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  1. He didn’t say he was off to South Yorkshire next did he? Still no sign ☹️
  2. Just bought a cab from Mike which he kindly agreed to package up for a courier. Now, I pride myself on packaging things pretty well but I must doff the proverbial to Mike on this. Absolutely bomb proof. Great communication throughout, a great piece of kit exactly as described and packaged within an inch of it's life. What more could you ask for? Many thanks again 👍
  3. Managed to help Pete get a desired piece of kit from the dark north to the equally dark midlands for a shady services meet up. First class communication and a top fella to boot! Enjoy!
  4. Glad to have been able to help unite a BC’er with their desired item. It was a pleasure 👍
  5. Deedee

    FS/FT Wal Mk I

    If I find myself in the fortunate position to own a Wal again, I’d go for the Mk2 purely for the 12th fret strap button positioning, instead of 14th. Glwts. ‘Tis a beautiful example.
  6. The cull continues....... Trace Elliot 1x10" cab. These extension cabs were made to suit the BLX combo dimensions, but can obviously be used with anything. 150 watts 8 ohms Original Celestion speaker approx. 470 wide, 330 deep, 360 high Weighs just under 16kgs It's in great condition and comes with a vinyl dust cover. Classic Trace sound and solid build but in a small and perfectly formed package. Collection or meet up preferred as being around waiting for a courier could be a bit tricky at the moment, but I don’t mind driving a fair way to meet up (strictly observing Covid distancing of course).
  7. Yes and you can actually hear the bass for a change! I really enjoyed it and the band looked to be enjoying themselves too. Good to hear those songs played live. Fearless is a particular fave of mine.
  8. Richard Hawley at Leeds academy a few years back. His voice and guitar playing but also that of the rest of the band. Spiritual.
  9. I didn’t notice to be honest, but I have had a beer or three 🍻
  10. Not sure if there’s another thread on it, but I’m just watching Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets which followed on after DSOT. Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt stripped back at the roundhouse. Very good so far 👍
  11. Black looks best on every colour imho, but especially sunburst.
  12. Ah..... I’d been using a very quiet bass 🤫
  13. Yes they're both worth far more to my mind and to be honest I don't mind if they sit in the cupboard for a few more years. However, the reality is that I may be looking to downsize and move house in the future, so I've got to try and be sensible (for a change).
  14. I'm selling several classic Trace Elliot amplifiers from my collection. Next up is this AH250. These classic Mk V amplifiers were manufactured in the UK from around 1986 to 1989 at a time when build quality counted for more than cost and weight. AH250 GP11 11 band graphic eq Twin inputs Graphic In/Out switch Pre-shape In/Out switch Foot switch socket (not supplied) Graphic/Flat level slider Noise reduction In/Out DI Out with Pre/post switch Effects Send/Return Line In/Out Signal Out Low Level 250 watts at 4 ohms Min load 4 ohms Weight approx 21kg EDIT - I forgot to mention it has a 2-speed fan. Very quiet on 'Slow', obviously a lot louder on 'Fast' but it would need to be a pretty hot gig to use that anyway. These are a rare find in good condition and I'm pretty confident that this is one of the best examples around. There is some scratching to the tolex on top of the amp sleeve and I’ve fitted a new handle to the case as the original was missing, but other than that it’s is in great original condition. This head was serviced (at some cost) at the start of the year by Keld Ampworks at Newark. Any questions or further pics required, please ask. Collection or meet up preferred as being around waiting for a courier could be a bit tricky at the moment, but I don’t mind driving a fair way to meet up (strictly observing Covid distancing of course).
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