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  1. Would you go to see your band ?

    I don't particularly enjoy going to gigs unless I'm on stage.
  2. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    tory cuts?
  3. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    to the coffee table?
  4. Stoke on Trent fraudster

    So you know where you collected it and could ID the seller?
  5. paris gig

    Played a few times in Paris....Rex Club.....New Morning Club....FNAC department store Make sure you've always got your ID on you and do not loiter...we were frisked by the police while hanging around waiting for our tour manager
  6. How Do You Define A Great Gig?

    I think my measure of how great a gig is is how hot the groupie in my bed the next morning is and how long she stays.
  7. Guess the genre or style from the band name

    Children's parties and bar mitzvahs
  8. Music Man Stingray 4 Black/Maple Neck

    Actually it's not a standard body coz it's string through.... It must be a reshaped Classic - probably the Shuker one posted above
  9. Music Man Stingray 4 Black/Maple Neck

    It's clearly not a Classic or if it is it's either been reshaped or had a stamdard Stingray body fitted
  10. What's going to happen to CDs ?

    not an 8 track cartridge player? Your scrapped car must've been a bit modern for the scappy
  11. What's going to happen to CDs ?

    I still CD everything. I had to fight to get my band to commit to releasing our soon to be released new album on CD as well as vinyl and the download formats though, despite many of our 'fans' having got upset that last years's 12" vinyl EP hadn't been available on CD.
  12. Cello - How Difficult?

    Apart from being tuned CGDA? so 7 frets apart rather than 5 ? Seems totally alien to me Edit: I'd get my intervals all wrong
  13. Squier JV Precision Bass - 750£

    That doesn't look like an original bridge Mine (owned from new) has threaded saddles - this doesn't.
  14. The classic 'band and a wall' photo

    Another - with a wall - this one taken in Athens