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  1. /pedant It won't be a kettle lead, it's a C13/14. A kettle lead is a C15/16 and is made of a higher temperature resistance plastic. The socket has a little lump in it with a corresponding little notch in the lead so that a C13 lead can't be used in it... pedant/ As you were... GLWTS πŸ™‚
  2. Are you facing the headstock with anything, there's a few layers under that πŸ˜‰ Though it would be a shame to not see that GT stripe from the front. πŸ€”
  3. I do love your eccentric soundhole inlays.
  4. Enjoy The Cure, they were excellent at Hurricane this year. Though my friend was a bit miffed they didn't play Disintegration.
  5. Dunno how to get rid of your 1.! Lemmy complained at us for sitting down at the Royal Theatre in Nottingham when I saw them there. So we all stood up as instructed 😁
  6. I'm a little confused here, not an uncommon condition it has to be said, but I'm not sure I understand how the neck bolts on. Are the bolt heads inside the body so you do them up from the sound hole?
  7. Buy black ones and then build another bass so they're not wasted. Obvious really.
  8. When milling it's when you feed the workpiece in the same direction as the rotation of the cutter. The teeth of the cutter drag the material rather than cutting into it. It can be useful if you're only taking light cuts as it means you can cut both ways, but there's the risk that the cutter with catch, pull your half finished part out of the vice and fling it across the workshop. I'm assuming that the same thing can happen with wood if you cut in the same direction as the router rotates.
  9. Downhill, known to @SpondonBassed and others as climb milling πŸ˜‰. Can make a horrible mess if it goes wrong.
  10. We are indeed. On your other point, mass produced instruments have economies of scale behind them, as nice as Alpher basses are, and I'm sure they're lovely people to boot, I can't afford over Β£2k for a bass, but I can afford to buy a Fender. Admittedly mine was second hand, but I could have bought new if I'd had to. Having said that, a bespoke bass isn't completely out of the picture forever
  11. I've been told I bear a passing resemblance to Ronan O'Gara. I don't know whether he plays bass or not, but he's a tidy fly-half.
  12. Always seems to happen that way, despite our best intentions πŸ˜‰
  13. I wonder if it'll be like holy relics. Allegedly if all the bits that are supposed to be from the One True Cross were ever brought together there would be enough left over to make another four.
  14. I am so nicking that for a song/album/band name* *Delete as applicable πŸ˜‚
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