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  1. Good thing Y. T. has apparently a self regenerating supply
  2. Is that the one with the little cinema in the back?
  3. I had a go on a six string after a gig, but I had been watching him as a bassist rather than a punter and asked sensible questions, to wit, how had he tuned it. He offered, I didn't ask.
  4. My brother in law has a colossal TV. It's about the size of a wardrobe door, depth as well as both height and length.
  5. I don't *intend* to buy anything this year, my GAS is currently satiated. I do intend to sell a 2x12 and a PA in 2020 though. But then, I didn't *intend* to buy anything in 2019 either and I've ended the year with a BF Super Twin that I didn't have at the beginning of the year.
  6. Two. And I'm right, so poll closed. 😜
  7. 330ml - I started it after my school mate who learnt guitar with me learning bass moved back to the area from oop north. A chance conversation with another friend in the pub turned up that he could sing and a work mate could bash the tubs. It didn't go far but we spent a few years every other week playing as a boys night out. We did a few songs at the King Billy music night one evening. It disbanded when I emigrated, I had hoped they'd find another bassist and carry on but no. Kill My Night - I put a bassist available advert on backstagepro.de and they contacted me. We were due to play a local town music festival but our drummer pulled the pin about six weeks before it and it took us to the end of September to get another. Hopefully gigs beckon in 2020...
  8. I don't suppose that you have the opportunity to ask them what they think is going on during a gig, but it would be interesting to know their reasons for why the band aren't producing the music!
  9. I am considering seeing Die Krupps next Wednesday. It's more seeing them because I can rather than knowing a lot of their stuff. But then, I did the same for Dead Kennedy's last year and thoroughly enjoyed it so I'll probably go. If I don't, then the next planned gig is Dropkick Murphys in February.
  10. When I get around to it, I'll be modifying what may turn out to be a firewoodbasketcaster, in that's where it'll only be good for.
  11. Dare I ask what a barncaster is? I've got an image in my head of a Dukes of Hazard style Dutch barn front, red with white highlights, and a strat neck starting at the roof peak. Probably with a strat pickguard and pickups. Daisy Duke in her hot pants is also in my head now, but that's a whole other thread, probably a whole other forum...
  12. Myself and a friend won the free pint sympathy vote one evening with the name "Two Men and a Pint"
  13. My band, the one I started, was 330ml. I happened to be supping a can of something or other at the time and thought it was a cool name. My current band, one I've joined is Kill My Night, as the antithesis of Make My Day. I think it's a slightly unfortunate idea, but it's a German band, in Germany, so maybe the sentiment doesn't matter so much. I'll leave you to decide what sort of genre they both were.
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