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  1. That looks like a MkIV (mid 80's) and yes they're wonderful things. Here's mine, still as nature intended. 😎
  2. All the sound of the 2103 but in a lighter, shallower package. GLWTS
  3. On hold pending sale this coming weekend. Thank you for all the interest.
  4. Thanks @Quatschmacher If shipping becomes the only option, I may well take you up on that. 👍
  5. I'm thinning the herd so this beauty has got to go. It's a stunning bass with a beautiful birdseye/flame maple neck that many 'rays of this era are known for. This bass also had a fret level and set up by John Shuker last year. It comes with a hard case which I believe is original. It's not one of the Musicman moulded cases, but I've been informed that it's a SKB which were used along with the G&G cases around this era. It's certainly made for a Stingray as the inner moulding at the headstock has the lower cut-out for the G tuner. Manufactured 29th October 1992 Maple neck with Rosewood board Ash body Translucent Teal finish Matt black/white/black plate Metal battery cover 'Off-set' string entry type bridge with mutes 6 bolt neck plate Weight 9lb 13oz Neck width at nut 43mm It's in wonderful condition with only a couple of indentations to the finish on the body (nothing at all that has gone through the finish). I'll try to capture these and add photos later. EDIT - Photos added showing the worst bruises I can capture. As you can see, they take nothing away from the bass. I'm just trying to be thorough. Collection or meet up only on this at present as I'm short of packaging materials. I am however willing to drive a fair distance for a motorway services rendezvous! Not interested in any trades at this time thank you.
  6. I’ve not had Eich cabs, but I did have TecAmp cabs. The first I had was the L115 which I thought sounded great. The later, silver faced smaller cabs I really didn’t gel with (S and XS). If the current Eich cabs are still basically the same as the last TecAmp branded ones, IMHO Barefaced are a big step up.
  7. Great amp at a great price. GLWTS
  8. Sorry to hear that Tom. Best wishes and glwts. These are great basses and I agree, this is the colour to go for.
  9. I’ve never shied away from stating the blindingly obvious 🤣
  10. Should that be at the bridge? 🤔 GLWTS
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