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  1. Deedee

    Matsumoku basses

    What a lovely pair 😍
  2. Are these 2U or 3U high? I’ve always liked the look of these and have read some rave reviews. Glad you’re enjoying it. 👍
  3. If I may say, that’s a rather unnecessary statement to make. The OP has posted a positive story and then commented that “it’s only a matter of time before someone comes along etc..” Clearly not trying to find offence.
  4. Deedee

    Matsumoku basses

    Nice one. 👍 My R60 is an ‘83 and the grain on that is pretty stunning too.
  5. Deedee

    Matsumoku basses

    The first digit of the serial number will tell you which year of the ‘80’s it was made
  6. Deedee

    Matsumoku basses

    Gorgeous, although I suspect it’s earlier than an ‘86. I thought the R series finished in ‘83 / early 84?
  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve tried a couple of Ashdown amps and found that I had to tweak the EQ every time I switched basses, something that I didn’t need to do with my Trace heads. A p would sound like a P and a ‘Ray still sounded like a ‘Ray, I too would just tweak on the bass. Perhaps there is something with the 12 band. 🤔
  8. Here you go, before and after shots showing the stock gloss b/w/b/plate, then the single ply matt black plate fresh from Chandler. This is how they should have been from the factory imho. Very pleased. 😉
  9. Just sold a pedal to Dave. Textbook transaction, trade with absolute confidence. Many thanks 👍
  10. Sold a classic TE head to Phil. Prompt payment and great communication throughout. Many thanks 👍
  11. I’ve used the damp tea towel and iron trick with great results on oiled neck dings, but this looks like a lacquered neck to me, which rules out that option unless you rub it down first and oil it after. 🤔
  12. I must admit I enjoyed the New Romantics episode. Set a series record up after that so looking forward to future episodes.
  13. Very true. I’ve not seen any photos that capture the true colour of a Teal MM, even my own. They always look more blue for some reason. Lovely Bass by the way. GLWTS
  14. TC Electronics Polytune with original box. Great tuner in great condition, other than some light scratching and small scuff on the display screen (pictured). £45 posted to GB
  15. Beautiful, both the music and the instruments. Many thanks for sharing 👍
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