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  1. But it all breaks down at the first rehearsal... Looks a spiffing piece of work.
  2. The weekends pottering. A pocket for the sharpening board, a little moveable tool tray that hangs on the side of the bench and a rather wobbly drawer. The drawer is an "it'll do" rather than done properly. It really needs a proper four square frame building around it and then that fixing rather than screwing bits of wood together and crossing my fingers.
  3. A thin veneer on it? If you've not already seen it @Andyjr1515 has a genius how-to on veneering.
  4. I saw them at Wembley Arena in 2002. Motörhead, Anthrax, Hawkwind with Arthur Brown and Skew Siskin, who we missed. Lemmy came on to do Silver Machine with them.
  5. Tell you what, that looks an interesting idea and approach. Nuts to what we think, are you happy with it? That's the important bit 🙂
  6. Nice, yours? TBH I don't know why it's called a shooting board, but much to my surprise it's accurate! Though my wedges need to be thicker, anything above 15mm has nothing to support the top corner.
  7. This is one of those things where those who know will nod sagely and approve (hopefully), and those who don't will nod sagely and go 'Er, WTF?' in their heads. From the design/tutorial by Paul Sellers:
  8. Mr. DeVille has had quotes ranging from $80 to $230 for posting a lump of wood halfway around the world. However, I believe that it's now in the grimy hands of the USPS and assorted international couriers. It does mean that I may be second in the Slowest Build Ever competition. However, [email protected], I haven't lost 😉. Mr. DeVille is a sterling chap of excellent character and an all round good egg.
  9. What's the inlay made of? Or did I miss that in the depths of a thread?
  10. The paint's all falling off already. I think that you should give it to @AndyTravis. Looks a properly nice bass that. May it give you years of plunking pleasure.
  11. Chaps and chapesses, The body for my entry into the slowest build is on it's way to the kind gentleman in New Mexico. Do you collectively have any recommendations for companies to send it from there to Germany?
  12. Mmm, custard. It's a recorded fact that sunburst and tort are the emanations of the devil's backside.
  13. Said nobody with any taste ever.
  14. I think you've been out too long, or at least it's time to turn over.
  15. Old style egg beater drill for fiddly fine work?
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