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  1. Welcome to the wallet emptier.
  2. I built a black P-bass which has nickel Gotoh reso-lites and a (very limited edition) FCH Babicz nickel bridge and is developing a lovely patina which is far nicer than bright nickel imo Only when you have mixed fittings can I see a benefit in trying to keep nickel bright - it looks far nicer with a bit of patina
  3. 5 is too many. This what I have now:
  4. https://www.discogs.com/artist/287983-Derek-Forbes
  5. So are they mixing meat and potatoes into it now? Whatever next?
  6. Well if it's 900W @ 4 ohms - it'll be about 450W @ 8ohm and around 300W @ 12ohm approx
  7. The 210 is switchable 4ohm/12ohm - it'd be fine at 12 ohms with the Eich
  8. I've a TecAmp Puma900 which is basically the same as the Eich900 before Eich left TecAmp and TecAmp got bought by the Americans. I use it with both a Barefaced Supermidget and with an old Super12T The Super12T can be very loud. The Supermidget is loud enough to live with an enthusiastically battered Ludwig drum kit Both leave plenty of headroom. HTH
  9. Gutted for you Loz.......how are you going to fill your time now?
  10. If I get one of them I'm going to tell them that I have arranged to be pickled in a jar of formaldehyde and stood in the corner of my son's living room. Perhaps I should ask them if they wish to tender for the job?
  11. Twigman

    Battery Power

    I had a Pedaltrain Volto for a while. I hated using it as I was always paranoid it would die mid set.
  12. The rumble of the jet engine of what can only be flight KL1064 from Cardiff to Amsterdam although flightradar says it's at 33,000feet...it sounds lower to me.
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