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  1. I notice on another forum I'm a member of, that uses the same software, that the same problem exists.....perhaps it's a buggy software update?
  2. i came here to make the same report - PC. W7Pro, Firefox
  3. I've noticed a recent trend, all threads are the same. Are us bassists going mad?
  4. How they should've done it? They should never have called it 'Sterling by Musicman' - it makes my EBMM Sterling look like something it isn't.
  5. I could play our whole set with 14 and very rarely play the tune that uses the 14th. 10 frets would suffice for the rest of the set.
  6. Shame it's not in my iTunes...that's the only library I can get to play over the inhouse sound system
  7. Can't you award them to yourself? Profile/Edit profile Or am I missing the point?
  8. Nobody reacted at all...it's almost like they weren't listening. What a disappointment. I must find something else to upset them with.
  9. After days of being subjected to non-stop christmas tunes over the office ceiling speakers I have at last wrestled back control of the sound system. After pissing everyone off last week with Bauhaus 1979-1983 Vol1, I am now subjecting everyone to Recoil Unsound Methods......I'm looking forward to the reaction when we get to Luscious Apparatus .....
  10. How much clearance do you need? What is the overhang distance of the fretboard? What is the length of the access slot? What is the AF size of the allen key required?
  11. Can you not turn the allen key around so that you're using the long end in the rod? Edit: Ah no you can't...I see the problem now..... Edit2: Although if you had a ball ended allen key (they allow approach from an angle) then that would fix it
  12. How are the charts arrived at these days? I can't go to woolies and buy it these days can I?
  13. Why would you if customs aren't inspecting?? What a waste of time and money
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