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  1. That’s a shocker 😡. I think I’ll message him too EDIT - It now appears to have been pulled
  2. Well I bagged the Gillingham one, it arrived today and very nice it is too. In great condition and sounds fab. Has anyone ever gigged with a couple of these? I think they'd do the job pretty well (small gigs or larger gigs with PA support).
  3. Sold a head to Nigel. Prompt payment and great communication throughout. Trade with confidence. 👍 Many thanks again.
  4. Very nice. I bought my daughter an Alvarez acoustic a couple of years back. Lovely guitars.
  5. Oh yes. Back when I first dabbled with playing a mate of mine had the guitar version of this (late '80s ish). Obviously he used far too much gain but fun times all the same. 🙉
  6. '62 everytime. I recently purchased another Steve Harris precision (Blue Sparkle) after regretting selling the first one I had a few years ago. Again I've replaced the stock SPB1 with a CS '62 just as I did with the first one I had. To my ears it just sounds far better, has a lovely break up quality to it and really comes into its own in a band mix.
  7. Yes, I've noticed that. An original (non-fan) AH250 SMX just sold for £200.
  8. Deedee

    Feedback for 4pwclm

    Another day, another great deal concluded with Gary. Many thanks again.
  9. Compact and bijou. Good to see the head's still being put to good use 👍
  10. I'd like to give one of these a go for a small home setup. There seems to be very little info available. I have several old brochures from around the time with the BLX combos in but the 1 x 10" cab doesn't appear in any of them.
  11. There are a surprising number of players who do this. I think the theory used to be that left-handed players could only get hold of right-handed basses when they started playing, so therefore just spun basses around and played them left-handed ‘upside down’. Or of course he just felt that he wasn’t being challenged enough with the more orthodox string arrangement. 😁
  12. Many thanks, yes just found a resource online. I do love a chunky neck. 😀
  13. Gorgeous 😍 Excuse my Yammy ignorance but what’s the nut width on the BB2000? I can’t seem to find any spec online. Oops. Found it
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