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  1. I have not bought a single bass related item this year! That is a first in a very long time. My EBMM Sterling 4HH (2017 purchase) seems to have cured my GAS
  2. Twigman

    Whats on your 'no limits' Christmas list?

    All I want for christmas is the cancellation of brexit
  3. Twigman

    What's on your Christmas list?

    All i want for christmas is the cancellation of brexit. That would be the best christmas present.
  4. Twigman

    We've got a new album out!

    I learned last night that we will be playing in Lille and Paris but not until next October!
  5. Twigman

    Band van hire woes

    For Amsterdam I've booked a 9seater (luxury) splitter from vansforbands.co.uk Not much dearer than the cowboys above Hope to have a much better experience.
  6. Twigman

    We've got a new album out!

    Sorry Our promoters seem to have done that already.... and I just got a shock looking at our website....it says we're playing Wave-Gothik-Treffen in Leipzig on June 10....errrr nobody told me about that!!
  7. Twigman

    We've got a new album out!

    We have a shop which sells vinyl and CDs but you know I wasn't sure if I could promote that via this site - the rules about commerciality etc You can access the shop via our website sadloversandgiants.co.uk We are in talks with a French promoter but suspect we'll only play Paris - brexit permitting - sometime next year. We all have busy lives (Tony especially so) and getting together to gig is difficult - currently: melkweg, Amsterdam 15thDec / A2Club Athens 1st&2nd march / O2 Islington 16th March / Traffic rome 5th april (brexit permitting) and Parma 6th April (brexit permitting) are all the shows booked - we're talking to Spain, France and Germany and USA (again:)) too....
  8. Twigman

    Band van hire woes

    I would require delivery to (and collection from) Hemel Hempstead in Herts.... Next required Thursday Dec 13 to Monday Dec 17 - going to Amsterdam... Anyone used this lot?? : https://www.vansforbands.co.uk/
  9. Twigman

    Band van hire woes

    Time to name and shame as this is now beyond a joke - I wonder what will be delivered (if anything) at 15.00 tomorrow https://www.nationwidehireuk.co.uk/vans-for-hire/lwb-6-seat-crew-van-2937/
  10. Twigman

    Band van hire woes

    ....and now this bunch of crooks ask me for the postcodes of Donald Skinner and Pete Brown.......WHO? WHO THE F*** ARE THEY? apparently they're drivers on my booking !!??!! NO THEY ARE NOT! FFS
  11. Twigman

    Bass Strap Width (What do you prefer?)

    I have 4" wide soft leather straps by Minotaur
  12. Twigman

    Band van hire woes

    There isn't a PA in the load: The load: 1x Bass 2x guitars 1x 61 key midi controller 2x synth modules 1x keyboard stand 1x synth module stand 1x full drum kit (kick,snare, 2x rack toms, floor tom, high hat) with cymbals 1x Bass cab (2x12) 1x bass head 2x 1x12 guitar combos 1x Saxophone Bag of percussion and leads 3 x pedal boards (cased) 1x large cardboard box of merch 1x large suitcase of merch 5x overnight bags That is the bare minimum required for a show. House supplies vox PA.....
  13. Twigman

    Band van hire woes

    We've got a gig this weekend in Brussels. We're a 5piece and we have a merch stall. So at the beginning of October I book a 6 seater LWB crew cab van for 8/11-12/11. The hire company confirm the booking and take my moolah on 2nd October. Yesterday afternoon I get a phone call from the hire company telling me that they don't have any 6 seater crew cabs available, would I have a 5 seater SWB instead? WTAF? - they've had 5 weeks to tell me this - why wait until now? No - i wouldn't like a 5 seater SWB instead - I ordered a 6 seater LWB crew van for a reason - if I'd wanted a 5 seater SWB that's what i would have ordered! I tried to source a 6seater LWB from another source but it being so close to the booking I found nothing available. After much heated telephone action and some emails with their customer service I ended up accepting the 5 seater (I have no clue if all our kit+merch will fit in it) and putting one of our party on the Eurostar (at an additional cost of £308).....the hire company are 'considering' my claim for the cost of the Eurostar ticket. I won't be using that bunch of clowns again. I have another requirement for a 6 seater LWB crew cab or 6 seater splitter van for a gig in Amsterdam in December. Can anyone recommend a firm that won't let me down like this bunch of crooks. Thanks
  14. Twigman

    What features should all bass guitars have?

    Somewhere to comfortably anchor one's right thumb. Having played Precisions for years I'd got used to the blocky thumb rest of the pickup cover....when I got my EBMM USA Sterling I found the sloping profile of the pickup cover wasn't as useful as an anchor point...I've got used to it now though.