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  1. Deedee

    Your Go To Bass

    I have two main 'go-to' basses for home noodling, one kept upstairs and one downstairs. My '81 Aria SB-R80 and '83 SB-R60. Both have plenty of bruises and scars but they feel wonderful and just fit me perfectly.
  2. Either of these usually do the trick. Apologies for the scumbag introducing Jilted John....
  3. Thanks. It is lovely but just not my kind of lovely. 😂
  4. Mine too but quiet as a mouse running into the amp off a Truetone 1-Spot
  5. Now this could be tricky. Undeniably beautiful craftmanship doesn't always produce a thing of beauty.
  6. I watched the documentary about him last year. Fascinating career (which I admit to being completely oblivious of) and extremely talented. He came across as a thoroughly grounded and decent man. RIP
  7. As the repercussions of the virus hit our fellow musicians, I fear it’s very quickly going to become a buyers’ market for the saddest of reasons. 😟
  8. Deedee


    Here's my recently acquired Elite P sporting its new black scratchplate. Looks far better than the stock pearl IMHO.
  9. I will ship abroad although it may cost upto £170 - £200 insured (it's a large parcel)! Members would also need to have positive feedback/be known to the forum.
  10. Deedee

    waveydavy Feedback

    Bought an amp from Dave. Item exactly as described, packed perfectly, shipped promptly and superb communication throughout. Trade with confidence. Many thanks EDIT - Just realised that I had forgotten to leave feedback for another amp I bought from Dave a year or so ago. That transaction went equally well!
  11. 🚚 This is now all boxed up and ready to ship to a new owner type BUMP!
  12. I recently got an Elite P in a trade and couldn't be happier. The nut on this one is 42mm and I love the neck shaping - C shaped with a 9" radius at the top through to D shaped and a 14" radius at the bottom. I'm favouring flatter radius boards nowadays so this one suits me perfectly. It plays great, has endless tone options and unlike the Ultra has the MM style truss rod wheel for easy adjustment.
  13. 6 at the moment. 1 is up for sale but I do have another on order and due in the next couple of months. 😁
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