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  1. Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

    Before anyone else mentions it: Scott Walker and Sunn 0)))
  2. I never bother with a drink on stage anymore. At best it will be ignored, forgotten and warm by the end of the set. At worst someone will knock it over.
  3. Looking for a Burns Sonic Bass Bridge.

    Welcome to Basschat! Do you know which version of the bridge your Burns Sonic was originally fitted with? The very early versions had a very simple bridge with limited adjustment. Only the later version featured the fully adjustable bridge. Also (on the later versions at least) the bridge sits on a thick plastic "plinth" on top of the pick guard which is required to lift up it high enough. If the bridge has been replaced there is a chance that this "plinth" may be missing too. Also do you still have the bridge cover? Unfortunately the fully adjustable versions of the bridge weren't particularly well made as the metal used for the saddles was too soft, which resulted in the threaded part of the saddles where the action and intonation screws go wearing away rendering the bridge completely useless. I would imagine this is why the bridge on your bass has been replaced (it was the first thing I had to change on my Burns Sonic Bass when I bought it second hand in 1981), because as a piece of design the bridge is excellent, it just wasn't particularly well made. It would be great to see some photos of the bass in question, especially the replacement bridge, as I would be interested to see how they have solved the height problem - the action on most bridges doesn't go high enough to of any use when fitting them to one of these bases. I ended up having to make a wooden riser for my replacement bridge in order to be able to get the saddles high enough.
  4. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    Unfortunately nowadays "Made In America" for mass produced instruments mostly means overpriced, for the build quality.
  5. Anyone else unable to access their profile?

    Can you keep the bit that stops the pop-ups from the user names? I find them really annoying and the fact that they aren't working at the moment is a relief!
  6. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    You could aim pretty much all those criticisms at Fender and Rickenbacker as well.
  7. Precisions

    I don't see why it's a problem. There's plenty of other basses out there and according to your post you already own some that you like. So why are you apparently so desperate to find a Precision that you "bond with"?
  8. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Is that for the Schaller bridge? I would have thought it would be cheaper to buy direct form Schaller, or through one of their UK dealers.
  9. 12 and 8 String Basses

    The easiest way to buy a Tune would be if you were friends with a Japanese musician who could act as an intermediary for you. Unfortunately a lot of Japanese companies aren't geared up for selling outside of Japan and will generally ignore you as a foreigner because it is just to difficult and/or embarrassing. Having said that Tune basses do show up in Ishibashi's U-Box (their second hand selection) and they are pretty good at dealing with potential buyers from outside Japan. The only thing you need to watch with Ishibashi, is because of the time difference between Japan and the UK, instruments can often be sold locally in the time between you seeing it on the website and their customer services dealing with your email enquirery. There was a very nice looking (and relatively inexpensive) 10-string Tune bass that showed up a few years ago on Ishabashi. Unfortunately at the time I didn't have the cash spare to buy it.
  10. Could a lamp cause a bass neck to warp

    Can someone who actually knows something about physics and tension forces prove or dispel this for once and for all?
  11. Could a lamp cause a bass neck to warp

    You can get dimmable LEDs but you may need to change the dimmer switch to an LED-compatible one.
  12. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Tune Japan also make a one-piece 8-string bridge. I fact I'm surprised that they haven't been mentioned more in this thread. If I was going to buy another 8-string bass I wouldn't make any decision before trying a Tune. However if you think the Schaller bridge is expensive you shouldn't do a currency conversion on the Tune one! That means AFAICS there are only 4 different 8-string bridges with individual intonation adjustment for each string currently available. What is the problem with the T-O-M style 8-string bridge? The generic one fitted to the Dean, Schecter, Spector etc. basses is a perfectly functional unit. It's just the horrible tailpiece that makes it look so ugly IMO. As the Warwick bridge is essentially for Warwick basses only, there shouldn't need to be any reason to adjust the height of the saddles individually since the radius of the bridge and fingerboard should be matched. The Schaller one appears only to be sold as an after-market part there is no way of knowing what the fingerboard radius on the bass is going to be so the saddles have to be individually height adjustable.
  13. So how have you learnt your parts for the songs - from recordings?
  14. What is it with headstock design?

    Having actually owned one - it's an Andreas Shark Guitar, no tuning issues at all one account of a properly cut nut that allows for those string angles.
  15. Lola's Day Off.

    A not very interesting song reduced to elevator music... And what's up with the guitarist? Is he about to rob the others? ;-)