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  1. Have you got your neck angle correct? The bridge and bridge pickup look awfully tall.
  2. Gunmetal deffo, but you'll need to show a mockup with the two 'guard colours before I can decide which looks better
  3. Tobacco sunburst and tort. You know it makes sense. 🤮
  4. I clamp my backsaws in mine for sharpening. How much do you use your block plane? I've got one but prefer a bench plane.
  5. Mine is a 4 1/4" Fortis Engineering Co one.
  6. I'm always clamping boards on edge, which is probably why the corner popped off.
  7. Ply I have, 12mm from memory. Would you cut the break out and square it off, or just leave it as is?
  8. Oh lackaday! Woe! Lamentations! This has just happened. It's the insert which I had to fit after knocking the wrong corner of the chop off. Unsurprisingly I suppose, it's the top edge of long grain and taking all the force of clamping boards on the edges. However, what to do about it. I've got some oak, mahogany or ash to go in there, but it will be long grain again but bigger, or I can go pine again. Or... say nuts to it and fit a whole new face to the vice with the grain running vertically. Then I lose the massive flat clamping surface. Or a short length of vertical grain inset into the chop.
  9. Given that they are not identical but very similar, how do you choose one? I'd go for the one on the left. The knot in No. 2 looks like a belly button and the tiger stripes on No. 3 are a bit regular to my eye.
  10. Some peepul... I'll just crack off a jag bass whilst I wait for the paint to dry on one of my other five bass builds
  11. You need a roofer before an electrician
  12. Too much glue squeeze out between the halves. It's there forever now.
  13. Cracking job Gromit 👍 I think you've colour matched the pickup surround really well, I had to look twice to see the pickup was even there.
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