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  1. Band folded so no bassist required any more.
  2. Will they come out again? If it were me, the ports not being flush would annoy me no end. I'd be tempted to redo them but gluing only on the inside and holding them down with a few bricks, but then, you're not me 😉
  3. It's a street music festival in Neumünster, north of Hamburg. Quite a few separate stages and it doesn't look like it goes on late, the last band time I saw when I last looked was 1600.
  4. I suppose that you may want some sort of update... I stuck an advert up on Backstage Pro and contacted the guys in Kiel, who didn't respond. I then heard from a band out by Sankt Peter-Ording which was nice, but they don't play quite what I want to and it's something like a three hour round trip just to rehearse with them. Then last week I got an invitation from a band in Neumünster, got the spot and we're booked to play one of the stages at BaDaBoom in September. I've never played anything bigger than an open mic night in The King Billy, so that, at the moment, is giving me the jitters.
  5. I'm going to have to listen to Pretty Hate Machine now...
  6. Enjoy your day chaps, I'm glad that @jebroad has taken up the baton and managed to find it a new home 😊
  7. Here's your neck pickup (sort of) https://www.musikhaus-zoelch.de/mec-single-lipstick-passive-pu-4-5-string?gclid=Cj0KCQjwnpXmBRDUARIsAEo71tR-aHRPqVxhaHNpTE9bbHLFjjiIA399Arg6-cq__M6-chpHAvR14J4aAg_eEALw_wcB I think that you're looking at MM, JB or soapbars if you don't want a split P pickup. Nordstrand or Delano or Bertolini. @Jabba_the_gut put a Delano hybrid in one of his shorties, I can't remember what it sounded like though!
  8. Could you give any advice on repairing pedals? I've got an elderly Boss GE7-B where the status LED has gone AWOL?
  9. I handed out the raffle tickets as folks came in, so it was free with small things on the table, set of clamps, strings stuff like that. Then Andy dropped a bass on it one year just to throw me so we had two raffles. The free random stuff one and a paid one for the bass which went into the BC coffers.
  10. If you use the pickguard, which I think is cool, especially if you get the Exploderbird logo lazer etched into it, you'll need IMO a notch around the front pickup so that it fits against the body lump. Looking good so far, even if you haven't gone with either of my paint schemes. I'll have to build them now 🙄 😂
  11. I thought it was going to be headless? 😜
  12. Sorry, I hadn't seen that the pickguard had a white line on it. Carry on 👍
  13. Oooooo, if you're casting Speedblocks aside (sob 😜) you could do it in the Lotus colours, BRG with a yellow centre section. Eye thank yew, design consultancy fees to the usual Swiss bank account. 😉
  14. I used Halfrauds rattle cans on my only sprayed build. It came out OK, but I didn't lacquer it, so it left paint on the guitar stand for a while until it hardened off properly.
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