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  1. Precision bass

    My backup is a 2011 Squier VM P. Rosewood board, Arctic white with black plate. Fitted a Kiogon solderless loom with CTS pots and Switchcraft jack socket, all topped off with a DiMarzio Model P pickup. Was fitted with a Hipshot Bridge but now reverted to the original BBOT. Looks, sounds and plays great
  2. GAS For an Ibanez BTB

    I’ve had a couple of BTB’s in the past, a 4 and a 5 String. Great quality and really felt right. However, I decided last year that I’m strictly a 4 player so I’m a little disappointed that the new BTB 4 string isn’t available with the Nords 😟. I’ve tried them in the SR Premiums and they sound great.
  3. Yep, I must admit I’m guilty of never even considering them previously 😞
  4. I must admit to being completely ignorant to model names etc but this particular combination sounded great to my ears.
  5. Visited a rather well known Nottingham rehearsal room tonight for the first time. The bass rig provided was a Laney head and cab. I wasn’t too sure what to expect (I think my last dabble with a Laney was a 65 watt Linebacker Guitar amp back in the mid-nineties). Suffice to say I was mightily impressed. Great punchy sound and (dare I say it 👀) dispersion from that low cab. My MIJ P bass straight into the amp. Really impressed, so hats off to Laney 👍
  6. Open to trade offers. Hit me with what you’ve got 🥊
  7. Pound for pound, what's the best P bass?

    Great basses. I’m the same with my MIJ 70’s Reissue P, best P I’ve ever played. I must get another SH though 😍
  8. In praise of Spectors

    I was very much fancying a Euro 4 LX a few months back when the OP (aka The Greek) pointed me in the direction of a 1991 MIK NS-2A that was for sale on the forum. I love it. Fantastic build quality, wonderful neck and beautifully balanced - It’s a dream to play. From the first day I got it, it felt instantly comfortable. After years of playing Fender P’s and Stingrays I too was worried about the strap button over the 14 fret instead of the 12th, but I needn’t have worried. Even switching between the Spector and a P at gigs now is fine. If this is indicative of all Spectors, I’d highly recommend them.
  9. Between Doncaster and Rotherham
  10. Price Drop Bump. Each of these items are now crazy bargains. If they don’t go at these prices, they ain’t going!
  11. Pound for pound, what's the best P bass?

    Without wishing to hijack this thread, if you were wanting to try a Sandberg (a traditional P single pickup version) which model(s) would you go for? The range seems pretty baffling to me but I would like to try one for myself.
  12. Trace Elliott

    Any excuse to post a pic of my beloved 250 SMX. It doesn’t matter which class D heads I try (and some of them are pretty good), none of them come close to classic TE 😎
  13. MB1 Feedback

    Sold a couple of Scrathplates to Martin. Great communication throughout, including detailed comment on the current state of British banking services 😂 Trade with confidence 👍
  14. Many thanks guys. One more pic (for scale) from a gig last week showing the cabs in use with my trusty Trace head 😎