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  1. That’s my point. Shims are simply another tool in the vast armoury of methods to overcome setup/manufacturing issues,
  2. I had a Wal mkI custom a few years back that required a neck shim in order to increase the string break angle, as strings used to regularly/easily jump out of the saddle grooves. So even the alleged “best” makers can produce basses that still require a shim.
  3. Ooh that compound radius spec sounds like it’d be wonderful 🥰
  4. Plenty more info on this thread: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/445206-vintage-trace-elliot-brochures/
  5. Yup, the 1153 in ‘landscape’ is the same width as the 7215:
  6. Off to see Madness and Squeeze at Sheffield next weekend. Saw Aussie Floyd last Wednesday and From The Jam with The Selecter a couple of weeks before, both in Notts. Thoroughly enjoyed both nights.
  7. Watched the recording this evening and as someone completely oblivious to Alan Hull and Lindisfarne, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the nudge.
  8. Missed it earlier but set to record at 2.00am 👍
  9. I’d heard about it but as you, never actually seen it. Quality 🤣
  10. The outstanding one for me is Trace amps. I’ve tried pretty much everything else, but I always go back to my trusty old TE heads and particularly the AH250 SMX. Basses it would probably be Musicman. I love Fender, Status and Aria, but I’ve had lots of Musicman basses. I’ve never had a bad one and I’ve not been without one in the stable over the past 10 years. EDIT - Oops forgot cabs. Barefaced. I’m a big fan of both the 12”s and 10”s. For power, weight and size, pound for pound they’re the best I’ve tried by a long way.
  11. Sometimes that’s how it is. The lights/indicators for the input gain dictate how far you turn it. I’ve had/have lots of TE amps and between 8 and full to light the lights is not uncommon.
  12. Cracking amps. Versatile, plenty of power, an absolute bargain price and a great seller to boot! If I was still gigging I’d have had this already. Alas, I currently have several similarly great amps sat gathering dust. ☹️ GLWTS
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