will disintegrate under string tension). Will need a lot of work doing if you actually want to play it.
  5. BigRedX

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    NAMM isn't open to the public.
  6. BigRedX

    pitch 2 midi and/or synth

    As others have said the laws of physics are against pitch to MIDI conversion for bass guitars, because you need a MINIMUM of one and half cycles of a CLEANLY played note in order to accurately detect the pitch of the note being played which will already introduce too much latency for the typical bass line before you figure in additional delays for MIDI conversion etc. Tony James of Sigue Sigue Sputnik who has been doing this for decades uses a guitar controller which halves the latency (being an octave higher) and still has had to learn to play slightly in front of the beat for his bass lines to be in time. There are alternatives such as the Industrial Radio MIDI Bass that uses fret sensing to deprive pitch information and guitar-like controllers from Starr Labs etc. but they all remove much of the immediacy of playing a stringed instrument. One of the things I quickly discovered when trying various guitar and bass synth controllers over the years is how much almost every player relies on things like ghost notes, full and partial muting, harmonics and tonal nuances from altering the plucking position, all of which cause havoc with pitch sensing and are completely meaningless on other controllers. In the end I founded it simpler, quicker, cheaper and far more reliable to develop some rudimentary keyboard "chops" and buy a decent keyboard synth than to try and force my guitars and basses to produce synth sounds with any degree or reliability and repeatability.
  7. BigRedX

    Interesting FRFR story..

    I've said this before, but I think it bears repeating. I paid just over £2k for my Helix and RCF745. My previous big bass rig which was mostly bought second hand over 10 years ago cost me more, and while it looks impressive on stage the Helix RCF combination is far more versatile. One thing did occur to me recently; a lot of the gigs I play are supports to well-established goth/post punk bands where the headliner will have brought an Ampeg stack or similar. I set up my RCF in wedge mode just in front, and still looks as though I'm using a big impressive bass rig while sounding infinitely better!
  8. BigRedX

    Vulfpeck. Running Away.

    Sleepify is still their best IMO 😉
  9. BigRedX

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    IMO it's far better that they are in London, as there's a ton of other things you can there do if the show turns out to be boring. You can't say the same if it's out at the NEC or somewhere similar. In the 90s I used to go to the annual MacUser Show at Earls Court which kept me occupied for a morning while I checked out the exhibitors, signed up for beta testing programs and perhaps got a show deal on some hardware or software I was after. Then in the afternoon, I could go shopping and/or visit one of the museums in London. I also used to go the IPEX - the big printing exhibition at the NEC, where there was nothing to do once I had checked out all the various exhibitors I was interested in except go back home (or if was really unlucky and in the company of my office manger, go back to work).
  10. BigRedX

    Do I need a shim?

    For most situations a business card about 1/4 the length of the neck pocket is sufficient to give a big enough change of angle of the neck to sort out most problems. The average business card is between 0.333mm and 0.5mm thick (and will compress slightly when the neck screws are tightened up). The only bass I have with a bolt-on neck has a pocket 90mm long. My back of an envelope calculations give an angle of between 0.2° and 0.3°. IME there is far more play in the holes going through the body than that so I wouldn't worry about changing the neck angle with a shim.
  11. BigRedX

    Acoustic bass

    You would need to buy a double bass. There's a reason why the DB body is so big.
  12. That opening note of the solo is just fantastic. As is the little reprise at the end.
  13. BigRedX

    Bass shops in London

    Bass Direct in Warwick are the only listed Spector USA Series Dealers in the UK. However distribution for Spector is by Barnes & Mullins so they should be able to let you know which London shops carry stock.
  14. BigRedX

    First synth

    It looks as though the prices have gone up quite a lot since I sold mine a couple of years ago. Having said that a quick scan through the sold listings only brings up a couple of original Nord Leads and one of those sold for more than a Nord Lead 2 which is a better synth with more features, so there is no real pattern to the prices. I still think that you could get one for £250 max if you were prepared to wait for the right deal to come along.
  15. BigRedX

    High mass brass bridges

    What you need to go is go to an old-school music shop (the sort of establishment that is termed "Mom & Pop" in the US) and ask if they have one in the box of random guitar bits. If they have it will probably be a bargain as well.