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  1. Deedee

    More great service...

    A good news story! These are great. I bought a pair a couple of years back and they come in very useful.
  2. Deedee

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    Just out of interest (and without wishing to hijack the thread), how does the Mesa Carbine compare or fit in to the range with the WalkAbout and M-Pulse 600 heads?
  3. Deedee

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    Still fantastic amps though
  4. Deedee

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    I'm not sure a Trace would fit the bill if the OP is looking for a valvey, driven type tone unless one of their V-Type heads were on the list. Their SMX heads are wonderful and have a pre-amp valve but it's extremely subtle (some would say it doesn't do much at all). It certainly doesn't give drive imho.
  5. Deedee

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    Agreed. Great amps and his English is certainly better than my Polish, but it was the delays/lack of any communication that I found most disconcerting. ☹️
  6. Deedee

    Picking a new hybrid amp

    I was on the lookout for something similar to the OP's needs and was seeking a used R-400. I didn't have any joy finding one used so was all set to purchase a new one. However, poor communication from Hand Box really hasn't inspired any confidence so I've decided to hang fire for now. I'll follow this thread with interest to see what alternatives are recommended.
  7. That's rather lovely 😍
  8. Deedee

    Trace Elliot, tell me about it

    I thought I recognised your username. One cab in each hand? It's Arnie !!!!
  9. Deedee

    2019 Gear challenge

    I’m with @FinnDave 100% 😁
  10. Deedee

    New bass strap

    One word of caution, if you like a longer strap you may need a longer version. This version/length is the absolute perfect length for me, but if you like your bass slung around your knees it probably won’t be.
  11. Deedee

    Bug*er that went quick

    If somebody is in the fortunate position to spend a big chunk of money on a bass, fair play to them if they spend it on one that they can play and enjoy and will (at least) retain its value. We’re not talking about other investments, we’re talking about a bass. Yes Wals are still being made, but in the same way that a pre-cbs Fender is more desirable than a 2012 model, a Wal manufactured during the earlier period of company’s existence (signed by Ian or Pete) would I suggest be more desirable to many than one made last week.
  12. Deedee

    Low output from Trace Elliot DI

    Aha. That would make sense. Many thanks 👍
  13. Deedee

    Selling in Europe, best way to transfer money?

    Ouch! That’s a shocker.
  14. Deedee

    New bass strap

    Mine landed today and very nice it is too. Many thanks for the heads up 👍
  15. As a package for power, sound, size, weight and portability, BF Super Twins (or Super 12s) are pretty hard to beat imho.