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  1. Many thanks and thanks once again for the initial heads up on the bass being available. 👍
  2. I see paying my subs as a worthy subscription to a great forum that, to be quite honest I would be lost without. The fact that paying the subscription allows me to sell items in the marketplace (of which I have sold many) is a bonus. BC is the only form of social media I partake in and it has been a great release/escape for me, particularly over the past couple of years. Keep up the good work guys 👍
  3. Absolute bargain! Have a bump on me and GLWTS - not that I think you're going to need it.
  4. Nice work, glad you got it sorted. I've only tried this method once and that was on the back of an oiled maple neck. Only a small dent, but as you've described quite a sharp one and annoyingly right where you'd feel it with your thumb when fretting. I used the corner of a damp teatowel and an iron and it worked a treat.
  5. Just sat watching DG in Pompeii and have only just noticed that Guy is using a P in what appears to be the same colour as Betsy on Comfortably Numb. I’d be up for one of those!
  6. I’ll get my coat........... ☹️ Does the fact that my name’s not actually Dave afford me any leniency?
  7. Many thanks 👍. Rest assured, NBD photos will be issued.
  8. A Chris Wolstenholme sig in the standard woven graphite finish - but with blue wraparounds obviously. I absolutely love the finish on them and the pickup spacing appeals to me, as does the positioning of the jack on the side. I'll now get to understand your anguish waiting a few months for it to arrive. 😬
  9. Yep, not just on the neck - on the top and back too!
  10. I didn't join this years party as I knew that I'd fail pretty early on. However, although I have failed already (I've placed an order for something bright and shiny from Colchester) I am genuinely going to try to make that my one and only purchase this year. To me it's a strangely alien feeling, but I currently have absolutely no gas. 😧
  11. Congratulations. Stunning condition
  12. All his basses seem to be very overpriced. The trans gold one he's selling for example 😯
  13. +1 here for Dunlop 65 Fretboard Lemon Oil on rosewood boards.
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