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  1. Gotoh GB640R https://g-gotoh.com/international/product/gbr640.html
  2. Relax Don't worry about it. Getting in a fluster and overthinking will harm your performance.
  3. We have a whole forum for this kind of thing. Got a whole thread of them here: - there are many more on youtube
  4. I only ever take:- 9V battery (if I remember to pack one) for the Sterling Spare 12AX7valve for my DHA pedal (lives in my pedal bag permanently - not needed one yet) A screwdriver - to open the pedal if necessary to get the duff valve out (if I remember to pack it) A spare lead. A hand towel A pair of underpants - an accidental pre-show self soiling incident could ruin a show
  5. Twigman


    Are you into headless basses?
  6. What are you reading? and What are you listening to? That would get the audiobooks covered good and proper and one wouldn't have to get embarrassed that one was listening to Stephen Fry rather than thumbing page 78
  7. Is that Boston Lincolnshire or Boston Massachusetts ???
  8. Nate Mendel is Mexican? I thought he was from Seattle.
  9. Look pretty tacky with that cheap and nasty looking logo, the horrible 'body art' and hardly 'custom' with such a limited options list, particularly when it comes to finishes. I suspect they'll go nowhere fast
  10. Ho Tony Well he is a bit of a slag
  11. Well it seems I've failed I got tempted by an ErnieBall guitar cable in black and green https://www.thomann.de/gb/ernie_ball_instrument_cable_b_g.htm and a bottle of lemon oil SO - I'm out 'til next year
  12. What if you strut about the stage, Simon Gallup stylee? Need a whole stage worth of bass board flooring - may as well play on a thin hollow stage. I remember playing a club in Spain where they'd boarded over an empty swimming pool to make the stage. The whole stage was bouncing up and down all gig.
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