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  1. Heard good things about these basses. It may be worth taking a few pics with the GK3B removed.
  2. That is one gorgeous bass. Congratulations!
  3. Amazing prices but amazing musical history. At least it’s all for charidee mate 👍
  4. A fascinating insight and absolutely stunning work throughout. Hat’s off to you. 👍
  5. Whitby Morrison(s) . Drop the S and I think I could just about get away with that one!
  6. Wow. That is impressive service. I'll keep them in mind if I ever need any bits for my beauties.
  7. Thanks. I’ll give that a listen to tomorrow 👍
  8. Good shout. I think the bass does drive it and it's always gone down a storm in my experience.
  9. A commendable effort. I'm not even gigging and I still cannot refrain from the lure of something new (or old in my case).
  10. Large festivals are not for me either. My idea of hell. Give me a small local festival or ideally an indoor job any day! I was however invited to Download a few years back with a backstage pass and access to Iron Maiden’s hospitality. Met my idol Mr Harris along with Nicko and Dave Murray. Saw Motörhead when a very poorly looking Phil Taylor came on stage and will never forget the image of Lemmy being whisked away from the back of the stage on a golf buggy. However, when we did venture into the ‘real’ festival environment it reminded me why I hated them. The sound was awful (very windy day), the aerial bombardment of plastic glasses full of ‘warm’ amber fluids were in full flight and underfoot was like a bog. Not for me.
  11. I agree. Lovely basses but price wise I can't see it being worth any more than what it's listed for.
  12. That's some crazy scratchplate!
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