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  1. If it helps, I used a GK MB500 Fusion with no load but into headphones for a while with no adverse effects.
  2. One of our lecturers, not being a fool, insisted on a full project with drawings before you were allowed to start cutting metal.
  3. Shush! You don't say things like that. What you do now is produce a set of working drawings from what you've actually made and then tell us all that you ended up with what you set out to build 😁
  4. Si600

    MS60B Users

    Hi y'all, I'm after some ideas on how you are using your MS60Bs. Currently I've got mine as a multi effects using the A-B-C options and having a bunch of pedals that are selected by the stomp button. I'm now starting to wonder whether that's the best way to use it, if, say, I want a smidge of delay for an intro riff and then again for an outro I've got to arrange it thus: Delay - Empty - Delay, but if I use it as a normal single stomp box it defeats the purpose of it being a multi effects. How do you guys n gals use yours?
  5. Si600

    ACG RetroB 5

    That's to prove its not going anywhere near Alabama.
  6. How easy is it to take in an out with the strings on and tuned or is the expectation that it's permanent so to speak?
  7. And EU - UK? Is it brexit-proof?
  8. Put that volute away before You-Know-Who sees it 😉
  9. Does the offer on European shipping work with shipping from the continent to Blighty or is it only from The Sceptred Ilse out to those Johnny Foreigners? How much jingoism can I get in one post? 😜
  10. Si600


    Mine is poor as well, but it's getting better 😉 We advertised on backstagepro.de, the notice board in the rehearsal room entrance hall and my brother in law's shop and on eBay classifieds, which is where Harry saw it. I'd not heard of eBay classifieds in England so it may not be a thing.
  11. Si600


    New Drummer Day! Our last drummer quit at the beginning of July, and we've been looking for another one since. We had a couple of responses to the advert but they proved to be masters of the inability to reply to any sort of message. Fortunately we found a guy who did and we "interviewed" him this evening. So far everything seems rosy. He liked us and the music and we liked him. We shall see what the next few sessions bring, but at the moment we're positive it can work. 😁
  12. It looks a little lopsided from a distance 🤣
  13. This is my GK in it's house. They make rack ears for it so it was easier for me 😉
  14. Is that a Trump Baby Blimp guitar? 🤔
  15. Not surprised, you do like yellow bodies 😉
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