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  1. Watts come from people liking your post. It's the TLRT option in the bottom right hand corner of a post. Choose a reaction and the poster's Watts go up by one. Rank and status? No idea.
  2. How do you know how deep to cut the fret slots? Once the board is radiused isn't the middle bit of the board now cut too deeply if the sides are correct?
  3. Thanks to Teebs there are a ridiculous amount of animated emojis on various threads but they only seem to be available if you copy and use them yourself, then they end up in your personal emoji drawer. Can we have them in the available to everyone pile? (and on Guitarchat?)?
  4. Three of those rollers, steam or otherwise, have wheels. So are capable of having wonky ones.
  5. I used to do Taekwondo with a Carl. His heart is in the right place (just left of center) but he's also really annoying. He's one on the list of people I wouldn't choose to go drinking with.
  6. He was probably a Karl, and as such, different from a Carl.
  7. Dropkick Murphys, at Sporthalle Hamburg, they threw us out about an hour ago. Frank Turner was the support. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though they didn't play Upstarts and Broken Hearts.
  8. Panga panga sounds like one of Berlusconi's parties, or something Mad Boris would say describing an indigenous population...
  9. I've still got my Fusion 500, but it's paired to a BF Supertwin now. Which I got last year, before anyone gets any crazy ideas 😉
  10. I sold a GK 212 this afternoon, probably counts as anti-GAS or something.
  11. I would have thought so. Unless you bought the bass this year to give to the person who is going to give it to you. Then even if they paid you back for the bass you still bought it originally in this year. If all you did was stand outside the music shop with your nose squashed against the glass until someone bought you the bass then you're fine. And a lucky man. What do you expect to get?
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