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  1. Deedee

    Musicman Sabre Classic

  2. Deedee

    Temporarily withdrawn

    Beautiful bass
  3. Possibly but I like things to be original, or at least any changes to be reversible.
  4. O.K. somewhat unsurprisingly I’ll take the accolade of being the first member to list a 2018 Stingray Special for sale on BC When I was initially looking to purchase one of these I was after the 4HH model, but in the absence of one of those I was seduced by the charms of this beauty and bought it on the spot. Unfortunately I’m still lusting after the 4HH version and my recently acquired standard Stingray 4HH has only fuelled my desire to try the Special version. So if there is anybody out there wanting to save themselves a couple of hundred pounds and a long wait for delivery, look no further. Here’s the blurb on what’s new about the Specials: 5-Bolt Sculpted Neck Joint: The sculpted neck joint provides uninhibited access to all 22 stainless steel frets atop roasted maple necks. Refined Body Contours: Enhanced body contours are rounded for more comfort in any playing position while retaining that revered, iconic StingRay sound. Revoiced. Powerful Neodynium Pickups: The new and improved StingRay electronics feature powerful neodymium magnets, bringing you more output and a wider range of sounds. New 18-Volt Preamp: A newly designed 18-volt 3-Band preamp for extra clean headroom lets you dial in everything from modern punch to classic, vintage tones. Reborn. Lightweight Performance: The overall reduction in weight is a much-welcomed feature of the new Stingray Special. Select body woods, improved contours, and lightweight hardware provide greater overall balance for extra comfort and a more enjoyable playing experience. Reengineered Hardware: Reengineered lightweight tuning machines create a more balanced neck while still providing ultra-reliable tuning stability. Body Construction: Solid Body Body Material: Ash Colour: Charcoal Sparkle Orientation: Right Handed Neck Neck Material: Select Roasted Maple Fingerboard Material: Ebony Fret Size: High Profile, Wide, Stainless Steel Number of Frets: 22 Nut Width: 41.3mm Scale Length: 34" Hardware Bridge: Vintage Music Man® top loaded chrome plated, steel bridge plate with vintage nickel plated steel saddles Hardware Finish: Matte Black Electronics Configuration: H Bridge Pickup: Humbucking with Neodymium magnets Controls: 3-band active preamp, vol, treble, mid, bass Miscellaneous Case: Hard Case Supplied Strings: 45w-65w-80w-100w It is absolutely brand new with the case (complete with the original cardboard box from Strings & Things) and all the unused case candy. It still has the protective film on the scratch plate. This is a gorgeous bass and I’m in no huge rush to move it on, but ultimately it’s just going to remain a case queen. Sale - Ideally looking for a sale to fund buying the 4HH version that I should have bought in the first place. Trades – the only trades I’m interested in are: 2018 Stingray Special 4HH version, plus £100 cash your way to pay the difference between the two models. Ideally Charcoal Sparkle, Burnt Apple but other colours considered (not sunburst, green, natural or white) PDN Stingray or Stirling 4HH models (e.g. Starry Night, Neptune etc) plus cash my way Please pm me with any offers/trades Collection would be from South Yorkshire and unfortunately my availability for a meet up is severely limited at the moment. I will ship to UK buyers with good feedback at their expense, but it would need to be fully insured. I really wouldn’t want to take any risks with this bass.
  5. Deedee

    Musicman Sabre Classic

    Why do these things never come up at the right time 😔 GLWTS
  6. Beautiful bass Glwts
  7. Deedee

    On hold - Mesa Boogie Walkabout combo

    Forgive my ignorance, but what are these heads rated at? (No sniggering at the back) 🤪
  8. Deedee


    😂 ah yes, ebony is pretty special. Saying that, the maple HH feels lovely too. They’re all lovely aren’t they 😁
  9. Deedee

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    😮 Possibly not
  10. Deedee

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    I for one certainly wouldn’t call Stingrays agricultural, I love them to bits old and new. In fact my current fave is my ‘new’ 2007 HH Stingray closely followed by my pair of Sterlings. So, perhaps agricultural is a little strong, but several of us have said that the new Specials are a little more ‘refined’ so perhaps we all mean a little nearer the same thing than may at first be apparent. I personally quite like heavy basses so the lesser weight of the Special isn’t a huge deal for me and rarely do I venture up the ‘dusty end’ of a neck, so the improved access at the heel isn’t of great benefit either. But the whole package makes for a very impressive bass. I can see that the inherent features of the Special would perhaps make them sufficiently more appealing to warrant further investigation to someone who for whatever reason wasn’t a fan of the Std Stingray.
  11. Gorgeous basses, I had the 4 version. Superb build quality and great pickups and EQ. GLWTS
  12. Deedee


    I must admit they just feel ‘right’ to me
  13. It is surprising. I’m sure there’s a ‘79 Sabre neck for sale on evilbay. EDIT - If there was it’s now gone (unless I imagined it of course) 🙄