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  1. Barefaced Cab price hike

    Pah! I hardly ever move on stage None of us do We play to hundreds at a time - captivated Movement is overrated
  2. Top Of The Pops

    I'm sure The Fast Show's Jazz Club was loosely based on OGWT
  3. Top Of The Pops

    I preferred The Tube - far more my era
  4. you're not alone I've never watched Seinfeld nor heard the theme tune either
  5. can you guess what it is yet?

    Have you ever thought of going on QI? No? Good
  6. installing new bridge

    You'll probably find that once the strings are on and are under tension the front of the bridge will no longer be so 'raised'. Although 'a few mm' sounds like a HUGE gap to me.....perhaps if it was a mm or less
  7. Landlord can "get bands for free", oh no.

    So how many of you gig for free? Why? Confession time
  8. Attempt to embed the video after the site upgrade broke it
  9. Compression - what's all the fuss about?

    Never switched my compresssor off mid-song - so cannot answer the poll question
  10. Class D advice please

    Me too
  11. Forget Me Nots It sounds lazy and is really quite simple (with fingers) but every note is slapped - that makes it bloody tricky...for me

    Since the upgrade I notice my attached pics got lost Time to rectify that and show off my USA Sterling 4HH with matching headstock
  13. Was in the studio the other day for what i thought was going to be a mixing session. I'd left my basses at home. The studio is primarily used for electronic dance music. We decided to change a bass line so i picked up a Stingray that was in the rack at the studio. It was tuned to Eb - I asked why "Coz you know dance music: it's all on the black notes" was the reply.... Is it? really?