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  1. Is their sound or what they play? If it was just their sound you'd able to tell from a single note, but I bet no-one here could identify any bassist from a single note, so the note choice and phrasing must be equally if not more important than the sound itself.
  2. Always amazes me that people are quite happy to pay £10+ for a T-Shirt that's probably taken an hour to design and has a unit cost of less than £3 to produce, but won't pay the same for 40 minutes worth of music on a CD that has cost more to produce in terms of recording, mastering, printing etc. then the band will ever get back even if they sell every single copy they have made.
  3. Fernandes sustainer. Or a small (<50watt) amp in the right position on stage.
  4. Thanks for the comments about the poster. TBH it was just a question of being in the right place at the right time. It was part of an exhibition at the Greenwich Mural Workshop in the 80s, that must have taken the V&A's fancy. I had several other posters in the exhibition but none of them were taken. And now something even weirder. One of the bands I play with wrote a song about the Trappist-1 system and made a video to go with it that got sent to various scientific bodies involved with the discovery. As a result our singer is currently in Liege presenting the video and talking about writing the song, and has just posted footage of the video playing to the other serious academics at the conference, including a couple of seconds of me throwing some serious bass poses...
  5. But it pales into insignificance beside the sheer number of Marshall guitar cabs next to it.
  6. AFAICS none of the those AC/DC bass cabs are mic'd up so their contribution to the FoH sound (and that's the important bit of the band sound) is zero.
  7. And completely pointless from a sound PoV. IME as soon as you are playing on stages/venues big enough to have the room for this kind of rig the foldback system will be far more effective for hearing yourself than your rig, unless your default stage position is to be stood a couple of feet in front of it and you never ever move from this spot.
  8. And your/his point is? A good musician plays for the music. Sometimes all you need is your instrument. Sometimes you need a load of sound shaping devices. Knowing when and where to use them is one of the things that sets a good musician above an average one.
  9. You can always cut it up and use the pieces for cleaning/polishing your own bass.
  10. I liked The Tourists as well. But the Eurhythmics - especially the second album - is all about the sonic minimalism.
  11. As have Hughes & Kettner with their Red Box system. As I said in a previous post, in the studio on my Tube 50 combo, the Red Box output was virtually indistinguishable from a SM57 on the 12" speaker, and for live use I always preferred to use the DI rather than muck about with another mic on stage. This was in the late 90s and use to perplex many PA engineers. Often at multi-band gigs I'd find after the change-over my amp DI from the soundcheck had been replaced with a mic on the speaker.
  12. Get one of those pull-up banners with a SVT and 8x10 printed on it.
  13. If I was going have dummy cabs on stage I'd have made out of light-weight materials and constructed so that they folded flat for transport.
  14. The OP has got the cabs in wheeled flight cases. I don't think taking the speakers out of one of them is going to do much for weight or portability.
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