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  1. No idea what topic name to give this... Comes under the stupid question heading I suspect, but can you get an accurate idea of how your rig will sound through a headphone out? I don't want to drag it all home and wait until MDW is out to fire it up at band volume, but not do I particularly want to schlep into the practice room just to muck about with effects anfle buttons if I don't have to. If I can just bring the head home and play with it there with a sofa and a mug of tea that's much preferable.
  2. Put a brick in the box at the other end from the neck?
  3. I made another thing. If I was going to make another I'd make a planing depth jig first so that they're all the same thickness and square. I quite like the rustic cobbled together look, but I can do better.
  4. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Cheerz Ricksta 😉
  5. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Pants. I can see why, after all it's only got a certain amount of CPU and memory, if you filled a patch with patches the poor thing would stop working. It's why it's £150 and not £400. I think it'll still work for me though, I'm not giving up yet
  6. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    What I want is to be able to add patches into patches. So I can have patch 100 to have patch 007, Darkglass OD and Delay. I select it, click stomp mode and the three FS buttons become 007 on/off, OD on/off and Delay on/off. If you can't add patches to patches then I think they've missed a trick really.
  7. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    I've found the foot switch on off in patches. What I could do, if I can't get it to do what I want, is to copy the patch to a blank one, add my always on effect to each one so that the underlying things don't change but the over layers do. Then repeat for all sections of the song. It means that I can only have three effects per song, but that will be sufficient.
  8. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    I'll have a crack at tonelib, it may do things that Guitar Lab can't, or won't.
  9. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    I want add patch 7 as an effect in a patch I'm programming. So that it appears as an on-off effect in stomp mode. I think it's called Guitar Lab on the Zoom website? But yes I have. It's been really helpful to be able to copy the patches and see what's in them.
  10. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Is there a way of adding a patch effect into a user defined patch? As far as I can see there isn't but I may have missed it.
  11. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    The B3n definitely has a master volume, I've found it, but I'm not sure I could tell you how to find it again right now. Global EQ, no idea. Yet. Of course, now you've suggested it I'm reading the manual for the B1-4. Fickle? Moi?
  12. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Power wise it's not the end of the world, my board lives in a flight case on top of a tray, so I've got the depth to mount a socket under there. I like the three stomp boxes in a row, is the B1-4 similar? TBF, the Zoom website will tell me, but that doesn't make for much of a conversation!
  13. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    Catastrophe! It neither fits on the pedal board, nor does the PSU provide enough amps to power it. It needs half an amp, but the PSU only provides 300mA, which is enough for the MS60B, which is also specced at 500mA but it's a much smaller unit. Some rejigging required. However, as an effects unit, it suits my needs (so far!)
  14. Si600

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    First impressions after playing with it for about 45 minutes, just going through the effects and patches is that it's very easy to use to scroll through things and play with the noises. As with all multifx it's a session of "nice, nicer, hmm, nice, same as the last one, cool, WTF!" WTF is at the dusty end, there are some things from 70 to 75 that are just noise. I have no idea what they were on when they came up with those. Where it scores over the MS60B is the ability to turn off effects in a patch, I can think of at least two songs we do that have different types in different sections, that although possible with the MS using the A-B-C function will be far easier with the three footswitches. I now need to RTFM to learn how to program the user defined patches. Overall, so far, very pleased with it. The pedal board will need some serious rejigging to make it fit though.
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