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  1. Rather than follow every post in Build Diaries i tried the follow option at the bottom of the page. Nothing happened, is it not possible to get notification updates for a sub-forum?
  2. One of these? It's round.....
  3. I'd use a forstner bit over a paddle bit. They're the ones that have a flat circle at the end Unless the hole already exists, in which case a step drill as they are more self centering than either of the two mentioned above.
  4. How we suffer for our art 🤣
  5. That's a very 'V' shaped scoop.
  6. If I've read the Bartolini website correctly, and yes, I'm aware we're talking about a different brand, their Quad Coils will do just that. However, you need "special wiring" to make them do 1&4, which doesn't seem to be available!
  7. I suppose if you have a four way switch then you have to remember which notch is the sound you like, especially with more than one of them. An extra off switch means than set and forget? Though how many people are mad enough to have three of them?
  8. Is The Chiseled Band the sequel to The Speckled Band by A.C. Doyle?
  9. Can you still get black mirror scratchplates? That would be epic.
  10. Massive round hole in the middle covered by a round scratchplate?
  11. What are you going to end up with, a solid body bass in the shape of your ukuleles, or a larger version of them with bowl, sound board and standard bass hardware fitted?
  12. In that case, I'm in for this year. Let's see if I remember that this time around.
  13. No, you need a long cable between the amp and tuner in case you sit down on the other side of the room to the amp and need to adjust tuning.
  14. It's not clear in the rules, so I'm assuming that they're not allowed, but can I buy the bits to finish my bass I'm building? Namely tuners, nut and possibly pickups?
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