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  1. This thread is very much proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I think the Gus headstock is eminently practical and understated so it doesn’t detract from the overall look of the bass. There’s a slight compromise of minimalist design vs getting a completely straight string line from nut the machine head post but I can live with that. IMO the only better headstock would be none at all. It is certainly more elegant in my eyes than most of the aesthetic and unergonomic monstrosities on display here.
  2. How was that recorded? Is it the acoustic tone of the guitar via a decent mic, or from the pickup system?
  3. With an aftermarket pickup if I’m not mistaken.
  4. Well the delivery date of the Eastwood has been put back yet again. When I first looked it was down as March. Shortly after I put down my deposit, it had been moved back to May. Now it’s down for June delivery. I suspect with the current Covid-19 situation it will get put back at least one more time. There is also an interesting interview with Peter Hook on the Eastwood Customs web site about how this new version compares with the original Shergold (extremely well) and which Joy Division and New Order songs feature the 6 string bass - a surprisingly large number of tracks on Closer. Well worth 30 minutes of your time even if we don’t get to hear either bass actually being played.
  5. Remember that a significant portion of the bass sound is created by the speakers in your bass rig. If your not recording with a mic, but going direct from the amp it will sound different on Playback. Doesn't explain why the chorus isn't evident in the recorded signal but it may explain why the overall sound is different. I used to have the opposite problem where I was very slightly overdriving my multi effects, but through the amp and speakers of my bass rig it wasn't noticeable. DI'ing directly from the multi effects into the recording desk it was very obvious on playback.
  6. If your effects are in hardware before the interface then they should be recorded unless your pedal has a pass-through output and you have that connected to your interface. Otherwise as has been said previously if you are applying the effects in Logic it is always best to record the instruments dry and put the effects on at playback.
  7. If that really is the fingerboard of your bass, then there is absolutely no point in trying to clean your strings if you don't clean all that muck off first.
  8. IME the benefits of boiling strings is outweighed by the additional stress you put them under by taking them off the bass and putting them back on. You'll get a week or so before they are back to sounding as crap as they did before you boiled them, and each boiling cycle increases the chances of a string breaking. Personally unless your strings are completely and utterly dead in which case boiling is going to be of little use, I'd stick with them until you are happy to order some new ones.
  9. I think everyone has to make their own decisions as to what they think is the best. However as a buyer, if I can't come and collect I expect the seller to organise shipping and if they are not prepared to do that then I'm not interested in buying. As a seller, I organise the shipping using the most appropriate method for the item being sent along with full insurance to cover the cost of the item plus the any additional costs. The cost of shipping, insurance, and any specialised packaging materials I might need are included in the price of the item. If the buyer doesn't like this they are welcome to come and collect, otherwise they should look else where to buy. Over 10 years buying and selling in excess of £50k worth of musical equipment I have had 3 shipping problems - 2 where parcels were "lost" and one where it was damaged in transit. In all three cases because I had packaged the items properly and had bought the correct insurance, the claims were settled promptly and in full, and I was able to refund the buyer without any issues.
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